Sex Scandal: Apostle Suleiman, Keyamo in war of words over Stephanie Otobo

Apostle Suleiman Johnson

The embattled General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, Johnson Suleman, on Friday traded words with Festus Keyamo, a human rights lawyer, over the latter’s client who accused the preacher of forceful abortion of pregnancy.

Stephanie Otobo, a Canadian-based singer, had also accused Mr. Suleman, through her lawyer, of failing to keep a marriage promise made to her last year.

But in a statement by Phrank Shaibu, Mr. Suleman’s spokesperson, the cleric accused Mr. Keyamo of plotting to clone his (the pastor’s) voice in a forthcoming video on the marriage scandal.

The preacher also accused Mr. Keyamo “and his paymasters” of plotting to kill or cause bodily harm to Ms. Otobo and blame the pastor for perpetrating the act.

“There are indications that so-called human rights lawyer, Festus Keyamo and his paymasters have concluded plans to unveil cloned video clips involving the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman in a desperate bid to prove that the latter had an amorous relationship with one Miss Stephanie Otobo,” Mr. Shaibu said.

“Similarly, it was gathered that Keyamo and his paymasters have also decided to kill or terribly harm the said Miss Otobo and frame Apostle Suleman or his agents as being responsible for the heinous act.”

Stephanie Otobo
Stephanie Otobo

The preacher’s claims came just as Ms. Otobo, 23, provided lurid details of her alleged affair with Mr. Suleman.

At a hastily convened press conference at Mr. Keyamo’s Lagos office on Friday, Ms. Otobo said her relationship with Mr. Suleman involved a lot of sex.

Earlier, she had accused the pastor of impregnating and dumping her, via two letters written and signed by Mr. Keyamo.

Mr. Suleman denies all the allegations.

On Thursday, Mr. Suleman threatened legal action against Mr. Keyamo, demanding N1 billion from the lawyer “for all the injuries inflicted on him,” as well as a retraction of all the allegations within seven days.

In his latest statement, the preacher said the unfolding events stemmed from his recent stand against issues bordering on national security, adding that some “powerful forces” are after him.

Claims ‘ridiculous, laughable’

The Festus Keyamo Chambers promised an official response to Mr. Suleman’s claims on Monday.

But speaking shortly after Ms. Otobo’s press conference in Lagos, Festus Afeiyodion, the Deputy Head of Chambers, described the preacher’s claims as “ridiculous” and “laughable,” adding that the threat was a mere ploy by Mr. Suleman to deceive the public.

Festus Keyamo
Festus Keyamo

“We don’t have any problem with Apostle Suleman, we are not personal, we are professionals,” said Mr. Afeiyodion, who heads the law firm’s Lagos office.

“By Monday, we will personally respond to (Apostle Suleman’s) letter, our official response.

“It is a matter between Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleman, we are only claiming the ethical right and professional right of a lawyer.

“I don’t want to go into all that, but the Supreme Court has decided that a letter written by a lawyer on behalf of his client cannot ground a case in defamation. So we’ll be eager to meet him in court.”


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  • Frank Bassey

    Evil merchants. Omega Fire will consume you and your ilks.

    • God knows tomorrow

      But why is the church raising false accusation;

      But in a statement by Phrank Shaibu, Mr. Suleman’s spokesperson, the
      cleric accused Mr. Keyamo of plotting to clone his (the pastor’s) voice
      in a forthcoming video on the marriage scandal.

      The preacher also accused Mr. Keyamo “and his paymasters” of plotting
      to kill or cause bodily harm to Ms. Otobo and blame the pastor for
      perpetrating the act.

      These are children of God who need to say the truth always no matter the problem.Who told them all the above plots.
      Let the children of God learn from David experienences in the 2 Sam.15

      Let the M.O.G leave the battle for God and stop talking on the page of newspaper.The battle is of the Lord,if you believe in God you are serving.Stop trading accusation.Let God fight for you in this matter.

      • Osazee Omoruyi


        • move on

          yesoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. God is a JUST GOD he gives a any man a reward due for his deeds.

      • jj


      • it is well

        but come to think of it so pastor did not see this coming because he used to give statistics and data of peoples problem to the point of house address and phone numbers. he calls fire why not concentrate on the ministry and avoid distraction if truly there is and let the God of Omega Fire do what He is Known for in this circumstance. those who profess to be Christians need to practice it biblically.

    • Osazee Omoruyi


  • Nigeriamovingforward

    Another membet of the Criminal Association of Nigeria CAN has been exposed. These so called men of God are nothing but fraudsters brainwashing the already gullible Nigerian population. Just imagine, clone his voice. Yeah right, this moron knows they have good prove of his rendezvous with the stripper hence want to further zombezied his followers before the audio or video are released. Even if suleiman should kill on national TV some will still follow him anyway just like Rev king. Oh well.

    • Say the truth

      To take a clean sweep at CAN as a body over this matter is irresponsible and uncharitable of you. It does present you as someone that is immature and sentimental.

    • Okay

      You are a Muslim retard full of hate.I did not expect anything less from you.Enjoy the short-lived popularity with your stripper friend.Table will soon turn.

  • Say the truth

    The reason Keyamo’s chambers think they can write anything and go away with it is that ‘“……the Supreme Court has decided that a letter written by a lawyer on behalf of his client cannot ground a case in defamation. Even when the client disown their statement and dubbed ‘inaccurate’ they still went on. Does that make the chambers professional or otherwise?

    • tundemash

      Why is Mr. Sulewoman not suing Ms Otobo who made allegations against him, for defamation of character?????

  • Osazee Omoruyi






  • Paul Graham

    My question is so simple. Was Stephanie not aware that apostle Suleiman is a married man? Let’s assume he promised marriage, did he promise to divorce his wife because you don’t put something on nothing. Why would any woman knowingly and willingly sleep with a married man? What if apostle Suleiman was just the guy next door and not a prophesied man of God, would all this brouhaha be of public interest. Those who seek to destroy the vessel of the Lord shall be rewarded in a thousand fold by the Lord.

    • El Patron

      I wish your comment makes sense, unfortunately it doesnt. Not even in the slightest bit. Do you know how many girls sleep with pastors because they think they have no choice? Do u know d effect of a man u adore and revere so much telling u that it’s the right thing and God told him to sleep with u. Pls just don’t be ridiculous. None of us know if this story is true but if it’s true people like u will blame the girl and not the man of God. You are a shameless sexist and misogynist

      • Paul Graham

        No woman sleeps with a man because she has no choice. She is not alleging rape so that is bull shit. It’s either you consent to sex or you don’t which is illegal. A grown woman who lawfully indulge in sex with a married man has herself to blame. There are consequences for our actions. Did she profit from it? Got gifts after the act? Did she actually believe he would dump his wife for her in the heat of passion? What manner of a woman sleeps with a man a married man and records conversations and private contents. Kiss and tell I believe is low of lows!

        • No Bull …..

          If you were a woman and a married man throws a lot of money at you, would you resist? Let’s not be naive here because we wish the woman was lying.

          • Paul Graham

            What is the definition of Prostitution? Secondly I can’t be bought. If a married man throws money at you and you consent to sex, he paid for your service. End of story and that makes you what?

          • No Bull …..

            Prostitution is when you take peanut for sex. Unfortunately, our society defines prostitution differently.

          • Paul Graham

            A thief is a thief no matter how much is stolen. The value is irrelevant only the intent and purpose matters!

          • No Bull …..

            If a thief is a thief, why did Ibori receive a hero’s welcome while some other pickpocket got beaten down at some motor park somewhere? Brother, perception is everything in life.

        • Kunle Ajayi

          Who made the first move?Who is supposed to know better? Can a woman force herself on a man?
          Come on guys let’s reason.

        • El Patron

          You miss the point completely. She is alleging that he slept with her and promised her marriage and he is denying it totally that he only sent her money because he wants to help her. And yes, she believed he would leave his wife for her. What kind of man rubbished his wife b4 a girl just because he wants to sleep with her?

          • Paul Graham

            What kind of woman hopes and prays another woman’s marriage fails or a husband abandons his wife for him? A man has a right to change his mind about marriage. Is she aware that he was married at the time she slept with him? If there is no baby involved then is no issue but for peculiar reasons.

          • Mbonu Chris

            All attempts to defame Apostle Johnson Suleiman are efforts in futility. Many of those peddling the gossip will die before they have time to repent. There is no believer who knows the Apostle that will not condemn this stripper agent of the devil. We are in Canada and we have discovered who she is, a frustrated stripper. A stripper is “a shameless prostitute who can dance”. She has nothing to do with music than to strip and dance to entertain some drunk men staying away from their broken relationship at home. Strippers end the night with men who have spare cash to give them to continue the stripping in the man’s motel room. Don’t you see how uncomfortable this stripper is when you ask her what she does for a living. Do you believe she is a musician and she has no dental plan in Canada to take care of her dental formula. That is what she does in Canada. During bad times that business does not flourish, that is why she has taken to extortion. Read the News, 3 other Nigerians were caught who traveled from Canada to Nigeria to dupe some rich Nigerians. Did you watch this girl? If you command power and wealth like the Apostle, can you stand this girl’s teeth? How does this girl convince an honest person? I feel like crying that this girl makes sense to anybody who doesn’t want to be vicious. I’m in Canada, people are not gullible this way. Nigerians are also too smart to be played this way. Or are we saying we hate Apostle Johnson Suleiman? I can understand if you are jealous, he has a lot to jealous; but you are not even a pastor. Even a junior pastor should not jealous him, he is building and supporting pastors. Trust me General Overseers have serious reasons to beware of him. His brand of Ministry is similar to what New Generation Banks did to traditional banks in Nigeria then: you better upgrade or be overtaken. My next question is: apart from the devil and hunger, who is this girl working for; you know what, she will expose them.

            Why would a Nigerian law firm that claims to fight for human rights accept to fight a man of God who is saving wretched people out of poverty. Because a man of God is involved, every garbage now makes sense. Someone was helping you and suddenly you want to destroy him because he changed his mind about marrying you. When has promise to marry become a court case for a ‘SAN’? What kind of lawyer would go out to destroy an international figure of Suleiman’s standard.? How many are like him in Nigeria. Wake up ‘SAN’. They say that when a warrior is destroyed in the homefront; when an international war brakes out those people will not have a capable soldier to lead the army. This shameless girl may have contacted a disease from indiscriminate sex, and may have been waiting to die anyway. What she needs is not a false lawyer but a good friend to help her to repent before she dies.

            I feel so sad and ashamed that this is allowed to happen. Apostle Johnson Suleiman may never know who I am but he has inspired me beyond words. No human being can change my mind otherwise. On the other hand I see him like a century man. You see such once in a century. He should be protected to last long. Moreover, he has a mission: To transform the lives of 5 billion souls. Woe betide you if you are part of not letting this to happen: it were better that you were not born.

          • Mayowa Adeolu Oyeunmi

            Lol, and u believe it???

        • Ngozi Alu

          I concur. I also find, that many Nigerian men, even single ones, are guilty of this, from feedback from various ladies. I know, that some have actually conveniently “kicked” babies out of women, dragged women to abortion clinics with sweet talking or threats, then “disappeared” back to Nigeria to avoid legal consequences. (I am talking in diaspora, and locally). So, it can get complicated. If this woman wins this lawsuit, I am sure many Nigerian women will remember “incidents”, they wish they could get compensated for. This may set a precedent, that Nigerian men should think twice about promising marriage, just to use a girl, (especially those old head ones that choose girls old enough to be their daughters), and that they should think twice about viewing abortion as an escape route. Believe me, much of the Karma many people experience stems from the sins of their fathers (and mothers). Much barrenness stems from “abortions”. It is harder to feel sorry for people these days, unless they are suffering from parental mistakes.

          • Paul Graham

            What nonsense promise. There was no vacancy in the first place. You only get a job when there is a vacant position. She gambled and lost period! If really true, the apostles wife should sue her for adultery. It’s only in a shameless society where a woman will brag about sleeping with a legally married man. She deserves no pity from me and I doubt if apostle Suleiman has such a low taste!

          • Obosi Warrior

            Hear the smell of your breath Mr.
            That Fake man Suleiman is living under the same roof (assuming) with his wife does not foreclose any marriage act with another woman, or take away the fact that a vacancy exist.

            1. Suleiman coming from a Muslim background is not a stranger to polygamy.
            2. Neither you or anyone that is not Suleiman or his wife, knows the current situation of his marriage, to the extent that he will be begging for sex from a presumed stripper. It is a sign that his marriage is not all in other, and a clear opening for a new candidate.
            3. Cases have been, where some of the men and women who ply their trade from the pulpit, went on to marry the women or men they were dating, while in another marriage. Kris Okotie is a perfect of example.

            Yes, everything in life is a gamble. Both of them gambled, the only difference was the opposing expectations. The girl wants more material stuff, Suleiman want no more blackmail. None of them deserve pity. The cry from the public is just against Suleiman trying to use his status to intimidate the poor girl, nothing more. Nobody cares about what they eat for lunch or dinner. Suleiman showed wickedness by using police to harass the lady, even accusing her of terrorism. That is evil!!

          • Paul Graham

            You are uniformed. Have someone read and interpret the Nigeria marriage Act before you say anything.
            A legal marriage subsists no matter the condition until divorce is granted by a court of law!

          • Obosi Warrior

            You are the un-informed one. Marriage in Nigeria, can stand under customary law. In customary law, it is not forbidden to marry more than one wife. Even the marriage act you are inferring to does not forbid one to opt out of a marriage if he or she so desires.
            You don’t know what is going on in the fake baba suleiman’s marriage that makes him to be patronizing stripper joint, neither do I. If he feels that he is not getting enough out of his marriage and want to switch lane, no section of the Nigerian marriage act forbids him from that.
            Just like Ms. Otobo, the Suleiman may be testing many waters to know which one’s temperature he will be comfortable with.
            After all Suleiman was the one that brought the marriage issue, by discussing his wife’s sexual dullness with a stripper. The contention here is not whether there is any marriage or not, because just like most con men, Suleiman must have promised the girl heaven and earth in other to see what is under her skirt. The contention is, why should he use his power to abuse the girl, by falsely petitioning the police, torturing the girl and labeling her terrorist?

          • Paul Graham

            Apostle Suleiman being a christian must have gotten married at the marriage registry or in the church and so the issue of customary court is not relevant to the subject matter.
            Women of easy virtue’s come real cheap and so a wealthy man need
            not make promises but just offer some hand outs for fun. Most men do have side kicks married or not and when do promises made in the heat of passion count for something. For a contract to be binding on both parties, there must be an offer, acceptance and consideration. If he made an offer and she accepted it along with gifts as consideration prior or after service or services, the contract is done and over it. Anything outside it to me is an after thought and a fishing expedition. You don’t get rewarded for kiss and tell. As for you,If you don’t like wealthy people, stay poor!

          • Priscilla Tadievu

            God is watching us

  • Omoba1

    This is the 6th press release from the camp of licky licky pastor – what is going on there? This is more than confusion. They are not preempting evidences. Na wa o, licky licky pastor how market

  • Myson

    Apostle Suleiman or whatever you called yourself, stop behaving like a kid and stop talking to the Press. Find someone and open back channel communication with this lady and Keyamo Chambers and settle this case before they drag you to court. Apologize to the lady because you offended her badly and pay her off. Also pay her legal fees. Save your Wife and your family the more embarrassment they will face if this case goes to court. They have enough evidence to nail you. This is what you supposed to have done before.

    • Kunle Ajayi

      Salute. You are 1000% correct. Most men are guilty of what the lady is exposing .The only difference is that the may or may not be Apostle.He he he o!

  • Africa

    Charley boy said it all..fake pastors everywhere in Nigeria.

  • El Patron

    “The preacher also accused Mr. Keyamo “and his paymasters” of plotting to kill or cause bodily harm to Ms. Otobo and blame the pastor for perpetrating the act”

    Why will Keyamo kill the lady when she is his meal ticket right now? That comment makes no sense. Unless someone else is planning to kill the lady and are pre-empting now by accusing Keyamo of same hmmmm.
    And what’s with the fear that they are going to concoct fake videos of the pastor. Whatever video they release will obviously be subjected to intense forensic analysis to ensure it’s not a fake.
    I didn’t believe this girl before but I think I’m starting to now

  • Kunle Ajayi

    Lies will not set you free.These days evidences are easy to find.Like phone records, text records, passport stamps and father of it all,hotel CCTV.Ah ha gotcha randy pastor.Do you know Jimmy Swaggart?

    Tell everyone. I am an adulterer. Pls forgive me.You will be at peace.

    • No Bull …..

      You forgot to mention Apostle D!ck identification match is the mother of all evidences.

      • Kunle Ajayi

        Yeah man! Dick semen ,spittles,fingerprints,DNA like Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.So many ways to get a guy.Caution my brethren.Let’s laugh and learn from this.

  • Elbash

    Hahahahahaahah………So all these prophesies did not see the lady coming?
    The fake prophecy is to see pple that will die or see dangers………Most pastor are found indulging in sexual act……..Abi na Buhari dey frame am….????

    • Mayowa Adeolu Oyeunmi

      He predicted it.

    • Chuxie Daniels

      Elbash He actually Predicted This Happening. And Thats the Amazing part. Check one of his messages on youtube.
      Don’t be in a hurry to call him fake.

    • Yangbuin Armstrong

      if it is about my Father you are talking about, you will die and nothing will happen.

  • SAM .A

    Festus Keyamo is descending very fast on society morals and professional ethics cadre , lawyers are lairs ,they call their profession noble , but there is no nobility in their actions , if Devil put money on the table to defend him for all the evil he has done , these lawyers will never think twice to hold brief for him . Such is Keyamo who has thrusted himself forward for this international whore to defend cook up allegation for the sake of cheap popularity

  • Mayowa Adeolu Oyeunmi

    Let’s even assume the apostle wants to commit this rubbish they are claiming, is it with this urgly, left over, stale looking lady he would stoop so low????
    Lies, lies, and more lies. Na una go tire!

  • Christian Festus

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  • Kevin Peter

    The response of the lady always sounds like that of a prostitute bent on sabotaging the reputation of a person. She calls S E X and all of that freely, very common with those of prostitutes.