Why Osinbajo is performing well — Buhari

President Buhari with vice President Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa on Friday shortly after his return from London.

A grateful President Muhammadu Buhari said on Friday that the performance of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo while he was away, was buoyed by his youthfulness and intellectual capacity.

The president, however, said of himself that he has age and military background going for him.

Mr. Buhari made these observations when he received political leaders in the State House shortly after he returned to Nigeria from medical vacation on Friday.

The president departed for London on January 19, in a trip that was initially announced as annual vacation but which later turned out to be an extended medical vacation.

The president handed over to Mr. Osinbajo, who has been acting president for the past 50 days.

Mr. Osinbajo’s capacity had seen him swear in a new Chief Justice of Nigeria, sign seven bills into law, criss-cross the restive Niger-Delta to appease the oil-producing communities, amongst other critical national assignments.

The vice president’s pace of action was commended by several Nigerians, prompting many to suggest that he should continue playing the major roles in the government.

“Youth and intellect is squarely behind him,” Mr. Buhari said while commending the work done by Mr. Osinbajo. “Continue to do the work, Nigeria will continue whether we are here or not.”

Mr. Buhari said he has his age and experience but strongly encouraged the vice president to step up activities in critical sectors of the country.

“Age and purely military experience is behind me,” he said. “And my single most important advice is for you to take education of everybody under you very seriously.”

“We must do more on education.”

Mr. Osinbajo, in his response, acknowledged there were challenges but appreciated the trust his principal reposed in him, quipping that he found going around in borrowed robes most enchanting.

“I must say that it has been an interesting period going around the nation maybe in borrowed robes,” the acting president said. ” I must say I had a very interesting and challenging time but above all, the president gave us the good support.”

A statement from the State House said Mr. Buhari will officially write to the National Assembly to notify senators of his intention to reassume his opposition as president.

A civic group, CISLAC, had earlier commended the president for asking Mr. Osinbajo to act as president while he recovered.

In a statement by Auwal Rafsanjani, its executive director, CISLAC said the president’s personal acknowledgement of his health crisis and delegation of presidential powers to his vice president were unprecedented.

“We consider this decision very patriotic, confirming the president as a statesman and leader who places national interest above personal interests and does not possess the sit-tight mentality typical of many leaders on the continent,” the group said.


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  • Sam

    God will restore his health fully in Jesus’ name

    • Adamson


      • nocomment

        “Raji Fashola must go!”……….Says Campaign for Democracy

        “Perturbed by the lingering epileptic power supply in the country, particularly in the South East zone,
        the Campaign for Democracy, CD has given the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde
        Fashola (SAN) up till 30 days from now to revive the ailing power sector or resign his appointment
        as a minister of the federal republic.

        National Publicity Secretary of CD, Dede Uzor A. Uzor who gave the ultimatum in a press statement issued
        in Onitsha, Anambra state, yesterday, said Fashola has failed woefully to increase the megawatt from 4,320
        where he met it since two years ago till date. Rather, Fashola allowed the megawatt to decrease to less than
        1,000 at the moment, a situation which he said forced Nigerians to witness zero megawatt on January 30,
        this year with a total nationwide power blackout”.


        (March 11th, 2017)

    • Haba mallam


    • Otile

      May God restore Nigeria’s economy.
      May Imam gave way for Osibnde to govern Nigeria well.
      Amen amen amen, .

    • tundemash

      Amen !!!!

  • amazing2012

    ““Continue to do the work, Nigeria will continue whether we are here or not.” Patriotic statement from Good leader. While sadists were busy creating problem at his absence. All those that wishes bad on him and nigerians, what they wishes will go back to them and their family !

    • Say the truth

      He had no options than to accept the truth. No one can fight results.

      • amazing2012

        It is simply the act of good leadership (but christian hate can not let you see). The only president that hand over power severally to his vice and recommend the vice openly. The only president in history that think and serve the nation without differences and was acknowledged even by the western world.
        Envy, hate and blakcmail will only let him shine and shine and shine.

        • Otile

          You see, you were writing good English when Imam was away on self exile to receive healing. Within a few hours of his presence in Najeriya your English has gone back to what it was before. You see, Imam is a bad influence. Whatever the case, you and your people must not hide under this euphoria to start beheading people, massacring those agitating his sheepish rule, or mass rape of women by unruly Fulani herdsmen. Enough is enough.

          • amazing2012

            Long time, Do you rememeber Christians Trumpian campaign ? Do you remember you were happy that Trump is going to be hard on Muslims? Now Nigeria christians were deported from all over the world courtesy of Trumpian immigration principles. Nigerians (Christians) were also deported at the point of entry to the USA. This is the beginning !
            MY REPORT TO BABA
            Baba i must report to you that when you are not around, all the christians south connived and starts an orchastrated plan to prove you incompetent:
            The Niger deltans stopped bombing pipes. The same Niger-Deltans you begged to stop bombing pipes on several occasion.
            The acting president was allowed to visit the creeks, same places you were to threating not to visits.
            The media satans (Fayose, FFK, Common sense senator) keep mute and stopped attacking government.
            They christians criminals stopped bombing power installations and the light improved.
            The oil output was allowed to increase.
            Dollar was allowed to gain value.
            They call us born to rule, while they are “DIE TO RULE”. Hoping for any leader from the north to die so that they can rule. They are politically lazy and strategically poor.
            Tafawa Balewa was murdered which pave the way for Gowon (christian) to rule for 9 years.
            They killed Murtala just 6 months in office to facilitate power to Obasanjo (Obasanjo) who ruled for 4 years.
            They poison Yaradua, for Jonadaft (Christian) to take over.
            They poison Abacha to prepare Obasanjo (Christian) to rule.
            Babangida era witnessed several military coup including most dreaded and wicked one of Major Okah (Christian).
            BABA at your absence they were praying for you not to come back (though not all of them) while we praying for your good health and quick recovery. We pray day and night for your good health not because of any cultural or religious attachment but been human and our leader. We never wish and prayer for the death of any person as solution to our problem but to engage in peaceful democratic process of power shift.
            THEY ARE “DIE TO RULE” Satans and antichrist, while claiming Jesus !

        • ilesanmi

          Let grow up please.

          Why unnecessarily applauding doing an act which is morally and constitutionally required of a person. The president transmitted power to the VP because the constitution requires it, there is nothing unusual about it which calls for showering of praises, because doing otherwise would have amounted to a breach.
          When the Aso vultures influenced Yar’adua and failed to transmit power to Jonathan, did the constitution fail to do the transmission itself?

          It is high time we stopped the shameful display of ignorance. There are duties assigned by law to office holders, which they are expected to perform without fear or favour, we don’t need to roll out drums to celebrate each time they do that which is required of them, just like calling out community dancing groups to welcome a governor to the commission of a borehole in your village.
          Our mumu don do.

          • Kehinde Adebola Atoloye

            Mr Ilesanmi, let us face the fact, if you have a group of people with a constitution which is behaviourally not followed by the leader of the group to the detriment of the group and a new leadership that is not wayward comes in after about several wayward leaderships, if only you do not want to be sincere with yourself, you will praise him for his integrity and for being different from others. It is normal and not a mumu thing.

            The praise is not for respecting the rule of law, it is for daring to be different. Let us learn to appreciate, it is only then you can get more as long as the praise does not get into the head of who you praise.

            It is called moral motivation. Would you say you will refrain from praising God for his good in your life because it is His natural duty to provide for you?

            Appreciate your leaders when they do the right thing and criticise them constructively when they go astray.

          • tundemash

            Did you not applaud the dunce Dumbo Jo for accepting he was defeated at the polls ?

          • amazing2012

            The real mumus are you guys who politicize everything in Nigeria without recourse to its consequences !0

    • Otile

      Who is a good leader? I hope you are referring to Osibade because Imam is a useless man. We hope he goes back to Landan soon before he wipes out the gains made by Osibade within the 51 days of Imam’s medical exile. Shame on Imam for receiving those unnecessary expensive healing in foreign land, it s unpatriotic of him to waste our scarce forex that way. There is nothing to cheer about for his visiting Nigeria, it is a dishonest maneuver to hold on to power. He should disappear from sight and memory for the betterment of Nigeria. Barawo banza.

      • Ritchie

        Otile pls who is Osibade?Who among the thousands or even millions of I am we have in Nigeria are you referring to? Don’t think any patriotic Nigerian knows any leader with the name Osibade and b more specific on the Imax you memtioned. Can you please tell us? Otherwise I don’t think your comment applies to the news above.

        • Julius

          Calling him Osibade is his way of ridiculing and belittling the man. I said a few weeks ago that he will turn on him simply because the VP is a Yoruba man , his #1 enemy. That’s what a bigot does. Otile is mentally unbalanced. Keep reading his delusional and irrelevant bigoted rants. That’s all he is good for.

      • Julius

        omg, otile, didn’t you say the man was dead ? I can’t wait for your intellectual reason why the man is alive and back home. The devil is a liar and you are the devil.

  • Tommy Soto

    What a great pic and a great team in Nigerian history!!!!!

  • rhad

    Maa sha Allah I am moved and touched. May Allah grant you a quick recovery. May Allah protect Osinbajo and guide you two aright.

  • okun

    There is no way he can do the work for which he was elected. A sick man cares for himself first before any other person this is an inescapable truth. The mans age and health cannot stand the rigors of running the presidency. If he is truthful and honesty he must admit his limitation health wise and allow someone else to restore the economy battered by the Goodluck presidency. The present state of things is that of tentativeness and vacillation, which give rise to lack of confidence in the economy, undermines strategic planning . To summarise the economy is suffering from the triumph of primordial politics over economics. The body language of the most honest man in Nigeria cannot remedy the ills of the nation given the present circumstance. The crave for power is the death knell of Nigeria. God help us.

    • Deansmart

      You can ask abacus that question he was seriously ill but never gave up power untill his death

  • Tanko Maihula

    The V.P. has shown that he’s truly a man of God. A Man who knows the true meaning of TRUST, a species that are very rare to find nowadays.
    PMB or rather Nigeria is lucky he (V.P.) is not a typical Nigerian politician. which I believe by now the political temperature in the country will be approaching the boiling point. We ( Nigerians) should all thank GOD for blessing the nation with this team of very patriotic Nigerian as LEADERS. May God almighty continue to guide them to be a source of blessing to this great country, Nigeria.

  • Apostel

    well done VP, best team worker ever, chapeau

  • Water No Get Enemy

    Thanks be to God for PMB ‘s return and also his acknowledgement of his acting president Prof.Yemi Osibajo.It only confirms that our democratic experiments are working and Nigeria can be a great country given the right people and atmosphere. Three hearty cheers to PMB and his vice for a wonderful job done in the last 51days.

  • Usman

    I really appreciate the humbleness of the president, that is how leaders should behave, the VP should now do more than ever

  • Ayegba Ojochele

    Nigeria is becoming more better as Mr President commended his Vice for performing well during his absence and also asked him to continue to do more even in his presence. Thank you Mr President for this leadership quality and humility. Thank you Mr VP for honoring Nigeria by not betrayed your Boss. Nigerians are proud of you.

    • justin

      With what we saw on his arrival, do you still think that the president has any business hanging on to power at this time? This is because, with his shadow still towering behind Osinbanjo, he would obviously do less. He needs to take drastic decisions that would turn things around without looking through his shoulder. Nigerians have suffered so much

      • tundemash

        Yes he does, to scare and put behind bars those who looted your destiny. It’s a team-work, kid ! There is only ONE Presidency.

  • vay

    Seriously…… Am impressed with president buhari handling of the situation but should beware of backward agent,of Kwari n co….the evil cabal in the presidency

  • Rommel

    President Buhari is indeed an honorable man,Nigeria is blessed to have such a man who have shown how power should be handled with cool heads and not desperation,long live Nigeria

    • justin

      With what we saw on his arrival, do you still think that the president has any business hanging on to power at this time? This is because, with his shadow still towering behind Osinbanjo, he would obviously do less. He needs to take drastic decisions that would turn things around without looking through his shoulder. Nigerians have suffered so much and urgently need a reprieve

      • Rommel

        So you consider what Nigerians are going through as suffering? a people that depend on importation to exist talking about suffering? this is the problem,Nigerians are so used to being fed that nobody is interested in working hard,it took China decades of hard work in abject poverty before they arrived at where they are today,same with Malaysia,south korea and Japan,Singapore was even worse and lately india,let me give you example,in the 70s-80’s there were no mercedes benz cars in either China or India,would Nigerians be prepared to go through such sacrifices and hardwork? here you are crying like small kids that did not receive their favorite gift from father christmas,this is what you are calling suffering

        • Sun Tzu

          make them listen

        • Tanko Maihula

          Hmm…… Words of wisdom.

      • Powerlessconscious

        There is no need for competition. God bless buhari.

      • Sun Tzu

        No go give yourself HBP because of buhari, in his leadership we trust

      • tundemash

        Yes he does, to scare and put behind bars those who looted your destiny .

    • dele20

      Long life and prosperity for our president Buhari

  • dele20

    This APC led administration is really working great

  • GOK

    I wish Mr. President quick recovery. His leadership traits are indeed commendable. PMB is never afraid of smart people. No wonder why Idiagbon&VP Osinbajo have some striking similarities! Thank you Mr. President.

    • Tanko Maihula

      Yes, because none of them ( Idiagbon & Osinbanjo) is bastard, they are true sons of there fathers.

  • henry

    President need not write letter to National assembly to asume duty ,the day he steps on Nigeria soil, that was when he took over as President and the Ag President reverse to Vice President. He may reduce his work load by shedding more to the Vice President.Well come back .

  • Arogbo

    Thank you Mr. President, you’re welcome back home. We are wishing you a quick recovery.

  • Julius

    Mr. intellectual otile is still hold up in the basement somewhere analysing the audio/video of the president to make sure its really Buhari that we are seeing. I’m sure he doesn’t believe being an intellectual that the dead can rise up , fly back to Nigeria and be on tv. He is trying to figure it out. I can’t wait for his findings !!

    • Tanko Maihula

      Hahahaha………….. over to you OTILE………..OTILE….OTILE…… are you there?

  • Julius

    Welcome home Mr. President. Wish you a speedy recovery so that you can get back to work soon.

  • Nkem

    I must confess that these people are handling this issue very well. That is how a country gets good governance. The private sector, looking at such amity would be very encouraged to put their money and resources in the economy. THUMBS UP.

  • Tosin

    The Lord appeared to him and said:
    “And my single most important advice is for you to take education of everybody under you very seriously.”
    “We must do more on education.”


  • dele20

    This APC led administration is performing well

  • Enemona

    PMB and the VP are such gentlemen. They’re both respectful adults unlike the coterie of greedy and noisy politicians/advisors around them.

    We don’t care if the President is either of the two, of course, I’ve a personal bias for PMB but the good thing is they’re a formidable team that should harness their collective strength and talent for the nation. The whole noise about North or South or whether Osinbajo is grabbing power is, of course, what it is, noise!

    Baba is back I hope we get back to business but he should let Osinbajo help him in some areas, he should provide him more autonomy to make decisions which he (Baba) can sign off. Welcome back Baba and don’t listen to your selfish advisors about what transpired in your absence, get the nation running again.

  • Olatubosun

    Mr president yemi oshibajo is representing buhari well

  • Olatubosun

    Oshibajo weldone sir

  • Olatubosun

    Nigeria will rise again let’s support the agent of change for the brighter future of our glorious country

  • Olatubosun

    Buhari and his team are performing excellently

  • front man

    Good one as president Muhammed Buhari praised vice President yomi osinbajo

  • TDaniels2

    Welcome back Buhari. May the Almighty God continues to grant you good health, wisdom and courage to the right thing for alll Nigerians. It’s time to make your anti corruption crusade to work in all sectors. Culprits should queuing up to go jail, return fully what they have stolen and apologise to Nigerians for betraying the trusts and privileges given to them. We need actions and now!

  • Saka Pena

    What happened yesterday gives us hope for Nigeria. Muhammadu Buhari believes in the future. Nigeria will be here..far beyond all of us. If all our leaders think like this, Nigeria would be a better nation.

  • dele20

    This present administration is great

  • International games

    He has “age and the MILITARY” behind him. A subtle warning.