Two people kidnapped, one shot as armed robbers attack motorists on Abuja-Kaduna road

Abuja-Kaduna Expressway

Two people were kidnapped and another shot on Thursday when armed robbers attacked their vehicle along the Bwari-Jere highway.

The highway is an alternate route that links the Nigerian capital, Abuja, to Kaduna State.

The shot victim, Lawal Adamu, narrated the incident to PREMIUM TIMES from his hospital bed at the National Hospital, Abuja

Mr. Adamu said the robbers, who were up to six, were Fulani herdsmen.

“They are Fulani; they were speaking the Fulani language fluently. I am very sure of what I’m saying,” he said.

Mr. Adamu, an aide to Kaduna Senator, Shehu Sani, said he was on his way back to Kaduna alongside his brother after he visited the lawmaker in Abuja.

The victim, who was driving his car, said he ran into the armed persons in Bwari on Thursday evening. They blocked the road and opened fire on him, he said.

He sustained two gunshot wounds on his back for which he was being treated at the national hospital.

Mr. Adamu said when the robbers searched the vehicle and were not satisfied with what they got, they kidnapped his brother and another person whose car they also stopped.

An aide to Mr. Sani confirmed that the robbers had made contact and were demanding N10 million for the release of Mr. Adamu’s brother.

As at the time of filing this report, Mr. Adamu was still at the National Hospital, awaiting surgery to remove the remaining from his body.

When PREMIUMTIMES contacted the FCT Police Command, the spokesperson, Mamzah Anjuguri, said he had not been briefed but would find out more on it.

The two major roads linking Abuja to Kaduna, the Abuja-Kaduna highway and the Bwari-Jere road, are notorious for armed robbery attacks and other criminal activities.

The federal government has however, deployed large number of security officials to the Abuja-Kaduna highway since the diversion of flights from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja to the Kaduna International Airport.

Unlike the major highway, the Bwari-Jere road has very little security presence. But some motorists prefer to take the Bwari-Jere road in order to cut off the traffic the security agents may cause or spend a shorter time on the road.


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  • thusspokez

    The highway is an alternate route that links the Nigerian capital, Abuja, to Kaduna State

    This highway is a waste of public fund. Where is the traffic? I see only six cars on the long stretch of both sides of the highway.

    • Gary

      Utility is of the least consideration when it comes to awarding contracts like this and the juicy benefits therefrom.

      Who cares if the federal government has its own highway when the state can also build its own, to give armed robbers more options?

    • Adam Abbas

      WRONG. that Bwari to jere high way is not a waste of public fund. It was the major road that aided in the construction of the Gurara to Abuja water transfer project. Abuja gets it’s drinking and other utility water from this project. So the water you get to use in Abuja is from Kaduna State. That same highway is the alternative to get to jos from Abuja, bye passing karu and keffi.
      Off track it’s noteworthy that Lagos draws it’s fresh water from ogun river via iju water works and pump over a 300 kilometers pipe network

      • Malik Isah

        bros, don’t waste your time on idiotic haters by responding to them.

        • Adam Abbas

          Thank you Malik. We have to sometimes take pain and educate the ignorant ones amongst us. It’s not their fault they are ignorant about these kind of issues. When we enlighten people even members of the haters cult will soften.

      • thusspokez

        So instead of building water pipe, they built road — to carry the water?

        • Adam Abbas

          The water transfer pipes used are not the type you know. The water pipes used have to be manufactured in Abuja, one pipe is so big that you can drive your Hilux jeep right through it. Visit the plant in Abuja and see sample. The pipes were buried beside that very road you are talking about and its about 120 kilometers or thereabouts. Very rare kind of project in the world not even Africa. That road has to be built to move those pipes and to lay the pipes and to bury the pipes and so many other services associated with the water transfer project.

          • thusspokez

            So did Nigeria build similar road from the south to Kaduna when it built the oil pipelines?

            the water pipes used have to be manufactured in Abuja,

            Are such large factories allowed in Abuja? Abuja was build as an administrative centre — not meant for heavy industries.

          • Adam Abbas

            This water transfer pipeline is about 2.5 meters in diameter or thereabouts but oil pipelines are not more than 0.3m in diameter so you can see the difference. Take a tape and measure on the ground these sizes. As I said a Hilux pick light truck can drive through the water transfer pipeline but a adult human shoulder cannot pass through oil pipeline. Oil pipe lines are similar in size to municipal water transport pipe.
            The company that handles the project produced the pipes. They are also producing smaller pipe like that used in oil transport and even much smaller pipes.
            Abuja is the Admin capital of Nigeria but don’t forget the FCT known as Abuja is bigger than Anambra state, it’s also bigger than IMO, Ebonyi, Abia and Enugu states individually. That is why FCT Abuja has become the heaven of the people from south east and south south geopolitical zone, all because of available land.
            Yes large industrial investment is acceptable in Abuja, there are large industrial plots in Karshi areas if you are interested in investing in that sector.
            Don’t for get that the road we are talking about was linked to connect to existing road network of Kaduna State.

          • thusspokez

            You are beginning to sound like an enthusiastic schools pupils.

          • Adam Abbas

            I should have heeded the advice of Malik earlier on but I have to now. Shouldn’t waste time talking to walls

        • You don’t build water pipes and roads, dummy! You construct them.

          • thusspokez

            Typically Nigerian illiterate and ultracrepidarian. Find yourself a dictionary and look-up the two words, mumu!

          • No find yourself a dictionary & stop writing in transitive terms.

          • thusspokez

            Mumu, I suggest that you look-up the word “ultracrepidarian” — which perfectly describes illiterates like you.

            And in case you think that “illiterate” merely means an inability to read or write or both, may I also suggest that you find yourself an etymological dictionary and look it up, mumu.

    • El Patron

      You want to see 52 cars first before you will know the road is being used abi? Crap

      • thusspokez

        Well, let me tell you about this highway. Everyone keeps asking me about this highway. This highway is 100% unused. I don’t even know, but I am telling you, okay.

        We don’t know, but I am the best problem solver here, and everyone knows that. I have taken polls okay, and every posters here says, I am the best. So this is what I want for this highway: I want to see the highway doing great things, okay; I want to see millions and millions and millions of cars on this highway; I want it to be the busiet highway in the world.

        Everyone keeps asking me about this highway robbers. I will make no deals with them okay. These people are not smart, okay; they are loser. And we are going to send them back to Malico or wherever the Sultan ‘Head Bandage’ says they come from. And we are going to build a great wall — it will be huge! — to stop them from coming to Nigeria to take jobs from Nigerian highway robbers. We got to look after Nigerian highway robber first!

        • Solomon Brown

          You are beginning to sound like Donald Trump. You just wrote down many sentences, that come across as meaningless.

          • thusspokez

            Obviously. you are not a smart person.

          • Solomon Brown

            I guess you also think you are like a smart person. Lmao!

          • thusspokez

            Smarter than you are. Read your mumu “you are beginning to sound like Donald Trump” response to comment again. Mumu, HELLO! I was mimicking Donald Trump! Even a 5 year old could see that!

          • Solomon Brown

            If you were as smart as you claim to be, you’d be capable of original thought and not take DT announcement speech and turn it into a comment.

          • thusspokez

            If you are not such a first-class ignoramus and mumu, you would have heard of ‘parody’ and its important role in literature and the arts.

          • Solomon Brown

            If you weren’t some jobless attention seeking moron, you wouldn’t be in all PT comment sections, making animal noises.

            Don’t even get me started on all the plagiarism that you indulge in, if you are going to use someone else’s material, the least you could do is reference them.

            If you keep up with those insults, I might be forced to wreck what’s left of your already feeble online reputation. Try me!

          • thusspokez

            If you weren’t some jobless, attention seeking moron, you wouldn’t be in all PT comment sections, making animal noises.

            Nigeria is full of mørøns like you. And too many Nigerian websites are infested by nincompoops like you who contribute nothing to debates except trade insults.

            Other nationalities debate issues raised on their websites, but you Nigerians, because of ignorance, lack of critical thinking, and debating skills, often resort to insults — which many of you see as substitute for argument.

            How many of you Nigerian posters contribute ideas or provide solutions to problems raised or reported on Nigerian websites? I see none except the usual trading of insults. This is because Nigeria is a nation of mørøns like you who can’t think, can’t analyse problems, let alone solve problems.

            Read my daily posts, they are rich in analysis, intellect, intelligence, logic, wit and solutions. Of course, I don’t suffer føøls like you who only go on Nigerian websites to insult other posters or tell them that they are from X tribe or Y political party or Z religion simply because you don’t like what they say and, you are too dumb to counter their arguments. Well in such cases, expect the other side of me — which is what you are getting now and will get more of, if you continue to play stµpid with me.

            You should be grateful to people like me who devote part of their very valuable time to analyse and offer possible solutions to some of Nigerian’s problems. What solution have you ever offered on this website?

            Don’t even get me started on all the plagiarismI shall assume that you don’t know what plagiarism actually means. “Google is your friend’, dear boy!

            If you keep up with those insults, I might be forced to wreck what’s left of your already feeble online reputation. Try me!

            Don’t “might”, just do it!. I challenge you to go ahead.

            What is “online reputation”? — when you don’t know who I am.

            Look ‘Johnny-come-lately-to Internet’ I have over two decades of Internet experience — way back to the early 90s, when most of you had never even seem a computer.

            In that period, I have seen off many a challenger, and I enjoyed each and every battle. But don’t let me intimidate you with my “online reputation”, go ahead and try me. I hope that like past challengers, you don’t disappear from this website when you can’t handle anymore of my Cyber punches. So go ahead and make my day, mumu! I am connected to the Internet 24/7 a year.

          • Champ


  • Bimbo.

    This story is misleading. The said road is not Abuja Kaduna highway. The headline can scare travellers intending to use Kaduna airport as an alternative to closed Abuja airport.

    • Otile

      Do you understand that there marauding Fulanis on that eerie road daily?

  • International games

    Okay. Let me get this right. This Adamu is an assistant of Senator Shehu Sani, a Hausa guy that is at loggerheads with Governor El Rufai of his state, a Fulani guy.
    Adamu went to “visit” Sani and while returning was stopped by Fulani Herdsmen who “SEARCHED” the car. When they did not find what they wanted, the KIDNAPPED his brother. Do people kidnap without planning?
    This thing is planned, and El Rufai should be made to answer some questions by the police.

    • thusspokez

      Well the earlier the Hausas realise that the Fulanis who are just 4% of the population of Nigeria, have been using them to advance their own interest and at the expense of the Hausa, the better for them.

      • International games

        They are beginning to. Most Fulani are normal and good people. It is their selfish and lazy elite that are the problem. They hate real work.

        • Otile

          Don’t tell me, their so called elites do not carry machetes, poisoned arrows and bindigas to gun down people in their home, your perverted ‘normal’ good ones do it,

    • Negative thought from a negative mind.

  • Ambrose Jide Olowo

    This is misleading…