U.S. gives reasons for deportation of Nigerian with valid visa

Dulles International Airport [Photo credit: WTTW.com]

The United States Embassy in Abuja on Wednesday provided a possible reason for the deportation of a Nigerian believed to be a victim of the ongoing immigration overhaul by the Donald Trump administration.

Mr. Trump recently intensified a crackdown on immigrants from specific countries across the world, majority of them Muslim-majority countries.

But despite the U.S. State Department’s position that the new rules will not affect Nigeria, there have been reported cases of deportation involving Nigerians in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, a Nigerian man who was turned back at the entry point in Los Angeles, California, in February, called the attention of PREMIUM TIMES to his situation.

Femi Olaniyi said he was deported after being detained for several days, despite having a visa valid for two years.

“I travelled to the United States of America on 21 of February 2017, with two years’ valid multiple visa.

“When I got to the point of entry of Los Angeles, the immigration officer directed me to one BPD, he interrogated me and I answered him politely.

“When he has nothing to hold me, he said I should come for biometric whether I have any criminal offence.

“I told him that I’m not a criminal that he should go ahead. Later, he brought some documents that I should sign, I told him that I will need to read before I sign.

“He quickly withdrew the document and put me in a cold cell. From there he held me for four days. Collected all my phone so that I will not get access to my family and later revoked and return me back to Nigeria.

“Honestly, this is unfair, Nigeria needs to do something,” Mr. Olaniyi said.

Mr. Olaniyi told PREMIUM TIMES he had travelled to different countries across the world in the past, but the botched journey was his first to the United States.

The U.S. Embassy did not deny Mr. Olaniyi’s allegations, but maintained there are no restrictions on Nigerians with valid documents.

“There is no restriction on Nigerians travelling to the United States,” Embassy spokesman, Russell Brooks, told PREMIUM TIMES by email Wednesday afternoon. “Nigerians with valid visas are welcome to travel to the United States.”

Mr. Russell blamed Mr. Olaniyi’s incident on a long-standing immigration policy that a visa does not guarantee entry into the United States, a practice he said remained popular amongst different countries across the world.

“However, many people are unaware of the fact that a visa does not automatically guarantee you entry into the United States,” Mr. Brooks said. “As is the case in most countries, all travellers are still subject to an interview by an immigration official at the point of entry.”

The official said U.S.-bound travellers must convince immigration officials that they had reasons to enter the country, adding that such officers should be given maximum cooperation.

“At U.S. airports, the immigration inspector representing the Department of Homeland Security is the official who actually authorises entry.

“The inspector must be convinced that the purpose of the travel is legitimate and he or she will have access to information concerning prior travel.

“We certainly encourage all travellers to be clear, consistent, and cooperative during such an interview.”

Mr. Olaniyi’s ordeal came amidst growing concerns about deliberate denial of Nigerians an entry into the United States.

On Monday, an aide to President Muhammadu Buhari said Nigerians appear to be targeted by the United States due to the controversial new immigration rules imposed by President Donald Trump.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa said her office had been inundated with complaints that Nigerians with valid travel documents to the United States were being turned back, warning citizens not to travel to that country unless they have to.

“In the last few weeks, the office has received a few cases of Nigerians with valid multiple-entry US visas being denied entry and sent back to Nigeria,” Mrs. Dabiri-Erewa said. “In such cases reported to the office, such affected persons were sent back immediately on the next available flight and their visas were cancelled.”

But the advisory was swiftly debunked by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, who urged Nigerians to disregard it in its entirety.

“I can tell you to ignore any call or advice to reconsider travelling to the U.S. because there is no basis for that,” Mr. Onyeama told reporters in Abuja Tuesday. “We have absolutely no report whatsoever from the U.S. that people are being turned back from the U.S. or any of our consulate or any Nigerian that any of our people are being turned back.”

A Nigerian lawmaker, Nnenna Ukeje, also slammed Mrs. Dabiri-Erewa for creating unnecessary confusion among Nigerians.

Ms. Ukeje, who participated in a focused group program to mark World Womens’ Day on Channels Television, said Ms. Dabiri-Erewa had no business making a pronouncement on such weighty diplomatic matters.

Similarly, Mr. Brooks implored Nigerians to discard reports that Nigerians were affected by the U.S. immigration restrictions.

“To date, despite certain media reports, there is no information that confirms that a large number of Nigerians are being turned away at U.S. airports and returned home.

“Nigerian citizens are welcome to travel to the United Sates,” Mr. Brooks said.


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  • Omotayo Caleb

    joke of the day. I stand by Abike’s warning. if you don’thavereal reason to be in the USA plsdon’t go.

    • Benny

      The Foreign Affairs Ministry is the appropriate organ of government that should issue Travel Advisory and not some non-descript persons within the Presidency. All over the world, travellers are asked questions at the point of entry and nothing strange if Nigerians are asked questions.

      • GusO

        And how about if the Foreign Affairs Ministry hides their head under the sand and doesn’t know what’s going on. The minister comes to work to drink tea and dropped the ball a long time ago. One person should not be allowed to throw somebody in a cold jail for 4 days for doing nothing wrong, disregarding his human rights before kicking him out.

      • persona

        The woman has now proven that she is right that people were turned back while the minister is wrong that nobody was turned back.
        The lady issued an advise not as minister but because she oversees diaspora affairs which this also is.
        She is even more accessible than our foreign missions because she is on social media and the embassies wont even pick calls assuming you have the number.
        The Americans are right that entry is at the discretion of the border control official. I have to say that there is nothing wrong in what the lady said, she said, people should wait till things clear up, how is than a challenge to the minister who has not risen to defend Nigerians killed in SA?
        When we all begin to realize that how we are represented is directly proportional to the regard they will give our citizens around the world, people and leaders will work as one.

  • large group small group it’s part time to fix our own country.

    • Prospekt arty

      True. Nigerians are the largest group of people to run away from their country when there is problem. Nobody wants to stay to fix the country, so going abroad to live like a slave or hunted animal is preferable. Go to Italy and you’ll find thousands of sex slaves from Edo state working for madams on the streets of Italy. Many of them live in bushes and take their clients there for sex. There is an Edo Mafia behind this problem and the government of Edo state should look into this practice. There has been a spate of deportations from Italy recently and Nigerian women visiting Italy on business are often suspected of being ‘Putana’ (whores/hookers) and innocent Nigerian women in Italy are often harrassed or approached by Italian men for sex. In Germany and Austria Nigerian illegal immigrants especially Igbo men are stereotyped and targeted as scamsters and 419 frauds and are often the target of immigration authorities. Then there are the myriad of Nigerians raped and abused in Libya and Morrocco before being dumped into the Mediterranean sea and drowned by unscrupulous ferry runners. The lucky ones that get to Spain and Italy are treated worse than dogs. Is that the good life that Nigerians want in Europe? The safest place and ultimate goal for most transaharan migrants is the UK but that can’t be reached easily due distance and the UK being am island .

  • tímótì

    And you were trying to shutdown Dabiri?
    It’s Obvious, that for now, US immigration policy is going a Trump phase and all countries are watching till a clearer path is seen.

  • Alex

    Don’t mind those pandering to propagandas of fake medias that don’t like the out come of recent US elections.Any Nigerian that have a valid reasons and visa is welcome to America.Only a fo*li will want fake twisted news to spoil their opportunities to visit or do business in US.

  • Daniel

    Abike Dabiri is a mere lucky journalist in government.

    Why the rumour mongerng?

    Jobless people !

  • tsunami1earthquake

    This explanation is just watery. How could an airport official give someone a document and ask that it should be signed without allowing the person to read the contents of that document? Is that how things are done, Mr. Ambassador? Supposing the document says the person has been found guilty of an offense, should the ‘suspect’ not read about the ‘offense’ he has committed?

    You Americans are really getting very unfriendly and hostile to people from other nations. This airport official in question just acted like a gangster and these excesses must be checked! If America prides itself as leader of the free world, then folks from other nations must have to see such leadership in every American. America is not just land mass; it is the people and their ways of behaviour.

    • Prospekt arty

      Nigerian customs are the worst if you’re entering or leaving Nigeria they will reduce your length of stay and they always ask for a bribe.

    • Boogie man

      “How could an airport official give someone a document and ask that it should be signed without allowing the person to read the contents of that document”. You don’t know if this is true. You have only the word of the complainant to go by.

  • Rommel

    Every country reserves rights to determine who comes into their territory, if the Americans feel that they don’t need you in their country,what is the beef about that? this individual did not tell us if all Nigerians on that flight were refused entry,stay in Nigeria and fix it the same way Americans fixed their country so that Americans can one day be queuing to also come to Nigeria,are Nigerians not human being like the rest of humanity?

    • konzemac

      Don’t comment if you don’t have anything to say. Will they refund his visa fee? Why didn’t they check his record before issuing visa. Be wise!

      • Prospekt arty

        Why shouldn’t people comment??! The embassy should not and will not return his visa fee. It is the right of immigration at the receiving country’s airport to return people if they can’t satisfactorily account for their visit. Nigerian immigration has the same power. I’ve had relatives with American and British passports who were given 3 months visas by the Nigerian high commission / Embassy but had their visas downgraded to 2 weeks by Nigerian immigration at MM international. This is very common practice and the Nigerian high commission will never refund your visa fee.

        • Maco

          Just because it’s common does not make it right or fair!! You sound a US shill…….smh

      • Prospekt arty

        Because the American Embassy makes money off desperate Nigerians and other people whom they know will be rejected at immigration. It’s just cheap money for America. Nigeria is a lucrative market and a major source of visa income for countries such as the UK and USA where majority of the thousands of applicants are never granted visas. They must make millions of dollars off Nigerians per annum.

  • MG

    lt doesn’t make any sense to spend so much to procure a visa and be denied entry! America is tough these days and they will remove/deport anyone – even a legal resident- who makes a little miscalculation while in the country. So, think twice before investing so much money on the visas.

    • thusspokez

      lt doesn’t make any sense to spend so much to procure a visa and be denied entry!

      And you don’t know that this is the case in many countries? The reason is that the country”s foreign department is the one that issues you visa, but when you arrive, it is the country’s home department that checks your details and determine if you are welcomed or not.

      • Prospekt arty

        True. The reason many get deported is because they can’t answer the questions posed by immigration officials at the airport. If you give suspicious answers as to why you’re visiting or you tell them you’re coming to work in America or UK or you say things like “I’m here to see my friend” they will immediately bundle you back on the next plane. They’ve heard those answers a million times and they’ve been trained to detect people at risk of overstaying their visas

        • thusspokez

          Well, there is also cultural differences: For example, Africans don’t always maintain eye contact when speaking to one another — why should they? –, whereas in the West, where eye contact is very important, it can raise suspicion that the speaker is hiding something or not being truthful.

  • thusspokez

    “There is no restriction on Nigerians travelling to the United States,” Embassy spokesman, Russell Brooks, told PREMIUM TIMES by email Wednesday afternoon. “Nigerians with valid visas are welcome to travel to the United States.”

    One quick phone call by Abike Dabiri-Erewa to the US Embassy would have cleared up the matter. Instead she went to the press with her fake news.

    …an aide to President Muhammadu Buhari said Nigerians appear to be targeted by the United States due to the controversial new immigration rules imposed by President Donald Trump.

    At what point did one Nigerian (Mr. Olaniyi) translate into “Nigerians”.

    • Prospekt arty

      Very true. She probably wants to expand her department into a ministry so every little story will be overblown even if people were deleted or denied entry for genuine reasons. This kind of bad press will only make it worse for Nigerians traveling to Western countries. Especially in the light of boko haram

      • thusspokez

        Especially in the light of boko haram

        Indeed, Nigeria should be grateful to the USA for not including it in the banned lists of countries. This has to do with part of it being Christian. We remember Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and boko haram, of course. Either or both of these two can be used as reason by the USA to ban Nigerians.

  • thusspokez

    Abike Dabiri-Erewa said her office had been inundated with complaints…

    Why don’t the Nigerian media ask to see the complaints.

    I would imagine that most Nigerians having difficulties entering the USA would contact:
    (1) The Nigerian Embassy or Consulate General of Nigeria in the US
    (2) Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    (3) The Nigerian media.

    Yet none of these offices have any record of being inundated with complaints. How many Nigerians have heard of this woman let alone know her contact details. Her job is to advice the president in private; she has no mandate to act like a federal minister and even less so, sticking her nose in diplomatic issues.

  • emmanuel

    They should refund his visa fee and compensate him for unlawful detention. Or do they not understand what detention means?
    Mr. Olaniyi needs a good lawyer to prosecute his case

    • Prospekt arty

      It’s not the Embassy’s fault. He met their visa requirements but failed at customs. Anyone from any country can be stoped from entering America by customs. It’s not just Nigeria. The guy probably argued with them and that’s what caused it. If they don’t like your face at JFK and you dey do shakara they’ll report you immediately.

      • Michael

        This has nothing to do with customs. I doubt very much if you’ve ever left your village, how much more Nigeria.

        • Prospekt arty

          Lol! I actually live in England and have been to America a fair bit. It has everything to do with the immigration authorities at border control deciding not to allow certain people with visas into the country. This has been common practice for ages. They obviously target people from third world countries whom they suspect might overstay their visas and when they question them and they give incoherent answers they can decide there and then to bundle them back. Of course this is unfair practice as it makes it easy to target undesirable non white immigrants from places like Nigeria and the middle east. I can understand why Dabiri-Erewa is warning Nigerians to be careful. Justobtaining a visa will not guarantee automatic entry to the US. The climate in the US is very negative towards third world countries and immigration/customs are exploiting it to their benefit

          • Daniel

            It is sad you said you live in London but you don’t reason like one. Haven’t you seen people deported from points of entry before even before Trump policy? It is not only peculiar to US alone,loLondon is even worse. The end point is to make sure you have genuine reason for travel and not just contract an agent to procure documents you don’t know the details because you will need to defend it at the point of entry.

          • Prospekt arty

            You’re repeating exactly what I was saying. That you can be sent back at the point of entry by immigration authorities at border control (airport) whether in the UK or US or anywhere if the authorities are not satisfied with your reason for visiting regardless of your visa
            I haven’t said anything to the contrary. People get refused entry everyday for one reason or the other. The point of this article is the person blaming his deportation at point of entry on Trump’s policy, whenhe could have been sent back for other reasons.

      • emmanuel

        Which customs? Trump is doing his thing his way. Let the Judges and civil rights group carry placard and organise street protest. W e are already victims of his promise before election.
        It is fraud to collect huge monies from people in visa fee when they know entering is by their discretion.
        Infact they should now issue visa fee and ask visitors to carry their visa fee along at border points so that if they are bounced they would not have need to pay.
        The world is evolving and everyone must must along and innovate, including the USA

        • Riltin

          Thanks for your well thought out response.

    • balafama

      you have no right to be in america if you are not a citizen and thats the law of most countries . letting u in is a courtesy . sure he may have been treated unfairly which is sad but no civil right of mr olaniyi was violated .

  • Prospekt arty

    The US embassy is actually correct. Having an American visa does not guarantee you entry. This can happen to anyone from any country including European countries. The immigration department at the US airport determines whether you can enter or not. this will depend on your answer to their questions. They will try to find out why you’re visiting and if there is any suspicion as to whether you might stay illegally. Problem is many Nigerians have over stayed their visas and not returned, therefore Nigeria is top of the list when it comes to disallowing entry. Many uneducated or inexperienced travellers from Nigeria and other African countries will usually be suspected if their reasons for visiting are suspect and they’re not sophisticated enough to know how to deal with customs. JFK is worst however customs at San Francisco international are much better but they can still stop you from getting in.

  • Mr Integrity

    Why must Nigerians travel to United States? If they say they dont want us in their country fine… There are morethan 100 countries in the world that want us. And beside why cant we stay back and help Nigeria develop. They develop their own country, we too can do that. I didnt see anything to complain about, besides it is their country, they have every right to do so.

    • teddy

      you are nothing but a fooler

    • pajerow

      Thank you sir , and majority the ones that are able to go to USA from Nigeria are children of thieves – Politicians, fraudulently complacent elitists, fake celebrities and Medical tourists and they think it is a class thing to be able travel freely and come back. Some of them even form American accents after returning from 2 weeks holiday as a manifestation their inferiority complex thinking that will oppress people that cannot go .
      Buhari self will be interrogated at the Port of entry to USA as an Alien and may be returned as a medical tourist .Hail Donald Trump for me

      • Riltin

        See jealousy and inferiority complex.

        • pajerow

          You got it wrong .I genuinely hold both British and Canadian citizenship- not visa o(this is for your information)
          I beg Nigeria has not got a role model .it never had one -All.of them are vain and arrogant looters

  • persona

    All Abike said is that we exercise restraints till things get clear.
    The lady rose to the challenge because Nigerians have access to her on social media which she has been very active.
    The foreign affairs ministry is yet to arise to the disdain in SA. They have refused to restore our pride as citizens, embassies don’t function, the embassies hardly pick calls and when they do, they are not citizen friendly.
    The lady has been justified now and the minister that claimed no one was turned back holding a valid visa is nowhere to be found.
    The younger brother of TuFace also was denied entry in Virginia even as he has his family there.
    The same embassy that the minister claimed to have given him facts is stating the right position that, visas are at the discretion of border officials. That they don’t have valid visa is wrong a position to take by the foreign affairs ministry.

  • dudu

    The arrogance of the Americans is legendary.

    • Quantumspirit666

      Just like the Nigerians At least Americans dont loot their Country and bring the money to Nigeria.Now, there..

      • Maco

        But why do Americans accept looted money from corrupt Nigerian politicians, though??

        • Quantumspirit666

          Why shouldnt they?

    • balafama

      no, the unintelligence of the black man and the fraudulent ,corruption loving ways of nigerians are legendary.

      • dudu

        Proudly Nigerian always. I have cleaned my corner,still continue to do so. What about you?

  • Impulse400

    to America at this time, on this forum…? Some Igbo boys would think I am just being jealous. AVOID AMERICA FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Travelling there now is too risky for those without adequate connections. Go everywhere else but America. Don’t allow American Embassy dupe you of whatever you pay for Visa and waste your Ticket. Don’t bother going to their embassy. Their not worth it.

    Your Foreign Affairs Minister is their puppet. Call for his sack later, but pay Attention to Abike Dabiri’s warning now. Nigerians are being maltreated systematically by the American government and are crying out. She is the only government official that has listened so far… and I deeply commend her for her recurring courage.

    • Daniel

      Sometimes people say what they don’t know. I live in the US and I have seen lot of people come in here without any problem.Even before Trump policy people who could not defend their visas at the point of entry are usually sent back just like in other countries. In some cases people furge documents to obtain visas, in such cases you have to prove the genuineness of your visa.
      I pity the victim but also writing this to clarify the issue.

      • Impulse400

        But I am saying what I know. And I have been corroborated by this victim and Abike-Dabiri. I don’t know if you are a Nigerian, so I cannot defend your loyalty to my country or fellow citizens. I am not concerned about document forgers. I am speaking of sincere travelers with genuine documents, some who have previously visited, being detained as if they were criminals. I am talking about those who are tormented due to the color of their skin and the country from which they hail. I am aware of the overzealous, abusive nature of American Law enforcers. Have there not been various black deaths that sparked riots across America? If their own citizens are endangered species, due to their minority or lack of access to power, then who are we…?

        You sit far away in America, advising us to make our country better so that Americans can visit. You nko..? Abeg leave us alone and keep your pity, if all you can do is add to our problems through pretenses and turning a blind eye.

        • Maco

          Well said!

      • Invictus

        But what is the purpose of the visa screening? Are they not supposed to review the purpose(s) of traveling and documentation presented for validity before granting visas? Isn’t that part of reasons visa fees are charged? To me it’s wicked, traumatizing and over handed to turn people with genuine visa and documentation.

  • Olako Okafor Rex

    The coast is not clear ooh, stay away from that country till when Trump is impeached, I see that racist not staying so long in power, with all of these his arrogant and racial configurations.. Abike have warned you. Those who have ears should listen..

  • onyebuchi IKEKAMMA

    There must be a diplomatic resolution of this problem. The US foreign Affairs and Homeland security must resolve this issue with the Nigerian foreign Affairs ministry. Those sent back must be refunded by the US foreign Affairs department and an apology rendered. We can’t take this insult anymore. The US is playing the superior race. That must not repeat itself. It endangers the diplomatic peace with Nigeria.

  • Gary

    This is a non-answer by the US Embassy. It makes no sense for the Nigerians who undergo the rigorous exercise of obtaining a visa to be again subjected to the whimsical discretion of American Immigration officers now running wild and racist under Donald Trump.
    They cannot be making light of the time and money spent by Nigerian travelers who get visas only to be detained and sent back without explanation or refunds.
    The US Embassy might as well stop issuing visas if they mean squat to Trump’s people at the entry ports.

    P.S. Nigerian-Americans should take up this discrimination against us with their legislators in Congress.
    The Saudis whose citizens brought down the Twin Towers are not being treated this way.

    • Invictus

      On point Gary – “It makes no sense for the Nigerians who undergo the rigorous exercise of obtaining a visa to be again subjected to the whimsical discretion of American Immigration officers now running wild and racist under Donald Trump.”

  • Shehu Monguno

    Strange that most Nigerians do not know that holding a visa to any country including Nigeria does not guarantee automatic entry into the country. The immigration officer at the point of entry has the final say.

    Canadians and people who hold Canadian passports do not need visas to enter USA, but the USA immigration turned back 28,875 Canadians in 2014 at the Canada-US frontier. 27,311 Canadians were turned back in 2015 and 28,584 Canadians were turned back in 2016.

    The final decision to allow a foreigner entry into a country is not is not that of the embassy who only issue visas, but the immigration authorities at the point of entry

  • Augustine

    ⛔American ambassador’s explanation still does not explain why Olaniyi was DETAINED IN CELL FOR FOUR DAYS not just deported
    ⛔ Bottom line: other people around the world should make their own countries good so that Americans will love to visit
    ⛔⛔ Many people just wanna go yankee land reap where dem no sow. Ex Gov. James Ibori got heroes welcome in Naija church for looting us dry…..na part of de reason Americana oyinbo tinks we dudu are monkey and treat us dat way. Make we looknawa sef for inside mirror, sometins dey wrong in our coconut heads. Boko Haram, Delta militant, Biafra IPOB, Corruption Is Not Stealing…..

    • Invictus

      You made sense in the early part of your comment but digressed. The issue remained had Nigerians been treated unjustly while holding valid visa? Why should Nigeria citizens holding valid visa, be made to embark on lengthy and costly journey only to be turned back at the slightest irritation of the immigration officer at entry…his is not right in any way. Our foreign mission is a disgrace and I don’t blame them since most of them are there begging for visas and seeking favors from instead of doing their job, they have no courage to even

    • Quantumspirit666


    • balafama

      my sentiments exactly .


    The issue here is very clear. Was a Nigerian holding a valid US visa turned back at the point of entry into the USA? The answer is Yes. Abike Dabiri-Erewa was therefore 100% right in the travel advisory she gave. Our Ministry of Foreign affairs has proven singularly incompetent in handling issues concerning Nigerians. A typical example was the xenophobic attack on Nigerians living in South Africa and It took the Senate and the House of Reps to bring this to the attention of Nigerians while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was busy playing the ostrich and hiding its head in the sand. Certainly most MDAs need to be more proactive in handling issues concerning Nigerian citizens as Abike Dabiri Erewa has done in this case

    • Green

      This is the first time you’re hearing about a turn back that’s why. It’s not new. Even students with valid student’s visa get turned back from the UK.

  • Haba mallam

    Replace this lazy ass foreign minister who is a paid FBI or CIA informer, he is busy pleasing his masters while the real work is done by Abike Dabiri Erewa

  • viokand

    Your grandfather is right, I came to United States in 1981 and I remember that 90% of Nigerians in US were all students, in the first place Naira was stronger than the dollar almost twice, $1.9 = N1, Nigerians that graduated in US were leaving immediately they had their degree, I attended so many parties in 1981 of Nigerians who were coming back home after they acquired their degrees, things changed after the Shagari,s administration when the price of oil went down and Nigeria became heavily in debt, and this led to a military coup by then Buhari and another coup by Babangida and then Abacha. since then we have never recovered.

  • American

    you are the cause of your problem. How did it get to you telling him that you are not a criminal over a request that you step aside for biometrics. ? At the point you uttered that statement, I know that you were already angry for that simple request which is the norm for everyone. Blame your self.

  • Israel john

    offer study packages to study in UK,USA, CANADA AND NETHERLAND .(NO BLIND BUSINESS)

  • Uka Dike

    Hmmm, I happen to agree with turning them around at the airport!!! I invited my Nigeria in-laws, two adults with two children to spend 3 weeks with me and my husband here in the United States. We’re very shocked, embarrassed and angered that these people refused to take their connecting flight from Philadelphia to North Carolina to meet us, but instead picked up theirs luggage caught a bus or train and ran! They gave disabled their Facebook accounts and haven’t contacted us since! They’ve been here since the 8th of December in hiding and are supposed to leave on December 30. We canceled our plans to receive them earlier than planned, purchased clothing and toys and special food for the kids and had to pay the driver over $200 for waiting ALL EVENING until night for them to get off of a flight! Yeah, I’m pissed!