Fashola’s Works Ministry frustrating my Lagos project – Ambode

FILE PHOTO: Lagos Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode and Works Minister, Babatunde Fashola

The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Wednesday said his administration’s plan to carry out a total reconstruction of the International Airport Road from Oshodi was being frustrated by the Federal Ministry of Works.

The current Minister of Works is Babatunde Fashola, Mr. Ambode’s predecessor as Lagos governor.

Mr. Ambode, who spoke to Government House Correspondents at the Lagos House, shortly after carrying out an extensive inspection of some critical projects in the state, said the present state of the Muritala Muhammed International Airport Road was a national disgrace and required immediate attention to salvage the nation’s image.

He said the state government presently has a design for the reconstruction of the road as well as the funds to embark on the project but the federal government was yet to grant approval.

“The road linking Oshodi to the International Airport, you would all agree with me is a national embarrassment. In the spirit of the regeneration and urbanisation that this administration has set out to achieve, we believe strongly that the image that is exhumed by the decadence of that road must be repaired and we took it upon ourselves to appropriate the 2017 budget that the House of Assembly should approve the total reconstruction of the Airport Road from Oshodi to the International Airport.

“The state currently has a design of 10 lanes to come from Oshodi to the international airport with interchange and flyover that would drop you towards the local airport. The contractor is already set to go and everything as I said has been completed and we already have the cash, but alas we are having challenges with the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. This is a federal and not a state road. The Federal Ministry of Works believes that they should do the road, but they have not been able to do it all these years past.”

He lamented that despite the fact that the federal government was indebted to the state to the tune of N51 billion, which was spent on repairing federal roads over the years, the state government’s effort to immediately transform the airport road to world class standard was being frustrated.

Governor Ambode said if given the approval, his administration was ready to hit the ground running and begin construction of the airport road within two weeks and finish same within a period of six months.

Besides, the governor also implored the federal government to avail the state of the N2 billion appropriated for the airport road in the 2017 national budget to carry out the project.

“I just want to remind Lagosians that prior to my becoming governor, the Federal Ministry of Works has been owing Lagos State a total of N51billion as reimbursement for reconstruction that was carried out by the state government on federal roads in the State.

“So obviously, what we are asking for is that whatever it is that we are asking for, it can never be up to the N51 billion that they are owing us.

“I just want to appeal to the Federal Ministry of Works, to let go or reimburse us with whatever it is that they are owing us and even if they are not willing to pay us now, we have the money to do it. It is a national disgrace and we would not be part of it. We would like to do it as part of the celebration of Lagos at 50,” Governor Ambode said.

The governor also expressed frustration that six months after President Muhammadu Buhari approved the handover of the Presidential Lodge, Marina, the state government was yet to gain access into the premises.

He said that the inability of the state government to access the lodge was seriously frustrating the programmes outlined for the Lagos @ 50 celebrations.

“One of the key venues that we need to celebrate the real essence of Lagos, the historic place that we refer to as Presidential Lodge is still more or less being tossed about in terms of being handed over to us. We believe strongly that by May 27, 2017, we should be able to invite Mr. President and other people who have actually made Lagos what is it today to that Presidential Lodge for the final banquet and dinner to mark Lagos at 50.

“As we speak, we are yet gain entrance into that place and this is frustrating our programme. So I want to use this medium to appeal and say that the approval of Mr. President should be rightly honoured and the agencies concerned, that is the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and the Security Services should honour that promise by Mr. President. We just believe strongly that we must proceed to gain access into that place so that we can roll out our programmes for Lagos at 50,” Governor Ambode said.

On the projects inspected, the governor expressed satisfaction with the pace of work by the contractors, saying that they would be commissioned as part of the state’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

While noting that his administration has fully paid compensation to owners of properties that had to give way for the Oshodi and Ojodu Berger regeneration projects, the state government has concluded plans to pay property owners at Abule Egba within the next four weeks.

Among projects inspected include the Ojodu Berger regeneration project, Abule Egba Flyover Project and also the Aboru Abesan Link Road and Bridge Project.


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  • Michael

    Fashola may be the Minister of Works but Osibajo is the VP. Osibajo is Tinubu’s man and Ambode is Tinubu’s man. Yet there are still alll these delays. Just like when GEJ was president nothing was done for the East or his region. Shame on Nigeria!

    • Absolutely Sane

      I think I got your point. It is a reasonable point but would have been better to wait till the story from the other side comes out. For me, I see a bit of calumny in Ambode’s statement. If Fashola, as people were busy throwing tantrums, had not done well; Ambode wouldn’t have been in the news today. Even PMB wouldn’t have had anything reasonable as votes from the west because APC rode on the success of Lagos State. But what can we do about the country where we found ourselves? The people of the Nigeria have every semblance with Israelite. Absolutely same nature of swiftly forgetting yesterday’s good. Easily blind by sentiments. I remember that during Fashola’s ministerial screening at NASS, even PDP senators and former governors expressed their amazement at Fashola’s great achievement as Governor. So why all this effort to taint the man’s record and name?

  • Spoken word

    Ambo should go and dobale for BRF

  • the truth

    When two elephants fight, grass will suffer.
    Ambode should give honor to whom is due, Fashola respected Tinubu while in power, Ambode should should give due respect to his immediate predecessor for an outstanding achievement during his regime.
    All this gragra would not work.
    A word is enough for the wise.

    • Bukayo Adesanya

      abeg which elephants ……. You cant compare fashola to the likes of Tinubu…… The gap is totally extreme

  • Bukayo Adesanya

    dobale water….. Fashola is not ready to work plus he has alot on his hands so let him then do the needful and give Ambode the go ahead to give lagos the befitting look i9t deserves ….

  • Bukayo Adesanya

    i guess FAshola is just jealous cause he wasnt able to achieve quality job success as Ambode has been able to in even a short time……

    • aapeecee!

      @bukayoadesanya:disqus :But Lagosians are now angry. They were duped
      and robbed by Raji Babatunde Fashola – who is a most obvious financial crimes suspect in Nigeria today.
      Raji Fashola said he received 2.42 trillion Naira revenue in 8 years from year 2007. But that figure is false accounting. The actual gross revenue in Lagos in each year was ₦400b +, and that means a gross total
      of ₦3.2 trillion in eight years, between the years 2007 and 2015.

      The rogue creature, Raji Fashola, points at the BRT (bus lane) project
      as his major capital item but the BRT project entirely collapsed in his incompetent hands in three (3) years.
      Within just three (3) years, the dullard governor, Raji Fashola ruined the BRT, making it total financial loss
      to Lagos state. Of the 900+ buses at outset in the year 2008, the BRT had just 85 left in the year 2015.
      In effect BRT under Raji Fashola became the worst transport project ever in Nigeria. So, where then is
      Lagos state’s 3.2 trillion Naira, after deducting wages and pension from gross revenue of ₦3.2 trillion?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


        • aapeecee!


          “N5.4 billion goes for monthly salary and N251 million goes for pension bills,” said the Lagos state Commissioner of Finance in the year 2011. So, it meant total salary payment, as overhead,
          in Lagos state under Raji Fashola was 64.8 billion Naira per year.

          So, in 8 years, it would be 518 billion Naira on that logical extrapolation; which also meant that
          pension was three [3] billion Naira per year which is = 24 billion Naira in 8 years. Add 24 billion Naira to 518 billion Naira. What do you get? You will get 542 billion Naira.

          Now, add one billion Naira, just to account for increments in those eight years, what will you get? You will get 543 billion Naira. Now, deduct that 543 billion from the cash revenue of 3.2 TRILLION Naira that came into Raji Fashola’s hands as gross Lagos state revenue. What will you get? You will get
          ₦2.657 TRILLION as the amount RAJI FASHOLA has to account for.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Double speak

    • wode

      That’s a sign of selective amnesia.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Fashola was not the Governor that Lagos needed. He continues to fail Nigerians.

    • Jayjay


      Without a doubt Raji Fashola is a misfit
      in governance at any level because he does not think or renounce theft –
      and therefore; for those two traits, he never should have been appointed a
      personal assistant to even a local government Chairman were Nigeria a sane
      country where honesty counts and thefts are punished. But because Nigeria’s
      government is a den of thieves, the like of Raji Fashola will thrive as favoured
      appointee. Birds of a feather usually flock together. A real thief will hate a true
      priest by necessity. It’s just the way it is.

      Those calling for a bloody revolution in Nigeria have a good point. The
      country is under the rule of thieves. No one has anyone to report treasury
      theft to so long as the public officials themselves are the vile thieves. That
      sort of locks down Nigeria – not so much in three consecutive quarters of
      economic recession as witnessed today, but locks down the stolen country
      in a time warp where individual progress without theft or high crime is now
      almost impossible. Only a bloody revolution can break that logjam.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


    • Pointsblank



      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


  • Sun Tzu

    Ambode should keep quiet and respect his elders

    • Incircle


      Akin Ambode seized only a tiny fraction of what Raji Fashola stole in Lagos State by forfeiting 25 plots
      of Lekki lands found in Raji Fashola’s corrupt hands. But Akin Ambode now has to go further; not just to
      recover Fashola’s loot in full, but also to show he understands governance the way Raji Fashola never
      did at all.

      Tarring existing roads – which Fashola wasted his life doing – is not the meaning of governance,
      but tomfoolery, for it’s the routine duty of a public works department (P.W.D). Akin Ambode must therefore
      not follow the ignorant path Raji Fashola trod to corrupt himself and thrust Lagos into a mess as 3rd worst
      city in the world, under his heinously corrupt regime from the year 2007 to the year 2015

      • Common Man

        Whilst fools tar existing roads………

        • Smallest can of Baygon insecticide…………………………₦1,000 per tin.
        • Rent of three bedroom apartment…………………………₦450,000 per annum
        • A 25kg bag of garri as staple diet…………………………….₦14,000 per bag
        • Petrol for six hours of private electricity……………………….₦60,000 a month
        • Cost of preparing soup for family of six………………………₦6,000 every two days
        • Ceeway drinking water …………………………………………..₦500 per gallon
        • School fees for a child in private school………………………₦2million per session.
        • Cost of two (2) newspapers a day for information…………… ₦15,000 per month

        • Impulse400

          Abeg where you see three bedroom for N450,000? Na ghetto? N450,000 is for a cheap 2 bedroom now. It could also go ashigh as N700,000. Rice is now N22,000 a bag.

  • Ola

    Here we go again, because Ambode made a comment, people start abusing Fashola, forgetting there is always two sides to a story.
    The scenario playing out in Lagos is not peculiar to it. It is the same all over the country with Federal government Infrastructure especially roads.
    It has more to do with Legal issues and bureaucracy and they are some of the clogs in the wheels of running government efficiently.
    Until we run the Federal System of government the right way , we continue to have these issues bugging us. For instance , what is the business of the federal government owning the MMIA and Internal roads in Lagos State.
    The airport should be owned by Ikeja Local Government , managed by a private consortium and the roads by the state and tolled for maintenance.

  • Olu

    Oh Gov. Ambode too has joined the media politicians who are too weak to face reality and fight their way through using commendable means, but we know that politicians who run to media to fight their enemies are just cheap politicians.
    anyway, Gov. Ambode has not mentioned other details of the Airport road project like is Lagos state really going to fund the project or private body, is there going to be toll gates, what is the cost of the project etc if we have all these facts then we will know the true situation.
    Again, Gov. Ambode should tell us the entire plan for the Presidential Lodge, what else is Gov. Ambode planning to use the place for?
    Long live Lagos State
    Long live Good People of Lagos.

  • aapeecee!



  • Femi

    What a shame for the APC….
    The cat and mouse game between these two na die… Started by Fashiola when he forced Ambode to resign (sack) as Accountant General of Lagos. Ambode hit back when he became governor by releasing a dossier on Fashola’s websites and boreholes… Seems Fashola is hitting back by trying to ensure that he frustrates Ambode.. The funny thing is that these two are from the same APC party. If you can recall, something similar played out when Ogunlewe was the Works minister and Tinubu was the governor. At least, they were both of different parties… How does one explain this cat and mouse game?

  • Absolutely Sane

    For me, I see a bit of calumny and politics in Ambode’s statement. If Fashola, as people were busy throwing tantrums, had not done well; Ambode wouldn’t have been in the news today. Even PMB wouldn’t have had anything reasonable as votes from the west because APC rode on the success of Lagos State. But what can we do about the country where we found ourselves? The people of the Nigeria have every semblance with Israelite. Absolutely same nature of swiftly forgetting yesterday’s good. Easily blind by sentiments. I remember that during Fashola’s ministerial screening at NASS, even PDP senators and former governors expressed their amazement at Fashola’s great achievement as Governor. So why all this effort to taint the man’s record and name?
    Fashola’s Lagos healthcare system is still unmatched today. Even in the history of democracy in Nigeria, No minister of Works & Housing has ever shown commitment this much- engaging all contractors in rounds of renegotiation of contract, cutting down over-inflated contracts figure, embark on serious inspections with video evidences to show that serious reconstruction and rehabilitation work is ongoing on many Federal roads irrespective of regions.
    Before further comments on Ambode’s stance, I will wait for the story from the other side.

  • aapeecee!

    @disqus_DWwKbdUmTH:disqus: MUHAMADU BUHARI
    was the one who announced Raji Fashola as Minister on 30th September
    2015 to slyly stop the imminent arrest of Raji Fashola for corrupt thefts, as
    earlier announced in newspapers by the anti-corruption ICPC agency of
    government on the 5th of September 2015.

    • Uncle Bee


      How do Nigerians feel reading that they are being robbed on daily basis like this by their elected officials? “I am surprised Nigerians are not angrier than what they show,” Nelson Mandela
      had said a few years ago. “It may be that stealing is ingrained as Nigerian culture,” a top American official was also quoted saying in 2001. “The name of Nigeria is now corruption,” said Prelate Adebayo, who projects a bloody revolution as a result. Foreigners, meantime, keep their distance, waiting for Nigerians to decide for themselves if they want to continue living as thieves amongst
      thieves. Afterall, no one can force a horse to drink water anymore than a foreign country can
      force Nigerians to stop stealing.

  • wode

    It’s unfortunate that most Nigerians only listing to a single story and they make their judgement without hearing the other side of the story. It’s equally unfortunate that that the Governor chose the option of throwing tantrum as again learning to manage information and relationship. There is obviously live after office and that’s what I think Ambode should know and learn from Fashola. You’d never see Fashola coming out into the public to demean or belittle his predecessor, their office or their work. At the peak of provocation and media instigation, he would rather say that it’s “not yet time to talk” to avoid answering the questions as against playing into the hands of the media. Fashola faced more than this as opposition governor in the hand of the ruling PDP government in a bid to get a lot of wrongs right in the metropolis. You wouldn’t see him throwing tantrum! I also believe that this is not the first Federal Government road to be handled by Lagos state Government since Ambode gets to the office and there weren’t complaints about that. There are a lot of roads begging for attention in Lagos that nothing has been done about, why is Lagos state Government taking some much attention on Federal government roads?

    On the single story, we all talk about strengthening institutions as against individuals. Is Ministry of Power, Works and Housing all about Fashola alone? Do we know what the ministry’s plan about the road is? If the Ministry plans to reconstruct the road, why is Lagos state worry about this? I remember what Tinubu did to Agege Motor road in Oshodi during his time as the Governor of Lagos state when the road was in a very bad shape. He erected a signpost begging Lagosians that the road does not belong to the state and it’s FGN’s road.

    I think Ambode should learn to handle information and relationship a lot better. This particular comment says a lot about him as to how much of underground work he could do to address situations. It shows that his government can not properly engage FGN being ruled by the same party. There are a lot of avenues that are opened for him to explore to get whatever he needs to get from Federal Government. He should better explore that rather than choosing the option of Bolekaja politicians.

    On the flip side, for the ministry, I would try reserve my comment for now until a response comes from that quarters on this particular issue. My advice, however, is for both parties to see themselves as partners in progress and not competitors or antagonists. As Ambode is doing well in Lagos, Fashola is also doing a lot at the ministry fixing a lot of roads, among others, across the country. That is the story we want to hear and read about. God bless Nigeria!

  • Billy Salman

    Ambode wants to start a fight with Fashola like Ganduje is doing with Kwankwaso. These politicians are taking us for granted, we can see through their cunning, we won’t be fooled anymore. Every body will be judged according to his achievement not by the alleged sabotage of his predecessor

  • Impulse400

    E pele o, oga Gomina. Have you completed the Mile 2 Badagry road and rail project? Have you started your fourth mainland bridge, hitting the ground running? What of the CMS/Mile 2 railway project?

    Why the rush to begin something you know you can’t finish and lie that it would be completed in 6 months? That is how your predecessor “rented” our National Grid to ABD for a loan to complete a white elephant project in 6 months. It is like both of you share the same 419 text book of 6 months promises.

    Now you expect Nigerians to believe that your guy, your personal homeboy is frustrating your work? This una Illuminati wayo go soon bite una for nyash oh.

    We will start counting your sins from your failed BRT project.