Praises for Osinbajo, professor, pastor at 60

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo

Born on March 8, 1957 in Lagos, today marks the 60th birthday anniversary of Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Acting President.

Mr. Osinbajo is an alumnus of the University of Lagos, where he was appointed Professor of Law in 1994 at age 37, and an alumnus of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

As expected, Nigerians in positions of public responsibility have been extending goodwill messages to Mr. Osinbajo, extoling his virtues and praying he pilot the affairs of the country well as he acts on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari who has been on an extended sick leave in the United Kingdom for 48 days.

Leading the felicitators, Senate President Bukola Saraki congratulated him on his birthday and wished the celebrant good health, wisdom and enduring grace to serve the nation and humanity.

“On behalf of all members of the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic, I wish our Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, a happy birthday as he turns 60 today.

“We pray to Almighty God to continue to give you good health, great wisdom and enduring grace to serve the nation, in particular, and humanity, in general, for many more years,’’ said Mr. Saraki, in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu.

Mr. Osinbajo is married to Dolapo, a granddaughter of the iconic first Premier of the Western region, now south-west and some parts of south-south Nigeria, late Obafemi Awolowo. The union is blessed with three children.

Before his inauguration as the Vice-President in May 2015, he was the Pastor in charge of the Lagos Province 48, Olive Tree provincial headquarter parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, while at the same time, serving as the senior partner, Simmons Cooper Partners, a law firm.

While extoling Mr. Osinbajo, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, in his congratulatory message, said the pastor cum public administrator had left no one in doubt as to his capacity to handle matters of national interest, development and progress, since his emergence as the vice president and chairman of the country’s economic council.

“You have brought your vast knowledge, experience and worthy ideals to bear in the discharge of the functions of your high political office as Vice President and number two citizen of the country.

“It is therefore no surprise that you have been able to continue leading the country on the path of economic recovery and growth through constructive engagement and partnership with relevant stakeholders even in the temporary absence of Mr. President.

“While wishing Your Excellency a happy birthday celebration, I pray God Almighty to continue to keep you in good health and bless you with many more years of robust service to Nigeria,” said the Speaker.

Similarly, the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, praised Mr. Osinbajo for his leadership qualities, achievements and peace as well as bridge building efforts.

He described him as an erudite scholar with humble dispositions, and commended his handling of the nation’s affairs as acting president.

He said: “I congratulate Professor Osinbajo on this landmark birthday and commend him for the leadership qualities exhibited as Nigeria’s Vice President and so far, as Acting President.

“I, therefore, commend the acting president for his peace shuttles across the country and unrelenting efforts at resuscitating the troubled economy and rebuilding the badly fractured bridges that connect us as a people.’’

Mr. Ekweremadu wished the acting president a happy birthday and the grace to continue on the path of success.

Mr. Osinbajo, whom UNILAG appointed Law lecturer in 1981 when he was 24 years old, is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He was first handed opportunity to serve in government in 1988, when he was appointed by the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Bola Ajibola, to serve as his (Mr. Ajibola’s) adviser on legal service and litigation.

Between 1999 and 2007, Mr. Osinbajo served Lagos State under then Governor Bola Tinubu as the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General, and earned the reputation of a reformist.

The All Progressives Congress, on whose behalf he joined Mr. Buhari to contest for Nigeria’s presidency in 2015, noted that “Prof. Osinbajo has demonstrated a high level of loyalty and commitment to the ‘change agenda’ of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Party. No doubt, his wisdom, vigour and innovativeness have been essential to the numerous achievements recorded by this administration.

“At 60, Professor Osinbajo has recorded several landmark achievements as a man of God and a man of the law. These accomplishments have no doubt shown through as he holds forte for our dear president. He has visited crisis-prone areas, stabilised the economy and promoted good governance. We commend and congratulate President Buhari for the vision and wisdom of choosing Professor Osinbajo as his running mate; only the deep calls to the deep.

“We pray that God continue to bless him with good health, wisdom and many more years in the service of God and country.”

Several governors have also hailed Mr. Osinbajo at 60.

“Your selfless service to humanity and the nation at large as well as the many achievements you have recorded in both personal and public life, are some of the reasons we cannot but celebrate you on this occasion of your birthday,” said Ibikunle Amosun, the Ogun State Governor.

Describing him as one prominent promoter of selfless leadership, Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, said Mr. Osinbajo’s trajectory of service to the people had seen him take up worthy causes for no personal gains as long as they serve humanity well.

“In public and personal lives, Prof Osinbajo has demonstrated that the most worthy service is that carried out for the good of fellow human beings even for no personal gains and comfort,” said Aregbesola, also a member of the Lagos cabinet, as the commissioner for works, under Mr. Tinubu.

Recalling his roles in the pioneering efforts of Lagos State in law reforms, the Osun governor said the face of judiciary did not remain the same after eight years of Osinbajo’s intensive reforms as the Chief Law Officer.

“Today, it is gratifying to note that his pioneering efforts in that sector has influenced in no small dimension, similar reforms in other parts of the country. This is one crucial aspect of our national life as a people where the acting President has had tremendous impact.”

A member of the House of Representatives, Ahmad Kaita, said “it is gratifying that our own GMB (General Muhammadu Buhari) and of course APC chose a worthy running mate for the task of restoring the glory of this country. The combination is perfect, and Prof. Osinbajo has been doing a great work, implementing the change agenda, since the President commenced leave.”

“I wish to rejoice with Professor Osinbajo and wish him more success in his service to God and the country.”

Previously, Mr. Osinbajo was a staff member, United Nations Operations in Somalia, Justice Division, UNOSOM II; Member, United Nations Secretary General’s Committee of Experts on Conduct and Discipline of UN, Peacekeeping Personnel around the globe; an independent director of CitiBank, Nigeria; and an ethics adviser to the board of the Africa Development Bank.

He founded Orderly Society Trust, involved in literacy programme for children in public primary schools; and co-founded Justice Research Institute (Gte), a justice sector think tank as well as the Convention On Business Integrity.


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  • Angry 9gerian

    “Mr. Osinbajo, whom UNILAG appointed Law lecturer in 1981 when he was 24 years old, is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He was first handed opportunity to serve in government in 1988, when he was appointed by the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Bola Ajibola, to serve as his (Mr. Ajibola’s) adviser on legal service and litigation.
    Between 1999 and 2007, Mr. Osinbajo served Lagos State under then Governor Bola Tinubu as the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General, and earned the reputation of a reformist.” — Premium Times March 8, 2008

    Yet, by 2015, the same Osibanjo had the following assets as declared by him;
    1. $1,000,000 Cash in Bank
    2. N102,000,000 Cash in Bank
    3. A 2012 Mercedes Benz Jeep, 3 other exotic Cars
    4. Numerous houses in Lagos, and one in Abuja

    How did Osibanjo amass this wealth and property as a public servant? Nigerians must stop praising criminality and ask the right questions? Enough is enough!

    • Say the truth

      Illiteracy is a disease. Lack of knowledge and pride can kill faster than Ebola. Prof is not a public servant in the real sense of the word. He was a lecturer at 24 as a law graduate. That means he has worked for 36 years altogether and within this period made investments. He was a prof at 37 meaning he had been of a professor of law, practicing as a prof. for 23 years. He is a senior advocate of Nigeria and has had employments with the United Nations within the years. I therefore see nothing extraordinary in his declared assets. A 2012 Mercedes benz is outdated if you know what l mean. Above all it is glaring that he is not flamboyant but a moderate and prudent spender. So he must have been wisely investing his incomes. Don’t be jealous congratulate him for his blessings.

      • Pete

        This is the problem. Defending the indefensible is more than a disease. It is an incurable blight. An epidemic. @Angry 9gerian posted with facts and expressed his doubts. You should counter with facts and figures and not that he was a Professor at 12 or worked for 255 years as a Lawyer oe whether he has investments in Mars, Pluto and Earth. The pertinent issues and basis for your counter should be centered on “HOW MUCH” money he can legally earn or could have earned from ALL of his LEGAL investments if any…and not your spastic and clumsy response akin to that of a paid assistant. This would have been a more civilized response. As it is, you made matters worse for VP Osinbajo and have actually made him look more criminal. I know lawyers who were Lecturers at 21, Professors at 32 and SANs at 39. How many had $1m in their account from their varied legal practices?

        • Guest

          My country men I hail thee! You are also guilty of the same omission…intellectually dishonest. I know this man, that man that was these and that…name your example to allow the readers to fact check your comparison. Don’t tell us about an invented non entity.

          • Pete

            1) Rotimi Williams
            2) Gani Fawehinmin
            3) Mike Ozekhome
            4) Olisa Agbakoba
            5) Festus Keyamo
            6) Obayuwanq O. Obayuwana
            7) Ejike Obioma
            8) Charles Oputa
            9) Annigo Etete
            10) etc etc etc

          • Julius

            Wait for the response but, don’t hold your breath !

        • Wale Bolodeoku

          I knew a lawyer (a friend actually) who couldn’t afford to pay his rent and was subsequently forcefully removed from the apartment. He was provided accommodation through the mercy of the church he belonged. A class action case later to the Supreme court, which he won all the way, and ten percent of the money awarded his clients, this guy was handed 749,000,000 Naira as his legal fee. In case the zeroes confuse you, that is 749 million Naira. That singular case brought him out of darkness and into light. The reputation he earned from that case has opened greater doors for him both home and abroad. When you don’t know how others prosper, you’re permitted to ask questions, but your questions become malicious when you begin to insinuate a crime where non existed. I’ll direct you to read the answer I gave to angry 9nigerian.

        • Julius

          What da hell his b/day got to do with his bank account ?

        • Abe Lawrence

          Can you just do yourself a favour and spare yourself of all these senseless pessimism and envy by putting your neck in the noose ?

    • Jami

      Honestly I wonder how thieves are praised in present day Nigeria. Can Osibanjo show us his bank statements to prove legal sources of income and dispel the widely held belief that he stole public funds at some point as most public officials do?

      • Julius

        They are congratulating and wishing him happy birthday but, you want to see his bank account ? I must be missing something .

      • August

        It means you don’t believe in success if that man with all his engagement as a professor, un staff etc got that little assets. If your papa walked like jacky like him and he has what Dangote last Pipkin has as her savings. What we u say to that father? Don’t forget UN pays in dollars. $80,000 per annum apart from allowance.

    • Dy

      On point. We need explanations.

    • Julius

      You might want to rethink your comment and do a better calculation of his private working portfolio. Question : why did you stop at year 2007 ?

      • Dy

        Why not counter the argument up to 2007? We can discuss 2007 and beyond at some other point.

        • Julius

          People do not usually answer a question with another question. It makes no sense. Now, give the man a space to answer my question.

    • Wale Bolodeoku

      1. Senior Partner at Simmons Copper, A law firm. You need to find out the class of clients this law firm represent. You see, when your body, soul and senses have been ravaged and wasted by generational poverty the type of assets declared by the Ag. President looks like much. Chief Afe Babalola, SAN, for instance, said he was paid over 10 billion naira as legal fees by a firm he represented. Just one firm. When you don’t know how your mates are prospering you’ll think all of them are armed robbers and kidnappers.
      2. A director with Citibank. Do you have an idea what that translates into per entitlements per annum?
      Angry man, not everyone who has means, even in this polluted clime is a thief. Do you get that?

      • Ambruse

        …State the annual SALARIES he earned in those places. You can Google it and tell us. PROOF, VERIFIABLE evidence is what we need not speculations. Be scientific. Place figures on your facts. Is that hard for you to do?

        • Wale Bolodeoku

          Really seriously? I should google it and tell you? I must be missing something here. You obviously think you are talking to your charge/student. It’s either you’re suffering from schizophrenia or something more sinister.

          • Julius

            More like a delusional moron !. No mind dem. Keep reading their comments and y’ll see what’s behind their irrelevant rants.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • sammyctu ode

    My dear Professor Oshibajo you are a blessing and a rear unique gift to Nigeria. For the first time in Nigeria I can confidently say that we have two distinguished Nigerians who are both President and Vice President that will not and NEVER steal/loot nigerian’s treasury.
    Both of them are men of simple means who are just interested in giving back to fellow Nigerians and making life better for all of us. Thank you for your services and BIG HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 60TH BIRTHDAY.

    • Marie Rose

      Oshitbanjo is a blessing and rear gift. Well, thank God he is a ‘rear’ gift. I think the important gifts are those at the fore.

      • Abe Lawrence

        lol You be ‘ were ooo”, you come dey mark grammar for here abi? You be grammar police? Gift na, gift, rear, front and back, gift na gift. By the way Sammyctu ode mean rare, not rear

        • Julius

          That’s biafraudian for ya. They can’t help themselves. I think most of us knew what he meant..could be typo for all I care.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Congratulations, worthy patriot. May your days be long and seasoned with divine grace.

  • Happy birthday to our Ag. President, Prof Osinbajo. I truly appreciate your awesome contributions to efforts at achieving better times and conditions for our dear country, especially your accomplishments so far as Acting President which have rekindled hopes and confidence where Nigerians may have lost them. I wish you continued good health and immense wisdom in your service to our beloved country.
    Nigeria shall succeed!

  • Lanre

    Congratulations, Prof. Osinbajo. At the pace you are going, you might be able to make it as a True Yoruba Hero. O ku di e na. E ku ise o.

  • KJM

    The vice president is also an old boy of Igbobi College Yaba, LAGOS

  • George

    Yorubas will never learn any lesson.

    This is how under Abacha they wanted to steal the show off Abacha just because Abacha nominated Diya to be representing him in numerous meeting and Abacha saw this he reverted his deposition toward Diya hence he started crying like a baby they are.

    Now again the Yorubas are using every opportunity to show case their half knife Osinbojo as the man not Buhari they asked us to vote for but refused to look at the direction of the living half dead Tiger who is still alive only bed-wetting. This is a humiliation of the yet to die president and its unacceptable.

    I hate Bingo Buhari and I hate Osinbajo more and I knew the Kaduna Malfa will never allow this to go on too far.

    • Julius

      lolz yea, the biafraudiand leant so well !!. We see where you are in the country. You are reduced to a worthless, jealousy rants on the net. What a life !!

      • Haba mallam

        Hahahaha kai nyamuri wawa

        • Julius

          lol@nyamuri…new one on mi . Don’t mind them !

  • Julius

    Congrats …VP !! Here we go..Now , let the biafraudians go nuts and jump into the lake after.lolz.

  • Haba mallam

    Hahahahaha Kai nyamuri wawa

  • Ade Akin

    Your Excellency Acting President Federal Republic Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo Realize how important today is to you. Birthdays come once in a year, so you are celebrated today and always. Happy birthday, and have an amazing year Truly Proverb Chapter 29 verse 2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (KJV)