PDP leaders ready to visit Buhari in London, says BOT Chairman

FILE PHOTO: Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives meet President Muhammadu Buhari in London

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees [BOT], Walid Jubril, says the party’s leaders are ready to visit and sympathise with President Muhammadu Buhari in London.

Mr. Jubril, who denied that the party promoted the rumoured death of the president, said the PDP was rather praying fervently for Mr. Buhari’s safe return to Nigeria.

“Let him be well and come back and continue with his leadership of Nigeria.

“If we are to be given the opportunity, the PDP leaders will even go to London to wish him well and sympathise with his family,” he said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria [NAN] in Kaduna.

The BOT chairman, also spoke on the lingering crisis in the party, saying that “the PDP will never die”.

According to him, the party is making efforts to end the lingering crisis facing it and forge ahead.

“By the grace of God we are coming clean and the PDP will never die, it will remain as a very strong party.

“There could be differences; differences will come and go, we will emerge stronger and ready to win all elections like we have won in Rivers, Taraba, Gombe, and we are going to win in Anambra, Ekiti hands down.”

The BOT chairman cautioned against confusing party members, saying they should allow ongoing reconciliation efforts by well meaning Nigerians including former President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said that apart from Mr. Jonathan, other party members were are also engaged in the reconciliation efforts.

“I am very sure that there are moves by very responsible party leaders on way forward for our party and we are making a lot of contacts,” he said.

According him, the former president was consulting with the BOT and all the estranged groups in the party.

“He has spoken with Ahmed Makarfi and Ali Modu Sheriff and he is also talking with me as BOT chairman.

“People should give the former president the opportunity to make proper scrutiny and come out with agreeable solutions on this matter.

“They should not be in too much hurry to further confuse members; we are talking about political solutions.”

Mr. Jubril dismissed reports of alleged attempt by the Makarfi faction to break away and register a new party.

“My belief is that when there are such decisions, it will be subjected to scrutiny and discussions by all organs and forums such as the national assembly, the ministers forum, former governors, and we have the BOT and also the chairmen of various states.

“Whatever we want to do, it must be subjected to their beliefs and understanding.

“I wonder if anybody will say that he has gone to register on behalf of PDP; I will not accept that.”



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  • Rommel

    As long as such visit is to be self financed,we have no problem with it but if as this man says, “If we are to be given the opportunity, the PDP leaders will even go to London to wish him well and sympathise with his family,” means sponsored on public expense,I am sorry,they should stay back in Nigeria until the man gets back

    • kinsly

      No need to even venture to London. They should attend to there sick party first.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Muhammadu Buhari, must not welcome any PDP-visitor as PDP does not wish president Muhammadu Buhari, well.PDP is the association of evil perpetrators and looters of our public treasuries and assets.President Muhammadu Buhari,must watch his back especially,PDP-leaders and members.They are very dangerous.

    • Mizch

      Good that the President will not read this warped opinion. Buhari should be the president of all Nigerians, good and bad, and there are more bad ones.

  • thusspokez

    PDP leaders ready to visit Buhari in London, says BOT Chairman

    The Nigerian president has spent over a month in another country for health reasons and because there is not a single hospital in the 56 years old Nigeria, which meets his standard. This is a ready-made insult provided by the Nigerian people themselves. It would be an insult made for white supremacists and other enemies of Africa to use against Africans.

    And then, you have the crooked politicians, at the Nigerian tax payers’ expense, flying to a foreign country to pay homage to their sick president — who doesn’t trust any hospital nor medical personnel to provide him good healthcare in his own 56 years old country. This is an indictment of the Nigerian medical profession, and indeed all Nigerians. How so depressing.

    But it is still very cold in London, let’s wait and see what happens if Buhari is still in the UK come summer, Nigerian politicians — no doubt, notorious for abusing and corrupting everything they get involved in — will under the pretext of visiting Buhari turn the visits into shopping trips. And when they are done, their wives would form associations to pay similar visits to Buhari and of course, do some shopping too.

    But Buhari can put a stop to this waste and misuse of public funds and the depletion of Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves by simply declaring that he is not seeing any more visitor except members of his own family. NO MORE VISITORS!!! Say it, Buhari!

    • ed

      You ended your beautiful comments weakly.
      President Buhari should either come home with prescription and be ready to Work or resign immediately.
      The nation is more than any one man.

  • albadi

    What in the world are going to see Buhari for? Their presence or non-presence will not facilitate Buhari’s recovery. They just want to save face so when Buhari returns they can go request for participation in some special projects that will yield kick-back money.

  • Julius

    HUmm, they should consult Mr. intellectual, the US consulate officer in charge of visa for the drug dealer convicts , the grand patron of Homos in Nigeria, Honorable Otile because he went to the funeral of Buhari about 2 weeks ago. He will tell them he is dead so, no sense in going to the UK to visit him.

  • Du Covenant

    PD-Pigs should stay away from our President please!…

  • Kallah Bature

    Wait a minute! Which PDP are they representing? According to OBJ,PDP died with his exit.In any case which of the faction are they supporting? Modu Sheriff or MakarfI? PDP house of comotion,please leave your confusion to yourselves don’t take it to the UK.