‎Osinbajo, others launch Obasanjo presidential library

The Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library was officially commissioned on Saturday in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The library was incorporated in November 2002 as a not-for-profit organisation.

The launch was part of Mr. Obasanjo’s 80th birthday, and was witnessed by the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, and several serving and former African leaders.

The facility is equipped with a museum, zoological gardens, amphitheatre, as well as advocacy centres, amongs them, are the Institute of African Culture and International Understanding and Centre for Human Security and Green Energy Demonstration.

Former President Obasanjo said in a speech that from start he ensured three elements of the library were covered.

“We realised from the beginning that three things must be incorporated into the building and establishing of the Presidential library in our type of situation,” he said. 

“One, we must incorporate revenue generating unit to ensure substantial fund are generated to support what donations we may continue to receive. Two, there must be enough facilities to serve the need of the community and to impart positively on the community in a way it must be a community project from the point of view.  Three, it must be active and dynamic, not inactive, but also instructive and inspiring.  It must also be a centre for knowledge, information and values to a large extent.”

“This library is the combination of fulfilment of dreams, a vision which began in 1988. When I came to realise how much vital materials that should have been preserved from the civil war and from our period of military government were allowed to waste carelessly, then I tried to see what could be salvaged and preserved.”

In his remark, Acting President Osinbajo said few people have the opportunity of making history like the former president.

“Very few human  being  have the chance  to make history and few have a good  fortune  of both making history and writing  it as they go on earth and living  long enough  to even  established  a library  of history in your  own world . Baba Olusegun Obasanjo is certainly one of those truly a rare human being.

“There are two advantages of writing history: the first one you can add a few nice things about yourself, the second advantage is that it is best sure way of preserving the failures and the successes of the past. 

“President Obasanjo is a gift to us in various ways. From a few  years away  from independent to the civil war to military  rule and then the Head of State who  kept  faith to the Nigerian  people by ensuring a transition  to civil rules and then from retirement  to farming to be twice elected  as Nigerian President and  handed to another President  at every time,” Mr. Osinbajo said. 

“You are even more an incredible life of service to our nation to our continent and to our world, his enduring legacy will be believe in one strong and detribalized Nigeria.”

Liberian President, Ellen Sirleaf, said, “History will bear truth to this precedent setting  presidential  initiative in Africa  that will spread  a strong  legacy for retiring president  to emulate to record  and preserved  the history  of nation building for prosperity  and for the benefit  of today and future  generation”. 

“A nation must believe in three things. It must  believe  in the past,  it must  believe  in the future,  it must  above all believe  in the capacity  of his own people to learn  from the past in creating  their own future,” she emphasised.

Some dignitaries who attended the event are Presidents Faure Gnassingbe (Togo) and Ernest Koroma (Sierra Leone).

Former Presidents Goodluck Jonathan, Boni Yayi of Benin Republic, Joyce Banda of Malawi and John Kuffour of Ghana also attended.

Others are for United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Anan; AfDB president, Akin Adesina; former heads of state, Ernest Shonekan and Abdulsalam Abubakar; former Commonwealth Secretary General, Emeka Anyaoku, and former Vice President Namadi Sambo.

Former governors, Bola Tinubu, Olusegun Osoba, Rabiu  Kwakwaso, Godswill Akpabio, Emmanuel Uduaghan, Donald Duke, Liyel Imoke and  Alao Akala also attended.

Others are Ministers Kemi Adeosun, Kayode Fayemi, and Lai Mohammed.

The chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ali Sheriff, was also in attendance, as well as businessmen, Femi Otedola, and Aliko Dangote.

A former chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nuhu Ribadu, also attended.


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  • PolyGon2013

    Sai, Baba OBJ.

    • Uncle Finegold


      No decent person who hates thefts can abide General Obasanjo’s corrupt stench. You will see the likes of
      Bukola Saraki issuing a congratulatory message to the head of their stealing gang. But you will never see
      any decent human being who cares for honour, hates thefts, and forbids lies-telling issue any statement on Obasanjo’s 80th birthday or ever attend it in self-deprecation to announce himself or herself as a thief too.

      • PolyGon2013

        So, you believe those who attended the birthday are thieves. OBJ did his best for Nigeria. Prove that he is corrupt. If you or anybody cannot prove it, then, it is a ruse. Happy BirthDay to Baba OBJ.

        • Interpreter Nigeriana



          • Wale Bolodeoku

            You think cardinals don’t steal? Read about Vatican Bank and when you’re through you’ll be converted.

          • Julius

            No, he is not that smart to know what you are talking about.

      • Lolade Adubi

        It is a disgrace on this generation of Nigerians that under a supposed
        anti-corruption regime of Muhamadu Buhari a crook who is also a rogue and
        a thief is the president of the Senate. The rest of the world will be laughing at
        the 180 million slavish people called Nigerians under the rule of thieves.

      • Obosi Warrior

        Even Goodluck Johnathan was there. Smh….

    • Julius

      lolz..sai Baba indeed. That man go kill people from this site oooo.


    If I ever get the chance to be president, the first thing I’ll do is to demolish this stuff; and then proceed to fund Nigeria’s elementary, secondary, and tertiary institutions with adequate resources for R&D, and ongoing concerns. Nonsense.

    • Concerned Nigeriana


      The same General Obasanjo who had 11 years
      as an unlikely president of Nigeria and destroyed the high education
      standards bequeathed to Nigeria by the British now wants to be praised for
      setting up a vainglorious library on his own land for the people he’s made
      illiterate. And the blank-looking Acting President Yemi Osinbajo considered
      Obasanjo’s nefarious vainglory as deserving the time and attention of a
      serious-minded incumbent president in a country in perpetual darkness since last
      December following a series of ignorant missteps by this same Buhari/Osinbajo
      government, mirroring the same disaster under Obasanjo’s 11-year ruinous
      misrule. What a country!

      • Julius

        Lmaooooooooooooo !!. I Knew this was coming…blaming VP Osinbajo from the usual suspect !!. You forgot to add illiterate or that’s for later ? I had a bet with some friends and I’ll be collecting soon.

    • Julius

      If that happens, I’ll be with you all the way. Now, that doesn’t mean I wont criticize you when the need arise !!

  • Lx-333






    • Repost by Popular Demand

      LETTER TO MY FATHER……By Iyabo Obasanjo

      ““You (General Olusegun Obasanjo) are one of those
      petty people who think the progress and success of another takes from you. You
      try to overshadow everyone around you, before you, and, after you. You are the
      prototypical ‘Mr. Know it all’. You’ve never said ‘I don’t know’ on any topic –
      ever. Of course this means you surround yourself with idiots who will agree
      with you on anything since they need you for financial gain whilst you need
      them for your insatiable ego.

      The whole Nigerian system – including the public themselves,
      wants oppressors – not people working for their collective progress, and so,
      when no one is planning the future of a country, such a country can have no
      future. Nigeria has descended into a hellish reality where – for smart and
      capable people to ‘survive’ and have their daily bread – they must prostrate
      for imbeciles”.

      Your attitude is a reflection of the country. It is not
      certain which came first – your attitude seeping into the country’s psyche or
      the country accepting your irresponsible behaviour for so long. I don’t blame
      you for the many atrocities you have been able to get away with because Nigerians
      were your enablers every step of the way.

      ………Iyabo Obasanjo

      [December 18, 2013]

  • musa aliyu

    I also.read.the list of attendance. So I’m included! Clowns

  • JJ

    At the moment, Nigeria has no better elder statesman.
    Long live Baba Obasanjo! Wishing you more wonderful achievements.

    • Master of Ceremony

      Greetings from a Master of Ceremony

      It is my fundamental human right to thank those who boycotted today’s event of the 80th birthday
      of General Olusegun Obasanjo as an incongruous event un-called for in a country suffocating in heat
      and stuck in total darkness as a failed state.

      My thanks go first to Iyabo Obasanjo as a woman after my heart for boycotting today’s event. May God
      continue to bless her for showing good judgment. Next, i want to thank General Yakubu Gowon who has
      been correct on Obasanjo since 1958. I will also like to thank Brigadier Alabi Isama whose war plan ended
      the Biafran civil war.

      Next I want to thank Oba Sikiru Adetona who royally ignored the event. My gratitude is expressed in advance to others who will boycott the cake-cutting ceremony later this morning. Next, my profound thanks go to General Ibrahim Babangida for showing good judgment, howsoever belated, on General Obasanjo this time round, by boycotting today’s event. I also want to praise General T.Y Danjuma for boycotting today’s event.

      To all others too numerous to mention, who boycotted the event, history will vindicate you. Last but not the least
      I want to thank the heads of state of the 50 African countries who also shunned the event. God will bless you to continue to choose right from wrong. A man who had an unmerited chance to develop his country but who ended up destroying it does not deserve anything short of curses.

      • Julius

        lol@boycott !. I hope the good Lord will give you peace of mind one day. This man is running y’all crazy and I think its time y’all seek help. I hope he is reading folks like you laughing and offering some prayers for you. Who told you people boycotted the event? Oh wait, you were in the meeting where the decision to boycott were taken. Right ? … Smdh !

    • Antoni Norman


      You are
      actually not exceptional for praising General Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo. Nigerians
      on the streets think backwards like you. It’s not wholly psychiatric though but
      partly masochist, in the sense that Nigerians adore those who beat, rob and
      cheat them. It’s Stockholm syndrome – a carryover from primitive ancestors. That’s
      why the country is a running slum bathed in blood today. No standards for
      judging right from wrong. Singapore of roughly the same size leapt into
      developed country category from a farming country in 20 years. Dubai leapt from
      being a desert into becoming an international tourist capital in just 16 years.

      Lagos state
      of about the same size as Dubai was ruined by Bola Tinubu and his Muslim
      Brotherhood, starring Raji Fashola in exactly the same 16 years. So you can see
      that you are not extraordinary in praising evil. You may not know better. That’s
      why Obasanjo seems to be getting away. Obasanjo ruled Nigeria for 11 years and
      ruined it with ignorance, as Nigeria became a failed state. No electricity, no
      water, no jobs, no safety. No accountability. You now see the difference with
      Singapore and Dubai populated by evolved human beings who can judge right from
      wrong and who know what progress means and plan society to achieve it?

      • No-Comment

        “We have received several complaints about this OBASANJO charity and issues including
        alleged conflicts of interest and alleged financial misconduct. We currently have an open case
        in relation to this OBASANJO FOUNDATION and have been in contact with the trustees.

        We have recently become aware of further information about potential wrong-doing
        at the OBASANJO FOUNDATION which is of regulatory concern to the commission
        and we are currently considering this new information. We cannot comment further
        while our case is live.”

        …….Sarah Hitchings

        (United Kingdom Charity Commission)

        [May 16th, 2015]

        • Pastor J.J.Jones

          “The love of money is the root of all evil; which, while some coveted after, they erred from faith
          and pierced themselves with sorrows. For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro, of those who seek death. There are thorns and snares on the path of the crooked. One who guards himself prudently will stay far from the crooked”.

    • woman leader1


  • Mizch

    How much did this edifice cost? From what sources? Who sponsored it? What business did OBJ do to be so rich to achieve this? Can he be now satisfied and leave Nigeria to move on?

    • Julius

      Genius, all presidential libraries are funded by donations all over the world. Now, if you want to question those individuals and corporations of their donations, I agree but, questioning Obj means of building it is misplaced especially when articles were written and questions raised in 2002. Google that ! What I’m saying is, he did not built it with his own money !

  • share Idea

    Lia M are you still waiting for whistle-blowers, here you have your evidence. Please can you ask the EFCC seal the property as they have been doing to opposition members. Nigeria we hail thee

    • woman leader1

      Shut up joor, you just come here to say trash, do you even know the meaning of what you are saying