Those speculating about my health are ‘mischief makers’ — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said on Saturday that rumours about his death in London were being peddled by “mischief makers”.

The president said this when he spoke to his media adviser, Femi Adesina, by phone on Saturday.

“I am still resting. Thank you for holding out against mischief makers,” Mr. Adesina quoted Mr. Buhari as saying.

The president departed Nigeria on January 19 for a 10-day vacation, during which he would undergo medical treatment.

He transmitted a letter to the National Assembly to extend his vacation on February 5, fueling speculation that his health had deteriorated.

But top officials of his government maintained the president’s health was sound.

Although Mr. Buhari had telephone conversations spread over several days with individuals, including Messrs. Saraki and  Dogara as well U.S. President Donald Trump, startling rumours about his health persisted.

His call on Saturday to Mr. Adesina, his most senior media adviser, came 36 days after he travelled.

“Mr President, I have missed you,” Mr. Adesina said he told the president.

He confirmed he had not spoken to the president in person since he travelled.

“It was a defining moment for me. For more than a month, I had always spoken with aides who are with the President in London.

“Not once did I ask them to take the phone to him, deliberately so, because I didn’t need to speak with him to validate the fact that he was alive. And since he was on vacation, he had a right to his privacy.

“Of his own volition, President Buhari spoke with me. It made my day. Even if he hadn’t done so, he would have remained my President, my leader, and my man. Any day.”

Earlier this week, Mr. Adesina said he was comfortable with talking to other aides rather than the president himself.

This, he added, was because he had confidence in the fact that the president was doing well.

“It is a matter of my personal decision and style (that I don’t talk directly to the president).

“All those I spoke with, his personal physician, his CD (chief detail), his domestic aide, I can tell them to take the phone to Mr. President that I want to speak to him.

“I know Mr. President, he will speak with me. But I’ve decided not to talk to him because I do not need that telephone conversation to authenticate the health of Mr. President,” The Pulse Nigeria quoted Mr. Adesina as saying during an appearance on Channels Television.


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  • Col. Wonderful Mariam

    Mr. President started and fueled the rumour by not being honest with Nigerians. His handlers claimed he was on “vacation” when they should have said that he travelled for medical treatment. The rumour started when , as a person on vacation, he not only went alone, he also never went out in public.What did you expect from people then?

    • Bello Sule

      I think Mr. Adesina had spoken on the whole details that needs to be addressed. And remember Mariam, the President has already done what is required of him by the law. Transmiting to the parliament of his intention to go on vacation and transfer of powers to the VPN are the fundamental requirements of the law, what follows thereafter is the preregative of the President to share with whom he wishes. Therefore to quote Mr. President, those responsible for spreading falsehood about his health and the associated stories with the intention to further heat and raise the temperature of the polity and the system are mainly “mischief makers.” I can’t see anything in this to suggest the President hasn’t been honest.

      • Daniel

        Stop it! Without Buhari Nigeria has to move forward. Who cares whether he returns or not.

        The presidency is not an inheritance.

        We wish a permanent medical vacation.

    • Paschal Charles

      Distractions. If PMB is alive let him talk to Nigerians in 1min live Video .

  • emmanuel

    The BBC called Nigeria a country of fools yesterday when it likened the BBN aired in South Africa to our President who now talk to select few from London without vidoes and even BBC, CNN, AP, AFP, Channels, AIT etc cannot see him.
    If Adesina likes he should drink Ogogoro to celebrate aVEGETATIVE buhar speaking with him.
    They said They said Trump spoke with Buhari. Let me ask a very valid question – does Trump know Buhari’s voice? Could anyone not have taken the call?
    Meanwhile, where is Garba Shehu and all his aides who travelled with him? they have all been quarantined so no one can speak with them.
    One thing is certain, if Buhari ever returns, he may not be able to function as President or in the other room again. This is another Yar Adua in play.

    • Smart

      Are you referring to same BBC banned by Trump from entering white house?

    • Powerlessconscious

      Hahaha. Biafraud. They can fraud anything. Fraudulent people.

    • Julius

      Moron, you can’t even stop displaying your stupidity online. The same people harboring our corrupted leaders using our monies to make their country better . Why don’t you ask Trump, your new biafraud saviour if he heard Buhari voice ? Everything you do and say about the country and Buhari is always negative. Why don’t you move out of the country and forget everything that has to do with Nigeria. You might save your life because you will commit suicide soon by the way you are going. I pity you !

  • Justice and Fairness

    With all due respect, this is simply an insult to the intelligence of Nigerians who are being taken for granted and treated with utmost contempt. The number one public figure of a country left the shores to a foreign hospital at public expense, feeling he owes no one any explanations about the details of his state of health; rather he’s turning round to blame them of mischief for speculating. Mr President, once again with all due respect, you are patiently guiltily of even greater mischief and I dare say superstitious fear.

    • Smart

      Are you a Nigerian?

      • eyobaba

        Are you a Nigerian

      • Julius

        No, from biafraud !

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Wailers how far,Aisha buhari was harlibuton,yes oh no,she cannot go to the US,oh no,she cannot visit the US president, oh no it was a photoshop,. Now it is buhari is dead,oh no,he has prik problem,oh no,Na hearing problem,now it is he may come back but may not be able to function. Well,many of you will eventually enter lagoon jeeje,when sai baabaa comes back.

    • Daniel

      You are living in a fool’s paradise.

      And if Buhari comes back, he cannot lift a pin in Aso Rock.

      Being president is not preparing indomie.

      Stop being a fanatic!

      • Mufu Ola

        Who’s being fanatic here? You who prays everyday that he die or who else? Don’t u have mirror in your house to stare at yourself & say “I’m evil”!

        • Julius

          Don’t waste your time on a delusional morally bankrupt moron.

  • George

    Buhari is a very callous and dubious animal from the pit of hell.

    Blaming others for his useless-self God punish him.

    • Smart

      Your evil wish Back to you immediately.

  • Otile

    Mun gode Allah since Imam Mohamed fell sick and disappeared on indefinite medical vacation there has been no massacres of Shiites and Igbo people. Imam is no God, whether he comes back alive or not life will go on. The regrettable thing about his medical escapade is the deceit, and the humongous amount of money this lie is costing Niger Delta people, money that would have been used to help the people they waste it this way. See their arrogance as they blame the concerned public as mischief makers. What a damned hypocrite.

    • Julius

      Yes, the same way a huge sum of money was wasted bringing back a dead 1st lady, mama piss with 7 surgeries in 7 days at the German hospital. She even had $15 million in the bank as a raining day medical bills. Remember ?. Hypocrite.

  • Mizch

    May you come back anytime to meet millions of them!

  • abodes_124

    Baba please do not be upset that we speculate. Some speculate positively and some negatively. It is a natural tendency borne out of concern in the absence of authenticated updates about your well being Freedom to speculate or its nearest equivalent is or should be in the constitution.

  • hamadi

    Why did Buhari seek PUBLIC office is he doesn’t want his activities to be PUBLIC.
    This is proof that Buhari’s still hasn’t embraced democracy, or even has a clue of what democracy means.

  • Mamman Bako

    Mischief begets mischief, Mr. President you started it by not telling Nigerians what is really wrong with you. This situation would not have occurred if only Nigerians were well informed.

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  • Olatubosun

    President Mohammed buhari…… You will definitely lead this country to the level.
    God bless Nigeria and God bless buhari and his cabinets

  • Olatubosun

    President Mohammed buhari is a Messiah that God sent to us in this country

  • Olatubosun

    Keep on relaxing..
    Your vice is really representing you well sir.

  • Olatubosun

    You will return safely sir