Trump wants journalists to always name sources
U.S. President, Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump heaped criticism on what he called purveyors of “fake news” on Friday at a gathering of conservative activists that took him back to his roots as an anti-establishment candidate.

Speaking to a large group of conservatives, Mr. Trump sought to clarify a recent tweet in which he said some in the U.S. news media should be considered an “enemy of the people.”

“I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources.

“They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name.

“Let their name be out there, let there be no more sources,” Mr. Trump said.

Trump has repeatedly chosen to make criticism of the news media a central focus of his public remarks since taking office on January 20.

He did this even as the courts blocked his order temporarily barring entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees.

He fired his national security adviser and he faces questions about Russian interference in the November 8 U.S. election.

The speech allowed Mr. Trump to put his stamp firmly on the political movement even as some activists fret that his immigration and trade policies go too far.

Mr. Trump addressed the third day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which has focused on how to fulfil long-held Republican goals to revamp the U.S. tax code.

“Repeal federal regulations on industry and repeal former Democratic President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.’’

With Mr. Trump in the White House and Republicans holding majorities in Congress, the party and thousands of conservative activists who flock to the event yearly from across the country are seeing their political influence rising.

Mr. Trump in an interview talked about imposing some form of a border tax to encourage more U.S. manufacturing.

He called the Chinese “grand champions” of currency manipulation that hurts U.S. exports and talked of expanding the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Mr. Trump also said his aim is to serve the U.S. and not the rest of the world, doubling down on his “America First’’ message in remarks to a conservative conference.

“This is the U.S of America I’m representing; I’m not representing the globe.

“I’m representing your country,” Mr. Trump said at the Conservative Conference.

Mr. Trump vowed to toss out multilateral trade deals, bolster U.S industry and increase military spending as he remakes the Republican Party in his image with a focus on the “American worker.”

He stressed a common allegiance of all Americans to their country, pointing to the “same red blood of great patriots’’ flowing through the veins of all citizens.

The U.S. President at the White House on Friday also signed an executive order aimed at reducing the number of government regulations.

“Excessive regulations are killing jobs, driving companies out of our country like never before, the measure orders government departments to establish task forces to recommend regulations to be eliminated or simplified.

“Every regulation should have to pass a simple test: does it make life better or safer for American workers or consumers.

“If the answer is ‘no’, we will be getting rid of it and getting rid of it quickly,” Mr. Trump said while signing the order.

Mr. Trump’s focus on job creation includes efforts to reduce regulations that he claims put a burden on business.

Executives of companies, who Mr. Trump said would benefit from the move, were on hand to witness the signing.


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  • Aldie


    CNN asked for it. Anyone in America will agree that CNN misled everyone there was no way
    Donald Trump could even win 220 Electoral College votes. CNN went on and on with that
    nuisance trope with arrogant ignorance. On the day of election, as Trump won Florida,
    won North Carolina, won Pennsylvania, won Michigan, and won Wisconsin, the CNN
    changed gear that same night. CNN began saying there was no path for Hillary
    Clinton to win 260 votes but only after Donald Trump won almost elsewhere
    except New York and California and had warapped up 316 electoral votes.
    What CNN did in the 2016 American election was shameful punditry.
    After such extreme lies for six months saying there was no path
    for Donald Trump to electoral victory by any projection whatever,
    Donald Trump is right to insist on disclosed sources to bring
    a dose of truthfulness to CNN, if only as atonement for lies.

    • Angulu

      What has naming sources got to do with election predictions? Election predictions have always been based on opinion poll,which have been proven accurate majority of the time. How did CNN mislead the people – the projection was based on aggregated opinion poll, so how could they have lied about that? I don’t really see the logic of your argument: do you think that forcing the press to name their sources would have predicted Trump’s victory? By the way, Trump won 306 electoral votes and not 316 as stated in your piece.

      • Obix Atlanta


        You too like lies my brother. Why not call a spade a spade. It doesn’t matter what lies are based on,
        it doesn’t matter if lies are called projection or prediction. Lies will remain lies. CNN lied every day
        for six months. “There’s no path for Donald Trump against the Clinton blue wall”, CNN was
        telling me every day from May to November 10th 2016. What sort of rubbish news is that one?
        CNN didn’t even come a bit close to its own projection. The result of election was exact opposite!
        If someone told big lies like that to the whole world will you trust it again for “un-named sources”?

        • persona

          CNN showed all the sources of their polls. What Trump is demanding here is not about his election, he is trying to force journalists to name the source of the leak about Flynn that got sacked. He has said Flynn did no wrong but the media forced him out in connivance with security agencies. Trump is looking out for Trump, not America, not the world.

          • R.Ess. Kay

            @olawaleadewoyin:disqus & @disqus_qjvnqdDXoX:disqus

            After CNN lied under the cover of projection, and after
            Barack Obama couldn’t change the world; or cool the earth, or stop the rise of the
            oceans, it now makes sense for Donald Trump to rather drain the swamp, build that
            wall, and fence out the bad hombres, to make America great again. It’s so logically
            convincing. When foreign adventures fail and falter, nation-building at home is best.

          • persona

            Oga, can you stay on the topic?
            The issue is, they made projections based on polls, this is not CNN’s fault, garbage in, garbage out. He won, they lost. Whats all the stories you’re including here?
            The man is breaking age old tradition of free press and doing so for the same man he fired and saying the press ousted the man as though what he was labelled to have done didn’t happen. Dude, leave building America, the story is about press freedom and mode of operation. CNN gave all the sources of their polls, if in doubt, google it.

          • R.Ess. Kay


            Let me be clear. The media is part of the swamp Donald Trump promised to drain. The liberal media in America is so immoral and so dishonest it is useless. The liberal media promotes evil. It promotes homosexuality as civil right. It promotes anything vile as civil liberty. That’s why America is a broken country today. The liberal media promoted alll sorts of nonsense to blur the line between right and wrong. Donald Trump is on a distinguished road. He’s just cancelled the nonsense liberty of anyone to use male or female bathroom if he or she declares himself nonsensically as TRANSGENDER.
            We the thinking people of the world stand shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump against the
            useless liberal media of gay rights. An immoral world is not worth living. Let him drain the swamp.
            Let him build that wall, let him fence out the bad hombres. Let him make America great again.

          • persona

            Simply advice him to ban the manufacturing of microphone, camera and kill industries such as journalism, cinematography and other related fields.
            The same media was covering his pageants for years, they did coverage of his towers and successes for years and his businesses abroad but the press was not biased then and not promoting immorality then. Please while at it, tell him to drain the internet also and promote building of nuclear weapons so all can end soon.

          • No-Comment

            “DONALD Trump’s press secretary caused outrage after banning
            a number of news organisations, including the BBC, from a White House press
            briefing on Friday. The Guardian and The Daily Mail were also blocked from the
            meeting in a move that has angered supporters of a free press’s role in a
            democracy. Shortly after the US president gave a speech attacking the media as
            “fake news” and the “enemy of the people”, his press secretary Sean Spicer
            restricted multiple media organisations from entering the daily briefing, the
            Press Association reported.”

            ………………….THE HUFFINGTON POST

            (February 25, 2017)

        • Walter

          It’s a fucking prediction not something certain. You aren’t saying the truth or a lie. It’s a FUCKING pediction.

          • Pointsblank



        • Julius

          Do you know the difference between PREDICTION and LYING ?. Google that and come back to be schooled again. Trump loves un-named sources so much that he boasted that they gave him info that Obama was born in Kenya. Remember that ?

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Is Donald Trump ever advised? How could he demand a disclosure of sources of information? That would be the end of journalism, at least, in America!

    This guy is just very ignorant!

    • persona

      If na government do this one for here, na kasala we go dey hear everyday say dem be dictator.
      The issue here is, Trump wants the sources of the sacking of Flynn ousted. He believes that the intelligence community should be forced to play along with his own objectives irrespective of the wider truth to be disseminated. He does need to grow up, he is not ignorant just self seeking and serving.

      • Julius

        He loved wikki leak on the DNC and the Hillary tho !. How ironic !

        • persona

          No mind the yeye man.

          • Julius

            Yep and his biafraudian supporter that do not care about the truth or facts. !

  • R.Ess. Kay


    We the thinking people of the world stand shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump against the
    useless liberal media of gay rights. An immoral world is not worth living. Let him drain the swamp.
    Let him build that wall, let him fence out the bad hombres. Let him make America great again!