Boko Haram: Norway pledges N60 billion humanitarian support for Nigeria

Internally Displaced Persons
Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

Nigerian victims of Boko Haram insurgency will benefit about NOK1.6 billion (N60 billion) in aid from Norway within the next three years, that country’s authorities announced Friday.

About N27 billion of the amount will be disbursed this year alone, according to a statement by Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Borge Brende.

“The Government has proposed a three-year commitment to provide up to NOK1.6 billion in humanitarian and development aid for the period 2017-2019,” Mr. Brende said.

The diplomat’s comments came when he spoke at the ongoing international donor conference for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region in Oslo, the Norwegian capital.

Mr. Brende decried the humanitarian crisis in the war-ravaged Northeast, where an estimated 100,000 people have been killed and millions displaced since 2009.

‘We urgently need to put an end to this crisis. It is affecting an area with a population of 26 million, and is threatening the whole region.

“Unless we make a concerted effort now, the situation will get even worse, with inevitable consequences,” Mr. Brende said.

Mr. Brende further stated that NOK150 million (about N5.6 billion) out of Norway’s NOK729 million (about N27.5 billion) humanitarian intervention budget for 2017 will go into providing food for the displaced Boko Haram victims.

“This humanitarian funding will be channelled through the UN, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and various Norwegian NGOs in north-eastern Nigeria and the other countries around Lake Chad – Niger, Cameroon and Chad,” Mr. Brende said.

Mr. Brende said Norway will provide other developmental supports for long-term survival of the people of the north-east, especially in the areas of basic infrastructure, health and education.

He said the UN will track all the donations members of the international community have pledged towards the Northeast humanitarian efforts, adding that the world body will ensure transparency and accountability for all the funds received.

The conference was arranged together with Nigeria, Germany and the UN. Around 170 people from 40 countries, UN and civil society organisations took part.


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  • Patriot01

    N60 Billion is quite huge!..Let the Foreign bodies with the aid of UN representatives be the ones to key such funds into the implementation strategy of the North East dev, and provide the template to the Nigerian Govt for endorsement & learning ONLY. Do not let any Governor or half baked politician lay his/her hands on it.Otherwise its bye bye.

  • wazobia monk !!!!!!

    no landscaping and grass “cutting” ……………………

  • FreeNigeria

    With so much money coming in, this fight will never end, the politicians will build more houses, marry more wives and more mistresses.

  • thusspokez

    Norway pledges N60 billion humanitarian support for Nigeria

    Nearly 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death as famine looms in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen – UNICEF

    It would seem that one of Buhari’s greatest achievement is to put Nigeria on the world map as a nation whose children are “at imminent risk of death from severe acute malnutrition” alongside nations like Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. This report is reminiscent of report about starving Biafra children during the Nigeria’s civil war.

    The Kanuri nation is being exterminated by boko haram — whose leaders are predominately Kanuri. I just can’t figure out how killing the very people — whose support you need — helps you establish an Islamic state in Kanuri land.

    As a way of example, imagine Ojukwu during the civil war turning his guns, tanks and bombs on his Igbo people believing that it will help establish biafra as a country. People would think that he had lost his marbles.

    Of course, boko haram leaders are predominately Kanuri, but logic would says that the group doesn’t and cannot represent the Kanuri people. If this were false, why would it inflict so much pain and misery on them.

    Some put the Kanuri population as 6-7 million, but given the number of them killed by boko haram and deaths due to other factors caused by boko haram’s activities, this number must have greatly reduced — a negative population growth. That is the price the Kanuri people pay for the the evil activities of its own people brainwashed by Arabs.

    • think2Wice

      “The Kanuri nation is being exterminated by boko haram — whose leaders are predominately Kanuri. I just can’t figure out how killing the very people — whose support you need — helps you establish an Islamic state in Kanuri land.”

      I think it is you who has serious problem here. Islamic terrorism in Nigeria championed by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen is Politics and nothing else. Even the dumb knows that. Your pretense by feigning ignorance is transparent and even visible to the blind. The fact that you mentioned only Boko Haram and Kanuri tribe and “forgot” to mention Herdsmen and Fulani tribe is self evident even if your argument is to insist that you were simply restricting your comments to the story line (Boko Haram). But you and I know that there is no difference here. Herdsmen from Fulani tribe have been more bloodthirsty and brutal in the past 20 months than even ISIS. Truth is that SECESSION / DISINTEGRATION of Nigeria is the only solution. We are not a country!

      • thusspokez

        “I think it is you who has serious problem… yada yada yada” is not an argument, stµpid!

  • Domingos

    This is a practical case of how European countries directly and indirectly foster retardation of development in Africa or so called under developed countries.

    1. If Nigeria had asked for just N5b Naira from Norway to set up a Mathematics Centre for mathematical research and analysis, I am sure Norway will not respond.

    2. If Nigeria had asked for N10b to set up a School or innovation & research centre for Industrial Engineering focusing on Aircraft design and Manufacture, I am sure Norway will never give you even a single Naira. But ask for 100 Trillion Dollars to fight Malaria, Cholera or terrorism, and they will all give you money and weapons even before you ask.

    These enemies of development in Africa (USA inclusive) will send their military – Army, Navy, Airforce etc to train Africans on how to kill themselves. But I have not seen a single European country that has ever trained any persons from Africa on INDUSTRIALIZATION e.g., go to African countries and teach them how to manufacture Cars, Ships, Aeroplanes or even weapons of war. This is how they (Europeans) continue to colonize Africa and our dumb, paralyzed and useless so-called heads of state like Buhari do not even understand this simple fact. It has no other name, it is called MUMUDITY!

    The most unfortunate and hopeless part of this sad story is that many young Nigerians will soon flood this comment section to praise Norway and even accrue credit to Buhari for being able to convince Norway to “donate” to help Nigeria – A country that has more resources and oil wealth than Norway can ever dream of. Yet again, it has no other name, it is called MUMUDITY.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Are you saying the govt should reject it? Is it their fault that gej with all the billion of dollars made from over $100/barrel oil could not show anything for the money?
      No nation is responsible for Nigeria technology backward. It is the responsibility of the leader of the country to fashion that out.
      ARE THEY NOT MAKING MONEY to build all the technology and industries in the world?
      Yes they are, but they have been stealing it.
      Therefore I disagree with your analysis on Norway intervention fund.