We need to urgently correct things that went wrong, Osinbajo says after unscheduled airport visit

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Few days after the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council adopted a 60-day action plan to push Ease of Doing Business reforms in the country, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, paid a surprise visit to Nigeria’s major international airport in Lagos, declaring an urgent task to correct many of the problems already identified by the council.

Speaking briefly with journalists after inspecting several parts at the airport for over an hour, Mr. Osinbajo said the visit was in line with the work of the council.

According to him, “As part of our work on the Ease of Doing Business, on making the environment friendly, not just for local businesses but also for those who want to come and do business in Nigeria, the airport obviously is one of the major places where we need to ensure that facilities are working and that things are being run properly.”

Continuing, he said “So we have looked around, we’ve seen some of the equipments. There are many many things that need to be done, many things that need to be corrected, and we have to work on them as quickly as possible.”

During the visit, Mr. Osinbajo inspected the toilets, noticed some of the non-functioning carousels in the arrival hall, went to Immigration officials to check the progress of plans to grant visa on arrivals to foreign investors, observed the non-functioning air-conditioners and chillers in the departure and arrival halls, the escalators and elevators that are in a state of disrepair among several others.

He was accompanied on the trip by the Aviation Minister of State, Hadi Sirika.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the council, Mr. Osinbajo had said “we are trying to improve the business environment in three broad respects; the entry and exit of goods, the entry and exit of persons into Nigeria, and then general government transparency and efficiency in government agencies & parastatals.”


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  • Say the truth

    Now that is how to be a president. Baba can continue to take his well deserved rest. Thank you U.K. keep him.

    • Lanre

      You are missing the point. We Yorubas need our own country. Knock Obasanjo all you want (and I am one of his greatest critics), he is still the best ruler Nigeria has had. Yorubas are wasting their time and energy in Nigeria.

      • obinnna77


  • Segun Abayomi

    The acting president is right. I have cancelled two future trips to Nigeria just because of abuja airport planned closure. This will also delayed projects take off and jobs……..

  • Kelly

    I am feeling like we have a president now! We Nigerians really know what our problem is but not ready to solve it.Imagine having individuals like Prof. as our presidents for the next 24 years, the progress will be amazing!!

  • Salim

    Yes ,, This is really presidential. PMB is just a nominal president.

  • debbeljo

    In any Zoo, animals are no any other thing than Animals deprived of freedom. Be it Osibajo or Buari or any sellout from the East bordering the Zoo Republic are nothing but zoo animals.

    • Omonaija

      I pity you because you have grown up with so much hatred. Life is beautiful, I hope someday you will realize it before death comes.

    • Julius

      You the cannibals are the animals in the zoo !

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    This is the same airport that was supposedly overhauled with billions under Stella Oduah who is now a rogue senator on trial for sleaze. Nigeria’s corruption will bring the country if Buhari’s reforms fail and the consequences will make the present recession a child’s play. NIGERIA REPENT OR PERISH!!!

  • Angry Niaja

    Questions need to be asked of Stella Oduah sooner or later, why should the airports be in such deplorable states, she spent billions on the same airports less than three years ago, she has to give account!!!!

    • musa aliyu

      Spent into her pockets! That’s ur answer.

      • Angry Niaja

        Funny, we ain’t heard anything since about the accounts she opened in her Househelp’s name. Nemesis will surely catch up on these vagabonds. One thing is for sure, not one single one of them is sleeping these days, what with the whistleblower policy et al, they are and must be very jittery with every phone call not knowing what’s up, that is punishment, their care free days are over.

    • Gary

      I concur.
      So let the NASS reporters fish her out to answer questions about her stewardship and what she spent our money on.
      Then the EFCC can take it from there.

    • Julius

      Yes, she has billions in her personal bank account after being forced out… though Jona took her to Israel for some sex marathon after being accused of corruption.

  • Gary

    A President at work…one more reason for Nigerians to vote for an educated and younger person to lead the country.
    Now Mr. Osinbajo, truth be told the Lagos Airport has outlived it’s usefulness. It was built in the 1970s. It needs a new terminal building for the 21st century. Focus on that instead of wasting money trying to fix obsolescent and inadequate facilities.
    And the airport needs to be upgraded for the benefit of the Nigerian people and not foreign investors. It’s appropriate for you and your government to always put the needs of your own people first instead of pleasing foreigners. Nigerians deserve a better gateway into Lagos. That also includes the entire airport road from the Isolo-Oshodi Expressway to the airport.
    One more infrastructure project to consider ahead of building some link bridge to Cameroon.

    • kusanagi

      Must agree. The presidency needs someone with energy and the ability to be on it 24/7 365.

      I’ve got nothing against Buhari, I just think the job came too late for him.

      Osinbajo clearly trying to use this opportunity to get things done.

      Nigeria could do with a major international hub style airport like the one in dubai. Where people stop over to change flights and move on to other destinations. Maybe thats a step too far tho for Nigeria.

    • Olusola

      You are right but at least they can make it functional while building a new terminal. Kotoka in Ghana is an archaic airport but it is a functioning airport. But I support you, both inside and outside and the link roads, MMA is an eyesore!

    • taiwo

      I totally concur. Thanks. Probably the post of the week for me.

      • staaaaaaaaaaa

        travel around the world and see nations using facilities built in very long years. The one ghana is using, when was it built? Is it serving its purpose? Yes ofcourse. It is not about new building all the time, but maintenance, neatness and order. even new infrastructures not maintained is still back to square one. What the VP is saying is very perfect and in order. We need to chnge our culture in nigeria.

        • taiwo

          I wish I could agree with you. If as we are saying we want a hub airport, then all the structures, bar the runway, be damned. However, if what we want is an average, non-hub airport then MMA should be fixed properly with some new terminals added.

          • staaaaaaaaaaa

            what is a hub, when your workfoprce cant maintain simple powerline? By the time we take care of the small things, the big things will fall in line. How many time have you seen power failure at accra? But in MMA it is very regular occurence. What about luggage issues? Plenty problems. let us face simple things first, before we complicate lives for ourselves. At the airport there is not even enough sits, my brother! It is all about the management.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      you are dead wrong. travel around the world and see nations using facilities built in very long years. The one ghana is using, when was it built? Is it serving its purpose? Yes ofcourse. It is not about new building all the time, but maintenance, neatness and order. even new infrastructures not maintained is still back to square one. What the VP is saying is very perfect and in order. We need to change our culture in nigeria.

  • George

    Some mumu want to blame Stella who left over two years now why the same Lagos roads Tinubu said he repaired all and fashola continue with the repairing until this boy Ambode continue yet no roads in Lagos. Please leave Madam Stella alone coward Yorubas.

    • musa aliyu

      Valiant ethnic bigot. Your paymaster-madam claimed she was repairing the airports le she was busy siphoning the funds meant for that. There wouldn’t have been any need to do this now. Ole! As for Lagos, I’m sure you have never been there that’s why you’re ranting. Each governor did what he could and Ambode is doing his best. So no blame. Lagos is too large, in case U don’t know.

      • George

        If what you are saying is actually applicable Nigerians would have been blaming the former Northerners who occupied the seat of power for over 55yrs. Your Mallams never do anything tangible but now want to narrow the blames to GEJ, let him come back from London and rule we are waiting.

        • Olusola

          Yes we did, that was why Dr Jonathan was voted in for a break. I didnt join them to vote for him, I knew he was up to no good! Guess what? I was right 100%.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      do you ever come to our lagos at all? He you will see finest of roads. pity you.

      • George

        You Yorubas are totaling useless only condemning others and be praising yours even when they are rotting all over.

        God hates you all.

        • staaaaaaaaaaa

          Thank God you are not God’s spokes man. But only an ethnic rebellious Ibo man on self-exile away from eastern Nigeria. Try going back home, and let your nephews pick you up for a ransom on your head. sometimes you forget the freedom you get around us here in the SW.

  • George

    Only thing we need to correct is to remove you and your half dead Buhari from Aso Rock AND send APC to our dustbins.

  • CousinBrother

    Who is the noise maker (sorry, minister) for transport?

  • Julius

    Cool, this dude is working . Good luck !

  • Lanre

    Prof. Osibajo, thank you for showing what we Yorubas are capable of doing. I am quite impressed you did this. But then again you are a Yoruba intellectual with a relationship to the Great Awolowo Family. I appreciate this.

  • Otile

    While the government is squandering $billions sending Buhari and his relatives overseas for medical treatment other African countries are introducing bills to outlaw treating the elites with their money in foreign lands. Here is some wire from Kenya:

    “Hashtag hijacked over foreign medical treatment for leaders
    The death of a Kenyan politician – Nderitu Gachagua, the Governor
    of Nyeri, who was 63 – in a hospital in the UK has revived a public
    debate about whether politicians should seek private medical care.
    It comes as a strike by doctors, which has paralysed medical
    services in public hospitals, enters its fourth month next week.
    The doctors are pushing for the implementation of a comprehensive
    reform deal signed in 2013 aimed at improving public health care,
    including increasing their pay, which the government has refused to
    Talks are ongoing to resolve the crisis.

    Some social media users have hijacked the hashtag
    – which was being used for tributes to Mr Gachagua – to criticise
    the contrast between medical care given to politicians and that
    received by ordinary Kenyans.”