Security operatives arrest Lagos PDP chieftain Gbadamosi – Wife

Babatunde Gbadamosi

Security operatives on Wednesday arrested Babatunde Gbadamosi, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State, after he honoured a verbal invitation, his wife said.

The law enforcement agency that arrested Mr. Gbadamosi and official reasons for the action were not yet confirmed as at 7:00 p.m., but Sade Gbadamosi told PREMIUM TIMES her husband was arrested by the State Security Service, SSS, for his fierce anti-government views.

PREMIUM TIMES could not independently confirm that SSS executed Mr. Gbadamosi’s arrest. The agency’s refusal to appoint a spokesperson running close to two years made it impossible to get clarification about the development.

A spokesperson for the police in Lagos did not immediately respond to requests for commentsWednesday night.

But Mrs. Gbadamosi said her husband was detained shortly after his arrival at the Lagos field office of the secret police around 11:00 a.m. Wednesday. He was transferred to Abuja about two hours later, she said.

The politician was there to honour a verbal invitation he received from SSS officers who stormed his residence in Eleko Beach Tuesday, but were prevented from gaining access because they allegedly did not show a valid warrant of arrest, Mrs. Gbadamosi said.

“They came yesterday. No warrant. So I did not let them into the estate. I told them he will come today instead. So we went. Immediate arrest without charges and he was then bundled to Abuja,” Mrs. Gbadamosi told this newspaper in a brief exchange on instant messaging platform, WhatsApp.

“No freedom of speech,” she said.

Mr. Gbadamosi, a PDP governorship aspirant in Lagos, had gained recognition as a vocal voice of opposition to Muhammadu Buhari administration, often joining voices with Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti and ex-minister Femi Fani-Kayode to rail against Mr. Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress.

Hours before his arrest while he was going to the SSS field office in Lagos, he put up an update on his Facebook page, to warn of his possible detention for an extensive period.

“Yesterday, six men from the SSS came to deliver a verbal invitation for me to attend their office at CMD Road, Shangisha today.

“I have packed a day bad, just in case they decided to add me to the exclusive club of detained opposition voices.

“The struggle to free Nigeria from the clutches of tyranny and corruption must continue, with or without me. I fear no man, only God the Creator,” he wrote.

His wife reaffirmed that six men were at their residence on Tuesday.

She said her husband might have been arrested over a video he posted on the Internet to vent his opposition to the Central Bank’s foreign exchange policies.

“A particular video went viral. Talking about forex hanky pankies,” Mrs. Gbadamosi said.

PREMIUM TIMES did not see the video.

Mrs. Gbadamosi said she will be in Abuja Wednesday night with her husband’s lawyers to seek access to him in SSS custody.


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  • Mama Kay

    All those trying to destabilise Nigeria will fail by the grace of God. Spreading lies on social media and fake news that can lead to genocide is a crime against humanity.

    I actually saw the video but didn’t know who was peddling the lies. The newspaper he referred to doesn’t even exist.

    We must learn from Rwanda, South Sudan, CAR etc.

    Losing an election must not lead to war. Try again next time. After all, Buhari tried three times previously before winning.

    • Mabel Aishat Bako

      I hope Nigerians will not allow themselves to be taken as fools. Lets wait till the facts are out. Is this not how Governor Fayose and Fani Kayode made so much noise about the Buhari government witch hunting them only to find out that they carted away millions of US dollars not even Naira until they were picked up and detained. The only reason Fayose is not in detention is because of the immunity he has as a sitting governor. Please my people lets always be patient to get the facts too, many fake news that is being normalize will make or brake us first as a people then as a nation. Every Nigerian owes it to themselves and their families to fight corruption at all levels for the betterment of Nigeria.

    • Babatunde O. Gbadamosi

      If you still think I was “peddling lies”, I fear for your future and the future of your generations, both you and Mabel.

      • Mama Kay

        Fear for your future and the future of your generations because the sins of the father will surely be visited on the children up to the fourth generation.

        Ask yourself why you were arrested? Truthfully answer if what you said was the truth. Ask yourself why you did it? Was it for the love of Nigeria or self interest?

        The truth shall set you free.


  • Holy truth

    So if anyone is arrested now it is bcos he or she is attacking buhari, ba? We all know d games foulyose & funny face fani kayode are playing. So if dis so called gbadamosi is arrested y is he been portrayed like he was arrested bcos he was opposing buhari. He is a small fry.

    • Babatunde O. Gbadamosi

      A small fry that could not be prosecuted because the arrest and detention were illegal and designed to intimidate and cow the opposition and whistleblowers.

  • Obosi Warrior

    This people should stop putting political coloration to the man’s arrest. The reason for his arrest can be anything from fraud to terrorism. Just let the SSS finish their investigation and release the result.

    • Babatunde O. Gbadamosi

      Do you now have the result of the SSS investigation? Such shamelessness from suffering Nigerians, defending their tormentors. I was arrested for political criticism of Buhari, and for exposing the Forex Fraud at the CBN, even though it was in the your faces the whole time, with the value of the Naira spiralling out of control.

      • Onye Obosi

        They blocked your means of awuf money, and you are here spewing rubbish.
        Abegi go siddon joor.
        Where was your yeye criticism before 2015?
        You’ll are bunch of impossibles.
        PDP chieftain ko!
        EFCC Kaftan ni!

  • Peaceometer

    I wouldn’t comment now, but with the names you mentioned, am afraid, it could be fraud.

    • Babatunde O. Gbadamosi

      Shame on you sir. Laziness of intellect did not let you dig deeper or even ask questions, yet you posted this out here?


    honestly i
    never know of dis gbadamosi neiher have i read him criticising d govt sometin else could b d reason letz wait for d reasons from dss b4 any coments

    • Babatunde O. Gbadamosi

      I’m actually interested in knowing your position, now that you know I was detained illegally for speaking out about corruption in the CBN.

  • ola

    why is it that when people are arrested, they and their family are always quick to say their arrest is because they criticize the government. well time will tell.

    • Babatunde O. Gbadamosi

      In my case, that was and remains the truth. Perhaps you have different facts.

  • Impulse400

    If that is his crime, a roundvof applause for this most recent SSS victim. I have said it and will continue to say it: The biggest enemy of this country Nigeria is Central Bank. Nigeria does not own of control its Central Bank. The Central Bank of Nigeria is the owner of Nigeria. It is the hidden Spirit controlling this country, whose minute criticism equals Blasphemy against the State!

    Nigerians are sleeping. They don’t know anything. They have all been reduced to Rats, all engaging in a useless race, blindly without bothering to find out answers to the right questions. Everything about your society is a lie, engineered to capture your minds from birth, raising you to be controllable Zombies, to cheat you off the opportunities this life has to offer, all in the name of Money. Money… Printed out of thing air for you with debt. Backed by so called oil reserves stored away as foreign currency in foreign banks, that use same to improve their own societies.

    Nigerians are sleeping, some are waiting for Jesus to come and take away these problems. Problem that whiteman created for you, Jesus that white man promoted to you while at the very same time, stealing from you, you nolonger can tell your left from your right.

    Nigerians are sleeping. We have gold and other mineral deposits capable of backing up our currency, but black traitors in shirt and tie, currupted by unwholesome wersten values, use our Financial system to do PONZI SCHEME against the Nigerian masses in the name of Banking, Stock Market, Insurance and so on….

    Nigerians are sleeping… and it is so vexing to watch. May be they deserve to perish in their self induced slumber.

  • Simon JEGGI

    The actions of DSS is appalling to the Nigerian people. So the government of the day can no longer tolerate divergent views. This is not a democratic government. We need laws that will make DSS to be accountable to the Nigerian people and not to the government. This is a child’s play.

  • Mufu Ola

    Which Nigerians are protesting the arrest of an unknown politician? If he commits an offence, are we going to say because he is from opposition party or critic of govt, he should not be arrested? Until now I’m sure not many people ever heard of this man.I’m one of them & I follow news everyday. This blackmail of somebody being a critic & so must not be questioned or arrested if necessary must stop.