Supporting Ali Sheriff “only way” to save PDP from destruction – Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce

Respect for the court ruling that affirmed Ali Sheriff as the authentic chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party is the “only way” to salvage Nigeria’s troubled opposition party, Ben Bruce has said.

Mr. Bruce, a PDP Senator from Bayelsa State, disclosed his position on the party’s leadership crisis during the weekend via a one-paragraph statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES.

The Port Harcourt Division of the Court of Appeal had on Friday annulled the May 21, 2016 national convention that gave birth to the national caretaker committee led by Ahmad Makarfi, a former Kaduna Governor, and backed by the PDP Governors’ Forum and Board of Trustees.

The Makarfi faction has opposed the ruling, indicating intention to head to the Supreme Court.

“I am supporting Ali Modu Sheriff because it is the only way to preserve the party,” said Mr. Bruce, adding that: “We will work with Ali Modu Sheriff and go to a convention.”

“Right now, PDP is on a course towards destruction and abiding by the judgement of the court is the only thing that can save us.”

PDP lost Nigeria’s presidential election in 2015 after 16 years of control.

Since its fall, the party has failed to offer serious opposition to the All Progressives Congress government of Muhammadu Buhari, leaving civil society organisations, activists and concerned citizens – with the power of social media – to offer criticisms amid worsening economic crisis and cases of deadly violence like the killings in Southern Kaduna and Agatu, Benue State.

“I therefore call an end to the fighting. And I am supporting Ali Modu Sheriff because it is the only way to preserve the party. Right now, what Nigeria has is a one-party state – there is no opposition. Enough is enough. The is the time for PDP to unite, we are a formidable force!

“The current bickering is childish and irrelevant. I am not in support of anymore litigation,” said Mr. Bruce.

The Sheriff faction also has the backing of Buruji Kashamu, a fugitive Senator from Ogun State.

The Makarfi faction has slated for Monday, a meeting at the International Conference Centre to discuss “crucial party matters” in the wake of the ruling that went against its leadership.


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  • thusspokez

    “…And I am supporting Ali Modu Sheriff because it is the only way to preserve the party

    This is gobbledygook Senator Bruce might well have said, I am supporting my neighbour’s troublesome rottweiler dog, because it is the only way to preserve peace in my neighbourhood. He failed to explain exactly what good qualities Modu Sheriff has, to improve the fortune of the PDP, that others in the party do not have.

    • Adesuwa

      I suppose Senator Bruce cannot see that Sheriff is out to destroy PDP having begun to make trouble immediately he came into the Party.

      • ORACLE

        When you people they take them to your party, una no know ni?

      • thusspokez

        I suppose that Bruce is setting himself up to fall out with senior members of the PDP so that he could then use this fabricated fall out as excuse to defect to the APC. Very elaborate, albeit clever way to go about his defection, if you ask me!

        • Otile

          Knock off your masters’ al-Taquyya deceit. How do you know what Ben Bruce is going to do next? …he could then use this fabricated fall out as excuse to defect to our APC… he could then use his long dick to poke our girlfriends… You are disgusting.

        • Adesuwa


        • Obosi Warrior

          I also suppose GEJ is setting himself up to fall out …bla…bla..bla.. as excuse to defect to APC with this vanguard news and photo – “Jonathan meets with Sheriff, says party not factionalised ON FEBRUARY 20, 20179:04 PM.” Read it on vanguard and see the photo (shop), photo market.

          What do you know about politics….dim witt?
          You think it is to carry your phone and be typing nonsense. Wait for Fayose news or biafra news so you can comment, cos that is your level of thinking.

          • thusspokez

            Again, I ask you: how old are you? You again, sound so immature. I don’t have time for nincompoops, so go away before I block you.

          • Obosi Warrior

            Meat!! Go ahead and block you fada! Like I care? An ant that can not even angage in a constructive discussion. Asking how old. How old ko!, how tall ni!

          • thusspokez

            If you respond to my comment like a reŧard or nincompoop, expect to be treated like one. So piss off! But I know that your silly Nigerian over-inflated ego and pride wouldn’t let you do that; instead it will make you to come for more dressing down — which I will oblige you, of course!

          • Obosi Warrior

            Go get your diaper changed, then you can come back!

          • thusspokez

            Even the toddler in my house who wears daiper or diaper sounds less immature than you are. Maybe you wear dog’s diaper — which may well explain why you are such a nincompoop and almost sound like a retarded dog.

    • Obosi Warrior

      Are you more PDP than Ben Bruce. Ben Bruce is a PDD card carrying memeber, and you are not. He is a serving PDP senator and you are not. This man knows that the more the litigation goes, the more PDP gets scattered.
      To salvage PDP is not by mouth and threatening to reject court order as Fayose, and Fani Kayode are showing. The real PDP is not a thug party, it was an association of intellectuals. Pity that their unrivaled feat of corruption brought into it all manners of touts and clowns like Fayose, and the majority of them.

      • thusspokez

        How old are you? You sound so immature.

        • Obosi Warrior

          Rather your reasoning is immature.

  • iwe paul

    Why can’t you wait for the Supreme Court,before taking a definite stand?

  • Otile

    Illa Illa Illala Muhammadu Rasulla. The devil is a lair. We don’t want the lying clique to be showing us
    pictures of Imam Buhari. We want to know the truth about his health.
    If Imam was receiving treatment at Abuja people would know that he is
    really sick and hurting that way millions of Nigerians would fire
    and do serious fasting, by now he would be hale and hearty. The
    deception is robbing him of sympathy, blessing from prayers, absolution
    of sin from
    fasting for Imam. Deceivers are holding our Imam in spiritual bondage

  • We want the s-court to have the final say. Sheriff Alimodu is the APC mole in PDP and on a mission to destroy PDP.

    • tundemash

      Yeah right ! If Sheriff is an APC mole, what would you call Fayose and Wike that installed him ? APC sponsors ? Only one with low esteem attach the name of a location to their name; without the location, they are a nobody. How about George_Aba or George_Syria Mr. Mor0n ??

      • Yawnnnnnn.

        • tundemash

          I don’t expect Mr. Low-Esteem to have anything to say. To say you are d@ft is to say the least as u can’t recollect events of yesterday talkless of last year.

        • YOMBO

          You are truly mumusky!

      • YOMBO

        You have commented well. The Geography_USA na mumu of highest order!

  • aisha ani

    Ben Bruce is right, it is time to move on. For how long is PDP going to continue with this nonsense, the party needs to get its act together and the only way forward is to work with this guy for now until they can get rid of him.

    • tundemash

      na when market dey over, deaf people go realise, hope is gone !

  • Oskirin

    fanny,,,how market? u want to go n form a new party? carry own…na rouges like u go register n vote 4 same.

  • Rommel

    The gods of Nigeria is simply punishing the PDP for 16 years of wickedness against the Nigerian people

  • peter dibia

    Continue removing honest posts to meet up your bias quota