FACT-CHECK: Buhari’s aide wrong; President not first African leader called by Trump

Buhari's aide wrong; President not first African leader called by Trump [Photo Credit: Channels TV]

President Muhammadu Buhari was not the first African leader called by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The American leader spoke with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, on January 23, three days after his inauguration and three weeks before calling Mr. Buhari and South African President Jacob Zuma on February 13.

News reports from the United States and Egypt said Mr. Trump discussed bilateral issues bordering on terrorism and extremism with Mr. El Sisi.

This contradicts claims by presidential media aides that Mr. Trump’s call to Mr. Buhari was the first to any African leader since being sworn in a month ago.

At least two media aides to the president, Garba Shehu and Tolu Ogunlesi, made the misleading assertion while propping it as a major foreign policy success for the administration.

Mr. Shehu told Channels Television on February 14 that Mr. Trump’s call to his principal was not entirely surprising given Nigeria’s place in Africa, especially in areas of diplomacy and politics.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Trump made the choice of making the first African call to the Nigerian President,” he said.

Garba shehu

The night before, Mr. Ogunlesi, who handles digital communication for Mr. Buhari, had made the same assertion in a Twitter update shortly after news broke that the call did take place between the two leaders.

“Nigeria and SA take first and second places on POTUS (President of the United States) Africa call list. As they should, really. Also not surprising BH (Boko Haram)/terror main focus of Nigeria call,” Mr. Ogunlesi said.

But he later clarified his statement, saying he was referring to sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr. Shehu has yet to withdraw his claim. He did not respond to calls and text messages from PREMIUM TIMES about it Saturday afternoon.

Channels Television appeared to have relied on the information passed by the media aides, in also incorrectly making the same claim.

“Now, the conversation between both presidents is the first U.S. President Donald Trump will be having with an African leader, so what impact would this have on U.S.-Nigeria relations,” the station said in its 10:00 p.m. bulletin February 13.

Mr. Trump telephoned Mr. Buhari in London. The Nigerian leader is on  medical vacation in the city.

The American leader assured Nigeria of U.S. readiness to cut a new deal in provision of military weapons to combat terrorism.


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  • Foreign Observa

    Premium Times Editor,

    The lies from Buhari presidency have made me addicted to pain-relieving tablets.
    The “Buhari chat” does not even rank in any importance, to be candid, because
    as far as Africa is concerned, Egypt is a main ally of the United States of America.
    Nigeria does not rank anywhere on the U.S strategic list – nowhere, not even on oil.
    The reason America keeps Nigeria close enough is less for Nigeria’s own merits but
    for Nigeria’s geographic location in the Gulf of Guinea with eight (8) other countries.

    • Kiliwi2000



      • No-Comment

        “The point is that Nigeria can become much less relevant to
        the United States. We have already seen evidence of it. When President Obama
        went to Ghana and not to Nigeria, he was sending a message, that Ghana
        symbolized more of the significant trends, issues and importance that one wants
        to put on Africa, than Nigeria.

        Let me sort of deconstruct those elements of Nigeria’s
        importance, and ask whether they are as relevant as they have been. We often
        hear that one in five Africans is a Nigerian. What does it mean? Do we ever say
        one in five Asians is a Chinese? Chinese power comes not just for the fact that
        it has a lot of people but it has harnessed the entrepreneurial talent and
        economic capacity and all the other talents of China to make her a major
        economic force and political force.

        And when I was asked by journalists why President Obama did
        not go to Nigeria, I said “what would he gain from going? Would Nigeria be a
        good model for democracy, would it be a model for good governance, would he
        obtain new commitments on Darfur or Somalia or strengthen the African Union or
        in Niger or elsewhere
        ?” No he would not, so he did not go. And when Secretary
        Clinton did go, indeed but she also went to Angola and who would have thought
        years ago that Angola would be the most stable country in the Gulf of Guinea
        and establish a binational commission in Angola.

        …………..Ambassador Princeton N. Lyman

        (Ex U.S Ambassador to Nigeria)

        [December 11, 2009]

        • Sam

          Exactly, thanks to your uncle GEJ and his cluelessness.

        • Otile

          Similarly, it will be better for Nigeria to allow Biafra go their way as China allowed Taiwan to go. China is still a great nation with the absence of Taipei, we hope Nigeria will be a great nation without Biafra besides peace will reign in West Africa. Why can’t awon omo Odua and Fulanis let Biafra go for the sake of peace?

    • Baka

      If I may ask, what is the big deal about whether Buhari is the first to speak to Trump or not? The fact is that Trump has spoken with Buhari, and few Nigerians who hated Buhari with passion and look upon Trump as their messiah are bitter about it.

      It’s a shame that in Nigeria we always waste time discussing issues that doesn’t add any value to our lives. Trump telephone call is one of such issues.

    • tai28

      Get it right, Egypt been a great ally of the US is not because of Egypt’s position in Africa. It is for the role it can play in the middle east, especially in protecting Israel and their phone conversation is just about that not about Africa. Trump’s calls to Buhari and Zuma is about Africa but that doesn’t mean Buhari is the 1st African leader Trump called but the 1st Africa issue was discussed with.

      • Excelsior2000


        I don’t know much about international affairs. I only know that Muhamadu Buhari has little to contribute to international foreign policy. President Donald Trump of America has nothing so important to discuss with Muhamadu Buhari apart from “good morning, how are you, see you later, bye-bye”…..and that’s all.

        What is more painful to me is that Buhari is using amateur liars. Any lie they talk is exposed immediately.
        I am now asking myself where are the real big liars in Nigeria that Raji Fashola hired in Lagos state? Where are they? It is not Jimi Disu and Tunde Fagbenle I am talking about….there are a lot. These big liars took money from Raji Fashola and kept writing nonsense in newspapers and talking nonsense on radio, even as Lagos BRT bus system was collapsing on Raji Fashola’s head within three (3) years,
        the big liars were saying that Lagos state was already far better than London.

        Why this thing is painful to me is that Buhari cannot use these big liars again because they only just took money for eight years and did not defend Raji Fashola for one minute after he handed over power to
        Akin Ambode. I am not judging them as bad because if the contract was to tell lies for his tenure they cannot be accused of breach of contract after Raji Fashola handed over. How can Buhari now use
        these big liars of Nigeria who will not remain loyal for one more minute after Buhari is voted out
        of power in the year 2019?

  • Mizch

    See me see stupidity ooh! Even if Trump eats at the same table with
    Buhari, does it improve the exchange rate of Naira to the Dollar? According to latest developments in the US politics, there is “an alternative truth.” Give us rest please. #BringBackPMB

    • PolyGon2013

      And we all know that “an alternative truth” is falsehood. Don’t mind them jare. Who cares.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    If I may ask,what is the relevance here? Who are you representing in this matter dear premium times. You seem to be having issue.with the.Nigerian.government. will that help you in any way? Well, patriotism is very paramont bere.

    • V.O Akins



    • duwdu

      Well said, Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen.


      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        @VIO AKINS,no matter how professional a journalist might be in any developed countries,they will never compromise their patriotism to their country. Despite Trump’s incessant attack against the USA media house,they have never dared the integrity of their country. Where is loyalty, where is patriotism, where is love for ones country? I believe your loyalty should be for your country before any profession. If the country should doom today,may be you will claim Uganda or Congo as your new country where you can help use your so called professional journalism to bring it down.

        • Otile

          A patriotic president cannot leave his citizens to perish for lack of medical facilities while such a president goes on medical jamboree to Britain to enjoy the best medical care Britain can afford. It is absurd. A patriotic president cannot be so_stupid as to discriminate against 5% of his citizens because they did not vote for him. Dictators and sadists usually misuse that word patriotism. We know a patriotic president when we see one.

    • PolyGon2013

      In fact, it would have been better, if Trump didn’t call. When Western Nations (oyinbo countries) leave you alone, that means you can develop quickly. The moment they start being nice to you, then, you know your country is in trouble.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Agreed,yet we cannot do anything in isolation. In actual sense they are part of our under development. Like the popular American slogan”permanent interest but no permanent friend.” But my point is,in the course if doing your legitimate business,somewhere made you what you are where you are. But if you should now endanger that somewhere now,where you are too becomes threatened. So you should thread softly while doing what people know you for.

        • PolyGon2013

          I hear you. I just believe that Africans should pivot their politics to help each other. All that oyinbos are doing is to set us against each other to their advantage. Believe me, these oyinbo only get your attention when you ignore them. Pretend as if they did not exist, and you will see how they will be gravitating towards you. Yes, we cannot exist in isolation, but I think we have enough resources (humans, etc) to exist and enjoy lives without necessarily kissing up to them. African presidents should wake up. We prevented carnage in Gambia by relying on ourselves. The moment oyinbos realize we were making progress, they quickly keyed in to our decision.

    • Höly Wähala

      Must they represent any side in reporting news? Did you watch that epic press conference Donald Trump gave in which he battled tough and direct questions from an unrelenting press? Such thing would never happen in Nigeria with people like you in our security aparachik, you would kill for Buhari even if not asked to shoot due to your blind loyalty and willingness to surpress the truth. The media represent the people, they are our eyes and mouth in any government as they expose the lies GON especially this one led by Buhari, are used to feeding the gullible like you. Crass question indeed…

      • Ajayi Ifayemi

        Are you saying you want PMB to abuse the press like POTUS Donald Trump did?

        • Höly Wähala

          Can your PMB even banter with the press, and if he does… do Nigerian journalists have the guts to ask probing questions? Even Lai Mohammed got away with asking a bunch of numbskull journalists to mention just one lie this Govt has told and they all gaped at him like wild apes… next day, Femi Adesina challenged Dede Mabiaku to name one lie he (Femi) has told in his capacity as media aide but, that one too could not think on his toes. While watching both Dede and our journalists I quickly realized why it is easy to pfool millions of Nigerians like you, it’s because you can’t think. Trump did not abuse the press, he called some “fake news” distributors just as I also call #SaharaReporters “ojoro journalists”. Go siddon jor, no time for silly banters.

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            In my opinion you comparison was not well thought out. I know you will defend it, but your comparison in this case is one of tuwo with beans.

          • Höly Wähala

            Go and sit down, you have nothing to offer in way of counter. Read through my comments here and see it is about the press and Presidents… who invited you? My bottom line you can’t impeach remains, the press should be bold enough to face up to any President no matter how his name is pronounced. Get Lost jor, I hate slow thinkers…

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            Manic aggressive bipolar disorder.

      • Julius

        Didn’t you see disdain Trump has for the Press. He called all the news that does’t favor him as Fake news !. Man, the dude is losing his mables.

        • Höly Wähala

          He never had any mables in the first place, Americans are in for a bumpy ride with that thug, he’s worse than Fayose. Just walked into the office and saw a red Trump sweating it out with the press, in the end he looled more silly than a wet bully in the rain. Julius, I hate everything about Trump… talk better, how jare! Weekend bumping along coole? LoL!

          • Julius

            He got that right bro. The man is a nightmare to the civilized world. I and others are thinking impeachment soon. Its simply unreal. Weekend dey jare, nice weather and you know what happens on the East coast when we have nice warm weather…all hell brakes loose..LOL. How bodi and the family ? Hope ya wkend is going well also.

    • Epsilon_Delta

      But the government lied! BTW, where is Buhari?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Where do you leave the unpatriotic elements like Jonathan the thief,yakubu the bank,diezani ,,the Jezebel, ,epsilon-DELTA ,and the rest who are the Hawks. They are the cracks in the wall,while the lizards are the thief nations like the UK, the US,and lately China.

      • Julius

        Lied about what ? That Jonathan and ipob were at Trump inauguration ?

      • okenwa

        Buhari is inside deep freezer.

  • duwdu

    What a childish piece of news item and rabble-rousing from Premium Times! Pray, why did it take the paper itself several days after the POTUS-speaks-to-Buhari news broke, to figure out that POTUS spoke with the Egyptian president three weeks before he spoke with Buhari?

    And, for what it’s worth, POTUS relates to Egypt for a totally different reason we all should know about – the survival of Israel in the concept of the middle east – and not in the concept of Africa. That’s why it took POTUS another three weeks after attaining the mantle of leadership of the US – and immediately speaking the leaders of Israel and Egypt – before he came round to speaking with any African leaders on issues pertaining to Africa and the US per se.

    Anyways, and for crying out loud even, these presidential spokespersons Premium Times is so quick to condemn, are just individuals, while Premium Times has news tentacles in a rather wide variety of areas. So, why the noise and attention seeking headline? Haba, make una look for beta news to report, abeg, plenty dey.


    • Goxy333

      @duwdu:disqus Wait, wait, not so fast. Ask yourself first. Why was it so important to Buhari presidency that lie
      in the first place? When you know the answer to that one you will now appreciate Premium Times better
      for telling the truth. You see the lies of Buhari presidency have international dimension. A student doing
      Waec/Gce can go and write that Buhari was the first African president Donald Trump. That student will now
      get zero per cent. Is that fair on a teenager who simply believed the presidential press statement of Buhari?

    • Goxy333

      @duwdu:disqus Wait, wait, not so fast. Ask yourself. Why was it so important for Buhari presidency to tell lies
      in the first place? When you know the answer to that one you will now appreciate Premium Times better
      for telling the truth. You see the lies of Buhari presidency have international dimension. A student doing
      Waec/Gce can go and write that Buhari was first African President Trump spoke to. That student will now
      get zero per cent. Is that fair on a teenager who simply believed the presidential press statement of Buhari?

      • Holy Man


        • Public Rekord

          • ” WAEC cannot provide the certified true copies of Muhammed Buhari
          who attended school in Katsina Provincial Secondary School, Katsina,
          in Nigeria. The above records CANNOT be found in the archives of the
          Records and Aptitude Test Department (WAEC Headquarters), Ghana”.

          ……………………….WAEC HEADQUARTERS

          (January 28th, 2015)

          “Neither the original copy, Certified True Copy, CTC, nor statement of
          result of Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s WASC result is in his personal
          (army) file. What i have said here is what is contained in his service records’
          personal file. We have not added or subtracted anything

          ……………..Nigerian Army

          (Via Brigadier-General Olajide Laleye)

          (January 20th, 2015)

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • PolyGon2013

    Egypt is an Arab nation. We are talking about real African nation, my friend. Anyway, who cares.

    • Teflonjones


  • thusspokez

    President Muhammadu Buhari was not the first African leader called by U.S. President Donald Trump

    Who gives a damn? (kiss teeth!)

    • Otile

      Don’t say who gives a damn, it is very important to our Odua brothers. For them it is a milestone. Don’t mess with their bragging right.

      • Julius

        Dumb ass, here you go again. The man is alive and that took away your intellectual biafool bragging right. After claiming that he is dead. Now you are shifting the post. It’s off to the Odua people..abi.

  • Maria

    Egypt is not an African nation. Egyptians will never answer africans…you people should stop this foolishness. They prefer to called arabs.

    • Höly Wähala

      @Maria Muttie… Is Egypt not a member of African Union (AU) and did they not just play Cameroon in CAF Cup Finale recently? Twice now you’ve missed the mark by a mile Maria, ist Alled Klar… is everything OK? Egyptians recognize they’re Africans that was why Bhutrus-Bhutrus Ali once served UN Secretary General under the tenure reserved for Africa. If you continue like this I will throw away my Nigerian passport for you are a disgrace to our education… Haba!

      • Maria

        That is politics.

        • Höly Wähala

          Hahahahaa… so, Egyptians are Africans only when it comes to politics? You’re getting very strange, worse per comment actually. Say, have you gotten a feedback from that Oracle you’ve been consulting on “our behalf”…since 3yes now, I’m sure you know what I mean? Wetin dem talk, green or red? Sha, take it from a born-again lover, Egypt is Africa… Wallahi tallahi. LoL!

    • Julius

      They are Africans Maria !. They belong in everything African !

  • Höly Wähala

    It is which African leader visits Trump first in the White House that matters not who got his first call or who didn’t get called first that will determine the pecking order for African viz á viz, US relations. I don’t know the need for Premium Times to go digging who the American President called first, I don’t see how that has explained the runaway inflation and its attendant increase in basic commodities cum, mass suffering in Nigeria. @PT… Una get time, really. Nonsense!

    • Mufu Ola

      Very petty news news. Kindergarten like

    • Shehu Monguno

      It is. As a political party APC stands on integrity and the information though may seem simple is misleading. Garba Shehu needs to apologize for lying

  • tundemash

    PremiumTimes, add “black” in front of the “Africa” and jog on to the next news!

  • Paul Graham

    I live in America, I am an American and I am not aware of President Trump speaking to the Egyptian President. Officially as reported by VOA, President Trump has only spoken to PMB and the South African President. Any claims contrary to that should be backed by proof of evidence!

    • Nathan D Satan

      Why would President Trump distract PMB from studying for his Cambridge exam in London?
      Is that a wise use of time? If you are an American then answer this question: WILL PRESIDENT TRUMP EVER WELCOME PMB TO THE WHITE HOUSE IN VIEW OF THE FORMER’S SUSPICION OF ALL MUSLIMS?

      • Paul Graham

        Time out!

        • Nate D Satan

          How so?
          Why now?

      • Mufu Ola

        Your Cambridge & Havard certificates.Where have they taken you? Agiatating childishly. I guess u’re one of those falsely educated!

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    On this one Premium Times is nit picking. Please give us better news.

  • Julius

    PT should get on real news !

    • Teflonjones

      This is quality news for the records.

      • Julius

        For you, I bet for the records …sure !!

        • Teflonjones

          It’s also for the abject poverty and darkness you folks endure in their blind support for an old illiterate.

          • Julius

            And here you are, an educated, Intellectual buffoon, Phd holder on the net doing nothing for the country but, putting her down. Way to go sir !. You are useless for the country…right ?

          • Teflonjones

            Bake Nigeria and eat it up. I left that hell hole for your likes 11 years ago. Bon appetite.

          • Julius

            lolz . I see that you are so proud being out of the country for 11 years !. Dude, I have been coming and going out of the country since I was 10 years old and still living outside the country. That can’t and will never take my love for Nigeria away. NEVER !!!

          • Teflonjones

            Ok get your walk on.

          • Julius

            Yah, woreva !!

  • Lina

    Why has Nigeria’s identity as a country be tied to U.K. and America. Why do Nigerians always want to be affirmed by these countries after over 50years if independence.
    Other countries are busy developing their countries aiming to compete with developed
    countries and all Nigerians are engaged in the puerile argument about who Trump called first and who is going to visit him first.
    Does it matter who he called first or who visits him first. How does it benefit ordinary Nigerians Who are struggling to feed their families or pay school fees.
    Trump made it clear that it is America first. How I wish we can have a Nigerian head of state who puts Nigeria first not become the lapdog of Britain and America.

    • okenwa

      No be awusa fulani you dey deal with?

  • Fernando Luis

    The truth of the matter is that Trump doesn’t recognise the daura dullard called BUHARI. His incompetence has exposed him. Egypt as a country is far better the zoo called Nigeria. Bunch of brainwashed APC coward supporters would disagree with me.

    • Green

      Identity theft like you….


      You are not proud of yourself. If you were proud of yourself, you would have used your own photo on this platform. What is so important about Trump calling or recognising any head of state like himself? Must a white man praise us before we know that we are good?


    When we eat groundnuts, we don’t eat the first handful of them because they taste better than the rest.We should stop fighting one another because of a call from Trump. It doesn’t worth it.

  • talkertive

    Whether first or last, a call was made after all. That is good for us as a country.

    TRAINING WORKSHOP-February 2017 Edition

    DATE: February 22, 2017. TIME: 9AM – 4PM

    VENUE: St. Mathias Guest House, Off TOS Benson Crescent, by
    Big Joe Motors, Utako, Abuja

    PARTICIPATION FEE: N10000 only


    Pls call: 09094416773, 08137857677

  • Otile

    The devil is a lair. We don’t want the lying clique to be showing us doctored
    pictures of Imam Buhari. We want to know the truth about his health. If Imam was receiving treatment at Abuja people would know that he is
    really sick and hurting that way millions of Nigerians would fire prayers
    and do serious fasting, by now he would be hale and hearty. The deception is robbing him of sympathy, blessing from prayers, absolution of sin from
    fasting for Imam. Deceivers are holding our Imam in spiritual bondage.

  • Senator D

    “The president of the Nigerian federation is suffering from a rare character disorder known as dishonest integrity. Some visible symptoms of this disorder include multiple and conflicting personality type, double standards, preaching what is not practised, reneging on promises and breaching of agreements. The symptomatic effect of this character disorder on the way and manner the Buhari administration is running the country has far reaching consequences on the socio-economic well being of Nigeria and Nigerians. Hampered by a dominant figure at the head of government with a dishonest integrity, the programmes and policies of the Buhari administration have been plagued by narrow sectional interests rather than broad national interests, which have expectedly failed to solve any of its inherited problems.”…

    ——Majeed Dahiru

  • Senator D

    “The Buhari brand was hinged firmly on his integrity and incorruptibility; two qualities that were thought to be very rare in the political establishment that was the PDP. A great effort was put into projecting him as a national figure rather than a sectional champion. He started his campaign from the southern city of Port Harcourt, dressed in full Ijaw attire. As somebody who had been accused in the past of being a religious bigot, he was seen on several occasions attending events in churches. Most notably, he was physically present at the church service of the burial ceremony of APC chieftain, Ikechukwu Emenike’s father in-law in Abia State, in March 2014 at the Holy Trinity parish Umule village. He was also seen on two occasions attending thanksgiving service organised by RCCG first at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, and secondly at the Lagos government house, in the election years of 2011 and 2015, respectively. These steps were deliberate to allay the fears of the Christian populace of Nigeria. Giant and colourful billboards of the president decked in different traditional attires of various ethnic groups endeared him to all. The president promised transparency and accountability in government business. He openly declared that he was going to declare his assets openly. He promised to cut wastages in public finances by reducing expenditure on things like foreign medical trips and vacation.

    The first sign of Muhammadu Buhari’s dishonest integrity was his adoption of extreme sectionalism in his strategic appointments, which not only favoured his northern region but also excluded the entire South-east region from his kitchen cabinet and his security council. Sectionalism is the root of corruption. Sectionalism promotes mediocrity and incompetence, which results into corrupt practices that eventually leads to economic and financial crimes. Therefore, the president is promoting corruption rather than fighting it.

    Since he became president, Buhari has not been seen anywhere around any church event. For example, he arrived at the burial ceremony of the late matriarch of the Yoruba nation, HID Awolowo, shortly after the church service in November 2015. President Buhari has not visited the entire South-east region of Nigeria and has visited only Cross River State in the entire Niger Delta region. He has not been seen in public adorning any other attire but his northern attire.

    The next major failure of integrity test was the president’s reluctance to declare his assets publicly as promised. When he eventually did, under intense public pressure, he merely listed his assets without specific details of type, location, size and value. The reluctance of the president to declare his assets publicly is for the obvious reason that unknown to his devoted followers, he was a man of reasonable means contrary to the public’s perception. His declaration of possession of a landed property in Abuja sent shock waves down the spine of millions of Nigerians, who were made to believe that Mai gaskiya is the only former military head of state without a home in Abuja.

    Enter the president’s anti-corruption war. He loves to blame the PDP for all Nigeria’s woes. His rear gaze is perpetually activated back into the sixteen years of PDP rule, which he claims achieved nothing and destroyed the country. That president Buhari is rigidly fixated on this false narrative clearly shows a man suffering from a chronic form of dishonest integrity. That PDP failed to meet the expectations of Nigerians does not mean they achieved absolutely nothing. The PDP administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo inherited a worse situation in 1999 than Buhari did in 2015….”

    ——Majeed Dahiru

  • Senator D

    “In May 1999, Nigeria’s foreign reserve stood at a meagre three billion dollars, as against 24 billion dollars in 2015. International price of crude oil stood at 17 dollars per barrel in 1999, as against 38 dollars in 2015. The minimum wage of Nigeria’s workforce was about three thousand naira in 1999, as against N18, 500 in 2015. The president’s double standards is also always on display when he is referring to PDP. To the president, the PDP members that destroyed Nigeria are those who supported Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 election but not those who decamped to APC on the eve of election and supported him with their looted fund.

    Another indication of the president’s inherently deficient integrity is the issue of his constant medical vacations overseas; a practice he preaches against. Despite voting huge sums of money for the state house medical centre, an amount estimated to be over 30 billion naira; the president still travels at the expense of public purse for medical vacation. The presidential spin-doctors have refused to disclose the actual state of health of the president. He is said to be hale and hearty but at the same time undergoing medical examination with his leave extended indefinitely. That we are asked to pray for our president who is said to be ‘’hale and hearty’’ is the height of a collective assault on our sensibilities. That Muhammadu Buhari, commonly referred to as Mai gaskiya cannot be truthful enough to reveal to his countrymen the true state of his health, clearly lumps him with the very people he loves to hate; the corrupt ruling political class.

    In reaction to the glaring failure of the president’s integrity tests, Nigerians have grown more hostile and suspicious of the Buhari administration. The Presidency has become more opaque rather than transparent as promised. Half-truths, cover-ups, decoy, deflation, buck passing, denials and outright lies have become the mode of operation of the Buhari presidency. To keep the Buhari worshippers in line of devotion, well-oiled propaganda machinery is in place to misinform the public by way of a clever twisting of facts and figures to obscure the reality of the failure of the Buhari administration as much as possible. The Goebellian-style propaganda is being prosecuted with fascist precision of mind indoctrination of the gullible many, who are stuck on the Buhari persona as infallible. This vicious propaganda war against common sense and logical reasoning is gradually failing because the pace of socio-economic progress is glaringly slower than the fast paced propaganda can really obscure.”

    ———–Majeed Dahiru

  • Manmbombano123

    PT should get real. This is no news