White House confirms Trump’s conversation with Buhari

U.S. President, Donald Trump
Photo credit: TheWrap

The White House has confirmed that the American President, Donald Trump, spoke on telephone with his Nigerian counterpart, Muhammadu Buhari.

The Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, told journalists during a press briefing, Tuesday, in the White House, that the two leaders had a telephone conversation on Monday.

“Before I get into the President’s schedule for today, a quick recap of the President’s activity over the last few days, since we haven’t had the honour of spending so much time together,” Mr. Spicer told reporters.

He then went on to list who and who Mr. Trump met, where the president visited, and who he had spoken with.

“In addition to his in-person meetings with the prime ministers of Japan and Canada, the President also recently had phone calls with the presidents of Tunisia, Peru, Nigeria, Colombia and South Africa,” Mr. Spicer said.

He added that the “Readouts are available on all of those calls.”

Back home in Nigeria, there were speculations, especially on social media, that the telephone conversation between Mr. Trump and Mr. Buhari did not happen.

Mr. Buhari is on medical vacation in London. His absence in the country, coupled with the recent indefinite extension of his vacation, has fuelled speculations that he might be seriously sick.

Femi Adesina, The Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity had in a series of tweets on Monday disclosed what both leaders discussed.

Mr. Adesina said the conversation was cordial and that Mr. Buhari congratulated Mr. Trump on his election as the President of the United States.

He said the two leaders discussed ways to improve cooperation in the fight against terrorism through the provision of necessary equipment.

Mr. Trump assured the Nigerian leader of U.S. readiness to cut a new deal in helping Nigeria in terms of military weapons to combat terrorism, Mr. Adesina said.

He commended Mr. Buhari for the efforts he made in rescuing 24 of the Chibok girls and the strides being taken by the Nigerian Army in combating Boko Haram.

Mr. Trump also invited the Nigerian President to Washington at a mutually convenient date.

Mr. Adesina added that, “President Trump encouraged President Buhari to keep up the good work he is doing, and also commended him for the efforts made in rescuing 24 of the Chibok Girls and the strides being taken by the Nigerian military.”

That was the first time the two leaders communicated directly since Mr. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

President Trump has been increasingly conversing with world leaders during his first weeks in office.

On Monday he turned his attention to Africa.

Mr. Trump called two of the continent’s most prominent leaders, Mr. Buhari and South African President, Jacob Zuma, to discuss combating terrorism, trade relations and other issues.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated, and above represents a new version.


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  • Watch man

    Is PMB the one that spoke with Trump or a PMB’s rep? We don’t know. Is PMB “hale and hearty”? We don’t know. Did PMB crack “jokes”? We don’t know. Does PMB’s 84 year old sister speak with him daily? We don’t know. Is PMB sick and would come back soon? We don’t know. All we read is what we are told. Whatever may be his situation will be revealed with time. So, time will tell.

    • Patrick Omokagbo

      Crazy fellow.You must be a sadist like some others.


      Not even one thing you know. That is serious.

    • Bebeji NE

      PMB is hale and hearty and will soon come back to see his naija ppl.

    • Broadway2

      You won’t get anywhere with this your dubious thoughts!

    • tundemash

      Kid, what exactly do you know ? I would be surprised if you know if you are a male or female .

    • Sadiq Yakubu

      Even your name,you don’t know.Is watchman a name of a security guard?

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Do you even know your name, Anonymous ignoramus? You are a victim of under-education and the fake news outlet that tickle your fancy has been shamed.

    • Elderstateman

      My dear Watchman you have captured it all. There is nobody that has responded to your post that can say of a certainty that Buhari said all that we read on paper. This was exactly how they shielded away Yar Adua until they brought back his corpse. If this man is in need of help they should tell us. After all it was a housemaid that provided info that led to the cleansing of Naaman.

      • Watch man

        You know, it is a free world. They are free to write any fo0lish and irresponsible thing as they are doing now; it does not change my view.

        • Chrisman

          You are also free to believe what you want to believe. But only fools believe the type u believe. Buhari will outlive all of u who believe any rubbish u read on social media.

          • Watch man

            So where did you get what you believe? Was it in a dream? It is either you read it from the newspaper, social media, internet, or you heard it from radio, or TV and then you believed it and came here to write the fo0lishness you are made of. Do you even know how old I am, kid? Is there anything in my post that insulted PMB? I think you have chronic logorrhea that seeks to take you out. You better exercise your irresponsible liberty with some control. Saiyr!

          • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

            Watch man, do not bother about the mob attack on you. I believe there is a Nigerian wishing Buhari dead. It is this reliving of “yar’adua show” that has created various beliefs being expressed over the “Yar’dua show” (part 2) The APC disciples who want every Nigerian to believe without asking question that “Buhari is hearty, hale, and in high spirit” should have asked themselves if this primitive act of Nigeria govt. over Buhari’s health is ever expected to happen, in any civilized clime.

          • Babso

            You can only say this if you have contrary view about his health condition supported with evidence. Confirmation that Trump spoke with Buhari is enough evidence to back government statement that he is hale and hearty. Just provide evidence to the contrary to prove your stand.

          • Watch man

            I will recommend that you read George Orwell’s “1984” so that you may understand how reverse engineering and electronic mirage can be used to generate anybody’s voice. In today’s world anything is possible.
            Notice that as I write this (3.46pm GMT) that the CNN photo news capture has been removed.

          • Babso

            Pictures of PMB , Tinubu and Baba Akande emerged, it wasn’t convincing enough to you. Now the phone call with Trump is still fake. Then hold your peace until PMB returns.

          • Watch man

            Exactly! If you read my initial post before the tirades started coming I said time will tell. So let us wait and see. There is no reason why he should not come as he went. So time will prove or disprove us.

          • Otile

            How do you know that Buhari will outlive you, that wicked man?

          • aboki

            You are more wicked as
            1. DRUG PUSHING
            2. Baby Factories productions
            3. Kidnapping
            4. 419ners
            5. ARM ROBBERY
            6. Illegal Importations Of Arms
            7. Cultists with killing of innocent souls
            Above definitely indicates your wickedness to mentioned but few.

          • Otile

            Don’t use your al-Taqiyyah on me. Produce Imam Mohamed alive if you want people to believe you.

      • Otile

        I know you are talking about Naaman the leper. There you go, bro.

    • tunde008

      But he went on medical leave on his two legs.he was not on wheel chair or on a stretcher to the plane that took him abroad.He even spoke to reporters before boading the plane

  • smart G

    This mystery voice of Buhari should not be like his WAEC certificate that we never saw.
    Much ado about nothing.
    What will it take to convince Nigerians he is still Hale and Hearty? Talk to a section of Nigerians in UK as he used to do…Haba!!

  • Dazmillion

    There is this Chinese android app that can mimic Hausa Fulani voice

    • Rataya Tambai

      ….and they used that to mimic Buhari’s voice when Trump called, you guess?! Hahahahahah..

  • Al

    Muhammadu buhari is a symbol of Nigeria, God bless him and Nigeria abundantly

    • Otile

      I can get you one guy in Pitakwa who can speak exactly like Buhari, no big deal.

      • aboki

        White House may be telling Lies WAILING WAILERS?

        • Otile

          Where is Imam Buhari? Don’t rely on fairy tales. We are tired of these lies and deceptions.

      • The oneNigeria

        Mugu you are now smarter than the FBI abi ?

  • Galantman

    With this confirmation the treacherous bigots wishing Buhari dead, should cover there face in shame.

    • Otile

      Let Imam speak for himself. Did he become deaf and dumb immediately after the fabled conversation with Trump? This is madness.


      No one wishes death but all those behind the mindless extra-judicial killing of hundreds of OUR UNARMED CHRISTIAN YOUTH IN THE SS AND SE WILL SURELY SUFFER THE FATE OF NABUCHADENAZZAR.

      • Galantman

        Welcome back. Please get the facts before you rush into conclusion. Do due diligence. Who are the unarmed Christians youths? Those who killed soldiers, or confront security agents, those who forced traders to close shops, those who loot and vandalize in the name of protests, those who carry cudgel, sticks, bows , arrows and guns, those who fire at security agents, who who kill Hausa malams in there villages and bury them in shallow graves, those produce subversive videos with all the insults in the world? Common stop this crab? They are not Christians youths , because what they doing is anti-Christianity
        Those come to equity must come with clean hands


          With all the public marches of Biafran youth ,you or your compliant press have not been able to at least show us photographs or videos of your phantom armed Biafran youth. PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE NO SHAM WHEN THEY TELL LIES.

  • Rommel

    One Thing I have learnt about haters of president Buhari is that they have grown immune to shaming,my Mom always says that anyone that feels no shame is no longer alive,we are indeed in a fight but not against flesh and blood but with principalities and powers including spiritual wickedness in high places

    • Otile

      You know very well that the devil can quote the scriptures, so you have made no point at all.

      • aboki

        Your Sadistic wishes on Nigeria and PMB person is glaringly apparent and expected. As you are very ingrate on fingers that feeds you.
        You once referred me as PARASITE in my own country it’s still puzzling ME OTILE.
        Am reminding you that DEATH is a NECESSARY END it would come when it’s supposed to come.
        My Christian brothers n Sisters in this forum may agree with me please.
        You may live till eternity as promised You when visited your ORACLE.
        You should please concentrate on your BIAFRA REPUBLIC agenda and live us alone.  
        DONALD TRUMP and Internet would actualize your Dreams tagged BIAFRA REPUBLIC!
        Why couldn’t prevent DONALD TRUMP from speaking to PMB of Nigeria the GIANTS of AFRICA.
        You better fallow your elders in TRAIN tagged FORWARD NIGERIA respect them for their VISION.
        Abusing and names calling of NATION’S PRESIDENT and citizens only defined one character and background.
        Nigeria is made of 36 States and Abuja presently as stated in the NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION.
        Nigeria we hail thee!


      This call is a diplomatic protocol . What those who are excited should understand is that Nigeria maintains a strategic position on the African continent and that makes such diplomatic niceties almost obligatory for any new US president. These calls do not mean special preference to Buhari, Zuma or Sisi rather it signifies the importance of Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria on the African continent.

      If the Trump administration will change policy towards the Christian and Shiite killing Sunni sectarian regime of Muhammadu Buhari remains a matter unknown, these are early days.

      • Rommel

        But they said the call never happened

    • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

      Rommel, please go over your write up and tell us the meaning.

  • The oneNigeria

    I am angry that my president has not addressed us and I believe his handlers has not managed his absence very well, but would I be happy for him to die ? God forbids . Infact I want my president to get well quickly and continue doing his good work .
    I am wishing my president a quick recovery and those praying for bad news will die first before my president.

    • Man_Enough

      your president addressed you through your representatives in the national assembly when he unequivocally handed over to the vice president in a very clear letter. at the airport he was questioned by newspaper reporters and he was shown explaining to everyone who cared to listen that he was proceeding on vacation.

      • The oneNigeria

        I believe he should have disclosed his illness. There is nothing to hide or be ashame of and the reason why he needed to address the nation from his sick bed is to put his distractors to shame .

    • So oju abe niko

      I’m not a foe or friend of President Buhari, but he is not supposed to address you while on vacation, especially a medical vacation. We have made too much political noise on the absence of the president for nothing. He handed over to the next guy in line in a proper manner. From the moment he handed over, he owes us nothing until he returns and takes the reign of power again.

      I will concede to you on one aspect though. PMB Buhari should not have received the call from President Trump. President Trump should have been directed to the acting president. That is a contradiction to the whole concept of handing over power. Apart from that miscue on the part of Buhari, the only other time we should have been worried about him is if his medical vacation continues for up to 3 months. Should that be the case, the NA may find the need to terminate his presidency on the ground of incapacity and install his deputy as the substantive president.

      • The oneNigeria

        I am more concerned about the unnecessary secrecy concerning the illness , there is nothing to be ashamed of or to hide . He did the right thing by handing over to the VP , but it would have been better if he adddressed the nation from his sick bed . I believe his handlers didn’t handle this well .

        • So oju abe niko

          I still don’t think that it is necessary to address the nation from his sick bed. On the other hand, I agree with you that the secrecy concerning his illness not acceptable, considering that we are footing the bill. And when you are the nation president we have the right, not a privilege, to know your health status, including details of current illness. Anybody who is not ready to disclose that should not run for presidency.

          That said, I know secrecy has to do with our silly African syndrome. Our institutional superstition do not allow us to tell anyone the details of our illness, including sometimes very close family members. Nobody dies in Africa, even the very aged, without being attributed to the “third eyes” This is why some of us who are living or have lived in the western world know nothing about our family health history. Whenever we fill questionnaires on family health history, the answer is always no, no and no to everything because we simply don’t know. When my father died about 20 years ago and I asked for a death certificate, the cause of death on the certificate was stated as “old age.” I would not be surprised if Buhari closest aides do not have any idea of his illness.

          • The oneNigeria

            You finished it . You are very correct and on point . We are too superstitious. I was even told not to get a life insurance because my wife would wish me dead and claim the money .

  • El Patron

    Even with this some people will still argue. The amount of hatred in this country is phenomenal