Apartheid struggle: South Africa to educate citizens about Nigeria’s role

Olusegun Obasanjo and Nelson Mandela

South Africa has concluded plans to re-introduce history in its academic curriculum so as to enlighten its citizens about Nigeria’s role in the fight against apartheid rule, an official has said.

South African Ambassador to Nigeria, Lulu Aaron- Mnguni, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Monday that the importance of the relationship between the two countries could not be over-emphasised.

“Both countries are tested partners. We have come a long way with Nigeria, a country that was so much relentless in supporting us in the days of apartheid rule.

“Nigeria is a country that gave profile to the international pillar of our revolution in the UN and the commonwealth; it is a country that received our youth during the apartheid.

“Our youth came to Nigeria and were given scholarship; it is a country that has been very much relentless in supporting us, despite the geographical difference that separates us,” he said.

The envoy said that the unity of the two countries was important and the youth must know about it.

He said that the introduction of history into the country’s school curriculum would go a long way in giving positive perception about Nigeria to the youth.

He said Nigeria was part of the countries that said “African cannot be free as long as South Africa is not free’’.

“We want our youth to know about this, we actually want to introduce this into our curriculum.

According to him, Nigerian public servants used to keep part of their salaries to fight for the course of South Africa, so that those young kids could be able to go to schools.

“We want the young ones, the youth of today to know about these. We actually want to reintroduce this in our history and it must form part of our curriculum.

“So our youth must know about this; so that this militancy and fighting between each other must stop.

“We need to go back and begin to enlighten the youth. So we need to write our own story so that our youth, our people in general will know where we have come from together,” he said.

According to him, there is need to address the issue of poverty in both countries so that desperation among the people which ends up in mistrust and suspicion can be removed.



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  • ekaorunk

    Can still remember 2 south Africans on Federal government full scholarship including boarding, feeding and books in my technical college early 80’s, while I was directly sponsored by my parents …today they are the ones killing innocent Nigerians in their country. very shameful and pathetic.

    • Adam Abbas

      Believe me I know a south African on Federal Govt scholarship who read medicine in the 1980’s when we were struggling to make ends meet. Last year at a seminar in Beijing we were subjected to verbal attack by south Africa delegation out of hatred for Nigeria. After I spent time to brief the south Africans and other delegates of how Nigeria spear headed the end of apartheid all other delegates rallies around us (Nigerian delegate). That was when the south African delegates were telling us that they don’t know anything about Nigeria apart from what they see in .Nigeria produced home videos or home movies. I was shocked.

      • Mkabayi

        “That was when the south African delegates were telling us that they don’t know anything about Nigeria apart from what they see in .Nigeria produced home videos or home movies. I was shocked”

        Why were you shocked? Does everyone in Nigeria know everything about South Africa? I don’t think so…

  • Watch man

    Whatsoever these South Africans complain about Nigeria will evaporate when you consider the monumental role played by Nigeria to ensure that SA was free from apartheid. Sonny Okosun alone devoted most of his songs to fighting apartheid. Obasanjo was a hero of the war against apartheid. Whatever be the grievance of SA against Nigerians can always be settled without destroying lives and properties. The earlier they introduce the history of their past the better for this young generation who know little or nothing about Nigeria.

    • Deansmart

      What about fela song (Animal with human skin#)

    • Mkabayi

      Many countries supported the anti- Apartheid struggle and those affected were grateful for that. This is reflected in the foreign policy SA has adopted since 1994. As we speak SA spends a lot of money supporting other African countries militarily and economically.

      SA has many illegal immigrants, refugees, economic migrants from Africa and other countries. Half of economically active Zim ppl are in SA. This when the country is struggling with its own poor people!! What more do you want SA to do? Surrender the country to Nigerains and other foreigners???

      It’s time to move on. SA younger generation has other priorities in their lives. To expect them to understand and relate to Nigerian support during Apartheid…way before they were born…is unrealistic. Their focus naturally is different. Some can’t even relate to role played by the homegrown ANC. Let’s be realistic and focus on what matters; developing the continent where we are.

  • Du Covenant

    Why did it take this long?

  • tony H

    This was the only foreign policy that every Nigerian was united behind. Till today, my father hates white South Africans.

  • Rommel

    So because we played a vital role in freeing them from Apartheid,would it be wise for them to now die from our own hands,with the levels of criminality unleashed on them by Nigerians,who would not resist? does not take much for hatred to spread

    • Tope PY

      Keep quiet, Nigeria isn’t half as violent as the South Africans themselves. I Live in South Africa, and this niggas kill people for cars or even phones. A Nigerian overseas would never do such.

      • Mkabayi

        You obviously choose to believe your lies that Nigerians are not criminals. If it makes you sleep well at night; good for you. But it is far from the truth. I wonder which SA you live in.

        You don’t need to take my word dor it. Just google “Nigerian drug dealers/criminals in South Africa”. Maybe you will wake up from the slumber you are in.

        Just last week 2 Nigerians and 2 Malawians foreign nationals killed the whole family in a farm attack.

  • Donald james

    where is southafrica?because have never heard of such thing as southafrica or seen it on map before,it like there are so poor to know about,illiterate people,they dont know anything,even their English is something else and so ugly,ewww.