U.S. President Trump speaks to Buhari today

U.S. President, Donald Trump
U.S. President, Donald Trump

The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump will speak with President Muhammadu Buhari today at 3:45 p.m. Nigerian time.

Mr. Trump, who was inaugurated on January 20, has been calling world leaders by phone as he begins a four-year mandate.

Reports said Mr. Trump was billed to speak to African leaders on Monday, and President Buhari who is currently on medical vacation in London, would be the first to be called.

South African president, Jacob Zuma, will be next on the line after Mr. Buhari.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, he said he was “yet to be briefed from London” and could not therefore, confirm or deny the expected call.

However, both Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geofrey Onyeama, and an aide of Mr. Buhari, Bashi Ahmad, confirmed the schedule on their verified Twitter handles.

“President Trump will speak with President Buhari at 3:45 PM Nigerian time, today,” Mr. Onyeama tweeted.

Also, Mr. Ahmad twitted, “President @MBuhari will speak to @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump today at 3:45 pm (Nigerian Time) from his London residence”.


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  • Asylum

    Mr ahmad said buhari will speak to trump from ‘his London residence’.


    • Adrusa

      Yes, where he is CURRENTLY RESIDING.

    • blackdove

      President’s residence at the Nigerian embassy. Buhari does not lodge at 5 star hotels like his predecessors. He stays at the Nigerian embassies when he travels out.

      • Otile

        In which clinic is he admitted? How much did we spend for his clinic in Abuja? What a waste.

        • amazing2012

          See all the comments here, you will know Christians have no work !

          • Otile

            Illah Illah Illala Mohammadu Rasulah. Muslimi, have you found your voice again? Mungo da Allah, Imam must be alive and well. Government propagandists using discordant voices sent you people in shock. To make matters worse one Odua imam posing as a primate gave confusing prophesies about Imam. I am glad to hear that a real human being is going to talk to Imam today. If the talk does not take place we know that Imam is not alive and nobody should allow the cabal to come near our treasury again.

      • Original_Raskal

        Stay in nigerian embassy for how long? He us voted to live in London? Mumu

  • donMe$$i

    I have been worried ever since this news was released.
    What if Trump asks Buhari where he is..and what he is doing there?

    • Malik Isah

      may be you should start by swallowing panadol !

  • Mamman Bako

    I hope they’ve both prepared interpreters, I don’t think they will understand each other.

  • Dagashhh

    Is Osinbajo no longer the ‘Acting President’? I thought they said Buhari handed over to him officially till he gets back from his voyage.

    • Reverie

      I can just imagine President Donald Trump later briefing White House correspondents in
      straight and direct language after his phone call with the African presidents at 6 pm eastern,
      as follows:

      Question: Mr. President you spoke with the Nigerian head of state Mr Buhari earlier
      today, can you tell us the key issues of bilateral agreements you both discussed

      “Look folks. Let’s be clear.
      Yes, I spoke with Buhari but that’s all can I say to you guys truthfully.
      Whether he spoke to me in return is something I need to find out from the
      tapes. It was all garbled. I was speaking to him in English, but you know, I can’t
      vouch what language he was speaking, I didn’t hear a word. Some of your
      colleagues have been reporting that Buhari is sick. I don’t know. It was all
      garbled, like cross wires. I just couldn’t make any clear sense of it. We’ll
      see as time goes on but it wasn’t one of my great phone discussions
      since arriving here at the White House”.

      • daniel

        @reverie, you are a genius. Exactly the way Trump speaks.

        • Höly Wähala

          You are an old pfool, how does your own accent sound in English to an American? Useless man.

          • E.O Anslem


            I am still tracking international news-reports. I am yet to see any report citing exactly what President
            Buhari said in response to President Trump who phoned this afternoon and lauded Nigeria for the
            release of a few Chibok girls – notwithstanding that those girls weren’t freed by any military action.
            The impression given is almost as if President Buhari said nothing or nothing significant or audible.

          • Höly Wähala

            Nothing like that in the news, stop searching… mesef don tire for searching!

      • Yankeeboy007


      • Höly Wähala

        Dr. Jona Dumbo wasn’t a good orator as well, spoke English with a heavy drunkard’s accent and was less articulate than Buhari so, shut the heck up… What is the title of Dumbo’s PhD Thesis remains an open question to you Niger Delta online miscreansts. Jona was an embarrassment to even his mother and you know it. Go siddon, two more years of Buhari to go and if you keep knocking him, I will expose your fraudulent ass to the APC so that you’ll get expelled from their mist… you can’t bite the fingers that feed you, @Ima Niboro! OLOSI.

        • Otile

          You see that you are a hater. While we are fasting, praying hard and some mourning you are here bashing the last administration as if Jona sent Imam to medical exile in winter.

          • AryLoyds

            Otile , Buhari has gone on an expedition, be respectful!

          • Höly Wähala

            Who are you fasting for exactly… Jona or Baba?
            I can understand if it’s for Jona’s political funeral in your slimy creeks but, how come you’re fasting for a man you claimed is dead, Baba Daura? You hate the dead, that’s how bad you are else… what are you fasting for Baba for if I’m to infer from your madness that he is a ghost worker on “exile in winter”…your ogogoro-damaged mouth. Oloshi. Get Lost ojare!

          • Otile

            unHöly Wähala,
            Hatred, bad mouth and insolence will not do you any good. Get real, Great Jona is no longer Höly Wähalathe president, your uncle Imam Dullard the Daura is. Stop living in the past. See what you and Yorubas did to us, you imposed this leper on us, you supported him with lies, propaganda and ungodliness, and now we are suffering recession, joblessness, and untold hardship. Come home and see for yourself APC falsehood and propaganda have crippled Nigeria. Don’t think you will escape the hardship other Nigerians are suffering…one day go be one day monkey go go market e no go come back.

      • PolyGon2013

        Buhari does not have to speak to Trump in English dummy. He could decide to speak in Hausa and let someone interpret it.

    • Höly Wähala

      Very good question but I think it was just a courtesy call with no actionable information to transfer. Trust me, if the US has credible information about an impending Boko Haram attack on Nigerian soil, the US President, Trump, would not wast time calling the Ag. President for instance, just checking out their African partners is no big deal… you should be worried about our President who is talkative to everyone else but Nigerians, how insensitive and disdainful. Yet, they want us to pray for someone who doesn’t give a hoot about us. Fiss!

  • Nate D Satan

    Actually President Trump will be speaking to President Muhammadu Yar’Adua.
    What is confusing about it?

  • Es3

    When Trump is discussing the future with other world during his calls, for Buhari/Nigeria it would just ‘a get well soon’ sentence at a time when serious bilateral issues should be on the table?!!!

    That’s how bad it is!

    • PolyGon2013

      Really? Nigeria is important to the USA and vice versa.

      • Es3

        Yes, she is. But what reasonable business can you possibly with a sick man … other than get well soon???!

  • Otile

    Why now? Why has President Trump chosen to speak with our Imam at this auspicious moment, why now? The conversation is capable of disclosing what is hidden about the mysteries surrounding Imam’s hale and hearty condition. If I had the power I would reschedule this talk for now let the South Africans, and Somalians go first. This talk is not going to do us any good. God forgive sin.


    FAILED PROPAGANDA ….. Did the other Presidents who had spoken with Donald Trump speak from a foreign country or from their own native country? …. Shame

  • Otile

    God save us. What Trump is doing to Buhari today is like: Nyanga dey sleep trouble dey wekam.

  • Al

    Donald trump is making a roll call, absentee will be dealt with -clown

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  • Adeyi

    Fake news! Let’s move on pls.

    • Otile

      You cannot dismiss every news you hear about Imam as fake. What if Imam is abducted by Boko Haram agents in London posing as good Fulani men, how are we going to know the truth?

  • Opekete

    We need to get our facts right. Trump is going to call Abuja not London and the President right now is Osinbajo. The President has given the power of that office to the VP in the interim.

    • PolyGon2013

      That is right. But who cares. All he would say is to continue our relationship.

  • isaac

    The next we will hear is that he had gone to visit Trump where he could also see his doctors?! Come on protocol, Nigerians are miles ahead of you?!!

  • PolyGon2013

    Who cares. Should Nigerians be break dancing over this?