UPDATE: Again, women storm court to protest Patience Jonathan’s ‘harassment’ over frozen $15 million

Women group storms court to protest Patience Jonathan's 'harassment'

A group of women called “Nigeria Women”, on Monday thronged the premises of the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court to protest former First Lady, Patience Jonathan’s  “harassed and maltreatment.”

The women, numbering up to 100 and led by Kate Onyejere, sang solidarity songs in support of Mrs. Jonathan.

“I am not satisfied today, some people came in today and said they needed time on the case and moved for an adjournment, that they needed time to study the matter and the judge moved for 6th March,” said Mrs. Onyejere.

“But we are not happy, they just want to punish the woman and keep prolonging the issue, the Nigerian women are not happy.”

Mrs. Jonathan had sued the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission after the agency froze bank accounts linked to her and containing  $15 million.

She is seeking to un-freeze the bank accounts she says belong to her and demanding $200 million as damages.

Earlier, Justice Mohammed Idris adjourned the matter to March 6.

The judge adjourned the matter following requests for more time by the defence team – those representing companies linked to Mrs. Jonathan – to study the case.

Also joined in the suit are Skye Bank Plc, and a former Special Assistant to ex-President Jonathan, Waripama-Owei Dudafa.

Others include Pluto Property and Investment Company Ltd, Seagate Property Development and Investment Company Ltd, Transocean Property and Investment Company Ltd and Globus Integrated Service Ltd.

On Monday, Ifedayo Adedipe, counsel to Mrs. Jonathan, said he had served his application to all the parties in the matter and he is ready to proceed.

The counsel to the EFCC, Anana Nkeruwem, also said the agency was ready for the case.

But Jeff Kadiri, counsel to the fourth, fifth, and sixth defendants who was holding brief for lawyer, Mike Ozekhome, pleaded for an adjournment as he was just briefed on the matter.

“We have just been briefed on this matter and I am holding the brief for Chief Mike Ozekhome and we would be craving the indulgence of the court to enable us file the necessary process,” said Mr. Kadiri.

Justice Idris, who confirmed that counsel to the 4th, 5th and 6th respondents were first served the application in 2016 and later served on February 1, queried the delay and asked why Mr. Jeff needed more time to go through the matter.

In his response, Mr. Kadiri said, “I am not in the position to know that fact my lord, like I said earlier, I am holding the brief for Chief Mike Ozokheme  who said whether the court could grant us the 16th of March.”

Outside the court room, the women continued their chants.

After Mrs. Jonathan filed the suit last year, the women had maintained a constant appearance at the court premises on every hearing date of the case.

Mrs. Onyejere said the former first lady is the only ex-president’s wife who stood by Nigerian women as well as touched their lives.

“I want to ask, why freezing this woman’s account, this woman has been an independent woman and was part of the women who sponsored her husband during the governorship race, to tell you she’s solid and independent.

“Why are they harassing her, going to her house with masks, is she a criminal, going to her mother’s house and they are going about saying they won’t touch the husband. When you touch a man’s wife, haven’t you touched the man? When you touch the child, haven’t you touched the man?

“This is the time for stakeholders in the country to speak up. The likes of General Abdusalam Abubakar, General Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, they should speak up now, this is the time.”

Mrs. Onyejere denied claims that she had collected N40 million from the former first lady to mobilise the women.

“I am sponsoring this myself, who can pay me? She asked.

“Who can pay these women here? Among them are doctors, lawyers and other professionals from various tribes and walks of life; how much can you pay each of them? Patience may be in Germany I don’t know but I sponsor these buses that bring us here everyday. So the answer is no, nobody pays me.”


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  • Watch man

    “But we are not happy, they just want to punish the woman and keep prolonging the issue, the Nigerian women are not happy.”
    Really! Who told you that Nigeria women are not happy? Go into the streets and say this and see if you will not be lynched. It is rented women like you that is the bane of Nigeria. Have you not heard about how the Brazilians punished their woman president with impeachment? Where were you when Diezani was raping Nigeria? Were you sick when Cecilia Ibru’s corruption was at large? What about the purchase of two BMW cars by Stella Odua with over N200m?
    What is wrong if a woman who claimed that over $15m in her bank account is for hospital bill is harassed and punished? Is that amount not enough to make a Nigerian hospital world class? Mrs. Onyejere you are a disgrace to not only women but also to Nigerians. With you and your likes, Nigeria would forever be successful in corruption and corrupt activities.

    • Otile

      Nigeria needs to divide, the hatred is stinking to high heavens. Once you hear that someone is from SS SE you start conspiring with the Fulanis to do evil. See what your Fulani master has done to Nigeria.

      • Watch man

        Otile indeed! What a pseudo-name!

        • Otile

          Is watch man your real cognomen? Hypocrite

          • Watch man

            Civility should be your watch word. Saiyr!

        • Julius

          Hahahahahahahaha !! He has like 4 monikers…keep reading. Sometimes he makes a comment with one and congratulate, tells himself how smart and grammatically sound he is with the other He calls that an intellectual. lolz, That’s the classic definition of a troll !!

      • Guest

        My guy stop being sentimental and regional minded with issues corcerning Naija, you are above that. If former president Jonathan did well, will he not be accepted?

  • Julius

    These shameless SS people are busy these days. !st,they had a welcome home celebration for a convicted thief, Ibori, next they had a thanksgiving in the church for him where a Bishop held him up as a shinning son of the soil and now they are storming the court in support of another thief mama piss. Somebody is sponsoring them. what a sad people.

    • Otile

      Yours is the case of the kettle calling pot black. Did you people not invite the Fulani herdsmen to celebrate with you when Bode George escaped from prison? Did Odua people not join hips with cattle Fulanis when Turai and the cabal looted the treasury? What did this lady do to you haters?

      • Julius

        Not at all Mr. “Intelletual”..You once again exposed yourself as not being bright. Google the responses and the outrage of many of us the Yorubas when that old thief Gorge had his thanksgiving and those that were there including the women dancing with their aso ebi. I don’t know what you meant by Odua people joining hips with “Cattle Fulani “…here again is your tribal insults but, it is most expected of you. I’ll let other be the judge.

        • Otile

          Iro ni, there was no outrage, the only people who complained were those who came late. Yes, the cattle Fulani passersby joined hips with Odua people during the merriment. Don’t doubt me because you were not there.

          • Julius

            “there was no outrage”, “the only people who complained were those who came late”. Mr. Intellectual, square that statement..lolz. Help me Jesus !!

  • Marcus Ijele

    Even if you were paid, do they not pay people to sing their praises?

  • Africa

    Shameless animals… these Niger Delta folks are something else. Someone should educate them that stealing is corruption and corruption is considered a crime by our Constitution.

  • thusspokez

    A group of women called “Nigeria Women”, on Monday thronged the premises of the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court to protest former First Lady, Patience Jonathan’s “harassed and maltreatment.”

    Does the Nigerian police have water cannons?

    Ladies don’t like their hairs wet. So strategically, placing even one water cannon in front of the court entrance will put many a woman off protesting– even the ‘rent-a-protester’ type.

    • Otile

      You are an evil man. Why would you encourage unruly Fulani sanda to hose women protesting injustice? Unfortunately for you Buhari is not going to live forever. Traitor

      • kinsly

        Otile mumu. Internet troll. Your days are numbered on this forum.

        • Otile

          Back to sender. Where is your imam?

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Lolzzz! That’s real strategic thinking,it’ll work wonders

  • sammyctu ode

    These are jobless illiterate crowd renting girls (not women cos they are all immatured) who are always on standby to go to any place to protest for the wrong reasons. I’m sure they were also at Oghara for the convicted shameless con artist called Ibori. Their body odours worst than those of pigs cos the N100 given to them by patience not enough to wash their SS attires. They are all packed in a 14 seater bus without A. C lapping each other like sardines. What a shame that these women never have the opportunities to attend primary schools. This patience who stole us blind is telling lies to these illiterate girls that the whooping $15M was a gift from friends. No wonder dollars is so scarce cos dumbo and patience cleared/mopped up everything from CBN & NNPC. Even the aborigines living in thick forests are far intelligent than these illiterates from ND.

    • Otile

      Ode, go wash your stinking mouth with soap and hot water.

  • kayode Olufade

    The accounts are not in her name how can she demand the account unblocked. She has possession of the ATM linked to the account but still not in her name. The protest: whether staged or not, is uncalled for as well as Mrs Jonathan’s suit against the efcc as she has no judicial claim to the accounts

  • bulus

    People from the SS and SE have since crossed the Rubicon of redemption, I wonder how we found ourselves in the same geographical space as these monkeys..

  • Apostel

    “50 Kobo women” protesting for a looter, give them 50 Kobo more and this bunch of bush women are willing to do much more…

  • SAM .A

    They called themselves Nigeria Women , but we know them as the 100 Jezels of our time , they are crumb eaters , they thrive in the midst of people’ s suffering in the presence of massive looting by their heroine Patience Jonathan and her husbands tenure . These Jezebellians worship in the ultar of corruption , they wish Jonathan, the fantastically corrupt should still be at the helm , where they have Acess to free looting and plunder and every day organize women jamboree with free cash , food and drinks with free ‘ rapa’ to match . These are the 100 who had benefitted tremendously from the 6 years of locust . They look to me as never have moral upbringing and decency , they sleep and wake up with corruption wine and dine with corruption . They are all suffering from Stolcholm Sydrome . Did they ever ask Madam Dia is godu o o , what job or business she did to get the $s , she was a Perm Sec in Bayelsa , lived in Aso Rock,Abuja as First Lady , yet collected salary and allowances for job she did not do , and collect all the windfalls of Frst Lady .
    We should all examine the families of these cheap 100 women and see the type of corrigible children they contributed to this decaying society . It is time for men & women of courage and integrity to reclaim Nigeria glory we had before oil ,where if you get or bring home anything above your earnings you are questioned and labeled . They all live in fantasy island not Lagos Island .

  • Awe Olubukola David

    Why people can’t just reason for a First Lady who wasn’t working during the regime of her husband to have had $15m traced to her account is abnormal and yet these fools who call themselves Fake Nigeria Women or SS/SE Women. These hired fools should asked how much do they have in their individual accounts. I bet some of them don’t even operates an account. We are watching you loot drivers and promoters our society does not have a place for you idiots.