PDP’s 16 years responsible for Nigeria’s problems — Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

A national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has called on Nigerians to be patient with the federal government to enable it repair the damage inflicted by the previous administrations.

Addressing protesters outside his Ikoyi, Lagos, home on Monday, Mr. Tinubu said the current foreign exchange scarcity could be a blessing in disguise, for Nigerians to begin relying on locally made goods.

“They are in two years into their administration,” Mr. Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, said.

“To make those changes effective and positive eventually, you have to be patient. The damage of 16 years will go through the system, you cannot get water out of a dry lake.

“I’m not worried about the exchange rate because your salary should be in naira, and you are not an importer. Maybe that is even teaching us a lesson to be dependent on our domestic product. I understand what your grievances are all about, unemployment, to tackle security, corruption is seriously being attacked.”

Hundreds of protesters on Monday marched through Nigerian streets demanding government’s accountability, transparency, and a reduction in the cost of governance.

In Lagos, the protesters, escorted by the police, marched from the National Stadium in Surulere, through Ojuelegba, to the National Theatre where the organisers addressed the crowd.

In Abuja, they marched from the Unity Fountain towards the Presidential Villa but was denied access by armed security officials.

In Uyo, a group of mostly unemployed youth gathered at the Ibom Plaza where they demonstrated against the economic hardship in the country.

On Monday, the federal government responded to the protests saying it understands the grievances of Nigerians who took part in the exercise.

“You deserve a decent life and we are working night and day to make life easier,” vice president Yemi Osinbajo said in a statement.

“I know that uppermost in your minds today is the economic crisis, the recession for many individuals and families is real. For some it means not being able to pay school fees, for others it is not being able to afford the high cost of rice, millet, or of local or international travel. And for many of our young people, the recession means joblessness, sometimes after graduating from university or polytechnic.”


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  • Höly Wähala

    Bola Tinubu even compared the economic harship to traffic jam, claims it is temporary hitch but a driver will eventually get to his destination albeit, late… forgeting that folks die in traffic accidents, thugs rob in traffic jams, and getting there is not the point but, meeting the appointment for which you set out is most vital. Getting to your destination in a coffin is no use to ordinary Nigerians, the demand is for oxygen now so that one who makes it to the promised land does not slump upon getting there. A big Thank You! to Ms. Moremi Ojudu, who led the assault on thief Bola Tinubu’s luxurious residence while ordinary Nigerians pull nails with their teeth just to afford their daily Agege Bread…

  • Mamman Bako

    Asiwaju has joined the FAKE NEWS brigade. No problem 2019 is around the corner.

    • Julius

      Yeah, and you will have us believe that the years of the pdp ruining the country doesn’t count, That it has nothing to do with where we are now as a country . Right ? I’m sure that you also believe that hings were so nice when the apc took over the leadership of the country. Yeah, sure !

  • Rommel

    The same Nigerians that celebrate when militants and criminals blow up vital national assets are still the ones who are protesting that things are tough and no electricity,wicked people ,Nigeria will outlive all of them

    • Julius

      Same folks that celebrated and welcomed Ibori back to his / their state. No be so ?

    • sab

      Did pipeline blowing start today? Were the militants not blowing up oil installation before Ya’Adua mended fences with them? Yours is to always pass the buck, thrive on blame game and propaganda. Wake up, campaign period is over or are you still testing for 2019? By the way, is oil the only means Nigeria can survive? What about the ports authority? Have you ever tried to find out how much FG rakes in monthly or annualy from the ports? Look Rommel, Nigerians are wiser now. Nobody is ready to swallow hook, line and sinker these deceits any more. Yes, you are being paid for your continued defense of the defenceless, but stop dragging your fate too far. You are not talking to babies, right?

    • Jay one

      With this comment, you are as st*pid as you hero , Buhari. You better dont ket people lynch you. S*lly boy.

    • Emmie

      abeg tell them o oo i over tire for people mata o o

  • Analyst

    Tinubu has started raising his voice again. I can see new level of energy coming from the knowledge that Osinbanjo will soon be the president of Nigeria. Tinubu’s spirit is alive again. He recently lost hope in Buhari and went silent, now he is preparing defence ahead for his boy.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Tinubu, if you have nothing to say, then get out of here! If you don’t know the difference between election campaigns and government performance then you are just one of those dummies in government. In any case, this silly statement from you just goes further to show in actuality that your APC and the government have nothing to offer Nigerians!

    Government and party of fakes!

  • jouncle

    An irresponsible and shameless comment from a selfish and self centered Brute !
    Shame on his senseless and low-life sycophants

  • Psalm Baba

    Yes, I agree but instead of this APC government to bring solutions to our problems, they offer us more problems, infact by their incompetence they are part of the problem, and they are still insistent on floating the naira further thinking it will eliminate black market vakue, idiots and morons, they will kill us with their incompetence, it won’t work, Dollars will still be channelled to flow to the parallel market and make extra profit, all the banks will continue to,do round tripping, the DISCO Psalm will continue to put their money in a parallel market, Dollars will still be scarce and the high demand but slow supply will make the black market still have its own increased price and flourish, but the damage would have already been done and Nigerian, assessment, our economy and manufacturing will continue to suffer decline cus of idiots and morons, who are doing governemnt by trial and error, trying to get it right and clapping for themselves when the resukts and woeful and abysmal, may GOD save us from these people, we are like men married to wives who are terrible cooks and have to keep managing poor food with the excuse that there isn’t enough ingredients, somebody is spoiling the soul etc when the truth is that the one in the kithcen can’t cook.

  • Justice and Truth

    PDP took over from the military and APC took over from PDP, so comparing on this basis, who has performed better between APC and PDP? What was crude oil price when PDP took over power and how much when APC took power?

    • suleiman

      So what point are you making here? Is oil the only mineral resource Nigeria owns? This country is blessed with every mineral you can ever think off. We have the second largest deposit of iron owe in the world, large deposits of goal and diamond and this is apart from the rich agricultural land and a human resource of over 170 million. Your APC government can donate money to Hilary Clinton’s campaign while Nigerians are starving. Tell me , is that how to manage our resources? You borrow to donate, is that what we mean by management? Does the price of oil really matter in the management of Nigeria’s economy. The higher the price, the more the looting and the suffering of Nigerians. So it is not about oil price but management. Corruption has permeated the fabric of the Nigerian society that it has become ingrained in the Nigerian DNA. Whether it a Jonathan or a Buhari, corruption galore continues. I dear say that there is more corruption now than during the time of Jonathan. Just read the papers and if you are honest, you will say nothing has changed!

      • Justice and Truth

        Thank you for being honest my brother. My post was to draw the attention of Nigerians to how to evaluate the performance of a government in view of Tinubu’s wicked insinuations of PDP destroying Nigeria for 16years. APC and supporters say the fall in crude oil prices is the reason for their failure when it is clear it is a problem of lack of quality management and leadership

  • suleiman

    Tinubu should be the last person to talk about the damage done by PDP since he was part of that 16-year damage. Tinubu still owes Nigeria Nigeria over N400 billion in undelivered fuel through during the fuel subsidy regime of PDP. Please deliver the fuel to Nigeria and then you can now talk. The last checks revealed that Oando and Conoil owned by Tinubu and Odetola together have over N700 billion of undelivered fuel to Nigeria. I challenge the APC government to investigate the fuel subsidy scandals of the PDP. I believe they cannot do it because the biggest rogues in the oil business are APC chieftains! You may escape the judgement day in Nigeria, but you cannot escape God’s judgement day. Unless you repent, you will spend eternity in HELL! HELL is real and all these rogues will definitely be there unless they repent.

  • Curtx Maccido

    I can’t believe what am reading from tinubu….he was the ‘main’ packager of buhari/osinbajo ticket and sold a weak/incompetent president and even promised all sort of goodies to all, now that the president is not effective and even unavailable, i expect him to apologize to all and express disappointment rather than saying what is not possible and loads of craps…..anyway, i believe it’s time we take over from all the ‘oldies’ and chart our course – these guys have nothing to offer!

  • Charles

    Tinubu statement is a manifestation of a man whose brain has migrated from his head to his anus.

  • Owoeye Gbenga

    This is unbelievable statement from a man who thronged us into this hardship by deceiving Nigerians to vote for incompetent man,a man of low IQ to rule a country like Nigeria.Tinubu should be ashamed of himself for this bias and sentimental statement.I am really disappointed in him.You caused all these hardship,hunger,suffering and joblessness for Nigerians.We all knew that corruption was prevalent in last administration which of course is still on going in this administration on a daily basis.We voted for you because you and your party lied to us that you will do this and that but unfortunately you and your party APC even performed woefully and worse than PDP.PDP administration is far better than this that was why people did not complain too much but can I tell you sir that your party APC led govt is the worst govt ever in the history of this country.Nigerians have never had it tough like this before the truth must be told.You promised so many things and you and your fake party deceived us for voting for you and your incompetent presidential candidate.You failed us,Mr Tinubu.You disappointed us,Mr Tinubu.Nigerians need apology from you for deceiving us.This is not the change we voted for at all.This change is calamitous and pathetic.Imagine how much is a bag of rice now and how much was it before May 29,2015.How much is a litre of fuel now and how much was it before May 29,2015.How much is a litre of kerosene now-N350 and how much was it before May 29,2015-N100.The essential commodities in the market is out of reach for the masses and you are still talking of PDP cause this cause that.I am not happy with you at all.Please stop talking to us because you are annoying us Mr.Tinubu.For what you are saying,we want to go back to that PDP now because we now know they are better of.Our eyes have opened.During their rein,nobody was committing suicide because of hunger and suffering.At least we were able to feed comfortably.Those who stole our money and ran to your shameless party nko,didn’t you welcome them into your party? The likes of Orji Uzor Kalu and co who ran into your party for cover have they not escaped from prosecution? The likes of Babachir Lawal whose corruption is hanging on his neck nko?Ameachi and co nko?So, stop deceiving Nigerians.You and your party have failed us.


      These politicians believe that education only means speaking English language!

      They fail to realize that mathematics is taught in Schools as well.

      We can tell where a party will end up in four years time based on the simple formula of DISTANCE = TIME X SPEED.

      OR more formally, Speed = Distance/Time.

      So, if this Tinubu guy is trekking from Ajegunle to Panya, we don’t have to wait until he gets to his destination to know how long it will take him. We can calculate that even before he starts on his journey. But these half educated big men with pot bellies don’t know this.

  • Buhari d daft cow.

    Tinubu u are a pillock.

  • Emona

    Mr. Tinubu, sir if after all these months in government you are still playing the blame game then I am sorry to tell you this “shut up sir”

  • naubiko

    Yes Ooh!! Jagban!! PDP is also responsible for Buhari’s sickness!