Celebration in Delta as Ibori arrives hometown

The ancient town of Oghara in Ethiope West local Government Area of Delta was in a carnival mood on Saturday as former governor James Ibori arrived home after being deported to Nigeria on the completion of his jail term in a UK prison.

Mr. Ibori, who was convicted by a British court on charges of money laundering, arrived at the Benin Airport on Saturday aboard a chartered plane, IZYAIR, with registration number India Zulu Yanky (5NIZY). He was initially scheduled to land at Osubi Airport in Warri.

The flight, a Challenger 60, landed at Benin airport at about 2.25pm

Mr. Ibori stepped into his country home Oghara at about 3:30 pm.

His residence was thronged by well-wishers and political associates, who came to rejoice with him.

Outside of his residence, Oghara was in frenzy. Hundreds of people marched round the town carrying leaves while some painted their faces with chalk. Musical bands entertained the crowd at various points.

Ighoyota Amori, a former senator representing Delta Central, said the return of Mr. Ibori was a good omen to the people.

“We are happy that Ibori is back, people are jubilating, the crowd you see here and the enthusiasm that has been displayed today showed that we really missed him.

“This is the only way for us to appreciate that our leader who left us long ago is back.

“His coming is a beginning of so many good things to come, by his presence today, l am sure we are gaining back all we have lost.

“Ibori remains in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), but it is not time to discuss politics. All his followers around are members of PDP,” Mr. Amori said.

Lovett Idisi, member representing Ethiope East and Ethiope West Federal Constituency, thanked God for the safe return of Mr. Ibori.

“We prayed that all our PDP faithful should be steadfast now that we have a pure political direction.

“Their support has not been in vain, I believe now that our leader is out, we will have a sense of direction.  We are a sheep with a shepherd right now.

“In my constituency, we now have somebody to consult without travelling overseas,” Mr. Idisi said.

One of Oghara’s youth leaders, Efe Moses, said the return of Mr. Ibori would turn things around for the good of the town.

“We are grateful to God for the return of our chief (Ibori). Sure things will turn around for better from now on in Oghara.

“Ibori is our father and we can die because of him,’’ Mr. Moses said.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that security was beefed up to maintain law and order within and outside the Ibori residence.


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  • Alex Gogome

    A little child of say 14 years in Oghara today
    will keep a long memory of the ‘heroic homecoming’ of James Ibori and
    resolve to become a thief when he too grows up, so as to be celebrated for
    looting the community and the country at large. That’s the lowly and heinous
    value that Buhari and his enablers imprint on the minds of growing Nigerians.

    • Dejandon

      You started well but ended up putting your hatred of Buhari into it. What has Buhari to do with the arrival of the thief into the land he looted and being celebrated by his ignorant victims?

      • ok, now his “victims are celebrating’? and whats De, Jan, is that sis or janice? DON, is that don or D O N? What’s the D stand for? lol

        • NoSpinEd


      • Dgreatest

        Cos he should have been arrested upon arrival in Nigeria at the airport

        • B.Junior




    • Sir Louis

      How is Buhari responsible for this misguided celebration?

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Good point with your example with the 14 year old child. However the Buhari you brought into it was the code…

  • celebrating a corrupt someone who was in jail> what is jail to you, golf?

  • Du Covenant

    Very soon he will contest for the President of Nigeria, what a shame!. We celebrate criminals and chastise the honest. How can we make progress if this is how we think?.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      He can only contest for president of Ethiope youth and thieves council.

  • newday

    Nigerian justice system must now reclaim its honor by prosecuting Ibori.

  • D. Aftermath

    Folks make no mistakes he will be prosecuted for looting our commonwealth trust me.

  • Haba mallam

    People jubilating and celebrating the return of James Ibori to Nigeria, these are the same Niger Deltants whom he stole from and looted their treasury naked, these same people are blaming others for the pollution and underdevelopment of the Niger Delta especially Northern Nigeria and revenging by bursting pipe lines. The black race has no hope.

    • Sir Louis

      True talk Mallam. FG should no longer take the complaints of these people about underdevelopment seriously. May God help us.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      what has the celebration of the Ethiope people have to do with the whole Niger Deltans? Nigerian Tribes are all Barbaric, primitive, murderous. Biased and inconsequential. so your teibe is no better than the people of Ethiope. We the Nigerians that have abandoned our failed ancestral teachings and ways are those who truly love this country and the children.

  • Sir Louis

    Thank God this thieving Governor came back to Nigeria when we are in the middle of an anti- corruption war. President Buhari should ensure the man is tried for all what he stole and sent back to a Nigerian prison. Normal people do not celebrate criminals. Or are the people of his town telling us he their role model? One is sure that right- thinking Deltans are not celebrating the return of an ex- convict!

  • Angry Niaja

    Ighoyota Amori, a former senator representing Delta Central, said the return of Mr. Ibori was a good omen to the people.
    “We are happy that Ibori is back, people are jubilating, the crowd you see here and the enthusiasm that has been displayed today showed that we really missed him. This same Amori was a Senator for a few weeks and booted out, he massively rigged his election, these are the same same thieving, people of dubious character celebrating the ex convict Ibori, birds of a feather. It was a show of shame, and Deltans should condemn this.

  • Apostel

    In Oghara in Ethiope West’s local government area of delta, the stupidity is worn like a warming coat

  • Powerlessconscious

    The products of PDP govt is the root of all evils in Nigeria today. PDP has destroyed a lot of life up to the points that Nigerians LOVES thieves. God of heaven, I pray to you. NEVER ALLOW PDP to rule Nigeria again. Nigeria needs some sanity.



  • Okokondem

    A young deltan or any state for that matter aspiring to public service, who may have been instructed at school or church that stealing from the community, the state or the country is a crime, must be terribly conflicted and confused watching the ongoing celebration of Ibori’s return from jail. And you want to talk to me about war against corruption? Goodluck!


    Then we need to urgently send apology to all armed robbers that have being killed in delta state in the past ,since ibori who stole billions is now been celebrated,a man who killed pregnant women by embezzling money meant for hospital equipping ,killed the youth by looting money for job creation, and many more indirect death from robber ibori tactical robbery,this act of societal madness is a shame on the whole society ,I call on the Senate to sanction this shameless senator called amori,he is not fit to be a senator,how can a lawmaker be celebrating a law breaker,ibori,irrespective of your organized welcome brouhaha,you are a disgrace to the black nation,most useless Nigeria politician to go abroad and earn an award as first ex governor to serve in British prison,please don’t forget that you are barred from any public service as an ex convict,shameless man.

  • Curseless

    The so called poor and down trodden Nigerians are their own worst enemy. The fact that this man robbed them blind and impoverished them doesn’t matter now since the “home boy” has finally landed.In the good old days this Ibori will varnish into the thin air because of the shame he had caused his family, but now he is being celebrated as a conqueror of sort. When I hear people say things will change in Nigeria all I can say is “for which side” The peopl’s conscience is in a coma when it comes to telling it like it is to the si called thieves called leaders

  • Lanre

    Chief Awolowo who ruled the Western Region made it mandatory for people to be educated. An uneducated and largely illiterate populace like we have in Delta State cannot know Right from Wrong. An educated citizenry is essential to democracy. Ask Americans who just voted for Trump.

  • Impulse400

    Even Policemen are rejoicing the return of Ibori… (lol) “Who be mumu…?”

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    only black people would do such. Only Nigerians.. SMH

    • Julius

      Bruv, the outside world are shaking their collective heads !. These are the same people crying daily because of lack of drinking water and many other stuff. They are dancing to welcome one of the people that is keeping them in their worst situations. Na wa oo

  • raji

    With what happened in Delta state yesterday I wipe for this country. What message are we really sending to the young ones and other part of the world.

  • Emem Sunday Umoh

    I had the believe that we are the most sophisticated and intelligent people in Africa, I was wrong, a certain group of people in Nigeria, are still fools and idiots in disguises. It is sad, very sad. I lived in warri for three years, I saw the poverty situation of this oil rich state, Delta state. It was sickening that in the midst of plenty, there were so many people who could not feed or clothed themselves and yet at the same period this criminal was the Governor of this same state. He was convicted before and has been convicted yet again. Still the same people he robbed rollout drum to welcome him from prison. I strongly believe he will rob them again if given the opportunity, because once a thief is always a thief except otherwise cleansed by God.

  • SAM .A

    Did you see two Nigerian Police celebrating the arrival of Ex CONVICT with some Delta state people ? This officially confirmed the grand father or godfather of corruption , looting and pillaging is back. All these Delta people , including the police are sick suffering from Stockholm Syndrome , these police were protecting him , when the authority were looking for him before he escaped . In 8 years he stole 50% of Delta State allocations , now he is back , the same people will vote for him to go to Senate , retirement (nursing) home of convicts , fraudulent governors and criminals . These people have lost their soul to devil and corruption . May The Lord save Nigeria.Delta State is the 2nd well paid state among all oil producing states , yet lots of its people are as poor as church rat.

  • Sera Adebayo

    A MEMORANDUM FROM THE NIGERIA- C,U,S,T,(0),M’-A,U,C,T,I,0,N ,M’,A,R,K,E,T IT IS A VERY REAL AND LEGITIM’ATE 0FFER FR(0)M’ THE NIGERIA- C,U,S,T,(0),M’-A,U,C,T,I,0,N ,M’,A,R,K,E,T, (0)PENED F(0)R 2017, C(0)ntact custom GALBA 08065750820 A BAG (0)F RICE (50KG) C(0)STS #6500 . Y(0)U CAN BUY FR(0)M’ 10 BAGS AND AB(0)VE T(0)DAY . . N(0)TE: DELIVERY IS BETWEEN TW(0) DAYS AFTER PU_RC_HA_SE AND IS NATI(0)NWIDE, N(0)TE: delivery fees must been paid before delivery..

  • AryLoyds

    The only good thing here is that he has served real jail time , but in Nigeria he would have never ,just like other corrupt politicians , even the British Gov are corrupt in their own way as they would never return the loot. So thats like a senior arm robber stealing from a junior arm robber , the only difference is that the senior one has a higher rank and will keep all the goodie goodie to himself !..

  • Julius

    Buhari can’t do anything to prevent these morons welcoming him back to their hell hole. What he can do is make sure that the appropriate authority prosecute his ass. I think that will be done .

  • Julius

    Same here…to be honest with you. Lets keep hope alive sha !