Police warn TuFace to cancel anti-government protest


The Nigeria Police Force on Friday called on Innocent ‘TuFace’ Idibia and others planning an anti-government protest for February 6 to immediately shelve the plan.

In a statement issued late Friday from the Force Headquarters in Abuja and signed by police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood,  the police said there was credible intelligence that the demonstration could turn violent.

“Innocent Idibia (a.k.a Tuface) and his group are hereby strongly advised to shelve their planned peaceful protest/demonstration in the interest of peace and security,” the police said.

Mr. Idibia called a “massive nationwide protest” about two weeks ago,  citing government’s alleged inaction in the face of worsening economic crisis in the country.

The police first said they would support the match, then changed their mind on the grounds that the rally could turn violent.

Several pro-democracy groups and activists have already pledged to join the protest organised by Tuface, one of Nigeria’s most popular musicians.

However, the police said they were in ‎”possession of credible intelligence reports that other interest groups are equally planning to hold a counter protest/matches on the same days at the same places/cities as the Tuface Group.”

Read the full statement by the police below:


The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to publications in the media on the planned protests slated for 5th and 6th February, 2017 in Lagos and other States by different groups, one to be  led by the popular musician INNOCENT IDIBIA aka TUFACE and other opposing groups.

2.    Nigeria Police Force is deeply concerned with the security implications with regard to the planned protest/demonstrations, and  as  the lead security Agency in the country, is fully aware and recognizes the constitutional rights  of every citizen (including  Tuface and his group) to assemble and move freely in any part of the country.

3.   In this regard, the Force is also cognizant of its constitutional responsibilities of taking any proactive/ preventive security measures:-

i.       In the interest of public safety, public order, public morality or public health.

ii.    For the purposes of protecting lives and property, as well as the constitutional rights  and freedom of other citizens.

4.   The Nigeria Police Force is currently in possession of credible intelligence reports that other interest groups are equally planning to hold a counter protest/matches on the same days at the same places/cities as the Tuface Group. If these various planned protests/ demonstrations are held as scheduled, that there may be breakdown of law and order, with attendant loss of lives and property.

5.       To this end, the Nigeria Police Force deems it imperative to issue this press release:-

i. That Innocent Idibia (a.k.a Tuface) and his group are hereby advised strongly to shelve their planned peaceful protest/demonstration in the interest of peace and security.

ii. That the other opposing groups are equally advised strongly to shelve its planned counter protest/demonstration in the interest of peace and security.

iii. That the Nigeria Police Force is prepared to employ every possible legal means for the maintenance of law and order; and for the protection of lives and property.

6.      Consequently, members of the public, parents and guardians, religious/opinion leaders and other interest groups are strongly advised to prevail on their children and wards, followers and adherents not to allow themselves to be used by any group to cause disturbance of public peace and break down of law and order.






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  • omotayo omotosho olanipekun

    We have never ever witnessed this kind of hardship in Nigeria.
    Even for those who r ‘comfortable’, the number of needy people bombarding for help on a daily basis is scary!
    This goverment couldn’t keep their eyes on the ball.
    The entire goverment officials were trying to outdo themselves in singing about kwaroption and how holy they were.
    Kwaroption! Kwaroption!! Kwaroption!!! For over a year!
    Finally constituted a so called economic team after the economy was in shambles!
    This APC gwamnent is a disaster!
    The real pointer to this fact is the way the likes of kay soyemi, wahala, TundeMESS/tunsj/julius, Maria, amazing2012, etc have taken to their heels!
    Hiding in shame! Ghost mode!
    Na laff we go dey laff dem oooo!!

  • prince ola

    It is unfortunate that the govt whom we willingly voted into power has turned itself into a wepon of tyranny. Though someone like me is not supprised by their action . the Nigeria police shld try to be less partition to safe its name bcos govt will always change but people will remain n Nigeria police will remain . no matter what the voice of the voiceless will be heard one day

    • Powerlessconscious

      What good thing will cone out of the protest?

      • Harry

        what good thing will come out from your being idle and scared to protest for your right?

        • Powerlessconscious

          I said what GOOD THING will be the result of the protest? This is not a matter of scare. What will be the achievement is the question?

          • Harry

            My question is what will be the achievement if we remain docile and hidden behind our doors when life is becoming unbearable. It is better to protest than remaining silent at home.

          • Powerlessconscious

            But you know if the protest will not achieve any good thing, then it does not worth it. There is different between protest and solidarity. Solidarity goes beyond the future and it is always emotional. So the memory is always good. It is more effect bring awareness of people in powers to a situation. And there is always a fast attention because of the emotion.
            Protest most time is means of taking revenge in Nigeria politics. There is NO SINCERITY concerning good wishes for the country. It is always an avenue for enemies to take a PSYCOLOGICAL REVENGE against the other. It is not actually because they want the country to move forward. It is because they want to make their enemies sad. So, I will rather sit in my house and think of how to survive because the protest WILL NOT YIELD GOID FRUIT. Infact some people might die that day because most protest in Nigeria always take atleadt one person life.

          • Harry

            Is your sitting back at home worth it? It is better to air your views peacefully
            rather than suffer silently.

          • they’ll get over it…20 years from now it will be over.

          • Senator D

            It’s better to try and fail. Rather not trying at all…I stand with Tuface!

          • you seem to know a lot about revenge…i wonder why.

          • I think they’re worried about watching the game in peace. lol

          • Darlington

            Outcome will be that Buhari and his clueness aides will feel the pains of Nigerians. Coward and hypocrite!

          • Powerlessconscious

            I know. The protest is for revenge. So no good thing is coming out. It is a waste if time.

          • How would you know? Do you embark on paths of revenge?

          • Senator D

            Wait and see…Surulere Ogbeni!

      • your arrest.

  • Ade Musa

    As of last 2 years i was nothing in peoples eye. they laugh when they see me but today, all i do is to help their life and their family, tanks to baba kekere who show me the way out of poverty. some of our problem are caused by enemies.and also bad family ones. call baba kekere 4 ur self 09060019636 do not let shame bring u down.

  • Nkem


    Please suspend whatever you are doing on the 6th and come out to join this protest, if you have a message to send to this government. My own specific grudge is the SECRET RECRUITMENT exercises that has become the policy of this government. Poor Nigerians voted this government but it is only the children and relations of the rich and powerful who are considered good enough to be recruited into the civil service.


    Be careful the way you handle this protest because it is like play like play like this you people will turn this matter into a major turning point for Nigeria. What Biafra and Boko Haram did not do to this country issues like this may well succeed in causing for Nigeria simply because of your infantile and unimaginative handling of a simple democratic process.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Shutup. Are you not biafraud again. What concern you in Nigerian protest? At least no Nigerian joined biafraud protest. Mind you, this is a protest innitiated by YORUBAT who you HATE and ABUSE on every media.

      • Temitope Temiloluwa

        Get life I beg, is Tuface from the East.?. must u bring Ur foolishness on board here always?

        • Powerlessconscious

          Sorry. Tuface is a Nigerian I wanted to type. But you don’t need to respond like a mad dog. Are you also a biafraud?

      • Darlington

        Until Biafran State is granted, every Biafran has right to discuss Nigerian issues. I stand with Tuface.

        • after reading all of the comments I still don’t know who he is or what your version of ‘protest’ means.

  • Engineer

    Am absolutely certain that the journalist in charge of this publication is tired as well … even those in the NPF are feeling the heat of the current situation in the country …. Be it as it may … #iStandwithNigeria on Monday 6th February 2017 ….

  • Water No Get Enemy

    Right thinking Nigerians should boycott this planned protest in Lagos and advise the organizer to go to Benue State or Abuja FCT to start the protest or heed the call of the police to call off the planned protest. Protests cannot change the situation rather it will compound it and disrupt the peace we have in Lagos state,after all they say “charity begins at home” let him start his protest in Markudi,Benue State his home state or go to Abuja the seat of FG he wants to protest against.

    • Temitope Temiloluwa

      U can’t be Right Thinking with this your animalistic comment. Every Nigerian has the right to be heard. Suffering and Smiling

      • Randle Oke

        You are a true Nigerian!!! I hail you brother. You don’t need to be Briafran, Arewa-n or Afenifere-n to understand Buhari and his team don’t have a clue.

    • Darlington

      Reserve that useless advice to wrong thinking Nigerians like you.

  • raji

    The so called Tuface refuse to reject the public money Akpabio use for him during his wedding, even after the wedding it was public money that was use for him for honey mood in Dubai, also let him return the money PDP loted which was give to him during the 2015 election. He has no moral right to organize public protest.

    • Darlington

      Who made you moral bench? Nothing will stop an idea whose time has come! I stand withTuface! Why is Buhari jittery? Was it not the same protest APC used to gained power? Chronic hypocrites!

      • raji

        It’s people like you that Tuface will deceive not someone one like me. I still stand by my word he has no moral right to lead a protest. I wish you calculate the tax payer money that was used for him during his wedding and see how many poor people that money can empower. We are all in this country when PDP was sharing tax payer money for them during the 2015 election. There anger is that no more awufu money for them again

        • systematic

          good reply

        • Abiola

          are u calculating the tax payer money used by PMB and his family (Aisha n UK comes to mind) jetting around since he came to power for this n that. even in this recession.. ?

          are u calculating the huge exodus of investors and local businesses been suffocated due to mismanagement of our economy?

          are u calculating the huge job loss in different sectors of d economy, under a govt that promised youth employment..? the list is endless, don’t be a moron…

          • environmental unit and golf cart parties..is he after them too?? lmao.
            if he should be chasing anyone it should be bill oc! is he? he’s in his state…or is his group engaging in same?

        • now it’s his wedding Mr. Cert forging Dentist DMD, MD..I think you are delusional.

    • Senator D

      Who gave you internet and Nokia 3310 to type these rubbish?

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    • Peter Onuorah

      your email pls

  • Darlington

    I stand with Tuface! Nigerians are sick and tired of this clueless government of ineptitude. We are coming out en mass tomorrow. Nigerian police should be ready to arrest up to 20,000 people tomorrow.

    • Dawood

      This 2 face dude is certainly two-faced. Where was he when his puppet master and looter Akpabio was looting Aqua Ibom dry? Where was he when Jonathan and his 40 thieves were looting the country dry? This is the looted funds at work. I think that the police should let him protest. It’s a democracy, abi? But then amongst the signs should be this one: “WHO IS PAYING YOU, TWO-FACED?” and “Akpabio, Jonathan, Saraki, PDP, Return the Loots. NOW!”

      • Senator D

        Mr one-faced what are you doing about 200M grass cutting by Secretary to the Federal Government? Me one faces what are you doing about forex round tripping by Bubu and his cronies buying at 46-naira and selling at 496-naira… Mr One faced what are you doing about CoS to the President who took bribe (500-Milion) from MTN to grant them safe landing…Mr One Faced what you doing with the way Bubu and his cronies are filling up available job spaces in CBN, NNPC, NLNG etc with their children and wards? Mr One faced what are you doing over the devilish genocide your fulani herdsmen from Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are committing???

      • Senator D

        Go take a piss…

      • Abiola

        Shut up…

        We should not protest until 1dollar is #1000 right?
        Useless govt and dumb supporters

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  • systematic

    this man 2face should go and seat down in his village what we need in nigeria now is solutions to our problems not distraction, if he is a good nigerian he should fine are lastine solution to our economy so for that we will support him

    • Senator D

      Look for rope and hang yourself. We stand with Tuface…For those with us are greater than those against us!

  • Du Covenant

    Where was this 2face when Nigeria was at the brink under the watchful eyes of our ‘ineffectual buffoon’?, where was this 2face when Nigerians were killed by BH due to inaction of the government of day?. Where is this 2 face when our senate is populated by a gang of criminals doing everything else but serving the people?, where is this 2face when justice goes to the highest bidder in our country?. Where is the outrage from this 2face on the stench of corruption everywhere in Nigeria?. I will be glad to answer this call if we learn to do first things first, get our priorities right otherwise it is all a waste of time!.

  • Senator D

    When Tunde Bakare protested no one saw anything wrong. Oby Ezekwesili protested no one screamed. Amaechi protested in Port Harcourt even as a sitting governor yet Satan no repent. Now Tuface wants to protest heaven wants to fall. Na lie heaven no go fall…I stand with Tuface!

  • Senator D

    As if Tuface gave permission for a counter protest… These police people think we are all daft and certificate forgers like Abubakar Ringim a former IG who never had OND but rose to the rank of IG…That olodoism is affecting the police force seriously…

  • We call on all Defenders and lovers of democracy to participate in these nationwide protests to demand good governance and socio-economic policies that will alleviate poverty in the land. We should also demand an end to cronyism, nepotism and vindictive corruption campaign.

    • You tell em! So George is a good guy?!

  • Chinedu

    I will warn Mr Idris to take a cue from the experiences of Mr Mbu of the NPF and Marylyn Ogar of the DSS. Administrations come and go. But government is a continuum. Positions are temporary but our actions outlive us. My opinion here is that the inalienable right of Nigerians to demonstrate must be respected and the police should stop heating up the polity in order to serve the interest of the present occupiers of government seat. A word should be enough for the wise.

    • who is Ma ry ly n, ma ry lyn, mary lyn, and is that LIE or LY?

  • Me too!

  • I don’t know who is who but you have your paid rapist, perverts, gamblers, frauds, thieves, f and p, and many more. don’t call one side criminals when yours is too.

  • Kevaj

    The police must not stop this protest for any reason. Citizens have a right to protest and speak up their grievances. No one can deny us our right. This has been long overdue.

    What the police should do is to keep the protest peaceful, not to stop it or hinder it. And don’t threaten us because police has guns.

    If there are hoodlums in the crowd with a different agenda; then deal with them according to the law.

    Take your cue from all the protests held so far against Donal Trump and see the roles the police played: they maintained law & order.

    That’s what we expect from police.


  • Sera Adebayo

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