U.S. denies Trump’s immigration policy will affect Nigeria’s 2-year visa

U.S. President, Donald Trump
Photo Credit: slate.com

The U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, on Friday said America would not discriminate against any Nigerian on the basis of religion or on the new visa regime.

President Trump recently signed an executive order that banned citizens from seven countries from travelling into the U.S. for 90 days.

The countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The restrictions were part of wide-ranging immigration controls that also suspended refugee arrivals.

At a press conference in Abuja on President Donald Trump’s executive order and its effects on Nigeria, the ambassador dispelled the rumour of reducing U.S. visa policy for Nigeria to one year.

Mr. Symington said the two-year visa for Nigeria was still valid.

“The new order now is for the U.S. government to cross-check as many that are coming into the U.S. before issuing visas.

“We will not discriminate on the basis of religion in issuing visas to Nigerians. The two-year visa is still valid contrary to reports we have heard in the media.

“Nigeria’s leadership role is crucial in the world and Nigeria cannot be blacklisted. The importance of Nigeria in the world is legal,” he said.

The envoy explained that Nigerians, particularly its Muslim community, would not be discriminated against by the order.

He said the aim of the executive order was not to be used as a weapon to deliberately deny anyone visa into the U.S.

The ambassador explained that the executive order was designed to put in place a new and effective system.

He said that the new system would ensure that people, who genuinely wanted to visit, live or work in the U.S., could do so and stop any that posed a threat from entering into the country.

On the issue of the U.S. closing its doors against countries that were in crisis and refugees, Mr. Symington said that his country was not shutting its doors but putting in place measures to ensure safety for all.

“We recognise that we are a nation of immigrants and a nation constantly seeking to bring diverse people together.

“Our goal is to have in place a process that works. For everyone that applies for a visa, we should be able to find out the persons background as to where he has been before.

“The idea is to ensure that when we open the door to our house, people are going in to do good deeds, not to do harm,” he said.

The Head of Consular Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Abuja, Megan Moore, also gave assurance that the executive order would not affect the validity of visas issued to Nigerians, saying that the only thing that had changed “is the renewal period’’.

The Consular Chief said that though the U.S. visa policy was based on reciprocity, Nigerians would not be discriminated against.

“It is important to note that there is not going to be any changes for Nigerians who have a valid U.S. visa.

“The U.S. Government issues multiple-entry two-year visa to Nigerians. The rumour that we are planning to change that to one year is not true.

“The main difference for Nigerians will be; you can use the DHL Drop box renewal programme if your visa has expired within 12 months.

“But if it expired more than 12 months ago, then you will need to schedule an appointment for interview.

“Our goal is to ensure that Nigerians are able to travel to U. S. so that they continue to participate in the fabrics of our lives,” Mr. Moore said. (NAN)


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  • Sam

    Let’s make Nigeria great again

    • Apostel

      with what?

  • Excisionist

    “The countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. ”

    The list cannot be complete without the inclusion of Nigeria’s NE and NW geopolitical zones which are outposts of dangerous radical ISLAMIC terrorism.

    Boko Haram and Fulani terrorist which have been wrecking havoc across Nigeria and West Africa have their origin there. In addition, their politicians and “intellectuals” think of nothing else than how to spread the cancer of Islam all over the place. They are the sponsors of these deadly organization.

    I urge Trump’s administration reconsider it’s exclusion of these zones.

    • Olaola

      Biafraud brainless animal.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Include Yoruba Muslims? Biafraud.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    America ought to discriminate against Nigerian Muslims because ALL Muslims are potential terrorists. And besides, they should visit or emigrate to Islamic enclaves only.

  • Smart

    This world is coming to an end. There’s almost no crime that God almighty prohibits which is not being committed nowadays,
    Lack of fear of God, no place, society and/or country is safe today, War, mass murder, ethnic and religious crisis, institutionalisation of gay and lesbianism, fornication, adultery, idol worship, cultism, religious leaders turning to materialists, etc.

    The only solution to any thinking individual is to go back to God almighty. Worship Him with sincerity so that he will give you peace here in this world and here after.

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  • Impulse400

    Telling LIES is an American Foreign Policy

    Do not believe anything this American Envoy has said here.It is their usual tactic of misinforming and controlling the population through the media, by telling us the exact opposite of their intentions, and catching us off-guard before we can protest against their intentions.

    This is a message I got yesterday via social media, (Lie Mohammed’s thorn in flesh)

    Good morning ladies. My friend who is an attorney in New York and a RCCG
    Pastor sent this to me early this morning. This happened to his own

    1. [2/3, 5:51 AM] : US IMMIGRATION

    My friends niece arrived yesterday at JFK airport. She is a Nigerian with a valid 2 year visa. She was held by US Immigration for over 12 hours and then
    deported with a 5 year ban. Her crime was that she flew Qatar airline. That was the red flag.

    The ignorant immigration officials wanted to know why she would fly from Nigeria to Qatar instead of through Europe. They wanted to know her contacts Qatar. She said it was due to cheap ticket price. They searched her phones , looked at all her contacts and even called her job in Nigeria. After all the humiliation they said she had two choices , she could either go back to Nigeria or be put in detention in the US while they continue with extreme vetting. This all happened yesterday in our New United States. Please when
    traveling check your phones, your messages, your internet. Don’t take
    unknown packages or letters for people and if you can avoid certain airlines please. I am not trying to alarm you JFK is now like a war zone with lawyers and protesters on standby. If you have a green card , you better apply for citizenship as the green card is almost worthless .

    2. Yes Pastor, I spent the whole of yesterday on this matter. At least 10
    Nigerians were sent back for spurious reasons. The immigration officials
    have become so arrogant and they feel empowered. They won’t even let
    you speak to your client in peace. It is chaotic.

    **If you are traveling from Nigeria & have a problem just inform the immigration officer that you are withdrawing your application for entry.

    They will just cancel your visa without prejudice. And will not attach the 5 year ban like she got. She got the ban because she asked for… (text missing)

    It is well.

    Nigerians are victims of this Emperor Nero Trumps policy against Islam, don’t be deceived. There is no point going to American embassy in Nigeria because, after wasting your time and money, they will deport you from the airport or jail you. Over 60,000 visas have been revoked by their immigration so far!!!

    • Excisionist

      It is because you share the same country with these dangerous terrorists.

      Movement for the Excision of Misfit Sharia Enclave (MEMSE)

      We believe that those who want to live by sharia law, join Islamic countries organizations, join Islamic countries coalitions, have Islamic banking, have El-Rufai’s laws and perform whatever Islamic acrobatics they wish have the right to do so in their own country using their own resources.

      On the other hand we believe that they do not have the right to coarse other Nigerians into their Islamic Religion, culture or laws while pretending to be Nigerians. We have had enough of their insensitivity, wickedness and their intransigence.

      ” Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south.
      It is our unflinching belief that this quest for domination, oppression and marginalization­­ is against the wish of God and therefore, must be resisted with the vehemence. ”
      Major Gideon Okar, April 22, 1990

      The choices are clear
      1. Create your own country and separate from Nigeria peacefully (80% percent of Nigerians would support you) or
      2. Be forced out of Nigeria through excision

      The goal of MEMSE is to bring this about one way or the other

      • Impulse400

        Are you selling something…? Because you are pitching to the wrong dude. I am from the south.

        • Excisionist

          Exactly ! Major Okar wanted to excise the terrorist states from Nigeria so that the terrorists states will have their own country and the south together with middle-belt will have theirs. Two countries – Taliban Islamic state and Nigeria. Many southerners and middle belters did not understand. The Americans are worried that you belong together. Nigerians will always be suspected anywhere as long as this unholy co-existence continues
          Sorry I di not mean to underplay your concern. I only wanted to explain the reason for your frien’s experience.