No grudge against those who criticised me while in power — Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan [Photo Credit: Ikenga Chronicles]

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday said he bore no grudge against those who criticised him while in office.

Writing on his Facebook Page, Mr. Jonathan said those apologising to him for criticising him during his tenure needed not do so because they only performed their civic duties at the time.

“There is no need for forgiveness because you did not commit any sin against me,” the former president said. “I never felt offended or held a grudge.”

Mr. Jonathan was reacting to a tweet by one Mohammad Deedee who asked the former president to forgive him for criticising him on November 20, 2014, when the Nigerian naira exchanged for 180 to a dollar and 280 to a pound.

“Today a dollar is N180 and a pound is N280. Hope you have a family… This is really the transformation agenda. GEJ has finished Nigeria,” Mr. Deedee, who tweets from the handle @deee009, posted at the time.

That post was an instant hit, getting 980 retweets, 159 replies and 150 likes.

But the dollar now exchanges for 498 naira at the open market with the pound sterling and the euro trading at N596 and N520 respectively.

Apparently irritated by this unprecedented declining fortune of the naira, Mr. Deedee posted a tweet on January 30 regretting his criticism of Mr. Jonathan at a time the naira was by far stronger.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 6.26.38 PM“GEJ should please forgive me,” he posted at 11:32 AM on January 30, attaching a screenshot of his November 20, 2014 tweet.

The post also turned out a popular tweet, garnering 431 retweets, 115 likes and 36 replies.

On Friday, Mr. Jonathan responded to the post, telling Mr. Deedee, “Please do not feel bad. You did what you did as your patriotic duty.

“A true leader must appreciate his critics. Sometimes they tell him the truth more than friends. I appreciate you. God bless you Mohammad. GEJ.”

The post also became popular on Facebook, drawing 3,458 shares and 1,038 comments as at 6:31 p.m. Nigerian time.

Some commentators praised Mr. Jonathan for having a “good heart” while others condemned him for pushing Nigeria into the present economic difficulty.

Mr. Jonathan, who has over 2.2million fans on Facebook, has from time to time engaged his followers on the social media platform.

On January 20, he stopped by to thank Samuel Oluwafemi Adeshina who a day before wrote, “As I stepped into the Kubwa railway station yesterday on boarding to Kaduna, one thing came to my mind: God bless Goodluck Jonathan.”

The former President currently runs a foundation named after him and attends high profile public events around the world.


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  • Sword of Damocles

    Former President Goodluck Jonathan should return his share of the $1.1 billion Malabu Oil loot. why is this a story? Mediocrity, another bane of Nigeria’s existence. “Fortunato”(ring a bell?), should not open his mouth except to respond to Italian prosecutors who have penned for what he is… a petty criminal, a thief , and DYED IN THE WOOL TRAITOR. It only in “Hobbesland”(Nigeria), where people who should not open their mouths due to shame, don’t know when to shut up. Keep in mind this PHd holder is yet to say kpem about what Italian prosecutors assert or about the Dasuki matter where he violated the Money laundering ACT of 2011(which he signed), but is running his mouth trying to resuscitate a DESTROYED reputation. what he is trying to do is akin to putting toothpaste back in the tube(proper oloshi)

    • Jedi

      Former/Present President muha*adu Buh*ri should return his share of the abacha/ grass cutting loot. This is a good story.Mediocrity, another bane of Nigeria’s existence. “muhamadu dunbodumbo”(ring a bell?), should not open his mouth except to respond to Nigerian prosecutors who have penned for what he is… a petty criminal, a thief, a bigot, assasin( killer fulani herdsmen patron), and DYED IN THE WOOL TRAITOR. It only in “Hobbesland”(Nigeria), where people who should not open their mouths due to shame, don’t know when to shut up. Keep in mind this quota system general is yet to say kpem about his own attrocities, but running his mouth trying to resuscitate a DESTROYED reputation with lies to hi gullible followers. What he is trying to do is akin to putting toothpaste back in the tube(proper oloshi). Irresp**sible you!

    • Jedi

      Your hero spent $200 billion in cutting grass alone. Killed thousands of people because he lost election. Killed hundreds of thousands of people in order to win election.Keeps killing so that his cows can eat……I can easily tell the type of person you are..

      • Sword of Damocles

        “I can easily tell the type of person you are”
        this statement ALONE says it all about you. LMAO, you only responded to my post because it pained you that I spoke about your lord & master the way I did. You obviously don’t know ANYTHING about me, for if you did, you would know that Lambasted my President on these very pages, the day he wrote to the NASS without investigating the charges against Lawal. You see unlike, you stealing from one’s OWN Country, absolutely makes my skin CRAWL. Even animals take care of their own. You love this mane & obviously have respect for GEJ, and it just doesn’t DAWN on you that you ought to wandering WHY he has not responded to the Italian Prosecutors who have OPENLY called him an OYI, an OLE, a market THIEF-THIEF. Here you are berating me…. nawa for naija man & tribalism, do you know that this is a characteristic of an inferior person? People like you need to pray FERVENTLY that you NEVER get a President/Leader like me(LOL), for I will put Fire where the sun does not SHINE, irrespective if ya mama na Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa, Ijaw, Edo , EFIK,. Rotten POS!!!

        • Jedi

          Nope. I think you are in pains because you have not had the opportunity to steal your own portion. Join APC or any other party its not too late. Jonathan/Buhari etc don chop their own. its still there for you. But dont get caught… Lol. Not your fault.That is the society/country Britain gave to us.

          • Sword of Damocles

            It does not pain me if you abuse Buhari, but it is apparent even in written word that you are having an EPILEPTIC fit because I called that worthless thief by his God given name: original thief-thief. Which by the way indicates that you are just like him: someone who would take WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM. Where I come from they call that type of person a thief & a scoundrel. what do they call a person like that where you come from ? let me guess a hero to be emulated. Yeye dey smell, comot from here joor my friend , go clean ya yansch , rather than to come public dey show shit stains , no shame- having POS!

          • Jedi

            Nonsense…. It takes a thief to know a thief. Your hatred for the man is amazing. He is just like any other politician from Balewa to buahri. They are all thesame. But pouring venon on just one of them who happened to get to that position by sheer luck is beyong me. It makes me think your hatred for him is more than what it seems. Its just personal. See, take some cold water and sleep to purge yourself of this deep hatred for one person. Spread the hatred across all of them…

          • Sword of Damocles

            the only truthful thing you said is the use of the word HATRED. which is what I have for him, IBB, Danjuma, Saraki, Frog eyes Madueke, Abdulsalami, Abacha’s family, Melaye,. See the method here? no tribe, just a bunch of worthless thieves who should be publicly shot. Any one who read my speil knows where I stand, none of them are worth a “bucket of hot spit”, but I am sure you idolize some these men who have sentenced generations to a lifetime of abject misery. To use ur own words(insult upon injury), I know wetin dey worry you. The thing be tribalism, you know it, it is your ALPHA & your OMEGA. Your beginning & your end. I guess that is what you will bequeath to your children. Now please cease & desist, I don tire for ur kind, Kapisch??

          • Gary

            I have read and reread the Italian case and no where is GEJ indicted for any crime. His immunity in Nigeria definitely does not extend to Italy so why is he not being prosecuted as a co-conspirator in the case?

            Maybe you should direct your energy to pressing the Italians to indict him for prosecution instead of engaging in unproductive name calling.

            If you guys want GEJ executed on verified proof of looting the country, please be our guest. We only insist on a holistic approach to cleaning the Augean Stables i.e. we start from Gowon till present and bring ALL the looters to justice. Deal?

          • Sword of Damocles

            reread it again, “Abubakar aliyu” is supposed to be a front for “fortunado”. May be the 3rd time will be the charm for comprehension

          • Gary

            Is the Abubakar Aliyu a fictitious name or a real person either of which Italian prosecutors can easily establish for the purposes of bringing an indictment?

            Again I ask why has GEJ not been indicted by the Italians if there’s evidence to link him to crime or corruption in the deal?

            Or has he managed to bribe the Italian prosecutors and judges as the media lynch mob would have alleged if it were in Nigeria?
            Should we loan them Ibrahim Magu to help the Italians nail GEJ as he often does with his media trials and convictions? Now that’s a good idea, you think?

          • Sword of Damocles

            also DEAL!!!! shoot all looters publicly, and I do mean ALL. To plagiarize GW Bush’s words No looter left behind!!!

          • Jedi

            Coooool. Exactly my point

          • Jedi

            Let the man without sin be the first to shoot them…No justification for looting of resources. But Nigerian system as handed down by british people allows that. That country cannot work unless something is done about unity in deciding how the peoples of Nigeria want to live. In reality, unity is almost impossible, to be mild. Amalganation in the first place was agreat mistake…Britain created the problem from the onset. Moving fowrd will be difficult. Kerosene can never mix with water. Kano , Kastina and all those northern states should have been part of Mali, Niger or Burkina Faso or be independent and stay on their own.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Biafraud. Hahaha…$200billion. Billion. Biafraud.

  • rhad

    image laundery a thief is a thief

    • Otile

      Are you saying that Buhari stole $2.1 billion from PTF Fund?

      • rhad

        are you confirming that your imbecile Dr jonadull involvement in $1.1 billion malabu deal in collaboration with Dan etete

        • Otile

          Imagine a whopping $250 millions for cutting grass in one refugee camp alone. Mallamae and deception.

      • AryLoyds


    • Jedi

      You deserve mohamodu dunbodumbo for at least 40 years to reset your brain!

      • rhad

        at least he did not say he has phd and behave like a first leaver school certificate holder.40 years o nlo no ni

        • Otile

          Ifa, kil’oshe? We thought this one was a fulani little did we know he is a fulani worshiper. Awon omo odua o ga oo.

    • Adesina Adebayo

      If u have life and aspiration u willl be praying to have GEJ to come back,Jonathan never took religion over the social institution, buhari pays for hadji why he rejecting people to treat,school etc abroad whn he has most of children to study abroad,jonathan was opposite

  • Efe

    Mr President, we know you are too refined to bear or habour grudges against anyone talk less of spilling the blood of Dogs and Baboons on the streets or using Fulani herdsmen to spill the blood on the farms. We see how you have become the beautiful bride that every President wants to see…that every Upper house of parliament yearn to hear from – to drink from your deep well of knowledge and humanity as opposed to the bottomless pit of sorrows, tears and blood which Imam Buhari has to offer. We shall come to you at the appropraite time for you to lead our breakaway Republic. Soon. Very soon.

    • Outraged

      Nonsense. Jonathan is a dumb and clueless president. APC struggles does not exonerate him

      • Jedi

        Wise one! Purge yourself of hatred or go and contest for president too

      • Daniel

        Hahaha! You an incurable ostrich!

        Nigeria is now on its knees,yet two years to go.

        Mumu Buhari supporter.

      • APC is Doomed

        You own spell was made in ijebu and Bene Republic. Before it frees you 21 pastors must do 365 days of fasting, praying, binding, and casting.

    • AryLoyds

      GEJ was a BAD leader , were is BUBU the true president of Nigeria ?

  • Tommy Soto

    Sack Godwin Emefiele of the CBN and watch the exchange rate improve for the masses.
    PMB should have removed that leftover from the PEJ administration months ago!

  • CeeCee1818

    How about you apologize to the country for the looted funds under your watch.

    • Adesina Adebayo

      So buhari not looting? Dont worry more recesion to come,u will beg for food on the street

      • Powerlessconscious

        Who is this hungry man? Is food your god?

        • Julius

          lolz, you ought to know when you see the name he is hiding under to post comments. Na wa oo. A coward criticizing somebody !

  • Outraged

    DUMBO please stop talking. You were a disaster in government. Buhari is another matter. Please shut up.

    • Gary

      Direct your outrage to PT for making a story out of a social media exchange. Or you want to ban his free speech rights as a private citizen?

    • Jedi

      LMAO…….Can you ever lead a society talk less of becoming president like the man you call dumbo. you should know that Nigeria sucks from day one. No one is to blame but Brithish people. We have never had it good. The country was set-up for disaster. People with brains never get the opportunity to lead. All adminsitarions so far as has been bunch of disasters. So no need to single out a few of them with a focus on GEJ. Thats hypocrisy.

  • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

    I blamed GEJ for making Buhari happen…and I now have to blame Buhari for making GEJ feel like he was any good. Ahh, wahala don jam Nigeria.

    • Kudo


  • Jacky

    Even if Jonathan holds grudge for anyone, what difference does it make? Well, many Nigerians hold grudges for Jonathan because of the way Nigeria got plundered under his leadership.

    • Adesina Adebayo

      Life with so call corruption and stable and affordable economy compare to life with fake no corruption and inflation in economy which one is better to you?

      • Simon Templar

        Witout corruption…Its not about the individual.

      • Julius

        You are evil..corruption kills the Nation and her citizens either way you look at it. I guess you do not understand that.

  • Apostel

    he shits on Nigeria

    • Jedi

      More like your hero mohamadu dunbodumbo is doing presently… Lol.

  • Nkem

    So this crook has not stopped clowning around?

    • Adesina Adebayo

      For real?recession never aaffect you yey?dont worry,buhari will make u great again

      • Nkem

        Recession that was brought about by Jonathan’s mindless looting and irresponsibility. You think recession happens overnight?

        • M

          Recession is an economic contraption. Its an inactivity in an economy of a nation. If you have a dull government that has no economic plan that is attractive to investors, your economy will go to sleep. So, do not blame past government for buranomics failure. Playing politics can’t help. This government is dull, but if u are supporting buhari bcos u are of same Islamic faith, then I understand ur point.

      • absam777

        An intelligent person.knows that recession is caused by culminating economic actions and inactions of governments especially that of Jonathan government. Let us stop this crap of continuous delusion of success

      • Julius

        What has Buhari got to do with Jonathan clowning all over the place ?

    • Julius

      lolz, Why not, he has the time to display his stupidity !

  • Debaptist

    You should have at least completed east west road, see we are reaping the plundering you sowed. Unfortunately, you are still too blind to see.

    • Adesina Adebayo


  • Adekunle

    Buhari is just ineffective and inefficient, GEJ should have been in jail by now mentoring the lower thieves

    • Adesina Adebayo

      For real???funny zombi, FELA have said iit,a country of blinds one eyes person will be their king

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  • Amir

    Port Harcourt Dr Jonathan, you were incompetent to handle the position you were given, and your government was incomparably corrupt. Your wife is a typical example of who should be banned from public office and access to public fund. These facts are not criticism.

  • Powerlessconscious


  • Lateef Kadiku

    Jonathan contributed immensely to the present rotten state of Nigeria, he should bury his head in shame.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      That is not true….Islamic partiality is the reason you are talking like this.

  • Haba mallam

    Mohammed deedee you’re a dummy, you’re brain is the size of peanuts. Johnathan must be HANG or face firing squad for he and his people did to Nigeria. Just take a look at North east and what he did to our Army. GEJ will face the ICC in The Hague for crime against humanity. You can accompany him.

    • Henry

      Jonathan did nothing to your people in the north East. You organized Boko Haram and made it a formidable force under GEJ. Northern Soldiers sabotaged the effort of the Military while your politicians on both sides organized the Kidnap of Chibok girls who are mostly Christians to embarrass him and push him out of power. He has left power but you have set your region back by more than a generation. Stop crying and face the development of your region but unfortunately Norther governments do not develop they only squander and exploit their own people. Buhari has destroyed the economy, has not commissioned any notable project in almost two years, You see there is no peace for the wicked.Buhar will leave power in 2 years as the worst president ever to lead this country.

      • Haba mallam

        And you think that with such lies and hypocrisy you can win the mine and soul of people and defeat us and impose on us your ways. YouR whole life, culture and religion is based on falsehood and you will never win in what ever form or shape over us because you’re simply INFERIOR.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      You are satanic for blaming GEJ for the woes of the NE…instead of you to blame the satanic religion Islam and satanic prophet mohammed…

      • Haba mallam

        Your non satanic religion and your non satanic prophet fail to stop the evil committed by people practicing your religion, for 500 years they have been taking your people and selling them IN North America as SLAVES claiming that they saw it in the BIBLE., you can ask SATAN next time you see him in Church, he will there preaching this Sunday.

        • newday

          I think u mean the arabs of North Africa and the Middle East who sold black Africans into slavery.

  • Haba mallam

    I say HANG Johnathan the liar, the confused the ignorant, the dumb, wawa, dolo, shege Allah ya tsinemaka

  • Umahernest

    You said Nigeria would have collapsed under Jonathan. So, what has happened to Nigeria now under Buhari?

    • Adesuwa