Go to U.S. to clear yourself, former Nigerian ambassador tells Kashamu

A diplomat, Folake Marcus-Bello, has advised fugitive Nigerian senator, Buruji Kashamu, to voluntarily go to the United States of America and clear his name over the drugs allegation against him, rather than wait until he is extradited.

Ms. Marcus-Bello gave the advice while featuring on a live radio programme on Sweet FM in Abeokuta. She said Mr. Kashamu’s lawyers should have advised him also to go and defend himself.

“Crime does not go away, it does not expire. It will continue to rear its head, nobody can claim he is guilty or innocent until he goes to clear this mess,” who served as Nigeria’s ambassador to Zambia and Malawi said.

Ms. Marcus-Bello, who is also a legal practitioner, encouraged Mr. Kashamu to consider the reputation of himself, family and Nigeria as a country‎ to clear his name.

“For the sake of himself, his family, his constituency of hardworking, honest Ijebus, he should travel to get justice‎. It is simple, if they are looking for you, buy a ticket and go defend yourself.

“It is like they say they are looking for Folake Marcus Bello for children trafficking. I would buy a ticket and go to the embassy and say ‘here I am, please give me a visa let me go’”

The former Ambassador said some of the statements credited to Mr. Kashamu were shameful.

“It is shameful that somebody at that level, a senator of the Republic of Nigeria representing my constituents in Ogun State would say he would rather die, call up the private army of OPC to fight rather than being taken abroad. Why?”

On Mr. Kashamu’s contention that Nigerian and British courts had acquitted him, the former ambassador argued that it was a faulty argument.

“Look let me tell you, I am a lawyer. Crime never goes away. This is mistake a lot of people make and it is also part of our problem in this country; we don’t know the law, we don’t know our rights, we don’t read, we don’t learn. It is a simple matter.

“Crime does not go away. If you have committed a crime and you have not served the punishment for that crime, let us assume you committed a crime at age 21, you can go on till you are 90, the day you are caught you will be tried and you will serve the punishment.

“He is my Senator, some of us from his constituency will escort him to ensure he gets justice. We know he will get justice, it is an organised society. Let him clear this for the sake of Ogun State, for the sake of Ijebus for the sake of Nigeria. It is just a question of taking a flight to defend himself”.


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  • kinsly

    Soon they will blame Buhari for witch hunt or blame his Political opponents.

  • A Aminu

    The lady has spoken with one mind of truth. They say truth is bitter but I agree with her. He should go and defend himself of the allegation, instead of just waiting for him to be extradited. Which he will be, sooner or later. I agree with a contributor in this forum Kinsly. Who opined that soon they will blame Buhari or APC govt for witch-hunting him to be so extradited.

    • Michael

      The “lady” is a blatant hypocrite and a deceiver.

      • A Aminu

        I fail to see the receipt in what she said.

  • omoagbala60

    I am an Ijebu man,Kashamu does not represent the Ijebu; his constituency is the Jonathan’s constituency of petty thieves and shameless bastards.

    • Okay oh.

    • absam777

      Which area of Ijebu or Nigeria is the Jonathan’s constituency of petty thieves and shameless bastards.?. He is a Senathief of Ijebu Igbo.

      • omoagbala60

        Just in lighter mood to depict Jonathan’s era of mindless looting.

  • EdunEmma5050

    The Bow Street Magistrate Court delivered its judgment on the 10th of January 2003 wherein District Judge Tim Workman came to the conclusion that the new identification evidence produced by the US Government was worthless and unreliable and that I was clearly not the person involved in the narcotics transaction for which the indictment was made in the US and should thus be discharged. In this regard, the District Judge held:
    “As a result of the evidence that the Defence has placed before me and the evidence which the Government has tendered in rebuttal, I find the following facts: that the defendant has a brother, Alhaji Adewale Adeshina Kashamu who bears a striking resemblance to that of his brother; I am satisfied that the defendant’s brother was one of the co-conspirators in the drugs importation which involved Catherine and Ellen Wolters; I am satisfied that the defendant informed both interpol and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of the activities of this group.”

    The District Judge then concluded pungently that:
    “certain of the assertions made by the government are untrue ……I am satisfied that the overwhelming evidence here is such that the identification evidence, already tenuous, has now been so undermined as to make it incredible and valueless. In those circumstances there is no prima facie case against the defendant and I propose to discharge him.”
    *The second British court judgment in 2003

    • British Nigerian

      I don’t understand these peoples defence. The American court who wants you hasn’t tried or cleared you yet.

      How can you claim victory from judgement issued by a completely different jurisdiction? Is the British court now The Hague?

      Mr senator, go and answer your “papa” name instead of forming an area boys army to fight an international power.

      • Don’t you see that his social media defenders are his paid agents?? Their narratives run on similar text. Read between the lines!

        • Michael

          Surely you must be someone’s paid agent since ypu are campaigning for his extradiction.

          • Hello Michael, first, the word is extradition…without a “c”.
            Next, campaigning that a fugitive be taken to the law does not need to be for a fee. It is the moral and civic responsibility of every adult citizen. Hope these lines are helpful. Best wishes.

      • Ha, you want him in the world court too (Hague).

      • Henry Shiwe

        In as much as i do not condone drugs. I don’t think he should go anywhere. Tell me one American that has faced Extradiction to another country to face trial. Several American soldiers who raped in Japan were smuggled out of japan and sent back to America, American girl who alongside her Italian boyfriend whom is meant to return for a murder retrial case in Italy is being shielded in America. Former American President Dick Cheney who had a case of bribery to answer in Nigeria paid us off and you want us to send one of our citizens to America’s jail…….Wake up black people.

  • EdunEmma5050


    By: Bolaji Adeniji

    That the NDLEA has renewed its perennial effort to illegally extradite Senator Buruji Kashamu to the USA on a purported drug related indictment is no longer news.  It is also public knowledge that the British courts on two occasions and three Nigerian courts, have at different times also discharged Senator Kashamu of any complicity in the trumped charges, which according to the argument of the Senator, was a case of mistaken identity; and thus, should not be given away to the US drug authorities as that will amount to multiple jeopardy and travesty of justice.

    Nonetheless, we are amused at the obstinate desire of NDLEA to effect  his transfer to the US based on a provisional warrant of arrest issued in 1998 and for which he has been cleared in an exhaustive trial for five years while being incarcerated all through the period. Why is NDLEA bent on this hatchet assignment? Is this latest push coming from America or is it some forces in Nigeria that are adamant on seeing the back of the Senator? The answer to these questions might have been answered today through the appearance of the NDLEA spokesperson, Mr. Mitchel Ofoyeju on TVC this morning 01/02/2017, where he made some curious statements.

    Ofoyeju among other things said, “whereas our agency is not oblivious of the UK judgments and the Nigerian judgements, Senator Kashamu still needs to go the US to clear his name”. We are then asking, on what ground will Kashamu still go to the US after being cleared in UK and Nigeria? Again, Ofoyeju while answering a question from the TV presenter said, “Yes he was cleared by the UK based on mistaken identity but he nevertheless needs to go to the US with proof of death of his late brother, video of burial ceremony and maybe with an elder in the family to testify on the death”. How ludicrous!

    Is it within Ofoyeju’s purview to determine the authenticity of the mistaken identity claim and why is the agency eager to put Kashamu on a plane to the US? Why is he talking like a layman without an understanding of the law? From the above verified statements from the NDLEA spokesman, it is clear that the mandate before the agency is to bring Kashamu down at all cost, even if it means using extra-constitutional means like they did after the 2015 elections when the agency stormed the senator’s house in an ungodly hour, to forcefully abduct him without a valid extradition order and without the leave of a Nigerian court; as provided for in the international extradition treaty to which Nigeria is a signatory.

    Gladly enough, Ofoyeju agrees that it will take the express permission of a Nigerian court before Senator Kashamu can be extradited and that the agency will seek to vacate the earlier orders of the courts. We believe that it will  be a herculean task for the agency to achieve this, because the UK judgments have neither been appealed nor vacated; and same applies to the Nigerian judgements. Moreover, the concealing of exculpatory (facts that absolve) evidences by the US authorities serves as a bad case for them against Kashamu  and that was why the UK court did not grant the US its extradition request at the initial trial  that spanned five years. It was on this same foundation that the Nigerian courts have also adjudicated in Kashamu’s favour.

    From the preceding paragraph, there appears to be a consortium of effort right from Nigeria to America, to see Senator Kashamu put away behind bars but as it were, their case is bad and ‘non sequitur’ (doesn’t follow logic) before the law. The political bias of the NDLEA  is becoming more pronounced by the day and Ofoyeju  has given out this bias publicly today. All well meaning Nigerians must rise up to condemn this brutish attempt to punish a benevolent Nigerian over internal political squabbles. We all know the capacity of the US  to get whosoever it really wants, irrespective of the person’s location worldwide and the case of Rafiu Elele who was whisked away from Nigeria to the US three years ago comes fresh in memory; and that was because he had a case to answer.

    Kashamu has no case to answer again and the US  knows that his case has suffered a technical death which is why it has only put up lame effort in requesting Kashamu. Unfortunately, the loudest noise is coming from Nigeria. kashamu is not a fugitive and is not runnig from a US trip but he understand the elaborate conspiracy against him and like any sane person will act under the circumstance, he wont walk into a deliberate trap. How does anyone expect Kashamu to submit to the US drug agency that already has a bias against him to the extent of hiding evidences that could have finally freed Kashamu of any indictment? How can one jump into a cage that has a lion that is licking its mouth already in anticipation of blood? Indeed it amounts to jumping into fire, as Kashamu himself correctly put it.

    Conclusively, Nigeria and the United States are sovereign democratic nations that thrive on the principle of rule of law and fundamental human rights. The drug agencies of both nations must known that it cannot act outside the precincts of the law and neither can they trample on the rights of Senator Buruji Kashamu as guaranteed under the law. The NDLEA particularly must be patriotic and not overzealous in pushing its own national into the ravenous hands of international cannibals. The NDLEA must not lend itself as a willing tool in the hands of political bucanners that are fixated on seeing Kashamu go under. Senator Kashamu is not immuned from prosecution if indeed he is guilty of any offense but the current case is one that his traducers see as a lifeline of attack.

    Kashamu has no case to answer as the UK and Nigerian judgements remain valid and binding. The rule of law must prevail and the NDLEA must not be seen as playing the cards of desperate politicians.

    Bolaji Adeniji is the State Publicity Secretary of Ogun PDP.

  • Adeyemi Juwon

    I think dullards and clueless people spreading falsehood about the case initiated by the senator to set aside his name as a results of his vindication by two separate UK judgements needs to be educated. What is missing from their Various false misinformation is that, Senator Kashamu initiated the proceeding in the US through his lawyer in order to get damages.

    Those trying to get rid of him because of their Political career needs to rethink. He is here to stay and nobody can abduct him just like the NDLEA spokesperson affirmed on TVC breakfast show. Either you like the face of senator Kashamu or not did not count. People should let sleeping dog lie, at a time the American President is talking about protecting his own citizens, here we are calling for the head of our own to be crucified. Too bad.

    It’s a pity we’ve allow fifth columnist divided us along Political interest and selfish desire for power at all cost.

    • I did it 4 Love

      Most Nigerians are insane, unhinged and smelly meathead.
      I always wonder why some Nigerians love their own people to suffer in the hands of their slave masters?
      If US have a case against Sachamu they should come down to Nigeria and seek a court order and not using a stooge called NDLEA to harass any of us.
      Question I ask our people is: how many US citizen have been extradited to any foreign land, not to talk of Nigeria?
      One reason pigs don’t respect Africans.

      • Michael

        Thanks for a well said comment.

      • I don’t support even ‘alleged’ drug smugglers but you made a convincing point.

        • I did it 4 Love

          I don’t know the man himself neither do I support any illegal means of livelihood, all I want us Nigerians to do is to protect and defend ourselves no matter our differences.
          We hv everything to gain respect from other countries and potentials to be great both industrially and militarily but our leaders from 1960s are devisive and morally corrupt.

  • Ms. Marcus-Bello, you want him in jail so you can occupy his house

    • omoagbala60

      Not really. Very soon, he will wake up in New York . When in oju olomo o to, he can tell them how he was acquitted in London and the ICJ. He should talk to K.A.Shittu and learn from his experience. So,this peddler knows his twin brother that died in Ghana not in Nigeria was the accused pusher. This case is so simple, he should go there and tell them the cock and bull stories.

      • You’re so right though.

      • Michael

        You should go there and help him tell them the cock and bull story.

        • omoagbala60

          Really, he did not need my help with drug trafficking; he should be able to tell his own story. If you are one of his paid agents, you can still continue to direct your sponsored attackS at the US government. Again, very soon, he will wake up at JFK.

  • SUCO

    Oh my God, is this the Voice of Marcus Bello? It is laughable and unbelievable that those who are in position to educate people with little knowledge of the whole issue can turn themselves to paid agents and start vomiting rubbish.

  • SUCO

    Bello is surely doing this on behalf of her boyfriend, a former governor of Ogun State. We the Ijebus can’t fall for this cheap propaganda. We know those that meant well for us, we know the liars that are pushing propaganda around.

    Bello has no moral justification , we know her too well.

    When the law says you are not guilty… You are not guilty.

    • What law found him not guilty do tell.

      • Michael

        what Nigerian law found him guilty?

        • Is he also on trial at home?

          • Michael

            You miss the point mister man. Have you ever heard of an American man coming to Africa to answer a case? They will tell you to go 4uk yourself in your dirty jungle. So you should be ashamed to expect your fellow African to go over there to answer a case of rubbish.

      • Julius

        Abeg, help me ask am . These folks just comment for comment sake. No rational or reason behind their comments.

  • abiodunIshola

    Unfortunately, the loops/facebook/social/traditional media and for Ambassador Folake Marcus Bello who acting the script of Ogd are not a court of law and most of the anti-Kashamu elements lack the skills to either investigate or prosecute a case or proffer answers to your posers. Take your posers and facts, if any, to the appropriate forum – a court of law – and justify or prove your allegations/insinuations beyond reasonable doubt. Anything short of this is just noise in the market place!

  • Tundecashman

    I am not surprise reading Marcus Bello’s malicious submission here. Folake Marcus should know that the British and the US lawyers presented during the trial in UK were not daft and frivolous. They attended to the case as neat as it should be and the Senator was exonerated twice on two different occasions. I must tell you Folake Marcus,your submissions here are watery,malicious and calumny. You need to desist from this frivolous job meant for the young ones that were badly brought up.

    Folake Marcus,tell us you are not a charge and bail lawyer by taking up a national pressing issue that will eventually favor you,your household and the nation at large.

    • Julius

      Genius, what has the Senator being cleared in UK has to do with the US, state of IL case ?

  • abiodunIshola

    My contributions on SPBK matter are as follow:

    * what real is the problems with our legal system
    * what has Nigerian politician turning our politics to
    * are all these part of our inheritances from our colonial master
    * when as it become for oyinbo calling for Extradition of a Nigerian
    * what crime has he committed
    * somebody that would have been compensated for mistakenly identity
    * has there ever be a time that Nigerian call for the extradition of the Lebanon that fraud Nigeria
    * has Nigerian forgotten the history of shagori & shagori brothers

    Nigeria government are always interested in chasing shadow.

    On a final note if Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular should flash back to history, I think the man SPBK deserves an apology from the anti graft agencies for the embarrassing situations putting the man SPBK personality.

    I rest my case……GOV-GEN, 2017.


  • Azeez Onayiga


    The sensationalisation of the ruling of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit per Posner J. is but another chapter in the misinformation and deliberate falsification of facts.

    This action was not brought against Senator Buruji Kashamu. It was initiated by him in 2015 before the attempted abduction saga occurred and was already pending in the District Court in Northern Illinois seeking to enforce the provisions of the Mansfield Act (a United States Law which forbids US law enforcement agents from carrying out law enforcement activities outside US territory).

    At the time this action was commenced, all the Senator had was information that an abduction was being planned against him. Few months later that information was confirmed   when a battalion of armed and masked National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officials attacked, sacked and laid siege to his home for six days until they were forced to leave his premises by court order.

    The US action continued thereafter on the evidence that showed that some US agents had indeed directed the operation against Senator Kashamu.

    The judgment of the District Court not deal with the legality or otherwise of the act of those US agents but stopped at the threshold of consideration of the question whether the Mansfield Act could be the basis for complaint by an individual alleging illegal law enforcement activities in violation of that Act.

    The District Court’s answer to that question was that the Mansfield Act did not give an individual any cause of action but could only be enforced by a government or state.

    It is from that ruling that Senator Kashamu appealed to the Seventh Circuit whereupon the Seventh Circuit rejected the appeal.

    In the belated opinion given again by Justice Posner, as he had done twice before, he exceeded the scope of the questions placed before the court and made remarks that have no basis in the record before him but which appears to emanate from his own prejudices.

    The media probably needs a stimulant to sustain their audience now that the drama of the US election is abating. But they should be careful to be accurate in their reporting in order not to transcend the bounds of decency and legality as we have seen in the reaction of some overzealous Nigerian journalists.

    It is disturbing that the media has ignored the implication of the US Seventh Circuit’s pronouncement concerning the capacity of the US government to carry out police operations in foreign territory in breach of International Law and the municipal law of the victim state; as was exhibited in the unlawful attempt to abduct a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Who knows who will be next?

    The Nigerian courts have unequivocally declared that rendition is illegal and have proscribed such activity against Senator Kashamu in Nigerian territory.


    Prince Ajibola Oluyede

    Counsel to Senator Buruji Kashamu

  • Azeez Onayiga


    Politics is the most vicious and complicated human business. It is more so because the resulting powers it confers intoxicating and far-reaching in effects. It takes interesting dimensions of the ridiculous & absurdities in poverty economies like ours, where political power is law on itself!!! The rights of the pple to freely aspire in a democracy without qualifying prerequisites complicates issues when misfits cut corners and labour to achieve their utopian wishes in desperation. Such scenery can be frustrating and painfully annoying but it’s the price we have to contend with in a democracy. In truth, we know the brains behind the satanic political clamour for the unjust and unjustifiable extradition that NO law world over can sustain except resort to illegal and ungodly abduction which shall continue to fail by God’s grace. .

    On the adherence to rule of law, we shall continue to request and align. That being so, the SPBK position on the purpoted US indictment is impressive and commendable fight for one’s fundamental rights as human being. It’s the more glorifying coming from a 3rd world country citizen!!! It takes the deep to call to the deep thus it requires being conversant with international realities to appreciate the vissitudes of winning a court case in Europe or America by a black African. The rantings and wishful antics of local clowns acting as political adversaries of SPBK over a senseless extradition call should thus be viewed with sympathy for the ignorant compounded by inordinate lust for undeserved political office and power.

    Aside the multiple SPBK judicial victories, internationally and locally, the question begging for answer is the interests of Ogun politicians in the illegal and callous treatment of their citizen??? It’s sacrosanct that a dismissed extradition case which has been previously lost twice by the US in UK which is undoubtedly the universal closest ally to them, brings Nigeria to world ridicule if entertained without due process, importantly when all SPBK is requesting is equity and justice.

    The inheritors of this shameful callous clamour should remember the woeful failure and colossal public resources wastes incurred by once upon a time Ogun state govt on same matter. It is expected that they realign their futile efforts towards their utopian political dream and stop heating the polity. They are the same pple reporting a nonexistent meeting between SPBK and APC high leadership over an imaginary dumping of the PDP. All these put together confirms that SPBK is the main issue politically in today’s Ogun state. It’s better they face the reality rather these misfortune seeking route they’re indulging in now for close to a decade, in and out of government. The political movement of SPBK and his allies are divinely secured and of growing dominant relevance that can’t be wished away. Our strength lies with the Almighty God. PSS

    • Oladele

      You are a criminal! Buruji Kashamu has a case to answer otherwise if he is innocent he will go to the USA and clear his name. What you never thought of was the possibility that your accused friend perhaps killed his own brother to escape justice!

      • Michael

        Very ignorant of you. Have you ever heard of a situation where an American has travelled to a third world country to clear him or her self? You better keep your ignorance in your pocket and keep quiet.

        • Oladele

          You dont even know what you are puffing about; the law will catch them right inside America that is why. They will apply it such that you will also be pleased. Enron chiefs were sentenced within America, their collaborators in Nigeria went Scot free. Same for Halliburton. If we had arrested him, put him in jail, USA will not border. But USA will extradite you (so it is not whether you want to travel to the 3rd world or 4th world so long they have a treaty with your country). Nigeria has such treaty with the USA and if any of her citizen is required, they will bring him/her here. USA formally asked for this criminal but because a judge collected bribe, stopped him from been cargo-ed to the USA. They should just pick him once and for all.

        • Julius

          Yes, I have !. The U S embassy even provided him a lawyer because the man has no money. Next ?

  • Fredodo1

    Jeez, so many DDOS of Kashamu here are work. Until you guys milk the senator dry before his final arrest, carry on

  • Lukman Ajomale

    Gone are the days when we use to have capable hands in the pen pushing Profession. Gone are the days when we use to have investigative journalism at its peak. So sad to see a profession we all see as a watchdog to bad practices in the society being used as a tool to destroy innocent Nigerians some powerful forces are not comfortable with.

    This latest publication by Vanguard is unprofessional and is nothing but “yellow journalism” it has nothing to do with Senator Buruji Kashsmu at all. I wonder why Vanguard newspaper allowed itself to be used by mischievous makers.The report was not well researched and instead the writer opted for eye catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

    Techniques used in this report are mere exaggeration of news events, scandal mongering and sensationalism. Reading through the story, it is not difficult to know that it has nothing to do with SPBK. This is “yellow journalism” and the management of Vanguard newspaper must come out and tell millions of Nigerians how much they received in carrying out this paid job.

    Vanguard newspaper has lost it all. I am afraid the pen pushing profession has no future in this country, where are the ethics guiding the profession, Accuracy in reporting is no longer a guiding principle.

    Let the mumbo-jumbo continue to pour in… It won’t change the position of law.

    May God save our land.

    • UOU

      This is not vanguard, this is premium times, sorry, you are transferring your aggression ( iwe ) to some one else

  • Michael

    Very dumb and ignorant assertion. You should go there and ask to be flown to the US yourself. What is hard here?

    • Only that I am NOT the subject of a legal tussle in the US. If you have one criminal case to level against me anywhere, the way I would clear my name is to appear there. Is that still ignorant of how the law works in all adversarial systems???

  • Governor-General

    Who is Marcus-Bello? Does she have the pedigree to say someone should go and clear himself anywhere? Her own records when she was a commisioner in Ogun state is nothing to write home about. I wouldnt blame her so much because she is only been subjected to her boss order to say so. Senator Kashamu has gotten nothing to do in going to US. He (Senator Kashamu) had said it several times that the nigeria political enemies were only instigating the US case against him since they knew that he is factor to them and to their irespective ambitions.
    Senator Kashamu has no any extradition case with US. The two earlier judgement done in UK in the past had cleared him. So the calling by Marcus-Bello does not warranty and unneccessary.

    • Kitunde

      You really wrote this crap?

    • Julius

      You need your head examined !. I’m thinking that you are Buruji himself. You posted nonsense.

    • Gbola

      The U.K merely refused to extradite him.

      That never absolved him of the crime.

      Extradition hearing is different from the drug case hearing.

      Kashamu, when fingered by his criminal accomplices in the u.s tactfully, shamelessly and deceitfully blamed the crime ON A DEAD TWIN BROTHER.

      Kashamu NEVER had a twin brother.
      ■ There’s no death certificate of the brother.
      ■ There’s no birth certificate either.
      ■ There’s no burial cite OR cemetery hosting the said brother’s corpse anywhere EITHER IN THE U.S OR NIGERIA.
      ■ Someone like Kashamu’s brother died and there’s no obituary in any newspaper or even a record of a burial ceremony .
      ■ NOT EVEN A SCHOOL RECORD of Kashamu’s brother exists.
      ■ This brother probably trekked all the way to America cos no flight-record exists.


      How difficult can it be to prove that he had a twin brother that had died.


      This is SO RIDICULOUS !!
      This is like asking a person to prove that he has or ever had a mother.

      • Orphic

        That’s not how the UK works. Believe me if the US, Britain’s best friend offered persuasive evidence, Kashamu would have been extradited so fast that his ass would not have touched the ground.

        Britain extradites its own citizens to the US, the last example was a young man that the US accused of causing the ‘flash crash’ that caused the US stock market to collapse. Britain has extradited on a regular basis its own citizens that are bankers, businessmen, let alone a Nigerian.

        If the US cannot convince a British court that the accused is the identified perpetrator, then something is wrong with the US case.

        Contrary to your comments, Mr Kashamu has nothing to prove. It is the prosecution that most prove and convince a court that they have identified the right person. Failing that, then there is an impasse between the US and Kashamu.

        • Gbola

          I’m not concerned about what works in the U.K.

          Kashamu’s case is in the state of Illinois (U.S.).

          And that’s where he needs to answer his case NOT in England.

          He fought his extradition from England.
          But he hasn’t absolved himself of the case in the U.S.

          End of story.

          • Orphic

            Conversely Nigeria is not the USA and Kashamu is resident in Nigeria.

            He does not need to absolve himself, the prosecutors need to prove that he is the perpetrator.

            So far they have been unable to convince two courts in the UK and no Nigerian court.

            He does not owe the US a duty to present himself for trial. He is not a US citizen and the US has to follow the proper process for extradition hearings.

            That process requires the accurate identification – to the satisfaction of a court, of the perpetrator.

            Until the US is able to do so, he owes no one including you any duty to act against his own legal interest.

            end of story.

          • Gbola

            You probably don’t understand the legal term — “Extradition Treaty”.

            He wasn’t tired for the drug case in England.
            It’s not like witnesses were flown to London to testify against him.
            In fact,
            The British courts not only don’t have the jurisdiction to try the case, they can’t entertain the hearing.

            Your lack of understanding of the inner workings of the Law is making you confuse The EXTRADITION HEARINGS versus The Drug Prosecution Case.

            Of course he might have convinced the British courts that it was his twin brother that had committed the drug crime BUT he hasn’t given the same account to the Court in Illinois where the said crime had occurred AND where the witnesses live.

            What you fail to realize is that the U.S has the right to keep requesting his Extradition.
            The U.S hasn’t committed any crime by so doing.

            Let the Court decide that.

            He secured a perpetual injunction from a court.
            And that perpetual injunction can be appealed.

            The Legal process is being followed.

            If you know of any crime the U.S or Nigeria is committing in the extradition of Kashamu, then let us know.

            I would like to leave you with a saying by The Great Abraham Lincoln — “Absolutely Nothing that is Morally Wrong should be Legally Right”.

            Have a blessed day.

          • Orphic

            No one said he was tried for the drug offences by an English court. It is you who is showing that you don’t understand the extradition process between countries.

            At an extradition hearing the requesting country in this case the US, must prove and confirm to a sitting judge:
            1. the identity of the requested person
            2. that the conduct described in the warrant amounts to an extradition offence

            It is clear that the conduct described, drug trafficking, is an extradition offence, however the US failed to prove point 1 to the satisfaction of the judge i.e. the identity of the requested person.

            What is so hard to understand about this? Instead you are going all over the place ascribing ignorance and failings.

            As long as he is not in Illinois, he does not have to provide any evidence (with regard to a twin brother), as any legal counsel would say he does not have to provide or say anything that would prejudice his legal position.

            The US is within its right to continue to ask for his extradition, however Kashamu is also within his rights to continue to defend himself against extradition on the basis of mistaken identity. I make no argument that the US should discontinue its pursuit of Kashamu.

            As Kashamu is in Nigeria, the US must treat with Nigeria (and its laws) and until it satisfies a Nigerian judge, then the case is at an impasse.

            I am sure that the US at least is following the correct legal process, however Nigerian political actors are interfering to prejudice the process of law. Mr Kashamu is fighting his corner as is his legal rights, it is his legal right to object to extradition on the basis of mistaken identity.

            I don’t know Mr Kashamu, I don’t know whether he has a twin or not and it is not for me to make prejudiced opinions on the matter based on my biases about Nigerians or Nigerian politicians. It is a matter for the law to prove or disprove Mr Kashamu’s objections to extradition.

            So far it has not – in the UK and Nigeria, disproved Mr Kashamu’s ‘mistaken identity’ objections.

          • Gbola


            Leave the matter.
            It is presently in court.
            He can’t be extradited without a judge granting the order.
            So for now, he is safe.

            The perpetual injunction he currently has would be appealed.
            And we would see the result.
            Once that injunction is appealed, he would be extradited — Mark my word.

            Stop bringing the U.K matter into this discourse.
            It has ABSOLUTELY NO relevance to the U.S, Nigeria or the Court of Appeal.

            I would remember to draw your attention to the result of the Appeal.

            Stay Tuned….

          • Orphic

            I will be surprised if Nigeria extradited a sitting Senator to stand trial in the US. I suspect that his political position also makes him safe. But as you said we’ll wait and see the outcome of proper due process.

            “And that’s where your shameless deceit comes in when you keep referencing it AS IF HIS CASE HAD BEEN HEARD…”
            You accuse me of deceit when I never said his case had been heard. The extradition hearing is part of the case because Kashamu cannot be surrendered to the US authorities until such a hearing rules against him.

            The Nigerian government does not have a case against Kashamu. The Nigerian government’s role is to present Kashamu before a judge of the Nigerian court for extradition hearings and upon the appropriate ruling of that court, escort Kashamu to the airport into the custody of awaiting US Marshals for transport to the US.

            Your logic is faulty, you assume his statement incriminates him, it does not. The knowledge of a brother (twin) who travelled to the US and may or may not have committed a crime, does not create an accessory to the crime as you are implying.

            “THE ONUS LIES ON HIM TO PROVE THAT ASSERTION…. A Good Lawyer advises their client NOT TO MAKE ANY STATEMENT”
            I assume that this statement about a twin brother, was originally made at the UK extradition hearing and Kashamu has maintained his innocence on that same basis. So that statement would have been made with the support of legal counsel and not carelessly as you assert.

            “He now has to prove his allegation that it’s his twin brother.”
            The mistake you make is thinking that Kashamu has to prove mistaken identity. On the contrary it is the US that has to prove that Kashamu is the man that matches the identity of the perpetrator they are after.

          • Gbola

            If Kashamu dare raises a DEFENSE or ASSERTION that his dead brother was the one who committed the crime THEN he WOULD BE EXPECTED TO DEFEND THAT ASSERTION .

            And this was indeed the defense he raised at the British Courts and continues to make even in Public and to the media in Nigeria.

            My bet is this is the only defense he can raise as there apparently is a picture and video recording of him with the U.S authorities from the surveillance camera of the Gated community where he resided WHILST in the states.


            He can be questioned on any ASSERTION or DEFENSE he’s raised including the ones he makes in the Public Space.

  • westman

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  • Law Offices

    Premium Times Editor,

    It’s true that in London court the Magistrate refused extradition. The reason is
    irrelevant, except in one sense. Does that refusal constitute a final decision
    in the federal court in Chicago, U.S.A? The answer given by U.S Circuit Court
    is, ‘NO’. It follows therefore that the long argument of ‘a previous trial for
    extradition in London’ has been resolved negatively under U.S jurisprudence.

    The appellate court then further said Buruji Kashamu must now stand trial for
    selling heroin contrary to U.S law. According to the appellate court, U.S operatives
    are permitted by U.S law on the basis of provisional warrant of arrest to come to Nigeria
    and be present (in other words, ‘assist’) at the scene if and when Nigeria’s NDLEA
    sets up ambush to arrest and extradite Buruji Kashamu to the United States of America.

    • thusspokez

      Yawn! (-_-)zzzzzzzzzzzzz (-_-)zzzzzzzzzzzzz (-_-)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ToriolaOlufemi

    Anyone supporting buruji shall one-day found himself /herself and children’s under the influence and consequences of hard drugs maybe by then you would understand reason why kashamu is dodging to go to a place many of you guys are begging to get the visas.

  • thusspokez

    A diplomat, Folake Marcus-Bello, has advised fugitive Nigerian senator, Buruji Kashamu, to voluntarily go to the United States of America and clear his name over the drugs allegation against him, rather than wait until he is extradited.

    Voluntarily, returning to the US may earn him a more lenient sentence. Surely, it is better than the stress of constantly looking over his shoulder or being suspicious of any stranger as US operatives or not travelling outside Nigeria for fear of arrest or even fear of being tracked by US drones and spy satellites — whether true or imagined. Stress is a silent killer.

  • Fredodo1

    Oga Kay, I tire for these people o.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    There is no better way to describe the utterances of the so called ambassador than to say it is utter stuupidity. Where was this Ambassador when crooked Hilary negotiated for the US govt to pay a $30m compensation to Nigeria rather than allow the fraudulent former Vice President of US, Dick Chiney to come to Nigeria and face corruption charge relating to the Haliburton fraud? Mr yeye Ambassador where were you?…in advanced climes such an ambassador will be arrested and physically beaten before he is deported back to America. Unfortunately however, M Buhari has neither the brains nor the presence of mind to recognize this insult from the so called ex-ambassador.

    • FreeNigeria

      Fake doctor, you should be ashamed supporting this drug peddler and dishonorable man. I guess we now wear corruption and other social vices as a badge of honor in this country. I doubt if you’re a doctor in any field.

    • Paul Irumundomon

      This man is uncle tom, blacks in America in the time of slavery who were reporting fellow black Americans, to face street justice, by hanging, in the hands of kkk

  • Paul Irumundomon

    How many American criminals have you brought to Nigeria to face prosecution. You only need visa, that is what your comment represents. Nigerians, who are at best, selling out fellow citizens.

  • princegab

    The ambassador is working for kashamu’s frenemies. Kashamu has no case to answer in the US.

  • Orphic

    The principle of innocence until proven guilty is at stake. The onus of proof rests on those who accuse. If the man says that he is not the person accused by name of being a drug baron, then the onus of proof rests on the US authorities to prove otherwise.
    So far US prosecutors have not been able to convince a British court – so sceptics cannot argue that Kashamu bribed anyone – let alone a Nigerian court. Ordinarily, one would advise him to go clear his name, but he has a right to insist on due and proper process. Without the US bringing forward further identification evidence, the process remains at an impasse, that is also inconvenient to Mr Kashamu.
    I would advice him to engage his own private investigators to collate evidence that convinces the US judge that it is indeed a case of mistaken identity.

  • UOU

    King of narcotics