Amnesty International calls for halt to mass forced evictions in Nigeria

Global rights group, Amnesty International, has called on the Nigerian government to stop forced eviction of persons from their homes and demolition of communities in the country.

“Forced evictions are prohibited under international law in all circumstances and even evictions ordered by a court must be conducted according to due process,” Morayo Adebayo, Nigeria’s Housing and Social Rights Researcher for Amnesty International, said on Thursday while reacting to a ruling by a court in Abuja.

The court had held that a planned eviction of residents in Mpape, a satellite community of Abuja, was illegal.

“Consequently, the government must consider all feasible alternatives to an eviction in consultation with all affected people. Any person affected by a proposed eviction must be served adequate written notice, within a reasonable time period,” the rights group stated.

“Other due process safeguards must be followed, including the provision of legal remedies and compensation. No one should be left homeless and the government should provide adequate alternative accommodation for those who cannot provide for themselves.

“Amnesty International calls for a moratorium on mass forced evictions across Nigeria, until there are laws or regulations in place to ensure compliance with safeguards enshrined in international law.”

The group also called on the Nigerian government to heed the ruling by a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory which declared the planned demolition of homes in Mpape as illegal.

The Federal Capital Territory Development Authority, FCDA, had since 2012 engaged in a legal battle with residents of Mpape over a plan by the authorities to evict them from the community.

The case was instituted by members of the Mpape Residents Community Development Association (MRCDA), after the FCDA’s Department of Development Control served residents of the community with notices to quit the area for a planned demolition of the community.

The notices, according to the MRCDA, did not include provision of alternative accommodation. Subsequently, the residents approached the law court to seek revocation of the quit notices.

The densely-populated community covers approximately 400 hectares of land, according to the MRCDA.

A census conducted by the residents’ association claimed there were 60,000 houses with hundreds of thousands of residents in the community.

Amnesty International described the planned eviction as a ploy to deprive the citizens of their rights to shelter.

“It will be used as an excuse to forcibly evict hundreds of thousands of Mpape residents, many of whom have lived there for decades and have no alternative homes. There were no adequate consultations, offers of alternative options for accommodation and compensation, prior to the issuance of the notices.

“This would be a violation of Nigeria’s human rights obligations under a range of international and regional human rights treaties, including the UN International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. Forced evictions are prohibited under international law in all circumstances,” said Mr. Adebayo for the rights group.

He described the court ruling against the demolition as a huge relief to the residents and called on government to respect the ruling.

“The Abuja High Court judgement declaring the planned demolition of Mpape community illegal comes as a massive relief to its hundreds of thousands of residents.

“The judgment which declared that Nigerian authorities have an obligation to refrain from forced evictions and make policies towards realising the right to adequate housing and security of tenure for the residents is a landmark judgment and a victory for housing rights in Nigeria.

“We urge all state governments across Nigeria to take heed of this ruling and take immediate steps to stamp out forced evictions. The ruling is a victory for the residents of Mpape who have lived with fear of forced eviction since 2012”.


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  • Höly Wähala

    “Nigeria is crime scene.” – @Deji
    Gov. Ambode and Lagos State evictions…
    Gov. El-Rufai and Kaduna State demolitions…
    Fed. Government and forced annexation of Mpape…
    Amnesty International is watering stones in trying to halt impunity and disregard for human lives in Nigerian, this is another knock-on-wood call as with all previous concerns. The Nigerian elite believe the country belongs to them and their cronies. A sad reality but, with a docile folk easily manipulated along ethno-religious lines, nothing will change unless we change the psyche of the ordinary man into resisting the Nigerian establishment and insisting on our rights spoken: March with TuFace to Air your Views!

    • emmanuel

      You are wrong! What has to change is not as you put it, the psyche of the ‘ordinary’ man into resisting the Nigerian establishment…, but change in the belief system of Nigerians (ordinary or not), that we are not a country. If you have Greece, Italy, France, Germany and UK all in one country the problems will be exactly what we have in Nigeria. This brazen truth is what people like you hate to discuss and treat like plague but is at the kernel of the intractable Nigerian situation.

      There is no reason on earth why Nigeria should operate as a single country. None whatsoever. It is absurd that a man from Sokoto, completely different in all and everything is from the same country with a man from Akpabuyo in South Eastern Calabar. The British brought Nigeria together for its colonial convenience and that is how much of African countries evolved and this is the bane of our development. It is like forced marriages. Whereas, 99% of the countries in Europe evolved naturally as God created them with each country largely representing a single tribe/language. E.g., German ethnic language in Germany, ethnic Spanish in Spain, Portuguese in Portugal, English in England, Italian in Italy, Russian Language in Russia etc…But in West Africa the Colonial immigrants amalgamated the countries of the North, South, East and West and called it Nigeria. How will that work?

      Place all Youruba speaking in one Single country and you would have eliminated the obvious. No presidential candidate or Governor will be elected based on his ‘ethnic’ affiliation but his content of character. Same if you placed all Igbo speaking, Hausa speaking, Efik Speaking, Edo speaking Ijaw speaking etc in one country. There will be no way a president like Buhari will ever emerge in any of these countries. Their best will and there is no way the best would evict other fellow humans.

      But the natural RESOURCES of some countries in Nigeria which all other countries in Nigeria love o much and are unwilling to do without, will not allow people like you think, act and speak objectively. I rest my case.

      • UK BOY

        You’ve nailed it. I can’t add or remove anything from what you’ve said.

      • Haba mallam

        What a rubbish, you’re dilusional

        • Reginald Dandeson

          Someone has presented a sound argument that may win a debate if not countered, and you flimsily call it rubbish and delusional. Present your counter arguments to enable readers judge who is delusional and saying rubbish between the two of you. Today’s Nigeria requires brains, not brawn.

          • Get rid of the cancer not kill the host, igbo-biafra are the metastasized cancer in this nation.
            Take a look at Ajegunle, an honest arbitrator would require the igbo-biafra to get permit Visa before visiting PH, Lagos or Abuja …

      • Höly Wähala

        What I meant by that is captured in my spoken emphasis: March with TuFace. Nigerians have a psyche of docility and accepting their fate as accompli, sealed. Besides tacitly accepting defeat by corruption as evidenced by those fringe groups who always appear from nowhere to support a person accused of corruption. Change of psyche is change in our mentality toward our leaders… Kapisch?

      • Adam Abbas

        Emmanuel, you are truly a man of God. To solve Nigerias problem is simple and straight forward but who will do it???? To solve Nigerias problem, all that is to be done is break up Nigeria into 37 Republics (i.e the 36 state and FCT each being a republic) like was done in former USSR. thereafter any state that wish to disintegrate more may do and any group of states that want to come together to build a bigger nation can do so. That is when human progress will begin in The current geographical location called Nigeria.

        • 37, why that particular number simply kick out the greedy, dubious tribe and it would be well with all.

          • Adam Abbas

            Quest, there are 183 remaining tribes in Nigeria from the almost 300 that existed 100 years ago, 80% of these tribes are mixed up like sugar, vanilla, salt ice cream. Ibo man from Abia with margi wife from Borno having four children what is the tribe of the children? Yoruba man from ogun with nupe wife from Niger having six kids what is the tribe of the children? Hausa man with Ibo wife having five children. So if you are talking reality 36 states and the FCT being 37 should each be an independent republic. As I said those who wish to team up to make a bigger republic can do so while those who wish to break up more can do so. If you discard the only greedy and dubious tribe which is igbos their kinsmen and women will not accept it. How are you going to manage this old equation? Major General Ikechukwu Omar Sanda Nwackukwu, a former senator, whose father was an Ibo man and whose mother is a Hausa/ Fulani mixed breed. What is his tribe? Will he let you go if abuse his mother or his father? The brain is required here not the bum. The bum should wait for toilet.

          • ‘Major General Ikechukwu Omar Sanda Nwackukwu’

            Former governor of imo is an hausa man, come on kai.

          • Adam Abbas

            Quest. You mean you didn’t know this. Okay his sister Mrs C. J. USMAN I.e Chinyere Jummai USMAN was a civil servant in kaduna state and later in katsina state. She retired a permanent secretary. Though the USMAN is her husbands name.
            Come on Quest and now you want to tell me you did not know IBB’s father was a full Yoruba man Mr Badamosi, a nice man and his mother was a lovely Gwari woman. I beg go check peoples roots but not from Nigeria press. Get to the roots.

          • By marring an hausa man she made herself whole.

            Ojukwu is hausa, IBB is Yoruba kai one nation
            Buy the others not so much.

            IBB for good or bad he is 100% hausa.

  • Send-force igbo-biafra back to their own region by all means possible, damn amnesty rubbish what would or could they do.

    • NDPOPE

      Your hatred will kill you. if you don’t like them, you and your messed up government should let them go. How difficult can this be? I don’t blame you…you are a just a child behind the keyboard.

      • So the FG government ties a cable cord around your neck stopping you from moving back to biafra land of starvation and degenerates.

        Homelessness is just the beginning of your mystery.

        • NDPOPE

          Twisted mind! Anyone against the FG is Biafran. Can you see your level of education? Just like what you wrote down…”FG government”.

          • Really biafra trash!

    • Alex

      In your head you thing this awful disition will only affects your enimes Igbo?bet, you equal belive the victims of the massacre going on in meddle belt and the North East are Igbos,the prices of basic thing rocketing to high haven only affects Igbos,I feel sorry for most of you that comes here to type rubbish.

      • This is an open invitation to all Nigerian’s non igbo-biafra to help make sense of the gibbrish written by one of this sub human creatures.

        Go home biafra awaits you!

  • Haba mallam

    So AI want our people to live in ghettos and make shift huts. Bring an alternative and fund it.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Even after the eviction the reclaimed land is not developed for anything!

  • Evans Lakoju

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    • igbo-biafra ruuuuuunnnnnnnn

  • easyman16

    Amnesty international when will you stop all this Pepper talks and swing into action? can’t you people sue nigeria government for all this crimes they’ve being committing against humanity.?

  • Otile

    Haba mutanen Najeriya! Nobody can please you in life, mutanen Najeriya. Imam Buhari has been trying to institutionalize
    equal opportunity in housing yet people are complaining. Many people in the North have had the
    opportunity of being homeless but they are not complaining. The Southerners must have some understanding
    in this matter. Imam is doing his duty
    to distribute homelessness among Nigerian people. Amnesty International does not understand
    Imam’s rationale for his equal opportunity housing program. Imam knows that there is no reason why many
    people in Gombe, Mubi or Birnin Kebbi will be wandering the streets while their
    fellow Nigerians in Eko, Ibadan, or Akure will be occupying large buildings and
    living larger than life. Leave Imam to
    demolish some structures and send some people packing. Fair is fair.