130-year-old Harvard Law Review elects Nigerian as first black woman president

irst black woman president Harvard law

A Nigerian, ImeIme Umana, has made history as the first black woman president of the Harvard Law Review, a prestigious legal journal in the United States.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama was the first black to be elected president of the Harvard Review in 1990.

Ms. Umana, who is of Nigerian descent, but hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States, has become the 131st leader of the organization

The job is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School.

As Harvard Law Review president, Ms.Umana will oversee more the than 90 student editors and permanent staff members who make up the Law Review and communicate with writers, including senior faculty members.

As a Harvard undergraduate in Lowell House, Ms. Umana earned a joint concentration in government and African American studies and served as the president of the Institute of Politics.

According to a Harvard Crimson report, the outgoing president of the Law Review, Michael L. Zuckerman, wrote in an email that he was excited to see where Ms. Umana will take the publication in the coming year.

“ImeIme is one of the most brilliant, thoughtful, and caring people I’ve ever met, and the Law Review is in phenomenally good hands,” Mr. Zuckerman email read.

According to Mr. Zuckerman, candidates for the Law Review’s top post must answer questions from a forum of editors, write responses to submitted questions, and participate in mock editorial activities.

This year’s field of 12 candidates featured eight women and eight people of colour.

“ImeIme’s election as the Law Review’s first female black president is historic,” Mr. Zuckerman wrote. “For a field in which women and people of colour have for too much of our past been marginalized or underrepresented, her election is an important and encouraging step toward a richer and more inclusive legal conversation.”

“Knowing ImeIme, I can’t wait to applaud her in a year’s time for the extraordinary work that I am certain she will do,” Mr. Zuckerman wrote.

Ms. Umana’s election comes as the Law Review aims to accept editors from a wider variety of backgrounds.


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  • Odus

    Very proud of you sister. Wishing you more wisdom and understanding.

    • Prince Emmanuel Etuk

      Imeime, we at home, Akwa ABASI Ibom state are very proud of you. May God continue to guide and bless you. You are the true daughter of your parent. Congratulations and thank you to United States of America who neither know ethnic nor colour before granting you this exulted office.

      • Julius

        Indeed..I’m not from you side but, I’m happy for her for making us all proud. There are many like her in the U S alone.

        • They would claim Edo amd Ore as igbo-biafra soon enough.

          • Julius

            Oh, you need to read ipob, kanu’s manifesto. He is including Benue and Kogi states as part of biafraud. I’m not sure the people of those states are aware of that yet. I guess he will invade them when he gets out of the cage he is living now. You know they claimed that they own 85 % of Lagos. So, you know what’s coming. lolz

          • Delusional flesh eating monkeys.

      • LoveNigeria

        Congratulations, Imeime, Akwa Ibom, and Nigeria. There are many Akwa Ibom people in top world universities. The is an article in a Bristish paper “The Voice” about this lady and another Akwa Ibom person being the Editor of Harvard Public Health Journal.

  • Frank

    “Ms. Umana, who is of Nigerian descent, but hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States, has become the 131st leader of the organization..” – PT

    Instead of PT to tell us that this Baby hails from Ikot Abasi in present day Akwa Ibom state of Niger Delta they are busy telling us that she is from Penssivenia or whatever. Of what use is that to her people and even Nigerians? I really don’t understand how journalism is practiced these days. By the way, why is it that nobody, not even one single student from Northern Nigeria ever reaches such heights? Are we really supposed to be one country?

    • Otile

      You cannot catch a Fulani man dead at Harvard on graduation day.

      • Tunsj

        What does a Fulani man got to do with this? You make me sick.

        • Otile

          Did you mean to ask what a Fulani man got to do with oil money? You make me throw up.

          • Tunsj

            I want you to throw up more and more.

          • Otile

            You Muslims never wish us well. Here I am suggesting that Fulanis should invest in education and stop drawing us back and you are attacking me to please them. Shame on you.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Emir Sanusi gave same advice as you just did to them recently. so i get your points.

          • Julius

            The best car designer with Ford motor in the U S is a Fulani/Hausa man… The best ! I’m not sure if he hasn’t moved to another motor corp because he was in a high demand at one time. So, take Otile remark which I hope was a joke for what its worth.

          • Otile

            Your argument is not convincing because his mother is Igbo and he studied in the East. If his mother was Fulani and he went to almajiri school in Gwandu he would have no chance at all. You also know that Major Kaduna Nzogwu’s mother was Igbo, but you never associate him with Hausa/Fulani. If Major Nzogwu had been a patriotic Nigerian like Tafawa Balewa none of you would remember he is Igbo.

          • Julius

            “19 year old Nigerian Harvard student Saheela Ibraheem has been recognized … She however chose Harvard” She met with President Obama and Michelle Obama at the white house . You may need to explain your theory/logic to her while at it, tell the celebrated car designer to stop calling himself an Hausa man. I wasn’t arguing, I was stating a fact. I also didn’t know that for any Hausa/Fulani person to be successful he/she must have an Igbo mother. That my friends is big news !!. Be serious !!

          • Otile

            Unfortunately for you the problem with you is that you have the tendency of snapping at issues before you understand what the argument is all about. Again, unfortunately you don’t understand the basic expressions such as: argument, theory, logic, statement etc. it is impossible to argue with you since have no understanding of the basics. For example you ignorantly stated tha you were not arguing, you were stating a fact. The question therefore is, what is fact, what is argument? In the first place, your 19 yr old Harvard student is not the world acclaimed car designer who is a legend in the industry. You are confusing the two individuals.

          • Julius

            I’ve come to realize that trying to make a point with your irrelevant and incoherent rant is like trying to explain something to a 4 year old. Its a waste of time. You stupidly brought in who and where those successful Hausas were born and their mother but, I gave you an example to let you know you were wrong. You went off instead of accepting your stupidity.Now , its me that do not understand your tribal nonsense . Was that 19 year old’s mother is an Igbo woman or did she went to school in the east ? See the connection to your lazy tribal narratives ?

          • Otile

            God forbid. You have touched the depth of imbecility. What are you struggling to say? Say it in ede Yoruba I will still understand you. Reasoning is your weak point. Try harder next time.

          • Julius

            What I enjoy the most in this forum is making your miserable life more miserable. Get your monkey blood pressure up. You introduce tribe to a topic that has nothing to do with tribe and when somebody point that out to you went ape.You obviously like to be abused and I’ll keep abusing you. Happy trolling !

          • Akwa Ibom are mainly PH and Calabar people not igbo, they don’t speak or even understand igbo.

          • Julius

            I know but, don’t tell our biafraudians friends that tho.

          • fools!

          • Julius

            No mind dem !

          • Otile

            You know that Akwa Ibom are mainly PH. God forbid, ignorance is bliss among your gang members.

          • Julius

            Fag, you can’t even see behind your ass. Where is your sense of humor ? Oh, I forgot, you are too intellectual for dat..lmaooooo !

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            yeah it was a joke. There are over 200m Nigerians meaning about 3m people with the potential to do intellectual things that will change the country and make them wealthy. But sadly illiteracy, corrupt governance and the interference of old archaic cultures that cannot mix with modern scientific cultures have stalled success for us. Yes it is rampant more amongst my northern youth brothers more and we all know that to be true. The influence of the traditional rulers on the free will of the people is saddening. There are loads of northerners who have excelled in different professional areas around the world.And i mean many…

          • Julius

            I agree. I once posted a comment that Hausa/Fulani men and women are doing excellent here in North America and the biafraudians descended on me . You would have thought that I started war world 3. They called me a muslim and that I am an Hausa man and Julius is not my name. I never understood their need in belittling people. Their constant put down of others is sad. You read them daily on here so I need not point that out to you.

        • Gbola

          Just imagine !!

          • Julius

            Bro, you have to laugh and shake your head ! Shit is crazy !

      • You really need to come out of your hole sometimes.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        Lol. that is true tho.

        • Julius

          No its not..don’t encourage him. lolz

      • Julius

        Why would you catch any dead when they are among the graduates ? Otile, I hope that you are just been mischievous because you know or should know better.

    • PolyGon2013

      If she were a prostitute, you won’t comment if they say is a Nigerian. Once it is something great, you go for the tribal origin. Regardless, congratulations to the young woman.

      • Julius

        So true !

    • Gbola

      She IS A NIGERIAN.

      That should suffice.

      Be proud of her as a Nigerian.

      She most probably never set foot in Africa talk less of Nigeria.

      All you’re after is the promotion of disunity and ethnic bigotry.

      Congratulations to this lady.
      She has made is proud AS NIGERIANS.
      Kudos to her.

      • Julius

        Thank you. God bless !. Hope for more good news about us from all over the world.

    • Julius

      Did PT mention where Ogunlesi is from in Nigeria when Trump selected him to be part of his economic team , a man that is managing businesses in the range of $ billions ? PT simply said he is a NIGERIAN !. Find something else to rant about biko.

    • Akwa Ibom are Calabar and PH, useless usurpers.

  • Tunsj

    Congratulation! Proud of you.

  • Rev

    The plan from the beginning was to destroy the African potential and transmigrate them to the US where they will become a virile feeder group for the future and sustenance of the Cahoot! And unfortunately, the fulani cows in leadership have been the greatest accessories in this robbery. Because anytime they have the reins of leadership, the economy, and structure suffers a great breakdown which triggers a massive brain drain of brain waves!

    • Otile

      Thank you Rev, whenever one points out the damage Fulani leadership has done to mankind in Nigeria reprobates and sycophants will lunch furious attacks to please their Fulani masters. God bless ImeIme and her parents.

    • Julius

      This is what you got out of the young lady’s achievement ? You also call yourself a Rev ? Na wa oo ! You just can’t congratulate her and write another comment for your narrative however far-off it might be ?

  • PolyGon2013


  • Kickboxer

    Congratulations. We are proud of you.

  • Congratulation to you and your family from your proud nation.

  • Julius

    Congratulation to you, your family and to Nigeria by extension. This is the news we all need. Much success to you young lady !

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  • Simon

    Congratulations to Ms Umana. More grease to your elbows!

  • Carolina Sander

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