Fayose to march with TuFace, others in nationwide protest

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, on Monday said he will be partaking in the upcoming nationwide protest led by Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia.

In a post on his Twitter handle shortly after 10:00 p.m., Mr. Fayose said the organisers have his full backing to launch the protest which they said will be “massive”.

“To organisers of Feb. 5 “Enough is Enough” National Protest, you have my total support and I will be part of the protest,” the governor said.

Mr. Fayose is the latest public figure to queue behind the organisers of the demonstration, which is expected to hold simultaneously in different cities across the country.

Mr. Idibia, while announcing the protest last week, said the Buhari administration’s rudderlessness has left too many Nigerians languishing in poverty with little to be hopeful for about the future.

The police said they have been duly informed about the protest and will provide security for all participants, although the government called for patience and understanding amongst Nigerians.


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  • ps

    We now know that Tuface is an agent of PDP,when Tuface heard the Gov. Fayose stole some money did lead protects.

    • Temitope Temiloluwa

      What did he do When Ameach,Fasola and Fayemi to mentioned few stole their states dry to Fund Buhari Election

      • Gbola

        In that case,
        Have TuFace protest against INJUSTICE.

        • Otse

          I expected people to be more reasonable with their comments. The question is that, are Nigerians suffering, the answer is yes. Then we’ve people like 2face who could come out and lead a protest against the ill – governance and some will read negative meaning into it. If we do not change our ways, those politicians will always ride the people but with this kind of arrangement, it’ll keep them on their toes to do the needful.

          • On3Lov3

            yeah, Nigerians are facing hunger, but the question should be what is the cause of the suffering?, and how come the suffering?. analysing the root will help you with the solution.
            Simple answer CORRUPTION. And now somebody at the helm is fighting corruption we are protesting.
            i think we should protest for the corrupts persons who are the architect of the suffering to be jailed.
            Let us protest for JUSTICE

      • simon tor gideon

        Go to EFCC with your evidence that these people stole money and stop acting on hear say.Jonahan and Buhari ,who used money more in their campaign?You people must stop acting with sentiments but truth.Why didn`t Wike come out to counter Amaechi when he went to the Senate during his screening with the report of the judicial panel Wike set up to trap him (Amaechi0 and Amaechi was armed with the report to tell the whole world that the report did not indict him?

  • Kevin Peter

    This indeed is the best reaction to the continuous sufferings in the nation as a result of which thousands (more than the BH deaths) have passed on due to cheer incompetence on the part of this government to run the economy well. The so-called 3million job promise by this government has instead witnessed 6million job losses. What a shame!

  • Pukka

    I want to believe that Mr Idiba’s intention is laudable and i must confess that as Nigerians we need people to come all out on issue as this. I only hope that this protect will provided the needed impetus to stimulate the government of the day to their responsibilities and promises to the masses.

    • On3Lov3

      “Buhari meant well for Nigeria, he is the right man for this job because his hands are not soiled. If Nigeria fail again to give this man maximum support, Nigeria will come back to regret it. This is an opportunity for Nigeria to fix what is needed to be fixed. ” Simeon Oluwasanmi 2017
      i also the above quote is the reason behind the march, to lend support to the anti-corruption crusade. Hunger would persist for a while then abundance would come.

  • Simeon Oluwasanmi

    The masses are suffering. The question is, what is the root cause? Is the billions of Naira in Zenith Bank traced to Governor Fayose is the profit accrued from his own investment? Let Fayose and Co release huge money in their possession because it doesn’t belong to them, you will see that masses will be lifted out of poverty. If Fayose have conscience, he will not join any mass protest on the state of economy in Nigeria. Buhari meant well for Nigeria, he is the right man for this job because his hands are not soiled. If Nigeria fail again to give this man maximum support, Nigeria will come back to regret it. This is an opportunity for Nigeria to fix what is needed to be fixed. The work of construction is the hardest thing to do, but to pull down and destroy is easy. Don’t join the destroyer and don’t show your face among them.

    • Darlington

      Nigerians are tired of this blame game. Buhari should go.

      • On3Lov3

        “Buhari meant well for Nigeria, he is the right man for this job because his hands are not soiled. If Nigeria fail again to give this man maximum support, Nigeria will come back to regret it. This is an opportunity for Nigeria to fix what is needed to be fixed. ” Simeon Oluwasanmi 2017

    • Temitope Temiloluwa

      Be Objective at least for once Sanni. Which money are u talking about,you mean more than 75billion stolen by Ameachi to Fund Buhari Election. Some fools like u will be asking for evidence,u actually expect EFCC to probe him?? They won’t because APC is a saint party

      • Gbola

        Then TuFace ought to be protesting AGAINST ALL CORRUPTIONS taking place regardless of whoever.

      • simon tor gideon

        Fools like you will continue to support evil meetings of this nature but never partake in it.Tuface has no credibility to lead any protest against the govt.Here is a man whom former governor Akpabio sposored his wedding with billions of Akwa Ibom money for marrying from there and was well complimented by his brother David Mark who gave him SUVs and cash valuing over N40miillion.Has the govt prevented his records from selling in the market?Or has the govt seized his instruments and voice as an artist?

    • On3Lov3

      “Buhari meant well for Nigeria, he is the right man for this job because his hands are not soiled. If Nigeria fail again to give this man maximum support, Nigeria will come back to regret it. This is an opportunity for Nigeria to fix what is needed to be fixed. ” Simeon Oluwasanmi 2017
      Let the truth be told.

    • Dgreatest

      Name five constructive agendas that is on ground, that is visible on ground that this govt have in place. At least when u make point , give us reasons and evidences to support your claim to make us believe what u saying

      • Mufu Ola

        Give 4 constructive, sustainable agendas that PDP hang around Nigeria’s neck for its sixteen years in power.

        • Dgreatest

          PDP govt was a failure, that’s why Nigerians supported Buhari, to bring about change ..

          Besides look beyond the party and instead support credible individuals whether from APC or the PDP because the same thieves in PDP have joined their fellow looters in APC..
          APC, PDP, no difference..

          So name five constructive agendas that is on ground, that is visible on ground that this present govt have in place

    • Tunsj

      Well laid out, Simeon.

  • westman

    Tubaba correct guy.
    Unbelievable! When people complain they have registered in ultimate cycler for wks without getting paid I wonder. In our group of ultimate cyclers which is the best in Nigeria, people register today with 12,500 and get paid 50k in 5days. A lady who registered 4days ago got paid 50k yesterday &she is now in level 2 for #100k. If u want to make quick good cash with us join now. Whatsapp +2348063667191

  • Eugene Jefferey

    2face if enlighten should understand that Nigeria poverty started years back…are we supporting looting, or progress?Buhari government has said ,we are going to suffer to come out from the state of the country…if our past leaders has been so good with the country wealth..I dont think we shall be experiencing such hard time..Tuface be reasonable na because you be star na make some mumu Nigerian no go tell you truth..can you please talk about the failure of Nigeria economy state?that my question to you Tuface Idibia.

    • Ukwachinaka

      Things have been wrong in Nigeria since Independence. It’s true. But Buhari’s administration has compounded Nigeria’s problem to an alarming degree. Be honest to yourself. We need people like Tuface and Fayose to really tell the world the true situation of things in Nigeria. I’m joining the protest match. PMB is a despot. In fact, he’s an ANIMAL!

      • simon tor gideon

        Tell Fayose to refund billions of money he stole from Ekiti people before he was impeached in his first shot as governor of Ekiti before any well meaning Nigerian can hear him.He has an embezzlement case standing against him at anEkiti High Court and with corrobaration with Jonathan as president and Obanikoro as Defence Minister then,he assembled security agents and beat up the high court judge presiding over this case.The case is still standing against him and waiting to commence immediately after his present tenure as Ekiti governor.He has no probity to protest against Buhari until he clears his name of this fraud case.

      • Babso

        Do you really need to go so low as to call PMB an animal? That speak volume of your personality.

        • Ukwachinaka

          PMB is worse than an animal!

      • On3Lov3

        if your president is an animal, then what are you?
        Your write up shows level of your understanding

        • Ukwachinaka

          He’s not my president. You’re too myopic to see how terrible your country has become under your despotic and senseless Buhari. Your level of understanding isn’t different from that of your nomadic president.

    • Mufu Ola

      Have you ever seen many enlightened musicians in Nigeria? Tuface have never pretended to be enlightened anyway. Only knows how father bastards all over town.

    • Dgreatest

      You stated that Buhari said Nigeria will come out of it.. Good positive mindset, but could u tell me the policies and plans Buhari has shown u, or Nigerians that will bring Nigeria out…
      All your assurances in your comment is Buhari said, that does not change anyting , but you should tell us what is he doing, or the obvious policies he has in place.

      • Chibo

        Fayose should know dat nigerians see him like a tout yet he volunteer to join this result oriented protest of 2 face idibia. My opinion on this is for 2 face to quarantine people like fayose from this wonderful outing so as to achieve well desired result at last. I support the protest!

  • Gbola

    With all the Billions embezzled under the GEJ admin, not one of these activists came out to protest.

    ■ Didn’t TuFace hear about the Billions stolen by Badeh ??

    ■ Didn’t Tuface hear about the Billions stolen looted by Dasuki ??

    ■ Didn’t TuFave hear about the Billions stolen by Diezani ??

    What about Obanikoro and Fayose ??

    As a matter of fact,
    TuFace should first tell Fayose to return the Billions he stole.
    Obanikoro has implicated him.
    Obanikoro stated how both he and Fayose loaded Dollars into Ghana-must-go bags and made 2 trips from Abuja to Ekiti.

    TuFace is a shameless deceit.
    I would respect him if he rejects Fayose’ s participation.

    I believe TuFace is only obeying the call of his financial backers.
    And he would fail.

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  • I totally support this march.

  • I totally support this march.

  • Olatunji S.

    I hope 2face is not teaming up with PDP for real. His protest plan is nothing bad but its kind of painting him black already.

    • Oskirin

      NO….im an APC member by heart.i also support such protest..in as much it doesn’t turns to violence.ds will keep my govt on its toes.

      again,i would love to see dt jagajaga mouth of fayose in d rally.i will equip my self with recordings of ekiti gate audio n recent wIke vs fayose audio.den proceed to ask him if he recognize such voices…i bet na slap n beat he go beat me..but camera go dey dere wey go camera us…


    • Oluseyi

      Who cares whether he is teaming up with the PDP. The point is that a rally is being planned to protest the present economic hardship. All well meaning Nigerians are encouraged to join in this rally.

    • Dgreatest

      What is wrong with PDP that is not wrong with APC. What do u have to say abt the PDP looters now in APC.

      APC and PDP are full of men with looting tendencies that don’t care abt the nation

    • Mockme

      When Fashola and Tinubu joined the occupy Nigeria protest, what did you term that?

  • Ayinde Jimmy

    Everything is adding up now.

  • NAME of Suicide Bombers Please

    Dear EDITOR,
    You have reported a suicide bomber detonating her bomb in Bornu…the story has also been hurriedly removed from sight so people don’t see the tragedy of the present times. BUT as usual you have not told us the name of the so-called 10 yr old girl (Suicide bomber). The following questions are also pertinent.

    1. Has any parent declared his/her girl child missing? If not (As is always the case, aren’t they accomplices?)
    2. What is the state of origin of the suicide bomber?
    3. What is her address?
    4. Who was she last with as a ward?

    Remember that charges have already been bought against the Mosque attacker in a Canadian court. He has been named and his address and all other details made public. Why is Nigeria different? Or do the “suicide” bombers in Nigeria have no names and parents?

    Nigeria has become the best place to be an Islamist, terrorist or suicide bomber because the state will protect your identity and will NEVER prosecute you even if your suicide vests refuse to detonate. Nigeria can not produce a single individual whose suicide vest refused to detonate and who has been prosecuted. None. Simple none.

  • Dr.Alfred Branson

    He is right to protect when he is not satisfy with the situation such as this.Nigerians has been taking for mere nothing.

    • Tunsj

      I agree with you that he has the right to protest but how many jobs has Idibia created? This clown is being paid.

      • Mockme

        At least he is big enough to attract some payment. You are not. Go figure

        • Tunsj

          There is nothing to figure. I stand by my comment.

  • Sincere-Voice

    Tuface has every right to protest. But we know him too well and how he has been fraternising with Pdp goons. We know some of the benefits he got from them when they were in power. So, coming now protest against APC in the name fighting for the people look like a scam!
    As of today, Apc is Pdp’s number one enemy and we all know Tuface as a Pdp supporter. He should go ahead with the protest as a Pdp supporter and not in the name of a public celebrity fighting for the people.

    • Mustard Seed

      get lost. He is an entertainer and was paid for his service. Didn’t APC also paid some famous artist during their election campaign. I think your point is meaningless and you don’t have interest in the betterment of this country.
      How can you still be talking about party affiliation this time when the country is crumbling in terms of inflation and making a living difficult for every nigerian.? Where are you from and who paid you to spat these nonsense

      • Sincere-Voice

        You sound like a man that’s bereft of understanding. Tuface got paid for his services. Which services? The SUVs that he got from the AkwaIbom state government was for which services? That government funded most of his wedding expenses in Dubai and sponsored more than 25 people to Dubai for his wedding. Please that was for which services?
        David Mark was not also missing in action. I don’t have the time to start telling you all that I know about this. I am in support of his planned protest against the government. I love the fact that a big celebrity is standing up for the people at such a time as this. But the truth remains that Tuface is a supporter of Pdp, and right now, the biggest enemy of the Pdp is Apc, the ruling party. So, what tuface is about doing makes a lot of sense.
        Pdp are out to discredit this government in any ways possible. They did it with militants, the Biafra cry is there and now, they want to give it a go with Tuface knowing fully well that he has a lot of following. That’s why people like Fayose have aligned with the said protest.
        Iß there anything like party affiliation in this. Even a high school student knows that tuface is being used. It is just like Olamide the rapper, coming out to tell us that he wants to protest against any Pdp government. Do you need a soothsayer or a prophetess to tell you that he is being used?
        If you can’t think properly, it’s not my fault my brother.

    • Dgreatest

      Ok let’s assume you’re making sense, so tell me, without talking from the stand point of party affiliation, are u happy with the state of the nation and the policies of this present govt.

      If u are, Pls tell me why and the accomplishments of this govt apart from the fight against corruption.

      By the way don’t respond with respect to the previous govt, cos it was a failure, and this present govt is also failing

      • Sincere-Voice

        You sound more like an intelligent person and for that very reason, I would try to answer all you asked me.
        Firstly, I am not happy with the way things are now in the country, but where expecting anything different? Government they say is continuum. The ground this government took over from was without form and void and the whole place was covered with gross darkness. So if you know where we were before now , you would cut the government some slack and rather support them in their work of rebuilding the country. That’s not to say I am totally in support of all the government policies. I think they need to rework some of their policies and pay closer attention to things.
        Times might be hard now, but when I look, I see a new beginning for the country.

  • dami

    So a demonstration paid for by Akpabio now has fayose attending / partaking….tuface has a really bad stench right now….deceptive idiot….as if the demonstration is not against thieves like fayose and Akpabio.

    • Dgreatest

      Did u see Tuface asking Fayose to join the protest or was it Fayose that decided to join the protest.

    • Leo

      Lol.u need to wake up from APC lies and accept the reality you are seeing

  • easyman16

    This is one problem with nigerians. Somebody like 2baba is coming out to stand and speak for Us and some of u are here posting posting trash

    • blueeyedkitten

      who is tuface? and what value has he added to your life?

  • Ezekiel

    The beuty of democracy but this protest is suppose to be against those who loot our treasury like Fayose and not against Buhari that is dealing with the thieves and it’s also a bad thing to be jobless like this 2face or what’s his name.

    • Dgreatest

      Tuface did not ask for the support of Fayose, Fayose willingly voiced his interest in the protest.

      And why do u think Buhari is not looting the treasury, why do you have so much confidence that funds are not being stolen under his govt.

      It’s a good initiative to fight looters even though it is a one sided anti corruption fight, it’s better than no fight, but u don’t judge any initiative based on how good it is, but u judge based on the result of the initiative.
      So far, how has the result from the fight against looters improved the economy, and the state of the nation.

      Seems Buhari is good at fighting corruption, which he will get an E for it cos nobody has been jailed like he promised, Jonathan is yet to be arrested, corrupt pdp members in APC are walking as free men like they never stole, but in other aspect, Buhari is failing like the past govt also failed .

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      I feel sorry for you dude. Many children are out of school because of lack of economic direction of the government, while buhari’s children have all graduated from UK under the sound economy policies of past leaders. The moment Buhari came to power, he announced to the world that no dollars will be made available for our wards that are schooling abroad, meanwhile all his children schooled abroad under OBJ and GEJ’s leadership. With all the TSA and monies they claimed to have recovered from the looters, how has it improved your life. This God is from the pit of hell and should be done with.

      • mayGodpunishopressors

        ——–This government is from the pit of hell and should be done with.

      • Ezekiel

        Are they not getting the dollars now and with all the abroad degrees what is it that has been added to Nigeria? This government means well for Nigeria and needs the support of all in fact my indigenous economy is growing tremendously which wasn’t before now so think Nigeria and love Nigeria.

  • Jacky

    Tuface must be careful before political charlatans hijack his “well-intentioned” peaceful protest. He must stop Ayo Fayose now, because Wike, Avengers, Biafra agitators and Militants will be invited by Fayose.

    • Austin

      U are sick in d head

  • Tunsj

    Where was Tuface during the Jonathan’s administration?

    • dele20

      Surely, 2face is paid and controlled by pdpigs as to go against this competent APC led administration

      • Kika

        I can’t believe u used the word COMPETENT… nawa for world people!

    • Kika

      What has his personal life got to do with the protest? I believe ur enjoying the present state of the nation..

  • Man_Enough

    But they said the march is not political. Fayose’s involvement makes it not only political but antagonistic and hate laden.

    • dele20

      Fayoshame’s thuggery and childishness will surely soon appear again

  • blueeyedkitten

    somebody whose private life is rudderless fah…..
    nothing we no go see for this country. next!

  • Musa Dalhatu

    This clearly revealed the truth about pdpigs sponsoring this futile protest. The wolves can’t wait to use any available dubious means to discredit this administration. I feel very sorry for Idibia, cos dis is the beginning of his downfall. He should know better than to involve himself in dirty politics. We shall see.

    • dele20

      2face idiot-bia is used as a tool by pdpigs, he better wake up and shine his face

  • Jay Gatsby

    Honestly…it doesn’t matter his walk of life past or personal… 2Face is a nigerian and a citizen and doing wat is within his power as a brand and celebrity to create awareness… If ppl accused him of only talking …he’s taking action…how many successful protest have we had in Nigeria??? Where were u when ppl wanted to protest subsidy removal?? PMS price hike…??? Bbog?? Etc…we are cowards n noisemakers….detractors n enemies of progress…this Nigeria overtly religious with no grasp of God..or value for human life…in fact I fear if Jesus came tomorrow …half of u would stone him…or query him how he was not familiar with ‘Jesus’…Fayose despite whatever sentiment u have for him…is doing the right thing…this administration is like its figure head…lethargic…old…and detached from.the ppl…and anybody blindly supporting or talking nonsense is a detached from reality…in fact u r A Nigerien…not Nigerian…