Southern Kaduna attackers not punished for 35 years – El Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State Nasir El-Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State, Nasiru El-Rufai, says part of reasons the killings in Southern Kaduna has continued is because those involved have neither been punished nor prosecuted in the last 35 years.

The federal government says 204 people have been killed in the area since the latest wave of violence between Fulani herdsmen and indigenous people of the area began last year. Some groups say the death toll is far higher.

Mr. El-Rufai, who has been criticised for his handling of the crisis, said on Tuesday he was not a religious fanatic and he was not responsible for the violence.

Addressing a six-member Senate Adhoc Committee delegation, Mr. El Rufai said his government will punish culprits this time.

“I am the governor of Kaduna state if you break the law you will be punished,” he said. “The entire Kaduna city has been divided and there is need to regain the confidence and mixed together.”

“I am not an ethnic jingoist or a religious bigot so those who alleged that I am sponsoring Southern Kaduna crisis are just mischievous, no governor wants crisis in his state.”

He said his government has so far committed about N4 billion naira in funding security agencies in the state.

The Senate committee, led by Kabiru Gaya, was in the state to assess the situation.

Mr. Gaya, chairman Senate Adhoc Committee on Southern Kaduna Crisis and Other Parts of the Country, accused politicians of using the crisis for political gain.

He said the committee was set up to investigate the causes of the frequent attacks.

“Part of the mission of the Adhoc committee are to interact , discuss with government , stakeholders , community leaders, security agencies and other relevant bodies that will contribute to bringing lasting peace,” he said.


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  • imagine_2012

    Short ediot.

    • Höly Wähala

      …short edition Gov.

  • S.O. Olaniyan


    I fear that sooner or later Nasir El Rufai will be docked at the International Criminal Court.
    The killings of 300 Shiites inside the state he purports to govern, implicates him ex officio.
    Ditto, these killings of over 200 Christians in southern Kaduna also implicate him badly.
    That’s because he admitted in public that he paid blood money to the Fulani assassins.

    • augustine

      ❓❕❓If El Rufai is guilty of killing muslim shiites, how is he a jihadist now? Nigerians need to see politics hidding under the canopy of religion. Contest for land, power, wealth, ego supremacy, all covered up as Jihad vs Church ⭕⭕


    The same governor paid huge sum of money to the killers, rather than prosecuting them himself, so he has not acted different from other leaders who were there before him

  • Watch man

    Because those terrorist islamizers have neither been punished nor prosecuted in 35 years is that, therefore, the reason why you should allow the carnage to go on? And you pay them and comfort them by telling them that one of their own is now in charge? Your reasoning is as short as you are. Shame on you!

    • Lanre

      Thank you for the apt response.

    • Nkem

      Zangon-Kataf happened so many years ago. Maybe el-Rufai is referring to that one. Maybe he is saying that Muslims are retaliating now because Christians were not punished back then.

      • Watch man

        I was present in Kaduna when Zango Kataf carnage happened. Over 2,000 people were killed. General Zamani Lekwot had ‘fatwa’ over his head. Christians were not only punished but were decimated. Water wells were stocked with human beings and pigs as well as vultures had a field day eating the carcasses of humans. So, if that is what the short terrorist governor is referring to then he has no business governing any state.

        • Dan Taraba

          Watch man,
          I believe you were blind as the Zango Kataf Crises was a total Muslim eradication off globe and it is the same repercussions they are suffering up to now. Let the game continue. Yakowa packed the victims of Zonkwa at the Pilgrims camp for 2 years no compensation and more… what do you expect now?

        • augustine

          ❌My Kataf friends boast that their fathers wasted Fulani lives in Lekwot’s time, yes I believe the christians won the Zangon Kataf battle and almost wiped out the Fulanis. Their Kataf fathers are soldiers at Kachia artillery where we played, they say Lekwot gave Kataf guns and won the fight. Babangida was afraid to execute Lekwot after tribunal trial because C.A.N. threatened IBB, I believe their story because they dont deceive me, but am I happy they wasted human lives like cockroaches? No, all Nigerian lives matter equally, why not kill armed robbers instead of Fulani neighbour, why this hatred on both sides, why this crazy contest for superiority? Madness of all tribes involved❌❌❌

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Lol. However humorous, You did make valid points there..

  • Ephraim

    @Augustine, point of correction, Tivs are not Muslims. Please cross check your facts. Agreed we have very few of them whom for economic reasons choose to join Islam but do it without commitment. I can boldly say that out of the whole Tiv nation you can not count up to 1000 Muslims. That is very insignificant for a population of over 6 million people.

    • augustine

      Noted, but I cant find any source of muslim-christian balance in Tiv tribe. Only 1,000 muslims in Tiv tribe is a gross understatement, even Igbos have more than 1,000 muslims. Abubakar Tsav had once said the muslim Tiv population had grown over years. I will agree Tiv is not majority muslim and I never said it was.

      I will not agree that only christian Tivs fight Jukuns unless there is a proof somewhere. Thank you.

      • Dan Taraba

        Both Tiv and Jukuns are Christians and no Muslims among them

        • augustine

          Abubakar Tsav, ex police IG, Tiv moslem.

      • Ahmad

        Say it as it is Augustine!!!

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  • Budu

    first it was we don’t know the attackers hence no arrest. last week the governor said that he has paid the Fulani herdsmen to stop killing.Today, he is going to punish all offenders.
    Fellow Nigerians, My simple question is this. How can you pay me and after wards punish me? Where is the sincerity?
    How long shall we continue in this form where this politicians tell us “A” in the morning and “B” in the evening?

  • Ewens Lawson

    The fact is that a huge chunk of those who claim to be analysts/commentators on this platform has not been able to whither sentimentalism in public discourse. we are all parties to the failure of our country in so far as we refused to look beyond our primitive enclaves of religion and ethnicity. From my investigation lens, I hold the strong view that Gov El-Rufai is a victim of the current crisis in Kaduna state. All those weaving lies and innuendos and planting falsehood to sully his personality are the arch enemies of Nigeria. Once you are a Muslim and political leader you become an enemy of the christian hypocrites and vice versa.

    • suleiman

      If you don’t know what to say, just shut up. How could a governor who justifies the violence by blaming the victims for killing Fulanis from Niger, Mali and Senegal, thus paying them from government money be a victim. How can a governor who says anybody not satisfied with hos administration should jump off the Kufena hill and die be a victims. How can a governor who calls political opponents viruses and cockroaches be a victim and how can a governor who does not know how to handle crises, a governor who talks more than he acts be a victime? How can a governor who careless about the development of Southern Kaduna and who has not started a single project in the area, but yet doing many projects in Zaria and Kaduna be a victim? How can a governor who is an outright tribalist and religious jingoist now claim he is not. You don’t know this man neither do you live in Kaduna State, so you better learn to keep quiet!

  • Olatunji S.

    Your points are changing mahn. Is this a way to make us forget you paid them off and justifying their act? Are you saying there are evil forces that is making them escape punishment? as they have not been punished in 35 years and so you are unable to make any arrest too. Drop us here sir. We’re going your destination no more.

  • Excisionist

    ““I am not an ethnic jingoist or a religious bigot . . .”

    lie Lie LIE