CAN won’t accompany Apostle Suleman to SSS – Official

Johnson Suleman, Founder Omega Fire Ministries

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has restated its support for the founder of the Omege Fire Ministries, Johnson Suleman, after he was invited by operatives of the State Security Service, SSS.

The security agency summoned the controversial cleric after a video surfaced showing him calling on his congregation to kill Fulani herdsmen so as to protect themselves.

“If they are busy killing Christians and nothing is happening, we will kill them and nothing will happen,” he said.

Over 200 people have been killed in clashes between Fulani herdsmen and local farming communities in Southern Kaduna. Similar violence in other states of Nigeria have also caused the death of hundreds of people.

The Southern Kaduna crisis has since taken a religious dimension despite warnings to the contrary by government officials and peace envoys.

Reacting to rumours that CAN would send an entourage to accompany Mr. Suleman to the office of the SSS on Monday, media aide to CAN President Olasupo Ayokunle, Bayo Oladeji, said the association’s leadership would not go with the pastor, but was solidly behind him.

“I spoke with him (Mr. Suleman) this morning. CAN is solidly behind him. He was invited to the office of the SSS; let him go. We are behind him, but as for whether or not we are going to the SSS office with him, my answer to that is no. He was invited alone. But we are solidly behind him,” Mr. Oladeji said.

In his reaction to the invitation, the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, warned the SSS not to detain Mr. Suleman and the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo.

Fayose and Pastor
Apostle Johnson Suleman accompanied by Gov. Fayose

In a statement on Sunday, Mr Fayose described the alleged attempt to detain the two clerics as “a development that could plunge Nigeria into religious crisis.”

He urged the security operatives to face the task of apprehending “culprits in the various religious crisis in recent times”, rather than “attacking persons who were forced to express their frustration” over “government’s failure to protect the citizens”.

“There is plan to charge Apostle Suleiman and Bishop Oyedepo for incitement and attempt to cause public disorder on Friday, and make sure that they are not granted bail so (as) to get them remanded in Kuje Prison perpetually,” Mr. Fayose alleged.

According to the statement signed by his media assistant, Lere Olayinka, the governor claimed that more Nigerians have been killed in this administration than in the last 20 years of Nigeria’s history.

“Apart from during the civil war, Nigerians have not been badly divided as a nation as we are under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration. Killings under this government in 18 months are more than what was witnessed in the last 20 years,” the governor said.

Mr. Fayose said the planned arrest was aimed at humiliating the men of God as well as silencing them and creating fear in the minds of other Christian leaders.

“Even though the SSS has allowed common-sense to prevail by properly inviting Apostle Suleman as against the gestapo manner with which the service attempted to abduct him last week Wednesday, it is still questionable that the SSS is more interested in a man who threatened to defend himself against any attack by Fulani herdsmen rather than those herdsmen that murdered thousands of Nigerians.

“It is sad and worrisome that after muzzling opposition politicians, judiciary and the press, the APC-led federal government has taking its desperation to suppress dissenting voices in

the country to the House of God. If the SSS had acted swiftly like it is doing on Apostle Suleman, so-called inciting comments when people were being killed by herdsmen across the country, so many lives would have been saved.”

The controversial Ekiti governor said he would defend the rights of Nigerians, regardless of religion or ethnic background and called for the immediate release of the Shiite leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky
Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky

“Nigeria is already being ravaged by war of hunger, economic recession, job loss and lack of leadership direction. It will be disastrous for the country to be plunged into religious crisis,” he said.

In a related development, Mr. Suleman on Sunday asked the Kaduna State government to produce the persons it paid to stop further attacks on predominantly Christian communities in Kaduna State.

In a statement on Sunday by his spokesperson, Phrank Shuaibu, the pastor said the failure of the government to ensure the arrest of the said persons was a dangerous trend for Nigeria’s security situation.

“There’s no end to the killing of Christians in Kaduna. Those behind the heinous crime are known to the governor. Yet no one has been charged for murder. Instead people like us who speak the truth are being persecuted.

“The Federal Government must not give the impression of partiality or suggest that Christians are the target of this administration”, he added.

“Which is worse? Saying the truth or offering money to murderers? Did El-Rufai offer money to ghosts? For you to pay someone money, the person must have a known and fixed address.

“As chief security officer of the state, was it not his business to arrest and put these hoodlums on trial? How come no one has been caught or being prosecuted for the massacre in Southern Kaduna? Obviously, there’s more to it that meets the eye,” the cleric stated.


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  • Arabakpura

    Discretion they say is the better part of valour!

  • Ezekiel

    The best person to accompany him is Fayose so that the DSS will close their office when they see the governor as they ran away when they saw him in Ekiti, I think.

    • Ha now they can have two for the price of one?

      • Julius

        lolz..wouldn’t that be nice ?

  • LionHeart

    What have the SSS done to the murderers called Fulani Herdsmen? Did they invite them for any interrogation? Has Apostle Suleman killed any Muslim? This government needs to be careful about the way they are handling religious matters. This injustice on Christians will only lead to doom.

  • Watch man

    This is disgraceful! CAN, you mean you are not mobilizing your members to go with Suleman? This is one of the reasons why the terrorist islamizers are succeeding in their decimation of Christians. Pray/fast you will not do, follow your member to solidarize with him you will not. So what then is your job? You are indeed a CAN of deceit and hypocrisy.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Lol @ CAN of deceit and hypocrisy (33cl)

  • Aminu Baba

    Look at him: A “man of God” dressed like a pimp!

    • Drama-King

      Dont have to be dressed like a masquerade to be seen as a man of God. Your masquerade -like dressing leaders are the ones inciting violence. Just a mention of “defend yourself ” and you’re all shaking. Cowards

    • Say the truth

      Moron did you see the dress of your baba and mama PMB posted by the presidency yesterday.

    • Curseless

      This man of God is still better than the sons of Belial the Muslims call their imam. Islam have nothing to offer but violence and that is why they are retrogressive and fatalistic in outlook.

  • Mama Kay

    The case is simple. There is video evidence of the men inciting murder.

    Just prosecute them in a court under the laws of the land.

    Nobody should be above the law. Sending videos of the genocide in Rwanda around and claiming that it’s in Nigeria is unacceptable.

    Just because people lost out in 2015 does not mean they should plunge the country into civil war. There is an election every four years, so just try again.

    • Drama-King

      There is video evidence against who? Come on, Christians will defend themselves against those that have vowed to kill them without justification. It is no longer business as usual. Apostle Suleman will honour DSS invitation and still return home today. So go advocate the prosecution of the killers and not a man who was bold enough to say the truth.

      • tundemash

        Mob mentality is a solution but an invitation to anarchy. Suleiman isn’t different from those he’s accusing; he’s only changed religions but his ways are still same. You see as CAN take style dodge the bullet ?

        • Otile

          God forgive sin. Why are you becoming so anti-Christian, anti-Christ? Remember when the Moslems you are defending finish exterminating the Christians, they themselves will die too, the Moslems will not remain on earth forever. Please give peace a chance.

    • arewethishopeless

      What Pastor Sulaiman does not understand is he is being used to score political points. People who cannot talk are quietly stringing him along and he is too full of himself to realize this. Wait until he comes back to his senses and you will see him begging everyone to leave him alone. Such a tool ….

      • Julius

        I’m with u sir. You are so correct. He will be all by himself in a cell soon.

        • Otile

          It will be a dark day in Nigeria, the day Apostle is clamped to jail for asking Christians to defend themselves against Islamic massacres. It will be a day of infamy, God forbid evil.

          • Julius

            Here we go, typical Naija man threatening fire when you know damn well that nothing will happen. Abeg ! Like I said, he will be by himself in the cell. You wont do anything but pay him a solidarity visit, lolz

          • Otile

            O God, why must the godless trample your anointed one and brag about it? O God, why must evil triumph over good? The wicked are everywhere mocking thy Christian people, bragging about their power. May God paralyze these evil Mohammedans in power and their sympathizers. Omo say amen.

          • Julius

            Question Mr. Holy man : Are the homosexuals among the anointed ? Just a simple question but, if you gonna jump off the bridge about it, don’t answer mi. Because you are talking crazy now ! My convo shouldn’t be that serious.

          • Otile

            God forbid evil. I am not a homosexual. Are you just asking me this to divert attention from our discussion? Get yourself good education, omo. The devil is a lair.

          • Julius

            “God, why must the godless trample your anointed one and brag about it? O God, why must evil triumph over good? The wicked are everywhere mocking thy Christian people, bragging about their power. May God paralyze these evil Mohammedans in power and their sympathizers. Omo say amen”.
            That was your irrelevant and delusional comment but, now you don’t know if homosexuals like yourself are anointed ? See how your fake religious claiming is exposed. Oma se o. Now its about education of which you have no ideal. Typical retards trying to be e-important. Online must be the only place that you can make your life relevant and important by thinking that you are making others look small. Keep on trying and I shall keep on laughing at your ignorant life.

    • Concerned 4 u

      Please visit Kafanchan by 8pm tonight then you will have a true accesment of the security situation in the country as caused by the new face of boko-haram known as fulani herds men, please just go i tell you, you will love the experience since you believe the videos are all false.

      • tundemash

        And that does not justify Suleiman to incite some mumus to go and commit murder while he and his family are sitting quietly at home.
        Suleiman isn’t different from those he’s accusing; he’s only changed religions but his ways are still same.

        • Saymo

          You need to understand the pastor’s statement. I don’t interpret it as inciting, but defensive. He did not encourage you to attack the herdsmen in their so called country. But be ready to defend yourselves when the battle knocks on your door as it wont to happen if you are in SK.

          • tundemash

            Defensive is if he himself does the killing; as others to do it while he guards himself with MOPOL is incitement ! Let him show the way by killing first; he will rot in jail.

        • Otile

          You are full of it. What do you want the pastor to tell the congregation, to pray hard and turn the other cheek then let the Moslems make worm’s meat out of them? God forbid. Have you rebuked imams preaching violence around you in your life? Why must Christians allow themselves to be exterminated so that Moslems will enjoy virgins in paradise? God forbid.

  • Mufu Ola

    The first step Fayose must take to “defend the rights” of citizens is to first of all return the public funds illegally lodged in his bank accounts.

    • Olufemi Oba Bolaji

      Security of the people is the first responsibility of the state. In an event in which the government failed to protect his people,they won’t have choice than to defend themselves by any means possible. People should stop saying incitement,what incitement in protecting your members against known terrorists? If Israel doesn’t have one of the best defence system to protect themselves they would have wiped them out of the earth. There’s no big deal to protect yourself against a known organised terrorists,infact,it’s right way to go about it. Remember,when they were caught(fulani Herdsman) we were told they were from neighbouring countries MALI AND SENEGAL so what’s the big deal if Nigerians protect themselves from foreign invaders? This government is not serious!

      • tundemash

        Defending yourself is not same as inciting to murder. If in doubt, heed the call of the fale Suleiman and commit murder!

        • Otile

          Left for you there would be no pastor breathing. Put another way, for you the only good pastor is a dead one. See, instead of you to blame the Rwanda genocide on the parasitic rulers who exploited and raped the economy of Rwanda you are blaming the pastors who were preaching justice, fairness, and godliness. Don’t worry, time is coming when Christians will arm themselves and defend themselves against bloodsucking terrorists.

    • Julius

      Let the congregations say AMEN !!!

      • Otile

        Even if the Governor returns all the money he did not take the Jama’a will still not be satisfied. All they want is his head. But God is great.

        • Julius

          How can he return the money he did not take ? Don’t you have to take something before you can return it ? Makes no sense but, I think I got your point sha. Yes God is awesome and he will make sure that Fayose pay for his sins . Hope you do agree

          • Otile

            If you try this hard to prove me wrong, and go as far as to emphasize that what I said makes no sense, it all shows you are a rookie in English literature. You need not scratch your head further, …returning the money he did not take is a pun. Educated people will never have problem with it in this context.

          • Julius

            lol@educated people !. Yeah some educated people are actually fools . I expect you to go there , that’s all you’ve got. I was actually waiting to read your most favorite.. ‘Illiterate’. Didn’t you read me saying that ‘I got your point’ ? Most intelligent people will understand that. Trying hard to prove you wrong ? lmaoo, dude, you are taking this stuff too serious. Hope you do have a life besides being online calling folks illiterates and doing grammar corrections. Nobody gives a shyt but, laugh at you. Hope you do know that. !st thing I noticed about you when I joined this forum is your blaming the Yorubas for everything under the sun, religious rants, calling people illiterate and correcting grammar. Its getting too old and lame but, if it makes you happy and superior, more power to you. I’m actually with the opinion that its all a sign of being inferior to others. Your constant need of deriding others is telling. You are not the only one on this forum. Remember that. Good day sir.

          • Otile

            I hate those of you who make jest of educated people, good grammar, and good logic. Illiteracy and ignorce do not pay at all. It is a shame to say that “Nobody gives a shyt” about good education. America is great today not because of illiteracy and ignorance, ask those who know. If you continue to deride me and educated people that’s your own problem. Many of us are willing to learn, as they say knowledge is power.

          • Julius

            You just cant help yourself, could you ? Point to where I was making jest of educated people , good grammar and logic. Dude, you must be the only ‘educated people ‘ on this site because you are the only one deriding folks about their grammar. You need to come and stay a while in America so that you can talk to me about good English and grammar. smdh !lolz@ many of us are willing to learn while that’s true, how many of the ‘us’ do you see correcting online, chatroom grammar and calling people illiterates ? Your life is lacking something and it has nothing to do with ‘learning’

          • Otile

            You forget so easily, why? The other day you were bragging making jest of Njokede in SR, you derided him of what you call PhD in grammaclogy. There is no day you don’t attack people for pointing out your bad English and poor logic. Can you deny it? Do you want me to give numerous instances of your running battle with educated people online?

          • Julius

            lolz, do you remember or even knew what I was responding to then ? Wasn’t that you in one of your many monikers ? Dude, ya funny as hell. Keep pointing to my bad English and poor grammar. I gave you that assignment a while ago, Make yourself useful and happy.

          • Otile

            You are always in denial. Whenever you are caught red handed you blame it on fake monikers. How can I use Njokede’s moniker? Just do a simple trace with cipher you will see all the comments and articles he has ever written, there can never be any cross between his IP and mine or between mine and any other commentator. Educated people know these things, only illiterates and ignoramuses accuse people of using other peoples monikers. Get yourself good education, omo, it helps.

          • Reginald Dandeson

            As if there’s anyone who’s without sin or who wouldn’t pay for his sins. I hail Nigerians!!!

        • Mufu Ola

          Let him return the loot first. Then we sort out other matters later.Whether his head or buttock. Any one will do!

          • Otile

            Are you demanding same for Buratai, why are you mute on Buratai’s loots?

  • Mufu Ola

    This fake man of God have hit the jackpot! The obscure man is now subject of public “attention”. This is the kind of scenario most “men of God” pray for every day of their lives– to be noticed even if notoriously.

    • Julius

      Yes, you are correct. No man of God will tell his followers what he told his. It is unacceptable. The government should take these herdsmen who I called terrorists seriously and deal with them accordingly until then, people like this fake pastor and the likes of mentally unbalanced Fayose will be yapping and stirring the pot of hatred.

      • Saymo

        Okay, you want them to tell their followers to turn the right cheek isn’t it? No body has monopoly of violence, where the state failed in its part of the contract, citizens must rise to defend themselves and what they hold dear, including their lives.

        • Julius

          No, I did not say that. No man of God should be preaching violent. What will then be the difference from the people we are condemning for doing that ..ISIS, BK, and others ?. The main job of any government is to protect her citizens, that’s what we all should be demanding from the government and especially the men of God should be leading us in doing that. Just my take.

        • Otile

          Not until the Islamists overrun the land and everybody becomes a Muslim they will not rest, but Jesus is the Lord

    • Concerned 4 u

      And i guess they are paying double for the missdirection effort you are making right now, don’t worry i personally wont let this matter just pass as you and your jihadist president and governor hope. I and the rest of the Christians affected by this wickedness will resound this matter until you kill us or the “Abacha” operation takes place again. on this we stand.

    • Say the truth

      Just like your fake messiah said this “If what happens in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon will all be soaked in blood.” l think that is acceptable to you ignoramus.

  • AryLoyds

    These government is such a joke , the northern leaders said those committing genocide are foreigners, so let southern KD people defend them selves against this foreigners … or is this a crime ?

    • john

      Yes. If the State and Federal government cannot defend them against those vampire foreign satanic agents.

    • Paul Irumundomon

      To northern cabals, they do believe is a great offence for Nigerian christians to defend themselves. You can see how they turn northern children to become almajiri.

  • Abu Abdillah Sharaf

    …and the pope?

    • david adavize

      Easy. It doesn’t hurt so much! Does it?

      • Otile

        Ifa Orunmilla, why hast thy children ganged up with godless to mock the pope and the Christian community? Why must the mockers say to us: ubinam est Deus tuus?

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      and the Batman.

      • Julius

        Hahahahahaha, batman ke.

    • “the Pope really?” you’re about to have cross the line into blasphemy.

  • No-Comment

    “There’s no end to the killing of Christians
    in Kaduna. Those behind the heinous crime are known. Yet no one has
    been charged for murder. Instead people like us who speak the truth are being
    persecuted. The federal government must not give the impression of partiality
    or suggest that Christians are the target of this (Buhari) administration”.

    “The governor of Kaduna state
    (Nasir El Rufai) confessed that he paid money to some Fulani
    herdsmen as compensation to stop the killings in southern Kaduna. That means he
    knows those who have committed atrocities against Christians. He must be made
    to produce them to answer to charges of murder and other crimes.

    ………………….Johnson Suleman

    General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries

    (January 29th, 2016)

  • IK

    We miss Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
    God bless his soul.

    • Concerned 4 u

      We really do bro

      • Ekhator Vincent Odaro

        the father of penticoster

  • Say the truth

    Let them try Bishop Oyedepo first. I will like to see if the DSS got the balls. I can see the end of this madness very soon. Nonsense

    • tundemash

      What would you and Oyedepo do ? Fight the state ? If he’s found to contravene the law of the land, he would be tried for it and heaven would not fall !

      • Otile

        What did Bishop Oyedepo do to you? Why are you urging the evil forces to arrest him? God will always save him from the enemy.

      • Olusola

        Let DSS try it first. Nigeria will fall period! I am telling you for a fact and if you doubt, just urge DSS to try it, they will eat their pounded yam as ordinary yam.

        • Mufu Ola

          Are u so daft? What will happen if Oyedepo “commit” & is caged? Heaven will fall. Abi?? U people must grow out of your self imposed stupidity.

        • tundemash

          Mr. Nisy Neighbour, we heard more than that in the past. The Suleiman cl0wn is just an ordinary Nigerian who is subject to the law of the land and has no right, just as the demented killers in Kaduna, to incite a mob to kill !

          • Olusola

            I suppose you can eat a humble pie with the latest development. You most likely live overseas and if so, we respect your contributions towards democracy, development and peace in Nigeria even though you had no vote. I live here and arrived back the morning of presidential elections to vote for Buhari. I will not hesitate to stand strong when his agents are wrong. I do understand that the utterances of the self styled apostle is reprehensible, but it must be situate within the context of happenings in the Country. A young carpenter was working in his workshop in Kaduna city and some muslim youths approached him, asking why he was not fasting, he replied them that he is Christian and do join his church to observe fast, he was beaten and stabbed multiple times (but he survived), we are yet to be told his attackers were even arrested let alone prosecuted. 800 Christians in one month (and over 200 in a single weekend) is way too much and painful even for those who do not believe or even of other faiths.

          • tundemash

            What humble pie eating in your mini-god being invited for questioning and probably told the limits to his rights?
            The fact that some terrorists take the law into their hands does not give you or your mini-god the latitude to incite mob action; it just makes you and your mini-god terrorists too as you can’t prove that it is the same exact people that attacked your imaginary carpenter in Kaduna that would lynched in Ekiti or Auchi ? Suleiman may have converted to christianity but he still has a mind of islamic terrorism. A cl0wn surrounds himself with MOPOL but asking gullible mumus to go kill on his behalf; why couldn’t he, Suleiman, cast the first stone? Rwanda genocide started with such demented preachings!

          • Olusola

            You can tell who is demented and a clown: the carpernter is not imaginary, it is well in the news at the time. El-Rufai visited him in the hospital, police did not follow up with arrests. Since you knew too well how Rwanda started, common sense suggest you dont lump victims and their sympathizers in the same class as their tormentors. No one drops from the sky, whether you call them mini-gods or whatever, takes nothing away from the fact that after Falae was abducted and parted with 5million Naira, his farm manager was later killed by the same Fulani herdsmen. Please satisfy yourself man, the rest is up to you! AT least you kept ranting about arrest..bla..bla and I dared you and your DSS. If you lots have balls please be our guest! What Suleiman said is not as bad as you painted it….”if they are killing us and nothing is happening….we will kill them and nothing will happen” We are calling out govt to protect all without fear or favour. Simple as that, at least you can process that! We didnt start it, we reserve the rights to self defense and someone reminding us of same had done nothing wrong. The day it comes knocking on the door of your loved ones in Nigeria, you will cry “alone”

          • tundemash

            Cl0wn , did i not tell you once your Suleiman’s rights are read to him, he would keep his terrorist’s preaching to his bedroom ? Have u heard from your fellow cl0wn ever since. The world is struggling with Islamic terrorism, we don;t need to add xtian terrorism by some idi0ts clainming to be pastors f00ling ignoramus like you.

        • dareolu1

          Mr. Oyedepo, I am sorry there is nobody that can face the government and win, even Jesus did not ‘survive’ it, that was why he said ‘my Kingdom is not of this world’………….so I would advice you to learn and also teach others and do your best not to be against the law otherwise you will pay dearly for it….Jesus already made it clear we should not be f00lishly fighting for things of this earth, it’s an effort in futility…….checkout what happened to Zacky Ad sazy and his followers, no amount of judgement in his favor will bring those people back to life, they are all gone forever, yet do you know the Royal life he lived for decades as their mentor traveling allover the world e.t.c and in just one day all the glory vanished, never ever face the Government………..while you’re on this earth, just play it safe, my best advice to you. by the way I’m a Christian too, so don’t mistake my post as an anti-religious stuff… regards!

  • Ekhator Vincent Odaro

    well this is not suprise me because some christain are judea iscarot, why some are peter in nature that are not surporting my father PROf,johnson suleman, all i know they they can not do them any, but if fedral government fire like that of elijah the will have it this 2017 pls my fellow brothers play our role as christain by pray and support in all way

  • thusspokez

    The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has restated its support for the founder of the Omege Fire Ministries, Johnson Suleman, after he was invited by operatives of the State Security Service, SSS.

    Funny Nigerians? Crooked Saraki shut down the Senate for the day to have senators provide him escort service to court. I suppose that this preacher wants similar escort service from CAN.

  • Otile

    What do they mean by CAN won’t accompany Apostle to SSS? Why not? Nigeria needs to divide, we cannot continue to have two unequal laws one to favor Fulanis Muslims then another to oppress Christians from SE SS. See how the Federal government shelled out money to defend a Muslim man who raped and impregnated a young Christian girl, and kidnapped her from PH to Kano. No less than 25 astute lawyers were assembled to solicit and defend the criminal. What is worse, the emir provided a room in his palace where the criminal was sleeping to rape the teenager Ese Oruru. Why is CAN not allowed to go and stand by Apostle? What is his crime?

  • iron bar

    nonsense talk..those this address the onslaught..

  • Opekete

    Speaking as a Christian and having listened to the sermon of Apostle Suleiman, I think the teaching in that sermon does not find any coherence with the teaching of Jesus Christ. It is a different thing to speak on an issue of national importance in a personal capacity from speaking on same issue using the pulpit of a Church. While there is nothing wrong using the pulpit to preach about the shortcoming of a government, but inciting people to violence contravenes the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have listened to Pastor Bakare chastised the government several times in his sermons but he went about it in a manner consistent with speaking the truth to the authority without inciting people to violence. There is no way two wrongs will ever make a right. If Mahatma Gandhi could defeat colonialism without violence I believe good can prevail over evil without firing a shot.

    • Noble

      I very much hope all Christains brethren would talk as fair as you do here. May the Almighty God lead us.amen.

  • Eddy ADEWALE

    austine you dont live in kd i believed you dont even live in the north that is why you are talking like this you need to visit kd south the see the havork this animals call fulani perpentrated in kd south wthat about the agatu kilings and many more do you even know that fulani value caws more than human beings? what about the so call governor who paid them for killing innocent people? GOD will judge thank God we have people like appostle Johnson and gov Fayoshe who are very vocal