Nobody will compel Buhari to speak amid health ‘rumours’ – Aide

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari in one of his trips.

President Muhammadu Buhari is neither ill nor admitted in any hospital in London as being speculated, his spokesperson, Femi Adesina, said Thursday.

Mr. Adesina, who is Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the president, said this in a live interview programme on CNBC Africa.

“The president is in London on vacation. He is not in any hospital and he is not ill.

“When he was travelling last week the statement we put out was that he was going on vacation and during the vacation he would do routine medical check-up and nothing has changed from what we put out last week.

“If anybody has fed something else into the rumour mill that is just what it is – rumour,” he said.

On whether Mr. Buhari would talk to Nigerians while on vacation, Mr. Adesina said the president had the fundamental right to talk from anywhere or not.

“The fact that he is a president, he still has his rights. Compelling him to come out and talk will be infringing on his rights. The president will talk if he wishes to, and if he doesn’t wish to, nobody will compel him to talk.

“The truth is that the president is on vacation and he has given a date on which he will return to work,’’ the president’s spokesman maintained.



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  • Repost by Popular Demand

    “In the President, in whom much hope was invested and misery was reaped, the man died.
    In the President, who made promises of alleviating poverty during campaign but rather
    exacerbates the level of hunger in the land, the man died. In the President who
    promised to declare his assets but goes to odious lengths to explain why he
    could not do it any longer, the man died. In the President who promised
    to reduce the cost of petrol but ended up increasing it astronomically,
    the man died. In the President who promised to increase the
    value of our Naira but rather devalued it beyond recognition,
    the man died”.

    ……………….Remi Oyeyemi

    (January 3rd, 2017)

    • FirecloudOFGOD

      Is this poetic justice for errant Nigerians?

    • enyibinakata

      Nice take on Wole Soyinka’s classic. Well done.

      • Idibia

        …and the man died in your Wole Soyinka when he tore his US green card becos of alleged Trump’s comments about women but failed to tear his Nigerian passport when Buhari fails to visit Boko haram victims or when he fails to arrest, prosecute or execute killer Fulani Herdsmen.

        • ps

          Did Wole Soyinka need passport to stay in Nigeria,grow up man,not all the time you bring sentiment to issue.

        • Pen divine

          May i remind yhu that Wole soyinka is a full fledged Nigeria? Why shud he tear his passport for the sake a president who does not knw his left from his ryt?

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    @Emeka, I personally will continue to pray for Buhari to have God’s wisdom in tackling the affairs of Nigeria and so would not wish him dead. Of interest, Which “holy spirit” wants a man dead without the opportunity of being saved?

    • Pen divine

      The same holy spirit that killed ananais and saphirra

    • Daniel

      Time is gone for good.

      Early morning shows the day.

      He has failed.

  • Otile

    Why is Alhaji Adeshina wasting his time talking about this matter? We know that Imam Mohamed Buhari is alive and well. If after those 10 days come and go and Imam remains longer in Ingila, then we will be expecting his a late arrival for him. If he therefore goes strait to Saudi Arabia without coming home then we will have reason to be concerned. Isha Allah, Imam is going to make it home on time. Nigerians cannot suffer unnecessary tension this time around. Allah ya Sarki.

    • aboki

      I believe DEATH doesn’t have boundaries but to those WAILING WAILERS are to live longer and everlasting till eternity.

      • Otile


        Have an open mind, don’t misunderstand me. I am a Christian man, a man of peace. You Mohammedans say Salam Alekun, yet your minds are full of hate and deceit for others. My point is that Imam Buhari should head home as soon as his vacation in Ingila is over. We don’t some Fulanis to transfer him to Saudi Arabia and tell us that he went on extended vacation or lesser hajj. People are hurting at home, do you mind?

  • El Patron

    Buhari may not be the best President but he certainly isnt dead. That’s how OBJ ‘died’ more than 10yrs ago, till now the man is still hale and hearty


    I have always known –
    …that the God that delivered Paul and Silas will not sleep.
    …that the God that saved the people from Herod will not sleep
    …that the God that saved his people from Ahab will not sleep
    …that the God that dealt with the blood sucking Pharaohs is alive

    Now I know that my prayers and fasting have not been in vain. That man who gave orders for my only brother to be killed and buried in Onitsha because he protested as part of IPOB of Biafra will never see rest. He will never know peace here on earth and even in his grave.

    We did not even see my brothers remains and the Nigerian government is not saying anything. We the families of the victims can only pray to our God to avenge the deaths of our brothers in the hands of an evil government. Let thunder and fire strike with incurable diseases any and all who gave the orders to kill our protesting brothers. Amen and Amen.

    • Powerlessconscious

      You are really in deep sorrow. I can see it.

      • Daniel

        He has a very powerful point.

        This is not our first rodeo.

        Dick head!

        • Powerlessconscious

          All the blood and water on biafraud is insult. Is it a curse?

          • Daniel

            That is your lot for thinking through the anus.

            Get the right thinking cap on.

            What makes you proudly Nigerian?

            Identity crisis on the prowl.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Anus? Lolzzz. Is only God that can deliver this people. Now, I understand.

          • Daniel

            So what makes you proudly Nigerian?

            As a Nigerian, tell the world what makes you proud of your citizenship?

          • Powerlessconscious

            God makes me a proud Nigerians. God loves Nigeria more than any nation in the world. We have seen a lot of evidence. Or you can tell me exactly what you want to hear. Please don’t feel shy.

          • Daniel

            You live in a fool’s paradise by mentioning God on the matter.

            I am sorry, you need to think hard on the question.

  • AryLoyds


  • Nathan D Satan

    If Buhari is on vacation then is activities should be covered by journalists and reporters.
    If he is in the hospital then I see a good reason to keep the media away.
    I think that he has too many tubes coming out of all his orifices- a good reason to sequester him.

    • Daniel

      Hahahahahaa! You sabi them!

  • thusspokez

    President Muhammadu Buhari is neither ill nor admitted in any hospital in London as being speculated, his spokesperson, Femi Adesina, said Thursday.

    So why is man, used to living in 25 – 38°C temperature and at his age, taking “vacation” in a very cold (minus)1 – 5°C country? This is the time when people in his age group avoid going outside but stay indoors and wrap themselves in wool and stay in bed or by the heater or fire to keep them warn?

    • Message66

      You dey mind them? This former foursquare house fellowship leader (Adesina) has forgotten his Bible, now he tells so many lies, he may just take the medal from Lai Mohammed.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    If Buhari loooooves this country as his accomplices want people to know wouldn’t he be the first to allay the fears, concerns of his followers? He is not the President because of those who did not vote for him. He is the President of the country especially, the ones say that Nigeria would have caput if not for Buhari,or the millions in the NE, which we are made to believe would have been vanquished if Buhari did not win election, or those who believe that only Buhari can fight corruption.
    I mean we are made to understand that only he has the interests of Nigeria at heart and in policies.
    Imagine a father who travelled and his children did not know of his status, would a responsible father who is attentive to the well-being of his children keep his children incommunicado because the children cannot compel their ‘father’ to talk to them and put their concerns to rest? I mean does not sound like a responsible father, I mean if the father has the capacity to communicate?

    • Daniel

      Adesina thinks he is talking to idiots.

      We await official announcement…

      This is not new in Nigeria.

  • Shetty

    Funny Nigerians they always looking for easy way out so you want the man dead , no way … if you don’t like him or his government wait for 2019 when you ll have a chance to vote him out if he decide to recontest but to die in office just because you hate him … Noo , that’s in the hands of his maker not you . This is not the first time people in Nija wish for death of their president it happened with OBJ but the man survived and with GEJ when they say he had liver problems but the one is still going strong and drinking booze as usual . Our life and dead is only in the hands of God the ultimate power.

  • paul irumundomon

    You have spoken the obvious

  • Iskacountryman

    we are not interested in heraing from buhari…but from aisha buhari…

  • Otile

    I love this kind of report, this way I don’t expect to see the trashy comments of: julius, mofu ola, rommel, tundemash, maria, mumuwole, awogbeoloshi, and amazing2010.

    • emmanuel

      Amazin2010 has long failed all human existence indecies. Most of them cannot afford renewal of their data subscription anymore.
      They said we will not have food once Jonathan leaves office because we were funded by the PDP. How come we are better off them now that their Buhari, El-Rufai, Saraki and Tinubu are in office?
      Have you also discovered that they make very brief comments if they ever appear on any forum? Reason being that they just get like N100.00 data allowance which runs out quick and thereafter they vanish.
      They sowed their lives to the devil and the devil is taking back what it own with hardship

  • paul irumundomon

    What is so special in this london, that he now serve as deputy prime minister of England. Every time london for vacation and treatment, or he get another farm there too, too much every thing is not good oooooooo

  • Keen Observer

    Buhari can as well go same way that Yar Adua went, nobody cares for who he is anymore. I’ve always maintained that the core Northerner is a die-hard religious bigot, haters of Christians (but pretends to live in peace), tribalist, united as one Nigeria ONLY for what they benefits from the union (Power & Oil money) and nothing more.
    Who cares to hear what Buhari have to say, was Musa Yar Adua not made up/photo shopped to speak to Nigerians during his last hours on earth? did it change anything? They can as well do same for Buhari, it wont change anything. Buhari is sick , is sick that is one fact Mr. Adesina (once a pastor, now turned liar because of what he will eat from PMB’s govt) cannot hide from Nigerians & the whole world.
    To hell with Buhari & his dragonistic govt ;- govt of suffering, lawlessness, security harassment, disregards to the laws of the land, die-hard oppressive tendencies etc. Infact the name BUHARI is synonymous with POVERTY.

    • Senator D

      Easy Sir… Please easy… Nah wah ooooo. Nigerians dey vex oooooo. Adesina please go into exile if Bubu get’s the Abacha judgement because Nigerians will come for head I swear!

  • Mosley

    The funny thing about this Buhari saga is that if people refused to show concern, I am sure this same ‘presidency’ would have blamed Nigerians for not showing concern.

    • wode

      What a mischievous concern just few days after leaving the country? That’s not showing of concern, it’s really that of very venomous wishes and trying to confirm that the wish has come to past. Unfortunately for the enemies, it’s the God and ONLY the God alone that controls the affairs of human beings, not just mere mortals.

  • Senator D

    Best Abbreviations so far about our country Nigeria:

    PHCN – Problem Has Changed Name
    HAUSA – House Animals Using Seat of Authority
    APC – Association of Past Criminals
    NYSC – Now Your Struggles Continue
    PDP – People Deceiving People
    MTN – Maintain Total Nonsense
    ABACHA – After Babangida Another Criminal Has Arrived
    NEPA – Never Expect Power Always
    BUHARI – Brought Unnecessary Hardship Among Reasonable Individuals.

    • Daniel

      I love this one. So apt!

  • wode

    Excellent comment by Adesina.

    • Daniel

      He has only fuelled the rumour mill.

      We await official announcement…

      • wode

        The best thing is to await the official announcement of his arrival. Why are you so much in haste? Why has 2 weeks become so long that rumor-mongering now becomes the order of the day?

        Think about it, if you can not believe the spokespersons of the President talking on behalf of the President, even if the president is to be shown on a live video, some of you would still not believe it. So why the headache? How many of such rumors do you expect him to respond to? It was the death of his enemies that was initially announced, just 2 days after he left the country, walking straight into the airplane still addressing the media and as well seen on TV. Then, when that was seen to be dying down, they concocted another one that, this time, his enemies were on life support. What it means is that he would have had to appear on TV twice within 2 days trying to respond to unfounded, mischievous and quite irresponsible rumor. Does it really make any sense at all, when the poor man has already announced his going on leave and duly handed over to the VP actively acting in his capacity.

        • Daniel

          We await official announcement.

          We have gone through this before.

    • emmanuel

      Your brain must be dead. Whose Jet did he go on vacation with, whose apartment is he residing, whose food is he eating there in the UK, who is paying for his Hospital bill?
      You must be a stark illiterate or one with uncontrollable sense of partisan attachment who cannot act except told to do.
      Do you know that Buhari cannot be arrested in the UK today, because his personal right has been replaced by Nigeria sovereign rights? What does that tell a miscreant like you and Adesina?
      Oh Nigeria; my Nigeria, why are thou filled with senseless people and Presidential Aides?

      • wode

        Your comment is a reflection of your personality. I don’t join issue with such a lowly character.

  • Ola

    Nigerians have this obsession with every President that takes office. We want him to solve all of our problems and even more.
    Even when he goes on vacation , many are still demanding that they must either see him everyday or hear him speak to them.

    If today we get an agile, very intelligent guru to lead our country , will it stop an average Nigerian from stealing from government coffers, cheating in examinations, being nepotistic, rigging elections, destroying government properties, round tripping foreign currency, always looking for fast money, very unproductive and lazy work ethics. I can go on but I will allow others to add their own.

    The onus is not on the President but on the generality of Nigerians; how can a nation of over 180 million people not have the ability to produce enough food to feed itself and have extra to export.

    Our focus should be on how to make our country prosperous and work for the majority from the local, state and federal levels and not who is President or whether he is alive or well.

    Presidents will come and go but the country will remain, so let us work to make our country prosperous in our own little way.

    • Daniel

      Has the president given any direction on where the country should go?

      Why was he elected?

      Or are you suggesting a mobocracy?

      The president is incapacitated in all spheres of governance.

      Else, educate me on what he is doing to lead as expected.

      And he has the moral authority to dispel rumours by speaking directly to Nigerians.

      They say he is just on vacation. Abi ooo!

      • Ola

        Daniel , you obviously did not read my comments. Please do for starters.

        Also what is the correlation between Moral Authority and Rumor Mongering. Is there a moral to rumors?

        Finally you strike me as someone who is waiting for the President to put Food on your table and give you a call from London.

        Don’t worry , keep waiting, you will get both.

        • Daniel

          Very diversionary!

          You are calling for a mobocracy.

          Then we can go back to the state of nature, if the society cannot have organised leadership.

          If I may ask, who guarantees your Security on your farm in the presence of prowling herdsmen looking for heads to chop off?

          Stop the ostrich syndrome and speak truth to power.

          • emmanuel

            Ask him? Even at Olu Falae level with Police Orderly, they still destoyed his farm and kidnapped him. Go round Nigeria and hear of harrowing experiences from afrmers.
            Unfortunately, the FG has sat on the Media to stopped publishing anything on the carnges and destruction from the FH (foolani herdsmen). That way, the world is kept in the dark.
            Aman in Bayelsa two weeks ago cried when he naratted how he took loan to put up a farm that was destroyed by the animals called FH. That man may possibly die from the stress of paying back a loan which the source of repayment had been destoyed.
            I beg nor let us talk about the FH here o, because that is a time bomb and elicits strong emotions that gets to boiling point any day.

          • Daniel

            He is a walking ostrich. I know where he is coming from.

    • emmanuel

      We demanded everything from Jonathan and abused him for the corruption of all Nigerians. Now you are freeing Buhari from non-performance and heaping all the problems on Nigerians.
      For your ignorance, Nigerians are very hardworking – majority are in the private sector, when compared to Civil and Public service with total population about 1 million.
      All we need is leadership to give electricity, putting up bouyant developmental policies, adherence of the leadership to the rule of law and development will take-off. All these Buhari lack in large quantity or possess none.
      He went on vacation when Nigeria is in extreme depression?
      Do you know that Syrian President Assad has not gone for vacation since 2011? Only those who do not have destructible problems can afford vacation.
      Buhari is a misfit and not good at all for Nigeria

      • Ola

        Emmanuel, please read my comments first and understand it.

        Back to your comments, if we are so hardworking, how come we cannot feed ourselves with all the arable lands we have.
        You don’t need any leader to be a productive citizen.

        Ask yourself, how many Nigerians really put in as 8 hour work day. Go around and observe, they are sleeping on the job, they complain that every job is too hard for them to do.

        What do you mean by extreme depression? is this medical or economic .

        If you are waiting on government to provide all those things you have listed, you will wait for a while.

        My brother , roll up your sleeves and go to work , become a productive citizen and stop waiting for a President to better your life , it will never happen.

  • TalkWella

    Mr femi Adesina no one is compelling buhari to speak to Nigerians the fact that he is the president of Nigeria he is answerable to Nigerians.

    Every company has the right to call his or her employee from leave if something serious happens and he is the only one that has a solution a compensation will arranged for that.

    Same here with our president, he is on vacation and need rest which we all know, but there is a serious news circulating which he is the only one that could put an end to it and his employer; those who voted him in just want to hear him say something that will not take up to 30sec and this whole story dies off.

    I dont think that is too much for him to do for a nation he serves!

  • Senator D

    Has the Abacha curse befallen Buhari? Adesina please tell us. Not the one Danbazzu did during the Yar’Adua saga by turning-off the Airport lights inorder to smuggle in firewood in the name of Mr President who we all knew died in Saudi Arabia and was buried there according to Islamic rites…. Please spare us that drama and torture NOW!

  • Mamman Bako

    This the ultimate betrayal of those who voted for this man. It is instructive to note that ‘he does not give a damn’. What would it cost him to talk, reassure the citizenry? Has he and his handlers forgotten that he serves at the pleasure of the Nigerian electorates? This president and his group underestimate the will of the people.

  • FreeNigeria

    Cheiii, another Hausa/Fulani don die for Aso Rock ooooooo. God don answer Nigerians prayer. Adieu Buhari

  • John A

    On which holiday?
    How can a 74 years old man goes to holiday in Britain in WINTER period?
    How can a 74 years old man goes on holiday in a -7 degrees environment?
    Has Britain turns to the Bahamas or other tropical island?

    • dele20

      That is your perspective, why can’t 74-year-old man?

      • John A

        That’s the truth, no 30 years old will be going to Britain in cooled winter season, let alone a 74 years old.
        we are talking of 7 to 10 degrees below zero (minus 7 to minus 10 degrees.)
        If you understanding the meaning of holiday, let buhari come outside and take a walk , sitting indoor all through the day isn’t vacation.

  • The Nigeria Future Project

    When a president cannot vacation in his own country – one must wonder what type of vision he has for this people. Sad that African leaders are still stuck in their colonized mind set.

  • ayoka ade

    buhari should remember that he is president today only by the special grace of these same nigerians,when he destroyed our nation and now resort to seeing himself as HEROD,NEBU AND PHAROH, let him remember that nigerians reserved the sole right to compel him to return back to daura and continue with his arrogancy to his cows and camels in 2019.