Lawmakers from Nigeria’s North-West endorse President Buhari for second term

House of Representatives
House of Representatives

Members of the House of Representatives from the north- west geopolitical zone on Wednesday declared their intention to support President Muhammadu Buhari should he decide to seek re-election in 2019.

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari Photo credit: Aljazeera
Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari

Photo credit: Aljazeera

The caucus also passed a vote of confidence in the administration of President Buhari as well as the leadership of the House of Representatives led by Speaker Yakubu Dogara.

The leader of the north-west caucus and chief whip of the House, Alhassan Doguwa said this in an interview with journalists after a meeting of the group in Abuja.

Fielding questions from journalists, Mr. Doguwa declared that “2019 will come and we will engage all stakeholders and Nigerians cannot afford to miss or lose President Buhari in 2019.”

He said that the decision of the caucus to pass vote of confidence on the president was borne out of his sterling achievements especially in the area of security disclosing they had resolved to support him individually and collectively.

“I want to believe that the security situation in the North West has improved seriously and Nigerians are commending the president and we just have to commend him, support him and identify with him.

“We have also individually and collectively passed a vote of confidence in the leadership of President Buhari’s government and also the leadership of the House of Representatives ably led by Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

“We are speaking on behalf of the North West people. I think as far as we are concerned; it does not matter what the people say; we want to say openly that Mr. President has done a lot in the area of security.

“In spite of the challenges, our people in the zone can sleep with their eyes closed and Nigerians are commending him. We have to commend him and we must support him”, Mr. Doguwa stated.

The chief whip said that apart from the issue of Buhari and North West security, the caucus also discussed the 2017 budget and decried the lopsidedness in the allocation of capital budget which was heavily skewed against the region.

“When we looked at the budget, we have a lot of concerns that our zone is relegated to the background especially in the area of capital provision.

“We looked at interventions in the budget and discovered that we have been under represented in the project allocation in the power sector and in education.

“Also, the area of zonal interventions; we have concerns about it and we have agreed that as soon as the budget is committed to the committees, all members of the zone should be vigilant”, he said.



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  • Watch man

    Oh God, what a bunch of irresponsible f0ols Nigeria has as leaders! If the reports that are kept secret now is anything to go by, PMB may even return to Nigeria the way Yar Adua returned dead. Meanwhile the PMB administration is not yet up to two yrs and this gang of robbers in the NASS are busy distracting this govt with talks of 2019 when the real gains of the current regime are yet to be realized. What a bunch of idi0ts!

    • aboki

      Mr Watchman I hoped you would live in this World till eternity as promised to you by your ORACLE.
      For your imformation elections are done in polling station not through internet or premium time.
      2019 is by corner and voters would vote in the polling station on election day through out Nigeria.
      The DAY of reckoning would definitely come Mr Watchman.

      • Watch man

        So what’s your point really?

        • aboki

          Your death wish on PMB AND I thought your ORACLE assured you staying in this World till eternity.
          You may not be a true Christian by your attitude and utterances

          • Watch man

            If you have understanding you would have noticed that my post did not suggest in any way that I have death wish for PMB. Since your ORACLE has assured you that you are a good Christian and empowered you as judge over others, go ahead and keep judging.

      • tony

        Sure elections will hold through the country on election day but will it be your confused and ill president…Must the northerners be presenting sick presidents year in year out?

        • Dan_Arewa

          What your concern if he is sick or not. Don’t you fall sick?
          By the way, please I want to see more comment from you, if PMB is back to Nigeria.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            “If”?. Hmm. I expect a strong supporter who’s sure of itself to say “when”.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    What do you expect? Even if Buhari is plunging the entire Nigeria into the abyss, you still find people from this area supporting Buhari. Ethnic bigotry has always been the bane of Nigeria and shall continue to be. That’s why Nigeria has been making a movement of ‘one-step-forward-four-steps-backward!

    Hail Nigeria! Nigeria and many countries in Asia had been penciled for greatness right during the 1960s. But all these Asian nations have emerged as both economic and military powers; but Nigeria is still doodling and babbling like a retarded child.

    • Dan_Arewa

      If not what your Brothers have done to the North in 1966-1967, Nigerian would have been greater than All those Asian country.

  • systematic

    u dont need to tall us we support mr president 200% that is for show we support his leadership style

  • systematic

    those fools that can’t see the change the will remain blind

  • Arabakpura

    Preparing for another budget padding!

  • Julius

    THis is nonsense. Concentrate on fixing the problems and if Buhari does that, the re-election will take care of itself. C;on people !

  • Dazmillion

    There are a lot of mad men in the house of reps. With all the killings, kidnappings, security extra judicial killings, armed robbery and escalating drug use in the North, these mad mullahs in the house are endorsing the dullard from Duara

  • tony

    I laff whenever i read such this endorsement thing..Someone who has not been to complete 1st term you`r endorsing him.

    Tell us the true state of his health.

    • Iskacountryman

      buhari for life president!…amend the constitution, kawai…

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Lol. Achievements you say hmm? The only achievement i sense he requires to gain your endorsements is to be of Northernern/Fulani/Muslim Nigeria. Ethnic Bigots. Dumb-asses. Please My northern brothers who are properly educated, like western education and dont give a shit about Emirs, Sultans, sheikhs etc when will you guys start contesting? Stop allowing these agbada only wearing, facial mark, illiterate caliphate fools contest and win. You can use religion too to win but we trust you better than these prehistoric Bigots bees.

  • Dan_Arewa

    By Allah’s Will (we keep praying for that), PMB will contest and win 2019 election, in a smooth and fair election.

    • Ashibogu

      Please, go and take your drugs. You are not helping yourself at all. Abeg, go get a glass of water and take your drugs.

  • Ibukun

    you said u dont mind what people said, i tot this is democracy and is for the people, if it was not people, will u guys be there? let him go for the second time (so that u guys can eat his campaign money) we are the one that voted for him, and we are the one (those people u guys are referring to) will also vote him out.

    • blueeyedkitten

      speak for yourself bro. you reserve the right to vote against him when the time comes. but remember you’ve got only one vote.

  • marc umeh

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from a people that contributes nothing to the economy but spend their time watching the budget.
    They should be glad to get whatever is allocated to them.

  • Otile

    O God, what has Buhari achieved thus far that moved the people of the North and West to move fast and fast forward to announce dates and possibly votes for Imam Buhari? As it is now the kind of winning they are hoping for can only happen by massive rigging. The year 2019 is not yet around the corner, Nigerians have not survived the recession yet talkless of casting votes for Buhari en masse. God forgive sin.

    • aboki

      I thought DONALD TRUMP would actualize your Dreams BIAFRA REPUBLIC agenda b4 2019 OTILE

    • Tunsj

      Can you read? It’s North-West, NOT North and West. Stop behaving like a Clown.

      • blueeyedkitten

        you havent heard of otile’s legendary in fool!shness?

        • Otile

          Stop wooing the Yorubas by mixing Western Nigeria with Nigeria West. The Fulanis did it on purpose, see right now Odua people are falling to the cunning and are becoming affiliated to that part of Northern Nigeria. As of now many Yorubas can stab you if you call Buhari or Buratai a bad name.

      • Otile

        If they meant North-West as such why not say Core North, why drag Western Nigeria willy-nilly into the discussion? For the Yorubas it is always suggestive to say North-West. Don’t woo them that way.

  • thusspokez

    Waste of work hours on mega føølishness. Don’t they have better things to do — like even going to the toilet?

  • John A

    Buhari till 2073 and we will rig him in all through till 2073

  • David Adeniran

    Is that that is part of Law making? They have started their sycophancy again!

  • Terhemba

    what a smart way to take d wind away from the sails of demonic rumours of death on him! PMB will live in JESUS Name, win d 2019 elections n complete d task God has assigned him to do for Nigeria, Africa, n d world. Thank u God.

    • suleiman

      Since you don’t know Jesus, Please don’t use his name here. Jesus is God and knows whether PMB is dead or alive. You can hide all you want but like the Hausa say, “Rana bata karya” meaning tomorrow never lies, very soon Nigerians will have to face this reality. It is the same people who hid Yar’aduwa’s corpse for six months while enriching themselves. When they could not hide anymore, they had to release it for burial. May be the lights would be turned off once more at the Abuja Airport for the arrival of the corpse. I don’t pray so. It i a reality we must face whether we like it or not. Gen. Danbazzau is good at this game and is interior minister. Expect a repeat of 2009!

  • Boss Kay

    They just have to make this sycophantic moves to get some more bank alerts. Trust me none of those unarmed robbers meant one shit they spat out.