Presidency, Saraki dismiss rumours of plot to force Osinbajo’s resignation

Bukola Saraki
Senate President Bukola Saraki

The presidency and Senate President Bukola Saraki have dismissed rumours that some governors are putting pressure on Mr. Osinbajo to step down as acting president.

Mr. Osinbajo is currently acting as Nigeria’s president after a letter to that effect was sent to the Senate by President Muhammadu Buhari shortly before he jetted out to the UK for vacation.

Rumours were rife on social media that Mr. Saraki was working with some governors to force Mr. Osinbajo to resign paving the way for him to serve as acting president.

Mr. Saraki is constitutionally next in hierarchy after Mr. Osinbajo.

In his reaction to the rumours, the political adviser to the president, Babafemi Ojudu, on Wednesday said such reports were “ridiculous.”

“I have read many ridiculous stories saying the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo is being held hostage by some governors who are trying to compel him to resign. Vice-President-Yemi-Osinbajo1

“I have equally received several calls regarding this. The story is simply not true. It is a fabrication. Don’t be a purveyor of fake news,” Mr. Ojudu said.

He also said the Vice President is “behind his desk carrying out his task” and that he presided over the meeting of the Federal Executive Council earlier on Wednesday.

On his part Mr. Saraki advised those peddling the rumour to leave him out of it.

In a statement also on Wednesday by his spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Mr. Saraki said his first reaction after the rumours emerged was to ignore them.

Mr. Olaniyonu said Mr. Saraki was “inundated with calls from across the country and abroad, it became necessary for me to make clarifications from our own end.”

Mr. Saraki said it is a good thing that the Presidency had also dismissed the speculation and showed that there is no substance to it.

“However, I feel it should be known that those behind this baseless, empty and unintelligent mischief are those who do not love this country,” he said.

“Such suggestions as contained in the speculation can only bring ill-will, disunity and crisis to the country and I therefore advise the sponsors to desist immediately. More importantly, these trouble makers should refrain from linking Senator Saraki’s name to their evil plot.”


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  • Powerlessconscious

    That must be the work of biafraud.

    • Julius

      loz , the biafraudians can’t be anything but fraudulent !. I agree with you.

    • Otile

      When Mohamed’s death becomes official the Fulanis will push Osibande out then blame oduafraudian cowardice and nobody else. Some of your oduafraudian tribesmen are crying foul already. Tell them to stop crying, who knows Imam may still be alive.

  • Abdullah Musa

    So if Osinbajo is forced to step down where will he be, in exile?
    Or VP to Saraki?
    Nigerians can be preposterous.

  • MaskedPhantom

    This is the surest indication yet that PMB is either dead or vegetative. The vultures have began circling and those who pull the strings of power are jostling to take over. It’s 2009 all over again.

    • Black or White

      shut up

    • Julius

      Maybe you are dead also. If you believe that nonsense you posted, then you are a dead man typing. Nonsense !

  • Watch man

    I hope we are not back to Yar Adua’s situation. Perhaps it is time to relocate the seat of power from Aso Rock to somewhere else, thanks to Reuben Abati. At this time however, Prof. Osinbajo has to be not only very prayerful but to be assertive in the position he is right now otherwise the terrorists (islamizers) will take him out. I pray God helps him.

    • Watch man

      Already there is a news report making rounds that the janjaweed northern governors met with Mr Sultan, COAS, et al in Abuja over PMB’s deteriorating health condition and are not happy to see Osinbajo succeed Buhari; hence they are putting pressure on him to resign. The other alternative left for the islamizers is to murder Osinbajo, according to the report.

      • Sanssouci

        If you believe that then you will believe anything

        • Watch man

          And if you deny its possibility then you can deny anything

          • Peter_Edo

            There is a possibility that there is NO GOD, do you deny that?

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Lol… LWKMD

    • Patriotico222


      People should stop carrying rumours all over the place. I heard too many rumours today that
      Muhamadu Buhari may have or could have died and the rumours are being carried all over
      the place by the masses because they did not hear anything from Muhamadu Buhari since
      he was taken to the hospital in England four days ago. I am not saying that the rumours
      have no sense but the death of a president should not be rumoured lightly, not because
      a president cannot die or could not have died but because the health or death of a
      president should be treated with seriousness, rather than talked about in the bus
      or in the market by the masses who don’t know if he has or could have died.

      • Watch man

        Last week, BBC made a rebuttal to a news that filtered out of their network claiming that Donald Trump was badly wounded in a gun shot. Meanwhile, Trump had no gun injury. That was fake news.
        What is going on now was exactly the same type of thing that happened when Yar Adua was in a vegetative state; his aides were busy denying that he was terribly ill until he died. While I agree with you that fake news exist, one must not take the situation of PMB for granted.
        Do you recall that he went on vacation in less than a year ago to treat himself of ENT infection? When the news filtered to the public what did his aides do? They started by denying it until the man came out successful and then they acknowledged the obvious. Even Vanguard reported that IGP jetted out on Tuesday to meet PMB on emergency. So, there may be some modicum of truth in what we are reading concerning the health of PMB and the jostling of the janjaweed northern governors on who would succeed PMB in the event of death.

  • New Nationalist


    just because HAUSA PEOPLE WANT TO prevent another JONATHAN in the name of Oshinbajo.

    • Watch man

      My dear, Nigeria is an enigma where things that should not work end up working very well. Do not be surprised that those northern governors and their fellow crooks in NASS would not mind endorsing the lootocrat (Saraki) instead of allowing Osinbajo to take over. In fact I agree with you that it is better for the military to take over; after all, most of the developments Nigeria has today was by the military. Democracy being practiced today has taken Nigeria many years back.

      • Invitro


        I just want to say my own. There will be real crisis in Nigeria if Yemi Oshinbajo is not sworn in
        whenever by omission or commission President Buhari becomes unable to perform the duties
        of his office because the 1999 Constitution says the Vice President must be sworn into office;
        and nobody else. We the people of Nigeria will never allow the Constitution of Nigeria to be
        trampled upon like foot mat by the Hausa people. It is not written there that Hausa people
        shall be supreme over the Constitution but that Constitution shall be the supreme law.

        • Watch man

          I totally agree with you. It is a constitutional issue. If the hausa-fulani hawks refuse to abide by the constitution then there will definitely be a crisis. That is why their second option is to assassinate Osinbajo, but they will not succeed.

  • Julius

    ipob and kanu are behind this. We must investigate quick, quick..Lmaoooooooo. Abeg, forget tory and concentrate on fixing our many problems in the country. The president will be back after his vacation.

    • MC

      Julius! Na una dey cause Muhari problem! That man is above 80 years and he’s very sick and frail. Instead of you guys to advise him to resign so that he may last a few more years una go dey deceive am. If he continues, he’s most likely to die in power. Is it not better to make an exit when the ovation is loudest or die in power like chicken, just as Yaradua!

      • Julius

        Isn’t that what the ipob, janu and the whole biafraudians are doing ? By the way, how old was Jonathan when he was the president and didn’t know what was going on around him ? When people were going to the CBN with a note to withdraw billions of Naira . C’on man, be serious. He still thinks there is no way $2.1 billion can be wasted/looted. Remind me how old was he please.

        • MC

          Very pointless! Can’t you ever successfully engage in sound, logical discussion without sounding cacophonous?

          • Julius

            No, not with biafraudians like you. You don’t understand a sound, logical discussion without sounding cacophonous ! lolz chei, I bo mannnnnnnnnnn !! Case in point, you didn’t answer my questions about Jonathan. see ?

  • Maria Darego

    Why can’t we do simple things properly? If the President is taking a break somewhere all that his media aides should do is to just issue daily updates on his daily routine! Even a statement that Mr President is resting today and would receive no visitors, or Mr President would see his Doctors today, etc; would be sufficient to quench the rumours! Mr Buhari was on his feet when he left Abuja and should be back once he has sorted out whatever is disturbing him. People should remember that this man is approaching 80 years and at that age, you just have to slow down.

    • Otile

      You see, anytime a Northerner dies in office the tendency is to hand over the presidency to a Yoruba or even Ijaw thereby short changing the Northern tenure. This time around Osibande must have to leave and forgo the presidency, we cannot be having tension or losing lives for Northern rule. Enough is enough.

  • ffelixiano

    My Father used to tell me that one cannot bury smoke in the ground. I say same to Nigeria. It’s only a matter of time.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    But what are all these nonsense about forcing Osinbajo to resign? To resign over what? Is he being forced to resign, whether true or not, so that he would not succeed the president? The Constitution is very clear on this; so Nigerians should shut up and face their daily jobs.

    • MC

      He would not succeed the president if he resigns. Hope you get it?

    • Otile

      Do you know how hard it was for Jonathan to be made president as prescribed by the constitution following the demise of Umaru Yar’Adua? Do you think the Fulanis are going to hand over to Osibande when Buhari is officially declared dead?

  • Gary

    Rumors thrive when a government is unpopular and distrusted by the people. The former is often due to bad policies and the latter the result of propaganda as substitute for truth in governance.
    The APC government is now reaping the fruits of the bad seeds it sowed.

  • thusspokez

    Rumours were rife on social media that Mr. Saraki was working with some governors to force Mr. Osinbajo to resign paving the way for him to serve as acting president.

    I have always said that Nigeria has ‘mumus’ in abundance. Their lack of critical thinking and even commonsense and readiness to believe rumours, innuendos and other brands of untruths pose one of the greatest danger to the security and preservation of Nigeria.

    Enemies of Nigeria don’t need or resort to military might to conquer Nigeria when it could easily tap into Nigerians’ appetite for rumours and lies by injecting their own false rumours into the Nigerian media. For example, that the one ethnic group has massacred members of another ethnic group who in retaliation has massacres even more of the other side. And before you know it, the mumus with their machetes , clubs, guns are taking to the streets and now acting out the rumours.

    That Nigerians, on social media, are not only even discussing this Osinbajo resignation rumours but trading insults and in flame war online, goes to show the danger that mumuism poses to the stability of Nigeria.

  • MC

    Well, there’s always an element of truth in every rumor and even if they were forcing Osinbanjo’s resignation, they would never accept it; Saraki would have still dismissed the rumor as he just did. In this age, the only deterrent is just the loud outcry on social media and bombardment with phone calls just as happened.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    I cant die! am invincible. but if you like to try then i’ll crush your skull. crazy ass rumour mongers look ready to duel so “click” “click” Boom!. Keep riding Mr President you will survive the apocalypse.

  • Kunle Omobaba



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