Buhari has achieved what Jonathan could not – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

A national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari saying he had achieved what his predecessor was incapable of in the fight against insurgency.

Delivering a lecture at the National Defence College, Abuja, on Wednesday, Mr. Tinubu said long years of gross mis-governance was responsible for the rise of extremism in the country.

“With the courage and dedication of the military, Boko Haram has been subdued.

“Also, notable and significant progress is being made against corruption. Press freedoms and civil liberties are protected, putting to lie those who cried that President Buhari would not respect democracy and rule of law.”

In the lecture titled ‘Strategic Leadership: My Personal Theory and Practice,’ Mr. Tinubu also commended the Nigerian militrary for its achievements against Boko Haram.

“You have battled and bested this evil enterprise,” said the former governor of Lagos State.

“This vile force has been reduced to where it no longer poses a strategic threat. You have done as well as a military can in putting down this amorphous danger. The nation thanks you. I must say here, however, that we cannot lower our guard.

“We have learned cardinal lessons from the Boko Haram crisis. First, we must govern justly and for the benefit of the people to prevent the recurrence of violent extremism in the future.

“Widespread poverty caused by an unjust allocation of income, wealth and resources provides fertile ground for extremist ideologies, that run contrary to the inclusive democracy we seek to perfect.”

On the country’s slide into recession, Mr. Tinubu said the crash in crude oil prices exposed the structural weakness of the national economy.

“Strategic objectives during this period of economic uncertainty must be to re-engineer the economy bottom up, diversify the economic base, strengthen our industrial base, modernise infrastructure, enhance agriculture, and provide employment,” he said.

“And of course, ease of doing business must not be overlooked in order to attract foreign investment.

“The challenge before us is a difficult but not impossible one. If we stick to the progressive beliefs of the APC, we shall overcome these difficulties to place the economy on surer permanent footing.”


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  • share Idea

    Another hogwish from propaganda media of the present administration. GEJ and Buhari are not contesting breaking records in the negative.

    1. Buhari took us into recession a record second time under his administration.
    2. Motivated and re-invigorated army killing citizens in hundreds, and some instances calling it mistakes
    3. Devalued the currency to a record high
    4. Increased the price of refined fuel when the price of crude oil is at record low
    5. President that established a new order (97% against 5%)
    6. President that inherited empty treasury but has been doling out billions in loans & bailout – greatest lying government ever existed in Nigeria

    I can go on but do not remind discerning Nigerians about the obvious level of deceit and propaganda happening under this administration

    • Poseidon

      Let me add some for you:
      Murdered Shiites in their hundreds
      Has killed unarmed protesters in their hundreds
      Divided the country along religious and ethnic lines more than any other leader has
      Herdsmen are running amok killing people with reckless abandon

      Only those that speak up against the government are guilty of corruption….
      They are just so many!!!

  • kusanagi

    “Widespread poverty caused by an unjust allocation of income, wealth and resources provides fertile ground for extremist ideologies, that run contrary to the inclusive democracy we seek to perfect.”

    Tinubu… the funny man.

  • Mamman Bako

    Yes he has, Nigeria has under PMB achieved heightened levels of poverty, sorrow, devaluation of quality of life, guess-work leadership, mischief among colleagues like Tinubu and general lack of sensitivity for the people. Certainly GEJ will not compare in these achievements.

  • Adebisi O Sandra


  • suleiman

    Tinubu, Odetola and co continue to dance to the bank everyday with the fuel subsidy, billions they stole from Nigeria under Jonathan. Buhari has refused to have them refund the money for fuel not delivered why wouldn’t him sing to his praise? Only the likes of Tinubu will insult the sensibilities of Nigerians for the mess his party and incompetent president has brought on the good people of Nigeria. If fighting corruption means selective persecution and not docking the likes of Tinubu, then it is true Buhari has achieved more than Jonathan. If achievement means epileptic power supply and paying more, paying more at the fuel pumps, not being able to receive a salary for eight months, and having burst tires in all our roads because they have become dead traps under their watch, then Buhari has surpassed Jonathan more than 1000 times. If by achievement we mean that people are now dying of hunger, exchange rate at $1=N500 and crashing the economy in less than one year, then Buhari has surpassed GEJ. If achievement means Fulani murderers killing at will and the people in Southern Kaduna being annihilated by Murderous Fulani marauders under the watch of Buhari, supervised by El-Rufai, then he has achieved more than GEJ. If achievement means paying billions to Boko Haram to free 19 girls, then he has achieved a lot and surpassed Jonathan! The list is unending and Nigerians will soon start buying dollar at one naira as promised by Buhari.

  • MaskedPhantom

    Tinubu has found his voice again. Could it be that his nemesis is gone? His sudden entrance into political limelight suggests that a new battle is brewing. Buhari, where art thou? Are you dead or alive?

  • Mentus

    Of course Buhari has! He has succeeded in crippling the economy, raising the suicide rate in Nigeria to four figures, causing hunger and poverty like Nigeria had never seen, brought back Gestapo style ruling, turned the office of Presidency into ‘Judge and Jury’ justice, divided Nigerian citizens along ethnic lines like never before, taken more overseas trips in eighteen months than Jonathan did, chased away major industries from the country with chaotic economic policies etc etc, and oh entrenched Fulani-take over of other people’s land.
    Need I go further.


    BAT, your head correct, you are right, there is no comparison between the two, PMB broke record, what with dollar flying to 500, cooking gas and kerosine out of reach of common man, rice at 20k, garri another story, fuel and diesel nko? food and beverages sky rocketing, fulani herdsmen on killing sphere, mistakenly bombing of IDP camp, recession. I can go on and this BAT is comparing the two? They are poles apart. If the gods arent going to bless us, they should leave how we were. Nonsense.

    • dino

      let me help you too
      adamant attitude
      unfit cabinet
      plagiarized speeches
      Confused ministers etc

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Tinubu, I am sure you were saying all these with the tongue in the cheek. Otherwise your assessment shows you lack any sense of value; and that’s disappointing for all Nigerians!

  • systematic

    yes mr tinibu u wright buhari has achieve great in this 2yes is only mad people that can’t understand,some people don’t want to face the reality that is y the are talking nonsense

    • aboki

      You may wish to go through the speech and dissect it properly with no sentiments and hatred otherwise allow the expertise import on the presentation.

    • dele20

      PMB has really done great things

  • obiora

    Yes Buhari did what Jonathan could not do but all are undemocratic like. He giving you the right to import Petrol alone in Nigeria. APC Change(Fake) although.

  • isaac

    So what is the achievement that GEJ couldn’t do? Inflation I guess!

  • Julius

    I’m expecting the usual suspect to be crying bloody murder not for what he said in the speech, rightly or wrongly but, simply seeing his name. some dey pee for pants now..lolz

    • thusspokez

      I expect tribalists to support their tribes-person whatever their crimes and hypocrisy.

      • Julius

        Especially the biafraudians. They go in overdrive when they see the name TINUBU . Its so funny though, even those that can’t point to Lagos on the map of the country.

        • thusspokez

          Especially, those quick to call anyone biafraudians for highlighting the fact that almost every corruption case in Nigeria has at least one suspect with a Yoruba sounding name — judging by the number of arrests and prosecutions by the EFCC and police –., though Yoruba only make up 21% of the population of Nigeria. Corruption by western Nigerians has reached an epidemic scale. Indeed they have turned corruption into an occupation and lifestyle.

          • Julius

            Yea, Fat Oduah, Diezani, methu, uwoye, Kula, Nwabara and Nwobodo so many more all are Yorubas. Got ya. Don’t forget the baby sellers, the family kidnapping, fake medicine sellers, drug runners and the ones on a death row in Asia. All be Yorubas..abi.

          • thusspokez

            The evidence can’t be denied; read the Nigerian news of EFCC arrests and prosecutions.

            Western Nigerians like to live big — from the kitchen potter to the politician –; and to fund this extravagant lifestyle, they loot and steal more than any other ethnic group in Nigeria.

          • Julius

            Yeahh sure..as usual..na somebody else fault. Ibo no dey do anything. Love of money is the driving force behind all your criminalities ! Fraud and scam. Some Igbos have said as much. Any-hue, I’m done. Be well.

          • thusspokez

            I notice that you have been directing your insults at Igbos. Of course, primitive minds are incapable of seeing the world beyond a binary form.

            It would seem that you assume that everyone who criticises western Nigerians must be Igbo. Maybe you should read what Igbo posters like @Otile often says about me. He is indeed, your mirror image who (in his case) insults Yorubas because obviously he believes that I am a western Nigeria.

            You are wasting your time. I can assure mumus like you that you will NEVER know my ethnicity. But what can I say about backward and tribalistic posters like you and @Otile on this website. You two think alike albeit in opposite direction.

  • thusspokez

    “Also, notable and significant progress is being made against corruption…”

    I am sure that, on hearing this, some members in the audience would be muttering to themselves that if this were true that he, Tinubu would be in prison — given his own monumental looting and corruption.

  • dele20

    To be sincere, PMB’s achievement is immeasurable, unlike the corrupt GEJ who sucked Nigeria dry

  • Impulse400

    “Once in every four years, the opressed are given the opportunity to choose among their oppressors, one that will oppress them for another four years.”

    And this gathering is an example of a congregation of oppressors. (lol) Feel free to exchange empty flattery.