Hate, violence preachers should be arrested, prosecuted – Sultan

Sultan of Sokoto, Sa'ad Abubakar III

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III, has called on the Federal Government to ensure the arrest and prosecution of people who preach and promote hate speeches in the country.

Mr. Abubakar gave this advice at the opening of a two-day conference organised by International Dialogue Centre, KAICIID, an inter-governmental organisation that promotes dialogue to build peace in conflict areas.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that the conference was supported by the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, IPCR, in collaboration with the Inter faith Mediation Centre, IMC.

According to him, people who preach and promote hate speeches have brought friction between Christians and Muslims in the country.

He stressed the need for both religions to report preachers of hate to the security agencies for proper investigation, adding that no external people could bring peace to the country.

He identified hate preaching as a major factor responsible for friction between Christians and Muslims, saying “while we pray for peace and dialogue, preachers of hate must be reported to the security agencies.

“Therefore, we must work hard for peace and live in peace and harmony.

“All of us believe in dialogue that is why we are here. Some of us are outside Abuja and we have to travel long distance to be here.

“This shows what we want peace because violence, killings is contrary to the teaching of our Holy books.

“We are not here to teach ourselves the holy books, but to use them appropriately,” the Sultan said.

Mr. Abubakar called on religious leaders and their followers to support the security agencies to deal with people who promote religious intolerance in the country.

“We must tell ourselves the truth, we must collaborate with authorities to deal with those who don’t want peace.

“ When you keep quiet, it means you are supporting what other individuals are doing and the masses will suffer.

“ I have not lost hope in this country; I have never lost hope in my relationship with Christians.

“ If you did something wrong, I will call you and advise you. We must continue to show love as our religion ordered us,” he said.

He urged the organisers and participants at the event to ensure the implementation of all the recommendations of the conference.

According to him, by February the National Inter religious Council, NIREC, will meet and talk on the prevailing issues in Nigeria.

While speaking, the President, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Supo Ayokunle said there was no better time for Nigerians to unite than now.

Mr. Ayokunle, represented by Steven Adegbite, a bishop, noted that there was no religion that encourages people to kill and advised Nigerians leaders to come together and design a road map.

The CAN president called on Nigerians to be their brother’s keeper, saying “ Only God gives and takes away life.

The conference brought together over 100 key actors from diverse communities; both Christians and Muslims, to find common ground to build and support a platform for inter religious dialogue in the country.

KAICIID is a Vienna, Austria based intergovernmental organisation that promotes and employs interreligious dialogue to prevent conflict and ensure sustainable peace and social cohesion.



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  • Bayo Ola

    Sultan, one must applaud your message here. While your message, by implication, might have targeted Apostle Suleiman who in his recent outburst is also exercising his rights to self-defence– as I don’t see why any Fulani herdsmen should be coming to his church premises since herdsmen are not known to be Christians– there is merit in your argument, Sultan. Hate speech is not kool. Period! However, you need to balance your message. You need to also address your Muslim followers in the north against hate speech and religious intolerance. For instance, Muslims in the north are invariably inciting the southern Christian when Katsina University bans all Christian associations on its campus, but approves Muslim association to conduct its activities. Nigeria is a secular state. What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Preach love and equal rights to your followers in the north, in particular to the menacingly dangerous Fulani herdsmen and we will take care of Apostle Suleiman!

    • Nonsense

      Bayo, you dont address him that way. He is Sultan of Sokoto. Get it? Dont be a mumu

  • AryLoyds

    Sultan how Market 🙂

  • Tunde

    Now you can preach incarceration of hate preachers abi? Where were you when your brothers were not only preaching it in your mosques but implementing it! Is it because we are now responding and bearing our teeth? I in no way condone violence or hate speech but you and your cohorts brought us to this point! I hope it is not too late!

  • Al

    The rogue pastor most bring to Justise and his license for preaching should be withdrawn immediately, next time any gov or minister or even president engage in obstruction state should be consider as thug and should be deal as same, any person with immunity suppose to be responsible to the highest order

    • elvis

      Bros go back to school

    • emmanuel

      mumu, this is the begining of the end of Nigeria.

      • Mufu Ola

        Hate monger number 1.

  • banderas

    Who is worse – Boko Haram or hate preachers? If Boko Haram cannot be prosecuted then all other crimes in Nigeria should be legal. All arrested Boko Haram are being granted amnesty, along with money to start a new life. Only Hitler’s crime against the Jews can compare to Boko Haram atrocities.

    • Mufu Ola

      Hate preachers & mongers are worse. At least BH are already indentified as public enemies & when caught are treated as such.But what about gentlemen thugs/ anarchists who mix with decent people everyday but are lethal bombs at heart. They can do worse than open terrorists with their surreptitious designs & presence to decency.And they are abundant in their various fora.Churches, mosques, newspaper houses, especially columnists & most especially certain characters on this forum who will never sleep until they abuse & curse their imaginary enemies who may not even be aware of their existence.

  • Nonsense!!!!!!!

    Who is Sultan? PT should stop addressing this chap as ‘Sultan’. He is Sultan of Sokoto – which is just one of the 36 states in Nigeria. Why then is the headline that refers to him as ‘Sultan’ as if he is Sultan of Nigeria? Would PT say use the same style in addressing other traditional rulers in Nigeria? Would u write:

    “Hate, violence preachers should be arrested, prosecuted – Oba
    “Hate, violence preachers should be arrested, prosecuted – Olu”
    “Hate, violence preachers should be arrested, prosecuted – Obi”

    to refer to the Oba of Lagos or the Olu of Warri or the Obi of Agbor? I have noticed this calculated trend and you people of the North and the enslaved tribes that condone them should beware. What we have is Sultan of Sokoto and not simple a ‘Sultan’ as if you are referring to a President. Nonsense

    ” ultan

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    What has Buhari’s government done about those who blatantly kill, destroy properties and maim others in THEIR OWN LAND by the so called foreign Fulani Herdsmen”? Who are these nebulous group? Who is sponsoring them? When the Christians stand up and say enough is enough, verbally, that is when it occurs to you that you can rush to embrace the law; scrambling and scratching for any straw that will allow you to squelch the rights of people to defend themselves and have a chance to live under the same sun!

    What have you as a Fulani, the head of the Pan Nigerian Muslim organization, the Head of the Fulani Nation, the Sultan of Sokoto done to curtail the killing of Christians all the way from Jos to Benue to Kogi to Southern Kaduna? Did you say anything when the Shiites were being mowed down like ‘flu infected chickens’ by Nigerian army? An army that is supposed to protect its citizens?

    The way Northern elites are taking this situation, we are in for a major tumultuous apocalypse Nigeria has never seen. We have never been in more danger for a major eruption as of today. Muslim North have always alienated the middle Belt. With the recent pogrom on the eve of Christmas, the people can only take enough. Since the so called Christian Middle Belt leaders are part of the problem, the people will eventually realize that their salvation lies in their own hand. That is when things will really start to fall apart, for not only the North, but Nigeria as a unified country.

    Let me tell you a secret, Sultan and your other Northern Muslim leaders. It is the middle belt that holds Nigeria together. You alienate them, the North loses the golden egg in the Delta forever!

  • Mamman Bako

    If hate preachers should be prosecuted, what should happen to rampaging killers? I think we should advocate the enforcement of rule of law and narrow minded state actions. Nigeria is now a nation that allows so many law breaker escape justice.

    • emmanuel

      The country is owned by the killers. But that is getting to a head already.

  • Ayinde

    can one explain these to me if its hate speech or not ?

    They eat like beast,
    Describing Humans particularly of other faith as Apes or as Pigs,
    They are the vilest of all animals
    They are hard hearted, impure, deaf , Blind etc
    They are the worst of men
    god forsakes them etc
    And lots more

  • westman

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  • emmanuel

    These Islamist think they are wiser than all. KAICIID is an NGO funded by Late Rilwanu Lukman’s Austria fortune, it is involved in furthering the cause of Islam in disguise.
    Saad Abubakar is a trouble maker who think they can hold Nigeria together anymore with their arrogance. Ask the use**ss man how many times he has called for for the arrest of foolani herdsmen that have turned Nigeria to a killing field.
    Buhari in furthering his jihadist by posting foolani DPO’s, Area Commanders and CP’s to areas where herdsmen carry out their violence.
    In Delta State on Monday, a foolani herdsman was arrested among those who engaged the Police in Gun Battle. As i write,

  • Otile

    In Islam it is not what they say but what they do that matters. If you listen to them you may believe that Imam Shekau is a peacemaker, Imam Buhari is a peacemaker, El-Rufai is a peacemaker, Buratai is a peacemaker, and Sultan of Sokoto is a peacemaker. Then if you listen to the emirs and the Northern governors you will believe that the Fulani herdsmen are killing people for peace. Everybody must try to understand the role al-Taquiyya plays in Islam. Once you understand the deceptive doctrine you will be able to protect yourself from deceiving Moslems going around under the cloak of piety.

    • marcos avelino

      This dump morons comment are only on islam – fulanis . This thing u call kristianity came just 90 – 100 yrs ago , For 300 years white christians took 30 million pagans from yr coastal regin to the amaericas throwing 15 million dead along the way to the sharks. The other 15 million were sold as cattle in america for farming . Stubborn ones were fed to dogs like in the film Django. Where was jesus all this while ??

      • Otile

        You are ignorant of history. Who suffered most indignity and death from slavery? Without going into details Arabs made your people the first ever slaves in Africa. Ask yourself what happened to the blacks of North Africa. In short the whole of North was all black. As the devil would have it, as soon as Islam came in they turned your ancestors to slaves and started annihilating them. Today North Africa is white. Even though slavery is abolished your people are held in Darfur region and elsewhere in the Sahel desert. Man, know thy history. Your history is nothing to be proud of. Shame

      • International games

        Trans Saharan Slave Trade by Arab Muslims. lasted 900 years. To this day, the word for BLACK in Arab countries is ABED which means SLAVE. Even the so called Sokoto Chief is considered a slave by those Terrorists.

  • Just Me

    I suggest that all the imams in Nigeria should be arrested, tried and jailed, all the Islamic fanatics and religious bigots in Nigeria are their products, boko boys, meaning fulani herdsmen and many more, yet this gworo chewing imam wants pastors to be arrested for calling on Christians to defend themselves.

    • You’re truly a disturb creature.

      • Just Me

        Malam go and take ur drugs ooo or else I will become Trump for you.

  • Mufu Ola

    The hate merchants Emmanuel, Otile, Oleku, Gary, one Ade need to to take their nose off the “opium” they sniff regularly. Somebody said long time ago that religion is d opium of the masses.Some characters above have elevated it to dazzling level with their bigotry.

  • Watch man

    See this fo0l! What has happened to Liberty Radio in Kaduna that is notorious for broadcasting hate messages? What has happened to the barrage of terrorists (islamizers) preaching hate messages in Nigeria? The sheikh that incited his terrorist listeners in Niger state leading to the murder of a young easterner what has happened to him? You are stupíd and irresponsible for even talking and making veiled reference to Johnson Suleman. It is you and your terrorist colleagues that started hate messages; so, go and persuade your janjaweed brethren to give up their terrorrism. Nonsense!

    • Watch man

      The Christians in Nigeria should arise and fight terrorism and not make themselves able prey of the terrorist islamizers led by Mr. Sultan. CAN is not doing enough; too much talk is not needful now, instead begin a plan of action on how to arm your members just like Mr Sultan and his gang are arming his own brethren. Come out clearly and tell the Christians all over Nigeria to defend themselves since the state security is now meant for the protection of the terrorist islamizers.

    • Sir Demo

      Your language said it all! You are not qualified to be address as a human. What kind of society nurtured a vermin like you?

      • Watch man

        What an imp you are! I suspect ‘sir Demo’ must be a social platform virus that needs Discus Anti-Virus software to clean up.

  • thusspokez

    What is this man with the head bandage on about, this time?

    • Sir Demo

      Yibos never disappoint! A Tribe will a large number of uncultured, ill cultured, crimes minded, bigoted and hate fills bloody hypocrites.

      • Teflonjones


      • Watch man

        You are such a malicious social media virus that the only worthy thing you deserve is to use Discus Ver 1.0 and flush you out of every device on earth.

  • yusuf

    I don’t know why Christians find it tasty to insult Islam and make judgement about Islam as if they have thoroughly and completely understood the Qur’an and Hadith? Anyway in sha Allah Jesus will soon descend and he will tell them the answers!

    • paul irumundomon

      The video put out there by those who believed, it is either the Quran or the high way, is what is telling the world that and not christians.
      US government just place a barn or predominantly muslim countries from coming to the United States, are you still looking for answers why that is.
      Wake up and try to study the quran well, you will sell where it teaches how violence is your only meals, and any one who don’t believe in your killer religion should be seen as infidel. Buhari said it, if he lost the election, there would be a war, he is also one of them, jonathan lost, he went home peacefully, he is at peace today,

  • Oppressed

    Times is coming when large numbers of suicide bombers will dress as protesters and confront Buhari and lying cabinet.

  • paul irumundomon

    There is no mosque in the north, that has not preached, kept terrorists, show them who to kill and how many. If a terrorist from mali comes to my town, my village, and we over there allow them to carry out heniouse crimes, we are part of those who carry out such act. So malam malam or what ever you useless title is, start with your body gaurds, you knew who they are.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      you should provide your evidence of such like a sane person would do. at least we all saw apostle suleima making his declarations. |So let’s have the mosque where your type were told to kill christians or people of other tribes.

  • ijelejames

    Mr sultan, why are you suddenly advocating for the arrest of hate preachers when you and your brethrens in different mosques preach hate everyday in nigeria? Why not arrest and prosecute fulani herdsmen who murder innocent Nigerians because of grazing ground for cows instead of asking for the arrest of pastor Suleiman indirectly for preaching retaliation. You bandage tying trolls think that you and your brethrens, the fulani herdsmen own Nigeria. It is about time you faced reality and stopped living in an alternative universe. Nonsense.

  • Keen Observer

    Did Mr. Peace Preacher (The Sultan) make any comment when over 200 Christians were murdered last 2 weeks in cold blood in Southern Kaduna? When an RCCG woman pastor was preaching early morning in Abuja suburb & she was murdered in cold blood, did Mr. Peace Preacher (The Sultan) come out & make any comment?? Why is it now that 1 or 2 Christian preachers came out & spoke about Christians retaliating, suddenly Sultan Peace Preacher jumped up & canvassing for the arrest of people preaching hate & violence???
    I never believed in Nigeria as one country any day, any time. It’s a smoke, One Nigeria is like ”Smoke”. One day, infact sooner it’ll disappear into the oblivion & cease to exit. Yesterday I read a news headline that Northern Governors said the Fulani herdsmen that killed Christians in Southern Kaduna are from Niger, Senegal or wherever. And so?
    If there were from Niger, Chad, Senegal or wherever, was anyone arrested for slaughtering human beings like animals??? So any foreigner could jump into Nigeria, kill people in hundreds & walk away without the state taking any reprisal actions right? Rubbish talk from the Northern govenors…! Arrant Nonsense..!

    • FirecloudOFGOD

      What do you make of this? Guardian 26th January, 2016 said:

      “Umar Musa Yar’Adua University, Katsina, Katsina State have, in contravention of the Nigerian Constitution, outlawed other religious or tribal associations on its campus. But the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) got the nod to be the sole religious group to operate in the school.The institution’s acting Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Sulaiman Kankara, conveyed the new directive to all students’ clubs and associations that were operating on its campus, through an internal memorandum dated January 17, 2017.”

      The memo endorsed by Kankara, and entitled “Re: Registration of Students Clubs/Associations,” said the new directive was part of resolutions taken at the school’s 59th management meeting, which held on January 10, 2017.

      “The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria is the only religious association allowed to operate in the university,” the memo read, adding,….”

      Are we in the same country?
      Is this one Nation?
      is this fair?
      Is this right?
      Thence Nigeria?

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        did you read the school’s reaction to this news on PT? You probably will not because this simple feeds your bias. Meanwhile, i will advise you to read that then come back here to spew your hate better.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      Maybe you should talk less and begin the retaliation since you have the guts….and the arrant sense.

  • West

    Hate, violence preachers should be arrested and prosecuted while the Allah chosen Fulani herdsmen should be allowed to continue the killings of people all over Nigeria with their AK47 . What a wise counsel from the supreme head of Nigeria Muslim and original Fulani man

  • Of course hate preachers should be arrested, and so should the actual hate/violence actors. The people responsible for the killings of Christians in Kaduna, Abuja, Borno, etc, must be served justice. We can’t ignore the actual offenders who kill Nigerians in the name of their religion and holy book.
    According to the Sultan, if a Christian loses a loved one to savage religious killers and exhibits the natural reaction of calling for vengeance after all attempts to get the killers to justice are frustrated by the government, he should be arrested for hate speech?
    I suggest the Sultan should insist that killers face justice too, not just hate preachers.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      dON’T over stress yourself, please join others to preach hate so that your logic can be different form Sultan’s. Meanwhile, the sultan has given his words: he is for peace and those who don’t like peace should be reined. UNfortunately for your type, you don’t have the same animal instinct that some fulanis who have lived their entire lives with cows (they even such directly from those cows) have…..so no matter what you say or do, you can’t stand their violence. Rather than come together to condemn criminality and banditry, you just want to say “Islam is responsible for the killings of Christians”. Of all the bomb that have exploded, how many have gone up in mosques……xtians must have been the target as well.
      You see, it is sheer idiocy to analyse the natural tendency of fulanis and their disposition to violence without considering their lifestyle…. A man who grew up in the company of cows more that in human company cannot be expected to be on the same level with you (if you had grown up in the midst of human). So if you have a modicum of human sensibility at all, you will realise that dealing with such person is not by inflaming his natural urge (which is violence). And if you do, you may yet be the loser because growing up with cows makes human life less meaningful to him. Come what may, his cow sometimes is even more important than his children. So, why preach hate when it will only be to his advantage….or at least feed his nature… Oh, just because you want to say “Muslims are bad or Islam is bad”. That has been the general song everywhere but what has it changed? Even in the heart of that propaganda and Islamophobia (Western countries), it has only been more of their folks accepting islam. Emeka, consider your own logic again.

      • If you read my post, you’ll see I’m also not in support of hate preachers. My very first statement is that they should also be arrested. The point I made was that the Sultan should also call for the prosecution of the murderers who killed all those people in the north. His call for just the arrest of hate preachers is not balanced.
        And I never mentioned Islam or Muslims.

  • Decimator

    “ When you keep quiet, it means you are supporting what other individuals are doing and the masses will suffer. PT

    Dear Sultan; You have kept quiet all along as your Cronies of the Larger Fulani Islamic Nation were butchering Citizens of the Nigeria Enclave, differing in your positions from denying totally that they were Fulanis at a time, to claiming that they were foreigners, asking how Nigeria could or is being Islamized. Till date I have not seen you outraged that none of those your Islamic Fulani Folks on killing spree in the Nigerian Enclave have been apprehended and prosecuted. Are you not pointing accusing fingers to yourself as a culprit in this matter by your own words above?

    Again please try to differentiate between (love and hate) on one hand which is of religious relevance as no Law anywhere proscribes or forbids love or hate of one another and Incitement on the other hand which is a legal matter. And without mixing words, know it that self-defense is a legal right of anybody in danger without religious or ethnic connotations. To that I presume in earnest that that is not what the Sultan is referring to, just like El-Rufai as preaching violence.

    On that note I would ask the Sultan, which statement or preaching is more inciting than this one, that their, should be statesman Fulani president, Mohammadu Buhari, once made which they are now carrying out for him today in disguise as Fulani Herdsmen Islamic Militia unchallenged by the state security forces under his supreme command. But this time killing the Citizens of the Nigerian Enclave to occupy their Land as the Sahara keeps advancing following the effects of climate change?

    Remember the Fulanis in the Nigerian Enclave especially those in authorities of the day have insisted that they are one and bear total allegiance with the Fulanis of other clime and cannot be separated by the Colonial Map of the Nigerian Enclave.

    “God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way. “If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’’

    Mohammadu Buhari

    Should Mohammadu Buhari not be the first address for the security agencies as stipulated by Sultan for this Incitement speech?

    Is the Sultan now asking or expecting the Citizens of the Nigerian Enclave under the present circumstance of their mass murder, to also apologize to their Fulani Islamic herdsmen Buhari Militia murderers for being slaughtered in mass in their own homes?

    Totally despicable

  • Remi

    Yes, Sultan, but only after those whose actions and inactions leave the victims with
    no alternative than to threaten retaliation for the incessant aggression
    against them, by resorting to “hate
    preaching” have been arrested and prosecuted, to the full extent of the law.
    Some people are charged with securing Nigeria and Nigerian lives, but rather
    than do that, they sit idly by and do nothing when “foreigners” leisurely walk
    into their domain and kill their constituents. Then, they wake up to shamelessly
    admit that “foreigners” are violating the integrity of their domains and
    killing their constituents, on their
    watch. To add insult to injury, they even use the tax paid by the victims
    to bribe off their aggressors; whilst also forcing the (surviving) victims to
    apologise to the aggressors!

    Mr Sultan, truth is that “foreign” Fulanis cannot “invade”
    Nigeria without local connivance. Kindly recall that you were among the first
    persons to inform us that it was “foreigners” that were doing the killings in
    the middle belt states. Which implies that you know not a few things about the invaders. And the
    question to ask you is, how did you use your position and the intelligence that
    you had, to help stop the killings? Why must we take you seriously now that it
    appears that you are speaking up, only because the shoe seems to be shifting to
    the other foot? Reality is that hatred begets hatred. IF your “foreign” kinsmen
    sow hatred by killing others, they will reap same in equal, if not double,

    Furthermore, Mr Sultan, does it not reek of hypocrisy to you
    that you have now found your voice, to demand the protection of the law for
    your “foreign” kinsmen, after the victims are being mobilised to take their
    fate into their own hands? When the only
    succour that you, and the northern States Governors, can offer the long
    suffering peoples of the middle belt is to inform them of the identity of their
    killers, what you are doing is discharging the “social compact”, and telling
    the peoples of the middle belt that they are on their own. Any wonder, therefore,
    that some people in that region are now mobilising to take matters into their
    own hand? After all, as that famous revolutionary, Frantz Fanon, once opined,
    in a lawless society, it is illegal to be lawful. It is “a plague to all the
    houses” of those who have allowed this to happen, on their watch, because they
    have failed in the elementary duty of maintaining the integrity of, security
    and economic wellbeing within the, spaces they claim to be superintending over.