Fulani herdsmen attacking Nigerians are from Senegal, Mali – Northern governors

FILE PHOTO Photo: today.ng

The Northern Governor’s Forum, NGF, says it has resolved to work with relevant stakeholders to secure Nigeria’s borders and register Fulani immigrants entering into the country to rear cattle.

The Chairman of the Forum, Kashim Shettima of Borno, disclosed this to journalists at the end of the forum’s meeting in Kaduna, on Tuesday

According to him, the governors observed that most of the herdsmen involved in issues of insecurity are immigrants from Senegal and Mali.

“We also mapped out new strategies that would be used by the local Fulani herdsmen to rear their cattle without having to move across the country,” he said.

The Chairman emphasised the need for every Nigerian to see security as his or her business, pointing out that the nation would remain backward if there was no peace.

On the indigene/settler dichotomy, the governor said that there was a push by the forum towards national integration and cohesion so that every Nigerian could conveniently settle in any part of the country without suffering any form of discrimination.

“Some of the past governors of Kano State, like the late Sabo Bakin Zawo, from Niger, and Ibrahim Shekarau, from Borno, were not indigenes technically, but were assimilated and even attained the highest office in Kano,” he observed.

He acknowledged that the country was experiencing lots of challenges, particularly in the northern region, but expressed optimism that things would get better.

The joint meeting, which had northern traditional council of emirs and chiefs in attendance, discussed issues of insecurity, the management of common assets and measures to move the region to greater heights.



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  • Abdullah Musa

    Fulani herdsmen from Senegal and Mali committing havoc in Nigeria?
    It seems they have never heard of nations being created.
    More so it is our fault.
    There is nothing like free lunch, there should be an agreement between our nation and theirs to allow them pasturage while they pay us in dollars of course.

    • daniel

      What did they base their conclusion upon? Who did the investigation? How did the Govs know that they are Fulani herdsmen from Senegal and Mali? Did the criminals confess before them? This was a self-incriminating statement from the Govs. Southerners should beware of the imminent danger and rally around Fayose. He is the only one so far to stand up to these people. How can foreigners enter the country illegally and carry on unchallenged? The Govs and the president obviously know more than they are revealing.

      • daniel

        This president that is not ready to protect all Nigerians equally doesn’t deserve a second chance. Maybe Atiku, any person but Buhari. What manner of human being is that that is not moved by the cold blooded killing of another person? Would Buhari take it if his son or daughter were killed that way?

  • isaac

    If the Fulani’s attacking Nigerians are from Mali, Niger, etc, why has it taken us so long to know that Nigeria is under attack by foreigners?

  • AryLoyds

    So the Fulani jihad did not work So it’s now A matter of indigene/settler dichotomy,Chei AREWA sun mutu! Pardon my language:)
    Ok now since they are from Mali and Senegal , elrufai the devil should know them since he paid them for the genocide

  • Senator D

    They are “Foreigners”? Really? These bunch of clowns think Nigerians are fo*ls oooooo… Even an id*ot knows a fo*l when he opens his mouth to speak… Useless animals!

    • okenwa

      Nigerians are total fools. A country where foreigners will come and kill citizens and you fold your hands. What do you call that if not foolishness.

      • Paul Irumundomon

        And some educated idiots, come forward to defend foreigners. Some foreigners, even assaults police on Nigeria roads, I jumped on one when it happened right in front of me.
        This are who buhari want to surround our backyards, in his dream to have grazing farms for their cows, he need a better education.

      • Senator D

        Am scratching my head to know what to call such “such foolishness”… Can’t seem to find any word for those people folding their hands and allowing themselves to be killed…

  • Uwaoma, Chigozie

    hahahahahahahahaha… Buhari and co are serial liars…
    Very soon they will tell the world that Boko Haram members are from Guinea Bisau, the Gambia, Cameroon, Egypt, Afghanistan, Malaysia etc…

    Buhari and co are aware of all the killings going on in Nigeria…

  • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

    If the “militant” herdsmen are foreigners as the governors claim, are the cows foreign too?
    Who owns the cows they grace?
    Whose interest are they fighting for, cattle owners, Senegal, Mali?
    Who provides the arms and ammunition for their attack?
    Do they retreat to Senegal or Mali after any as attack to evade arrest by our ever efficient security or they remain with their empolyers, the cattle owners?
    Who should be held responsible, the herdsmen or the cattle owners?
    It appears the Northern governors are not being honest enough and can not be serious at resolving the problem
    as it is in the interest of the cattle owners of the northern Nigeria.

    • share Idea

      Imagine government trying to create grazing reserves for ‘foreigners’ then…what a country. They believe that Southerners do not have rational thinking capability- hence, these rubbish from them

  • Senator D

    Northern Governors claiming that the Fulani Herdsmen killing and committing genocide in Nigeria are foreigners. What the F**k! Under Buhari foreigners are invading Nigeria? Then we are under a failed state then. So please you retarded Governors from the NORTH go take a pis* and a very long walk to mental recovery because you just lost out in your inconclusive discourse!

  • Paul Irumundomon

    These northern governors, think they are talking to almajiri. So foreigners can carry ak47, and Nigerians can’t even carry a knife freely on our streets.

  • Maria

    These governors are f00lish by this statement…. this is a show of shame… foreigners invading Nigeria killing and maiming thousands of people and you say all you will do is register them? You guys are kidding me?

    • emmanuel

      Hear yourself, your mumness is swallowing you up already. Buhari is yet to begin with you. Fly wen nor hear word go follow dead body enter grave.
      You said the Governors? Saad Abubakar and all Emirs were there also. Buhari was with them in the spirit.
      Whoever thinks the situation would get better will just be caught unaware of the onslaught of the evil people.

      • share Idea

        Do you mind them. When we wailed and cried that Buhari wants to islamise Nigeria, they called us names. Now, reality is hitting them on the face. What a country

    • Shaaaaaaaarap

      I believe you have more problem than the governors. We told you. We warned you. If they registered a man who has no certipicate and was and still is unqualified to hold public office of president and dummies like you supported them to allow INEX register him (Sickler Buhari) for the election, then why won’t the governors assume that u are still dumb to permit them to register alien killer herdsmen? Why do you think they would think of prosecuting the killers when pple like you never demand that Boko haram members be prosecuted or even that suicide bombers be named?

    • okenwa

      Goodmorning maria.

  • emmanuel

    It is no news that Buhari is from Senegal, so he must have his country men maul down Nigerians to make him happy?
    Meanwhile, if the foolani herdsmen are from neighbouring countries, how come a Pastor who said people should kill in self defense, those who want to kill them or destroy their churches?
    Nigeria is just over ripe for a religious and anti-foolani war.
    We all know what the constitution says about one who kill in self-defense, and that was exactly what Apostle Suleiman re-interated. So why are the foolanis seeing his comment as inciting violence than the violence carried out by their kinsmen to which they turn their face away?
    It is just Suleiman, if he is arrested, i am sure they would not hear anybody speak up again until there is a full blown war. The foolanis are just hiding behind a finger and that would give way to realities soon.

  • ologs

    If the killer Fulani herdsmen are from Senegal and Mali, then do we not have right to fight them back? Why is FG and the northern governors choose to protect them over Nigerians? At least not one of them has been arrested. Nigerians have been pushed and pressed against the wall. Just as it is taking too long for Nigerians to react so it will take even take longer time to stop them from their reaction. Our leaders are pouring petrol on a nation with over 200 tribes and they are even striking matches. Fire, Fire, Fire is coming.


      ALL Fulani people in Nigeria are from Senegal, Mali or such foreign places.

  • emmanuel

    Every wise state Governor should form alternative platform against what is ahead. When the chips are down such that the infiltrators in the military posted to your terrain can be tackled.
    This jihad is not abetting
    Nigeria i see ahead may be gone for good

  • Watch man

    “According to him, the governors observed that most of the herdsmen
    involved in issues of insecurity are immigrants from Senegal and Mali.”

    You guys are unimaginably sick in your spirit, soul and body. How did you know they are from Senegal and Mali? There is no way they will migrate to Nigeria with the large number of their herds without being noticed (assuming your assertion is true). And if that is true, then how come they were not vetted on arrival? When the islamic terrorists kill innocent Nigerians then they transmute to Senegalese and Malians but when the same terrorist islamizers are killed their killers would become Nigerians. Fo0lish set of animalistic cowards called janjaweed governors!

    • Watch man

      Can the southern governors also come together and respond to these irresponsible words of the northern governors? See how the janjaweed governors are protecting their terrorist brethren and the ones in the south (who are also feeling the heat of islamic terrorists) are keeping quiet.

      • Arogbo

        You know why because there is no unity among our people and until then, these people will continue to malign, intimidate and kill us like chicken.

      • Senator D

        Cockroach Okorocha will even take side with them (Northern Governors) including his imbecile brothers from Enugu, Edo,Lagos and so on…

    • Arogbo

      Good question my brother. How come the DSS is going after Pastor Suleiman for dare telling us to defend and protect ourselves from these invading herdsmen. What nonsense!

    • share Idea

      When Adebayo said praised Fayose for the kind of fight he has been doing, people did not understand why he said so. Rather the government brought controversial law that made him to step down and now, we are being told that killers of Nigerians are not Nigerians, and government have not bothered to arrest any of the foreigners. What a country

    • Arogbo

      We should thank the Northern Governor for clarifying the nationality of these herdsmen. This is no time for foot dragging, this is the time to ambush these herdsmen and kill them one by one, period.

  • brightasuquoakpan


  • Rommel

    Usman Dan Fodio was also from Senegal while the Saraki’s are from Mali so the herdsmen are part of you,how did they get into Nigeria?

    • Eluba Inas

      Why are we taking ourselves 200 years back?

  • Chiedu7

    So foreigners are killing Nigerians and they are never arrested?

    So foreigners are killing Nigerians in your own backyard and you have not come out to condemn it?

    Buhari & the security chiefs should step down.

    • john

      This shows that Nigeria Immigration Service is sleeping. And those security Agents at Nigeria boarders are culprits.

      • Chiedu7

        dont make me laugh, they are Nigerians.

        If they were foreigners, why haven’t the govt condemned them?
        Why are they no being arrested?

  • Teflonjones

    These guys will do anything to protect their homicidal brethren. Fula beasts.

  • Gary

    The political and religious elites of the President’s home region met and concluded that his kindred from other lands have been allowed under his watch, to invade the country he swore to protect with guns to forcibly kill and rape Nigerian citizens. In order to seize indigenous land for grazing.

    This is happening despite the presence of border and immigration laws and personnel, the military engaged in an intractable bloody insurgency with local and foreign Jihadists and a national security apparatus manned entirely by Mr. Buhari’s kinsmen.
    Not a single herdsman has been arrested or put on trial for these vicious killings. Instead, the Buhari government, when not looking the other way, has actually tried to impose a solution that would allow these invaders access to the lands of indigenous Nigerians for the herdsmen to graze and settle. Plus even import grass from Brazil st public expense for their private economic benefit.
    The unfolding events are stranger than fiction indeed even for a Nollywood movie. But it is the tragic reality of a government that a majority of Nigerians happily voted for in the hopes of bettering their lives. The people have instead replaced a corrupt government with one that is supervising their deaths. Tragic to say the least.


    However insipid and nonsensically stewpid the Northern Governors sound one would not blame them at all because the dumb, clueless and docile Governors and so-called political leaders of the South, East and West (Law makers inclusive) have chosen to remain deaf, blind and dumb to the incessant killings of thousands of their people.

    Cowed by trepidation and overwhelmed with their own political ambition and comfort, these hediorts who claim to represent their people remain silent and have all refused to take a stand or demand answers. When they do they sound comical and release a statement that they never follow through. And because these politicians from the South, East & West don’t react and condone the killings of their people, the killings continue and Buhari ensures it continues …and certainly the reason these liars (Northern Governors) will throw this stinky shiiiiiiiit on all of us.


    The following questions are for the professional liars (Northern Governors forum) to answer:
    1. How did they know that people from Senegal & Mali are responsible? Can they identify one?
    2. Was it Soldiers from Senegal & Mali who killed 276 IPOB protesters and buried them in Mass Graves?
    3. Was it Soldiers from Senegal and Mali who attacked Shiite Muslims and buried them in mass graves?
    4. How did Fulani men from Senegal and Mali get to Nigeria? They moved their cattle by foot?
    5. How come they don’t kill in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote D’voire, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin Republic – all countries between them and Nigeria? Why is it that they kill only on Nigerian soil?
    6. Are the suicide bombers and the kids they carry from Senegal & Mali?
    7. Are the parents of the so-called 12 yr old suicide bombers who never declare that girl children are missing also from Senegal & Mali?

    The Northern Governors should know that there should be a limit to stewpidity…………… Nigeria is not a country and until we restructure or break up, we are just postponing the inevitable. It is sickening and provocative that a group of so called Governors can make such an absurd conclusion and have courage to go public about it. It depicts how pervasive mischief has become in Nigeria. If you claim that the killers are from Senegal & Mali how do you challenge the Governors of the Bight of Biafra (Niger Delta and Biafra) should they tell you that Avengers are from Cape Verde?

    I blame the Governors of the South, East and West. They are cowards! Pure and unadulterated cowards with the Oladipo Diya spirit alive and well in all of them.

  • Jonny

    Who is lying? Norther Governors or Governor El-Coffin of Kaduna? When El- Coffin admitted that he pays the killers he did not say they are foreigners.

  • tundemash

    I am now convinced that Nigeria is not a country. The East, West, South and North of Nigeria ought to be separate countries. We have nothing in common at all and the statement of the Northern Governors says it all.

    • Gary

      Hah even you now? The end is nigh!

      • share Idea

        I couldn’t believe what I just read from @tundemash. God’s light is gradually overcoming the powers of darkness

    • Otile

      This not the voice of my friend Abubakar tundemash. If I say the same thing he will some Fulanis to go after me. I now understand that it is not the message but the messenger.

  • john

    The truth of the matter is, when these herdsmen (if really they are from Senegal) come into Nigeria, they are easily and speedily accommodated in the name of Islam because they Muslims, they end up causing mayhem to innocent Nigerians. If these Northern religious Rulers are serious in tackling the issues of Fulani herdsmen, kidnapping of Christian girls, converting them to Islam and marrying them off, preaching of hate messages, they should look inward. The traditional worshiper will never coerce anybody to worship idol, so the Christian worshipers of God in Christ Jesus. But the news we have been hearing about Islam is about coercion. The story of how present day Turkey and northern countries of Africa became largely populated by Muslims was through forceful conversion. And this is one of the origin of the religious crises we are having in the world today.
    Man is a free moral agent bequeathed with freedom to either worship stone, sand, river, moon, sun, mountains, valley, trees etc, and therefore should be left to worship whatever and the way he pleases until he discovers the true path to God and not by killing to submit but by preaching and prayers. There will be peace or near peace in the world if we all mind our businesses on how we want to worship God and not by compulsion.

  • Arogbo

    Well, if these herdsmen are from Senegal and Mali as claimed by rhe Northern Governor Forum, we as a bonafide citizens of Nigeria have every right to kill them anywhere we lay eyes on them without no question being asked, period.

    • share Idea


    • okenwa


  • Decimator

    If paying foreigners to invade a country kill the citizens they swore to protect, forcefully occupy their land unchallenged and receive commendation for that from the commander in chief of the Armed forces of the Nigerian Enclave, Mohammadu Buhari, is not Treason, I do not know what is.

    On that not, should these northern Governors and their oversea in Aso rock, Mohammadu Buhari not have handed themselves over for prosecution bordering on treasonable felony?

    The same Cronies of the Larger Fulani Nation, that have always maintained that the Fulanis of the Nigerian Enclave are one with Fulanis of other clime, from (Mali, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Senegal, Guinea etc.) to whom they bear total allegiance to, and cannot be separated by the colonial Map of the Nigerian Enclave, are now suddenly calling their Folks of the Larger Fulani Nation from Senegal and Mali foreigners but still fall short of declaring war on these purported foreign invaders.

    Have they not made the case and stamped it themselves, for an immediate BRAKE UP of the present Nigerian Enclave which as they clearly put it has no borders and no Map.

    Ever becoming clearer that the fool’s paradise of the non-existing one Nigeria Unity that is non-negotiable and merited an indivisible status never existed even in the imagination of the very people that created and adored it.

  • Lorgne

    First step. Then formally inform those countries the havoc their citizens are causing Nigeria and it’s intention to take all necessary action should they not be cautioned.

  • thusspokez

    Fulani herdsmen attacking Nigerians are from Senegal, Mali – Northern governors

    But who owes the cattle that they are raring. Did they also bring them from Senegal and Mali too?

    The Hausa is a weak African ethnic group. Why does it always allow foreigners, particularly the Fulanis, to come to its land and take over? The Fulani is 4% of the Nigerian population but use the Hausa to swell its number and influence.

    Once again, Hausa land is being invaded by new wave of Fulanis from the North and the Hausas are unable to do anything about the marauding invaders.

    • ubong

      Is it why kaduna governor andBorno state governor supporting and sponsoring them to kill why our regional military and para military tacitly support them .


      See your life? “The Hausa is a weak African ethnic group.” Haba! Oremi Oloye!!!

      How dare you call the Hausa a ‘weak’ ethnic group? Come on! Is it the Hausa who owns Ilorin in Kwara State and had their Oba (King) driven from throne with a Fulani taking over? You people with Oladipo Diya spirit will never cease to amuse me. Do you even realise that there are students and Professors of History on this forum? I don’t have to mention the weak and cowardly ethnic group. All Nigerians living and dead know who they are.

      • okenwa

        You have mentioned the ethnic group immidiately you brought illorin kwara state and oladipo diya in your discausion.

      • Lifetime

        Just like the guy jumped into conclusion without deep thought on the issue, you INVOKED”OLADIPO DIYA” spirit just like that. What about “GANI FAWEHINMI SPIRIT”. “WOLE SOYINKA SPIRIT”.BEKO. RANSOME KUTI SPIRIT. “FELA KUTI SPIRIT “. Even, on this very issue of herd men killings ,ls Fayose from the clan you insinuated not in the forefront of the struggle to free his people for others to follow.?

        • Gary

          Unfortunately for us Nigerians, we are mostly stereotyped by the actions of the very worst amongst us. I will hazard a guess that not even all Fulanis are happy with the way Buhari is running the country and galvanizing animosity towards their ethnicity in Nigeria. I wouldn’t if I were Fulani and enlightened enough to see the future of my people being compromised by old men in the sunset of their lives.

          Same applies to the Yorubas as not all being followers of the self-seeing mercantilism that has defined the politics of Bola Tinubu.
          Not all Niger Deltans nor Igbos are fans of the corruption and unprincipled politics of their past and current Governors and politicians. I remain a harsh critic of GEJ for the wasted opportunity to go right by our people and the country rather than just be a lackey of the corrupt Northerners he sought to please while they undermined him to regain the Presidency.

          • Lifetime

            Thanks. It is just very unfortunate the direction things are going concerning ethnicity and religion today in our country.

          • Ikenna Okwuchi

            Thumbs up bro, people like you give me hope that all is not lost.

    • Eluba Inas

      First, I don’t know where you got your history lesson from, but the Hausa people are not weak. Go and read the history of the Hausa Empire. Second, the Fulani people are not 4%; they are much more than that. A little understanding of their spread across Nigeria will help you. The failure of many Nigerians in understanding the Hausa-Fulani people is laziness–you don’t want to read history. Long before the Fulani Jihad, the Hausa and the Fulani people live together, inter-marriage, farm and trade. The Fulani in the nineteenth century took advantage of Dan Fodio’s jihad, aligned with him and seized power from the Hausa.

      • thusspokez

        The Fulani in the nineteenth century took advantage of Dan Fodio’s jihad, aligned with him and seized power from the Hausa.

        You started by contradicting me, but end up contradicting yourself or put another way, corroborating my analysis.

  • CousinBrother

    So what is next. If the Nigeria army and its commander in chief cannot defend the territorial integrity of Nigerian against foreigners, then I would suggest that Nigerians be armed and defend themselves. Senegalese and Malians herdsmen bear arms in Nigeria but Nigerians are not allowed to do same. That should stop. Period.

    • okenwa

      Bros why do you buy the crap? Foreigners that nigeria security protects to prevent reprisal attack.

  • rayray

    No foreigner will come to Nigeria and kill people the way Fulani herdsmen does, without the help or instructions from their Nigeria counterpart. People are really angry about these Killings. so all these after thought press statement from non challant northerners including the presidency is really sad

  • Jaja Majaja

    Rubbish talk from a nonsense people. Mali and senegal my foot….tell that lie to the creatures in the sea and birds in the sky, i spit.

    • dele20

      Mr. Thomas

      • stackCrawler


  • Sandra

    No, they are from the moon…!!!

  • John A

    Recession is at work

  • realist

    Fallacious talks from the North. Only fools would believe them. If their statement is true, it means more indictment for Buhari, giving tacit support for the Malians and Senegalese to keep killing Nigerian.

    • dele20

      You have chicken brain, if not why reasoning like this

      • stackCrawler

        Abi ooo

    • woman leader1

      Grow up boy

  • dele20

    No wonder, these herdsmen are from Senegal and Mali, now giving us headache in our country

    • stackCrawler


    • Olatubosun

      Imagine that…….. Action must be taken immediately

      • dele20

        Sure, this administration always acts fast

  • FuzzyLogic

    It is a lie. They are Northerners. This is a diversionary tactic. Why then is the Federal government run by Northerners not deporting them? These are the same people that bloat the population of the North.

  • Excisionist

    PT has been intimidated and bribed so much that they are not publishing comments. What a shame . . .

  • Odus

    That can’t be true when Governor El Rufai has already said he paid them for their lost cows in a previous encounter with the Christians. What do this people think Nigerians are? You cannot govern with lies and expect the people to respect you.

  • stackCrawler

    All this menace must stop

    • AryLoyds

      Haha , Chei 🙂

  • Felix Udoh

    Niger Delta Militants bombing Pipelines are from Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe.

  • thisnigeria

    How did you know they are immigrants when none of them has ever been arrested?

  • Sanssouci

    Even if it’s true which I seriously doubt, of what relevance is it? After failing to secure citizens of your state you have now just potentially added xenophobia to an already ethnically and religiously charged atmosphere.

    • sab

      Was it not El Rufai that told Nigerians he has paid the Fulani herdsmen for their alleged rustled cows. Now, how can he reconcile paying foreigners for their alleged rustled cows atvthe expense of killing, maiming, raping Nigerians by those he claims to be foreigners? So the foreigners and their cows are of more value and importance to him and the Northern governors than Nigerians?

      • aboki

        We have being observing the response of Nigerians and others contributors on the above caption on Foreign Herdmen in Nigeria.
        We have forgotten the activities of NIGERIAN DRUG PUSHERS doing the similar activities in MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA and CAMBODIA to mentioned but few in another form destroying citizens of that NATIONS.
        We have forgotten the activities OF Baby Factories in producing BASTARDS and babies for RITUALS in our Father’s LAND.
        We have forgotten how FORGERY activist and 419ners globe trotting tarnishing the Nation’s Image.
        We have forgotten the activities OF Prostitution by NIGERIANS girls in SPAIN, ITALY and FRANCE to mentioned few in denting our nation’s image.
        Noise MAKERS AND SHAMELESS PEOPLE with poor background are chanting war songs and campaign of columny against Nigeria state as the case may be.
        We can not be intimated!
        Despite the abuse and names calling when I looked around I find a lot of Southerner living peacefully and comfortable in Northern Nigeria with their BROTHERS and SISTERS in that Region.
        There are millions of Southerners especially the IGBO living happily and comfortable in the remotest part of Northern Nigeria with their BROTHERS and SISTERS in that area they are living.
        It puzzled ME!

        • Lawal adebayo joel

          You’re high on cheap and fake drugs

  • woman leader1

    We have to put a stop to all this trash!

    • Olatubosun

      Sure my womanleader

  • princegab

    Yes, agreed that they are foreigners but the local should fight back, kill the herds and herdsmen.

  • lasko

    If they are illegal immigrants, then why do buhari and the northern governors want grazing routes reserved for the herdsmen, instead of deporting them?

    • Olatubosun

      What are you saying?

  • JOHN

    These Northern Governors are unrepentant. They are presiding over the brutal murder of innocent Nigerians that do not belong to their tribe and religion. In civilised climes they would give the security agents marching orders to fish out the criminals and ensure that such do not happen again ever if they are not involved in the evil. It is clear from their lies and deception that the governors are part of the killer squad.

  • Olatubosun

    We need to put stop to it……..

  • Taylor

    It there means that Mr President has failed in his oath taken protect the integrity of the federal republic of Nigeria. He kis therefore not suitable for that office hence, SHOULD RESIGN WITHOUT DELAY. Herdsmen marouders from foreign land and less is done to protect the people but unarmed IPOB demonstrators are said to be butchered in cold blood. Buhari should resign for his failures.

  • David Adeniran

    Good, I am happy to hear this! That is why our security operatives should be ordered to OPEN FIRE ON THEM for trying to made Nigeria!

  • Arogbo

    AGREED. Since the government cannot protect us, we have every right to protect and defend ourselves, simple.

  • David Emmanuel

    Jesus Christ told is disciples to purchase weapons to defend themselves in Luke 22:35-38. They defend and escape many times b4 he finally surrendered himself for the prophecy must be fulfilled.John 18:36New International Version (NIV)
    Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.” many Christians and pastors don’t understand this passage. Jesus said in the lords prayer that let ur kingdom come so that his will be done on earth as it was in heaven. Apostle Suleiman spoke from the throne room perspectives but many Christian bodies don’t understand still. My people perish bcos the lack this knowledge. Hosea 4:6. His kingdoms will would be fulfill on earth now or else….
    Jesus will come again to rule has king over the earth Zechariah 14:9. Jesus foresee wen he ask that wen he comes back will he found faiths (xtians) on earth. And if the ruler if this world cannot stop Jesus from comming back. They tend to eliminate those that are waiting for his return… Are they really winning? Time well tell

  • @eberechi.esther

    Why should you allow foreigners who kill Nigerians to be integrated into Nigeria? will they also integrate Nigerians into their countries? It is only a non Nigerian who will integrate those who wants to destroy the nation because he or she has nothing at stake. why should you integrate a group that has been declared the fourth deadliest terrorist in the world? Anyone that suggest that must have a huge interest in the course of the The Fulani herdsmen and as such, should be driven out of the country, held accountable and prosecuted. Orios