Nigerian govt rejects BringBackOurGirl’s ‘impudent’ language

Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed

The Federal Government has urged the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group to see government as a partner rather than adversary in the quest to secure the release of the Chibok girls.

In a statement in Abuja on Monday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said the BBOG’s continued portrayal of the government as an adversary and the needless firing of darts at President Muhammadu Buhari, were ultimately counter-productive.

Mr. Mohammed said the president was doing his utmost best to bring the girls back home safely.

“The Federal Government has bent over backwards to carry the BBOG along and to show transparency in the conduct of the search for the girls,” he said.

“The recent invitation extended to the group to witness first-hand the search for the girls by the Nigerian Air Force is a clear indication of this.

“However, it came to us as a surprise that in spite of its initial positive report on the tour, the BBOG has too quickly reverted to its adversarial role.

“BBOG should stick to its role as an advocacy group rather than pretending to be an opposition party.

“The synonyms of the word ‘advocacy’ do not include ‘antagonism’, ‘opposition’ or ‘attack’, in fact those words are the antonyms of ‘advocacy,’’’ he said.

The minister said it amounted to needless grandstanding for the BBOG to say it would no longer tolerate “delays’’ and “excuses” from the president on the release of the girls, as reported by the media.

According to him, such “impudent’’ language should have been reserved for those who did nothing in the first 500 days of the girls’ abduction, and not for Mr. Buhari.

Mr. Mohammed said President Buhari as has presided over the liberation of all captured territory, the opening of shut schools and roads, the safe release of some of the abducted girls and the decimation of Boko Haram.

He assured Nigerians that the efforts to bring the girls back safely were continuing, but sought their understanding for not divulging any further details so as not to jeopardise the intricate process.

“Let me say unequivocally that the people involved in the negotiations are working 24/7.

“The negotiations are complicated, tortuous and delicate. Any wrong signal is capable of derailing things. That’s why the less we say, the better for all.

“We need a huge amount of confidence-building, the kind of which led to the release of 21 of the girls. This has been lacking for years, but right now we are confident that we are on the right track.

“We won’t do anything to jeopardise these talks, irrespective of the pressure or provocation from any quarter,” the minister said. (NAN)


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  • Otile

    We can now see why Imam Buhari’s daughter fought hard to discredit and rubbish the BBOG group.

    • Daddydon2k

      And your point being?

      • Gideons

        . ….. is being stupidity of highest order

    • greg

      “Imam” buhari is zillion times better than your pastor Jonathan who couldn’t produce I single girl chibok girl after chopping 15billion dollars…twisted prick

  • thusspokez

    In a statement in Abuja on Monday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said the BBOG’s continued portrayal of the government as an adversary and the needless firing of darts at President Muhammadu Buhari, were ultimately counter-productive.

    It is not “adversary” but pressure on the government — which is what pressure groups do in democratic countres.

    It is the government that is treating the group as an adversary because the government can’t stand or handle any form of criticism. This seems to be the pattern in the country. Like the Nigerian government, the Nigerian army is going after PremiumTimes because the former too can’t handle criticisms. And the tool used by both the government and the army against their critics is the same, namely intimidation.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Liar. Which pressure group portray herself as an adversary in advanced world? The incident happened under dumbo clueless gej who was merrying while ours were being abducted. Buhari has not only shutdown bokoharam, he has rescued millions of northerners away from the future DESTRUCTION TRAP created by PDP and gej. Couple with that, 21chibok girls have been rescued which has never happened in the history of the world. If bbog refused to toe the path of the advocacy and think they can disturb our president which was voted in by Nigerians then, they should be ready to sink along with PDP the enemies of Nigerians. Another group will come up with ability to work closely with this one finest government in the world and toward saving the remaining girls. Buhari is not culpable of the girls abduction. Gej is the bad egg. Buhari came to restore nigeria back to track and repair the mess of PDP. God bless baba.

      • thusspokez

        Which pressure group portray herself as an adversary in advanced world?

        Consequence of poor reading ability and comprehension.

        • Absolutely Sane

          Which is what you lack to have made your first comment by referring to counter-productive campaign and calumny as pressure. The developed world don’t have your view of pressure group. It is you that is suffering from poor reading ability and absolutely poor comprehension.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Biafraud. I always pity for your brain. Well, Absolute Sane has replied you very well.

  • Arkhuma

    It is indeed saddening if the BBOG actually made the statement credited to them. It is neither advocacy nor pressure on government to be insensitive to others. We should be sincere to ourselves. Countless of other children have been rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram by our gallant soldiers since the renewed attempt to undo the foolishness of the past government on this count. Soldiers have lost their lives in this attempt, leaving behind grieving families. Being rude and cocky is not only a show of impermanence but also a desecration of the memories of those who have paid the supreme price in the search for these children. Who even said the military or the government must share intelligence with the parents of these girls on their attempt to secure the release of those still being held? Even in the developed world, which we are quick to measure ourselves with, such is never done because there could be a mole somewhere waiting to pass a snippet of information which could not only jeopardize the operation but also result in the killing of valuable asset. The earlier Obi Ezekwesili realise that the Chibok girls lives are no more precious than the lives of other children which have also been rescued since the pushback of Boko Haram started, the more they will appreciate the effort being expended in this regard. While it is within the right of a citizen to ask questions of the government on their responsibilities, it also behooves us to show appreciation and understanding when genuine efforts are being inputted in resolving our challenges. What more genuine effort could be greater than soldiers and even civilian JTF dying in the hunt for Boko Haram and these girls?

  • Tunde

    BBOG, I found your recent language obstructive and unhelpful following what the government just did. Is it that they stopped search after they took you in to see or you want them to give you daily updates? You have done a good job so far, do not ruin it, we all want the girls back however unnecessary utterances can actually hinder finding them.

  • Iskacountryman

    24/7 negotiation?…please, the boko boys have broken off communications…

  • ‘Obi Ezekwesili’ has made herself the issues instead of the girls and their family.

    • Absolutely Sane

      You completely make sense. Since her partner in the campaign got Federal Appointment, she has been hell bent on using the advocacy to earn herself appointment by fire by force. Hence, her loud mouth turning advocacy to abuse and calumny campaign. The best they can do is to ignore them. During the last administration, could they enter Borno state let alone visiting Sambisa? That is to tell you how insincere Obi Ezekwesili is in her senseless advocacy.

      • Africa

        Hmmm! You made a valid point. Thanks.

      • tukur

        Na so! How can you be more bother than the original bonafide owners of the girls??? The parents, the elders of chibok including the governor have said it time without number they’re disown BBOG tactics….bros, I tire for that woman

  • Arabakpura

    BBOG is only trying to reassure the public that they didn’t sell out! Sometimes we should all pretend to be old men to be able to appreciate why certain things are done! They were simply playing to the gallery!

  • Just Me

    He is doing his best by going on vacation in UK, OK continue.

    • Arkhuma

      I don’t know that it’s now a sin for a president to go on vacation.

    • Absolutely Sane

      That is to show the level of degradation of common sense in Nigeria. If you and I go on leave for the minimal work we are doing compared to that of the President of the federation, why on earth do you think he does not deserve one? Please be human.

    • hassan

      Because you don’t go for vacation to your village….which of course is your level

  • shasha

    BBOG is neither APC nor PDP. Lai Mohammed should stop making noise and carry his cross.

    • Mufu Ola

      What the minister said makes sense.

      • The facts

        It doesn’t make sense. In the first place, the government made a mistake by inviting a pressure group to a Sambisa search/tour. Their thinking was to bring BBOG on side but it backfired and now he is blaming previous government for not doing anything for 500 days.

        • Absolutely Sane

          What exactly did you expect. Were you expecting him to mention my name or your name? There is no day Awolowo’s name is not mentioned once the subject of quality and free education is mentioned or discussed. So, always do good for posterity sake so that you won’t feel disheartened when you name is in the mention. The minister did not mention name but you were able to know who that statement refers to because it is true.

      • mayGodpunishopressors

        You do not know how evil northern elites are. They kept these girls somewhere outside sambisa forest, and I can tell you that Borno state governor knows where these girls are. They just trying to get the “appropriate” time to release them.

    • Absolutely Sane

      Rather you should stop making useless and senseless comment. The minister made lot of sense.

    • bulus

      What is BBOG???? It is people like you that give traction to the campaign for the regulaton of social media…no application of the medulla whatsoever.. Any sane people would wonder…am I reading the same article with this guy?

  • Dazmillion

    The falcon (BBOG) is no longer hearing the falconer (APC)

  • otunga

    The parents…the real owners of the girls are not threatening govt…all the negative drama from BBOG is truly pissing the parents off…and me too, why didn’t they threaten Jonathan? That ugly arrogant woman Oby lacks cerebral capital, my problem truly is why the govt takes these impudents so seriously as to even take them on a covet mission..chibok girls is more important than 180million other Nigerians including idps…bullshit..govt should cut them off completely and deal with the parents directly, eject the clowns from that fountain site, it belongs to all Nigerians…that woman has been given too much she’d ask for “unreserved apology”..kai, Buhari has truly gone soft

  • Isiagwo

    President Bokohari and Liar Muhammed know more about the whereabouts of the girls than they are letting out and BBOG members know it. Let those “freed” girls go home to their parents (to tell the world their story) and free the rest of the girls jare! .