Ex-Senate President Ken Nnamani joins APC, gives reasons

Ken Nnamani

A former Senate President, Ken Nnamani, has joined Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Mr. Nnamani said on Sunday that he joined the APC because of intense demand from his constituents.

Mr. Nnamani, who led the Senate from 2005 to 2007 as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, quoted a former U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neil to support his argument for joining the APC.

“All politics is local,” Mr. Nnamani told PREMIUM TIMES hours after announcing the move on Sunday evening. “I have to do what my constituents demanded by joining the APC at ward level.”

Mr. Nnamani had been a member of the PDP since it was founded in 1998 until February 2016 when he abruptly severed ties with the party.

“I do not believe I should continue to be a member of the PDP as it is defined today,” Mr. Nnamani said at the time. “This is certainly not the party I joined years ago to help change my country.”

In October 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari named him the chairman of the electoral reform committee.


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  • elvis

    Hahahahaha. Nigerian politicians. We need to be recolonized.

  • Say the truth

    It has taken too long for this news to break. He is been out for some time now and there is need to refill. Like every professional politician it is just a matter of time. Ken Nnamani had been romancing APC for too long so this is no news at all.

  • mukaro

    Hahahahaha. Behold, another saint joins the APC. Good riddance to bad rubbish. People that can’t win their wards. Hahaha

    Chai! Naija politicians. Who defined the PDP as it is today? I remember Ken Nnamani was one of the people that were promoting former Governor Sullivan Chime’s chicken impeachment against his erstwhile Deputy, Sunday Onyebuchi. I also remember that the PDP national executive asked them to stop the embarrassing Chicken Impeachment, Ken Nnamani refused and Chime refused- simply because Onyebuchi told Chime he wanted to vie for Enugu East Senatorial seat, while Chime and Ken Nnamani wanted Ifeoma Nwobodo (Chime’s Chief of Staff).

    This is how Saint Ken Nnamani justified Onyebuchi’s impeachment after the sordid deed was done:
    “Those who advised him (Onyebuchi) to fight on are the ones
    he should hold responsible for his impeachment because he had the opportunity
    of resigning because that was the better option, but some people encouraged him
    to go on and gave him lawyers. If he has now been impeached it is
    unfortunate, that is what he brought on himself…. He was being unreasonably
    stubborn…. It is a lesson in stubbornness.”- Ken Nnamani, Vanguard, August 22, 2014

    Meanwhile, an Enugu friend just reminded me that Ken Nnamani’s wife and Jim Nwobodo’s wife are still members of the Governing Council of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, which they got under the PDP. When will they resign from the Council, please? Or will they continue to chop from to sides of the mouth- wife brings in PDP goodies at state level, while husband scavenges at federal level.

  • gboyegaa

    At the moment, I really do not know if I prefer some rogue military men to these rogue politicians to rule Nigeria as both are not good for the country but the former is much less expensive than the later.
    Hmmmmmm….., what a country?

    • Solomon Brown

      Stop looking up to these washed up, demented folks for leadership, step in and fill the void.

  • Gary

    So he switched parties to secure a job and says his people told him to do it. What a principled politician you are Mr. Nnamani.

    • Olusola

      If he did that, it is OK. If you follow Senator Nnamani, he is good material (politics aside). If you want to break up Energy, works and Housing, you have a capable hand here.

    • Mufu Ola

      What job? Everybody is always looking for “job”. Can’t you people try other theories?

      • Gary

        Buhari already gave him a temporary job. So the man is positioning himself for something more permanent.

        He has a right to look out for himself, country hard for old politician with recession. He should spare us the BS that he’s doing it for his people.

  • T-Rex

    Lack of ideology is the bane of politics in this country,imagine this hungry old using a non existing constituency to justify his stomach propelled decision. Must everyone be in the ruling party?

    • Maria

      How can you say there is lack of ideology when we have plenty of ideologies? I have heard people talk about lack of ideologies, lack of ideologies… what do you people mean? The fact that everyone must shameless decamp to the ruling party after losing the battle is an ideology in itself! That is what I call the ideology of failed and drowning politicians seeking relevance!

      • Kamalu

        You are right. And they call it mainstream politics! Every opposition politician leads his people to the mainstream. What a joke all the time?

      • Otile

        To deny the existence of hell is an ideology of fools.

        • Say the truth

          I like this statement of yours.

  • Victor

    Ghen ghen. Race for president in 2023 will be bloody mehn. All the Ibo Heavyweights are positioning themselves. Odikwa risky oo

  • Anasieze Donatus

    Great Move by another great Igbo son,The political equation is gradually taking place.Welcome on board Ken Nnamani

    • Kamalu

      Why didn’t his people ask him to switch to APGA? Why APC during the harvest season? I reckon that the only great thing in the switch is to secure a job for himself, nothing more!

      • Anasieze Donatus

        You have a right to your mindset but the truth is that you are not part of his people and secondly his people may prefer a National Party than a regional party.I wonder why some people prefer to drink panadol over other people’s headache. Till this hour his people have not come out to deny his claims and such i believe him.Finally Ken Nnamani is not jobless.He has a job when he was in PDP and now that he has switched allegience to APC he suddenly become jobless .Politics of Bitterness is not good for our polity.Have a great day

  • Kamalu

    Stomach infrastructure? Politics of come and chop?

    • Al

      Ken Nnamani is taking a bold step, his sharping and strategizing his political future bcuz pdp is already grave yard

      • Kamalu

        Not sure how the switch will help his political aspirations particularly coming from a region which has remained hostile to the ruling party. And I understand he got little clout as a grassroots politician. Anyway we go Siddon and look!

        • wode

          They have never been opposition. They don’t know how to play it. Most of their states would soon get lost to APC. I mean some of the Governors would even decamp. That’s the hard truth.

  • Musa Dalhatu

    Welcome home sir. You are now where you rightly belong-with the party of true elderstatesmen. Congratulations.

  • Okokondem

    Is there any doubt life in Nigeria, especially with the hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenue in the past five to six decades, would have been 100 folds better had the country remained under some abreviated colonial rule.

    As offensive as this suggestion might sound there is no argument the people would have benefited from the enormous wealth of this country. Instead the country is saddled with the undeserved responsibility of maintaining these unscrupulous, greedy individuals who change political parties for personal enrichment like they are changing socks. These men and women are not worthy of called honorable.

  • Rommel

    I heard Dumbo is also planning to decamp

    • Otile

      Did you say you heard the dullard of Daura is planning to decamp islamic terrorism?

      • Maria

        Could you please edit you comment for us to understand your blabbing!

        • Otile

          If you understand what I wrote and you pretend not to understand may you go down to hell alive. Pretender.

          • Maria

            Hell? Hell exists in the mind of fools.

          • Otile

            So you don’t believe in hell again. In other words, you can commit as much fornication as you like, behead your perceived enemies, lie to people, and pretend to your heart’s fill hoping there will not be any consequence. When did you get converted? Repent or perish.

          • aboki

            Maria please don’t waste your data bundle on Otile as as he never see anything good on PMB person and the government of the day.
            He may not be a true Christian considering his perpetual abuses and reducling someone Faith.
            The topic is Nnamani decamping to APC but you can observe his divertion from the issue to abuses and names calling.
            He is betrayal to the hand that feeds him is apparent as he was born and bread in the present Northern Nigeria.

          • Otile

            Don’t bring tribal sentiment to this. Did I tell you that I hate the North? There are many Northerners born and bred east of the Niger, are we trying to kill them off? Treat us as we treat you there will be peace in Nigeria forever.

      • Kamalu

        Did you mean to say Dumbo the Dullard? I think it’s a more fitting political lexicon to the shoeless one from Otu*ke

        • Otile

          Don’t confuse Otueke with Daura, Mohamed Buhari is from Daura Core North, not Otueke in the SS.

          • marcos avelino

            Silly useless fellow – all yr talk is tribe , reliogion and hate sick hate filled psycho u are realy miserable

      • marcos avelino

        If islamic terrorism spilled a drum of blood christians in europe butchered each other in their two wars and filled ten swiming pools – napoleon , hitler and stalin all kristian genocides donkey ignoramus filled with hate – black pig heart

    • Kamalu

      You mean Dumbo de Dullard? Trust me such a move will amount to political suicide. What will happen to his leprous sheeps?

      • Otile

        Are you calling Mohamed Buhari Dumbo the Dullard of Daura?

        • marcos avelino

          Sick ass hateful deranged moron

  • Maria


  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    This is good for the politicians but absolutely bad for Nigeria democracy. Buhari desired a one party state Nigeria and Nigerian politicians are giving it to him. At the end both the good and the bad shall fill the same pot and continue their games of looting Nigerian nation.
    Oh God, who shall save our dear nation from fair weather politicians whose goal is one, just looting whether Apc or pdp.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Buhari. Everything is buhari. When are you going to correct the way your brain thinks? Do you want to continue like this?

  • Chidi C

    Point of correction Ken Nnamani was not part of PDP from formation in 1998. He was in APP and joined PDP in year 2001/2002. He was never a pioneer member.
    The same Ken Nnamani that Killed PDP have the got to talk about impunity in the Party. After shamefully chairing the electoral panel at the convention that destroyed PDP, where a former Vice President & 7 Governors staged a walkout as result of his action & speech. He is now a saint, time shall tell.
    APC should not give any meaningful responsibility to someone like him otherwise he will again be an instrument of destruction to the Party.
    My warning to APC Leadership!

    • A Aminu

      Chidi, i like your memory of events. Politicians forget quickly. Ken was with Aminu Masari, having been presiding officers of our two assemblies, trying to right the wrongs and impunity in the PDP, when Aminu Masari sense unseriousness of the PDP and jumped ship. He pleaded with Ken, to come down and trade the way of APC, he refused. Isn’t it too late now. The ship has sailed, he may have to remain standing for the rest of the journey.

  • Ekwekwe

    Anu offia!

  • Irawoola

    Baba ole! Shameless politician.

  • Netanyahu

    This recession will cause more problems for fair-weather politicians like this one. You don’t need to explain to anybody why you chose to change party. There is plenty freedom of association still in the system. Follow your stomach. Things hard, particularly for those of you that have been without political office for quite a while. You are positioning yourself to be selected by “Abuja” at the appropriate time. If you are a true son of the soil, you would have appreciated the fact that our enemies have never and will never “select” the best leaders for us. It has been so since 1999. It’s for a purpose and maximum adverse impact. The only time we elected a governor of our choice, Peter Obi and now Obiano, the result has been instant, positive and obvious. Be wise.

  • optimisticman1

    Another hungry politician without integrity looking for regular source of income. Shameless man.

  • Well, what can I say, anyone has a right to change association. But why does this feel disturbing? Anyway, let’s hope it’s for the best.

  • A Aminu

    Ken, it is about time. Were you not with former speaker Aminu Bello Masari by your status as an elder statesman trying the stitch the torn ambrella of PDP, Aminu Masari left you after advising you to let go. You refused, thinking GEJ your next door kinsman fellow southerner will pull wonders and win 2015 elections. Now you know you are on your own. You cannot be any more relevant. It is too late. To do what at APC. The vessel is full, you may not get a sit to sit on. Take the back seat or remain standing.

  • Poseidon

    Ken Nnamani, this is no news nah. You decamped a long time ago when you became chairman of a useless electoral reform committee. Just go ahead and position yourself. We are not interested.

  • Say the truth

    He has been out of job for some time and having almost exhausted the reserve he thinks it’s time to refill the pocket . APC is well aware that while it may be a bit difficult to penetrate the south south the east is just about the right price. A typical south eastern politician has no principle but interest which is what they get from it. With the right amount you get all of them to join APC in one day.

  • Really

    No News and deserves no comment, Periode

  • Edo Don Osa

    I think he should have told us that he joined PDP then because of what he stands to benefit and not what to add. And now that those benefits are no longer coming just for not up to 2yrs, he has to do the needful. In fact they are now competing among themselves so as not to be left out of the gains. NO conscience. Despite all that Joseph suffered in the Bible, he remained steadfast and at the end we saw what he became. What all these amount to in my reckoning is that we do not have true politicians in Nigeria and therefore our so called Democracy is fake.

  • Aminu Baba

    A long overdue decision, more are expected to follow from the enlightened elites of the SE