Katsina University says memo on religious groups on campus targeted at Muslims, not Christians

Umaru Musa Yar’adua University (UMYU) Katsina
Photo credit: hotels.ng

The authorities of the Umaru Yar’Ádua University, Katsina, have denied discriminating against Christian students in the approval granted a students religious association to operate on its campus.

The Acting Dean of Student Affairs of the University, Sulaiman Kankara, had in January 17 memo informed students of a new guideline for the registration of clubs and associations in the institution.

In the circular, Dr. Kankara indicated that participation in clubs and associations, including departmental ones, were strictly optional and that no student should be compelled to pay dues.

He also outlawed the formation of tribal and local government associations in the university.

But the controversial part of the memo which made the document to go viral was the dean’s pronouncement that the “Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) is the only religious association allowed to operate on campus.”

After the memo was shared on social media, the university came under ferocious attacks from many Nigerians, with some commentators saying the guideline was part of government’s plot to Islamise Nigeria.

But when contacted on Sunday morning, Dr. Kankara said that aspect of the guideline was actually targeted at Islamic groups which were beginning to mushroom on campus, creating division among students of the same faith.

The dean said, “Actually there is one misconception in the memo. But the fact of the matter is that in Umaru Yar’Ádua University, there is no association known as Christian Students Association.

“There is one religious association and subsidiary Islamic students associations like the Tijjanniya Students Movement in Nigeria, Academic Forum of Islamic Movement in Nigeria and many associations like that.

“They are Islamic students association. So what we want is to have a single union which will be the mouthpiece of muslim students and that is the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria.

“It has nothing to do with any Christian group because up till now, I have not received any application requesting registration of Christian Students Society.

“And once they do that, we are ready to register them. Even as at last week, we said the two religious group to be recognised by the university will be the Muslim one and one from Christian side.

“Up till now we are to receive any application for the registration of any Christian association in the university from any group.”



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  • thusspokez

    “They are Islamic students association. So what we want is to have a single union which will be the mouthpiece of muslim students and that is the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria.

    Tosh! If this was the intention, the memo would have said: “that the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) is the only religious Muslim association allowed to operate on campus”.–Of course, unless Dr Kankara is an illiterate.

    • linkhadj.

      Why not state that MSSN and a Christian Students ‘ Association are the only religious organisation allowed on the Campus? Do you think we are ignoramus or illiterates like you to be deceived now?

    • Eluba Inas

      Dr. Kankara made a mistake. Very nice of you to correct his intended message. A correction to your posting: –Of course, unless Dr. Kankara was an illiterate.

      • thusspokez

        unless Dr. Kankara was an illiterate

        Clearly you are a ultracrepidarian with gap in your knowledge of the English language, but nevertheless believes that you know enough to correct other people. Very comical indeed! Here is a dummy guide to the verb “were”:

        were is used in the following contexts:
        (a) in the second person singular and plural.
        (b) in the first and third person plural.
        (c) subjunctive mode to indicate hypothetical or unreal statement.

        Hopefully, (c) above should fill the gap in your knowledge of the English language.

        You also failed to see the irony in that statement — one more reason you are a ultracrepidarian –, namely the use of the words “Dr” and “illiterate”. Just keep to what you know or improve your knowledge before nitpicking; and stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Watch man

    “It has nothing to do with any Christian group because up till now, I have not received any application requesting registration of Christian Students Society.”

    If the memo was meant for Muslims alone, why was it not stated clearly? Truth is that even if Christian organization applies to be registered you guys will not register it. It is becoming clearer everyday that north and south cannot live together. The earlier a referendum is called to determine the fate of this contraption called Nigeria the better.

    • Ebere Eze

      I am aware as an insider that a particular Christian association had applied for registration over one year now and nothing has been heard from the office of the Dean. Pathological liars.
      The State University is older than the new Federal University Dutsinma which was established by President Jonathan. In the new Federal University, there is a Christian Chapel and a student Christian association. But the State University has from inception made it clear that no Christian activity will be allowed. Meanwhile, they have more Christian Lecturers than Muslims. They use the Christian Lecturers to gat accreditation for their courses and then sack them.

      • Watch man

        Of course why won’t they have more Christian lecturers? And if you check you will discover that most of these lecturers are from the south. Why? Because most guys there up north don’t go to school. They are so backward with their terrorist organization called Islam. My take in all these is simple: it is time that all southerners in the north should vacate and go back to south. The way Christians (especially southerners) are being killed would make Zango Kataf crisis of 1992 a child’s play. Balarabe Musa once said that the north is 40yrs behind the south. The association with the north will only keep drawing back the speed of progress in the south. These guys don’t like development; they reason like the cattle they take care of and progressives have no business with such elements.

        • Umar Farouk

          Let them go back to the state or origin. We don’t need them. How many universities in the South admit Northerners. Which university has Muslim students societies. Don’t take our generosity for granted. Very soon it will be an eye for aneyr

          • Watch man

            They don’t admit northerners because there are none. They don’t go to school. That is why FG scaled down unity school cut off point for states like Kebbi to 10, Zamfara 12 while states like Imo is 130, Anambra 131, Delta 129, etc. The statistics is in the public domain. Google it and see how backward your people are. That is why terrorism is their pastime. So disgraceful!

          • aboki

            It’s seems you don’t know Nigerian set up especially the North.
            There are millions of Southerners living comfortable in Northern Nigeria with their BROTHERS and SISTERS in that domain.
            It’s also on record there more IGBO in diaspora then in the Eastern part of Nigeria.
            What do you mean by northerners don’t go to school?
            You might be refer to as educated illiterate by your presentations above.
            You are also being mischievous as sentimental and hatred is glaring above responses.
            When a wailer was charged for raping and impregnatinng minor of 14years of age you run into hiding.
            When saboteurs are busy destroying the only economic sector you people are justifying the action.
            When a drug pushers were hanged in foreign land you guys were muted because they are WAILERS.
            There hundreds of churches in Northern Nigeria doing activities unhindered and of different denominations.
            Please check your facts b4 any presentation on national issues.

          • Watch man

            “You might be refer to as educated illiterate by your presentations above.”

            That was your post. And you have just proved me right that your northern people don’t go to school. That grammatical harakiri you just committed is a pure manifestation of the point I was trying to make. Sorry!

          • aboki

            My message is more important than the so-called grammar you are referring Mr Englishman!
            You may wish to dispute my points Mr Wailer
            With emphasis there are more IGBOS in Northern Nigeria than in the present South East as you are an illiterate in this sector.
            Seek knowledge please

          • Watch man

            Poor you with your illiteracy! The language of this forum is English, and since you have chosen to communicate in this language then you should go to school and learn it. I am amused at your eloquent ignorance, which is by the way one of the features of you and your northern BH bunch. So sorry!

          • A Aminu

            Pls write with maturity and sense of responsibility. No nation is an island, and association with others is part of education. The legal dictum of an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, is an old fashion law that has since been replaced with more advance ways of thinking and conflict resolution mechanisms beneficial to man kind since before the 1st world war. Please don’t think that way. The United Nations was not created for nothing, it was created to set world order and respect nations views and opinions. Create your United Nations in you. Respect other people’s views and opinions. There are Muslims in the south, especially south west. There are northerners who are schooling in these southern universities, and they belong to various unions, religious, social, quasi-political, etc etc.
            if you Umar Farouk don’t need the southern Christian students, the educational system which brings people of different background and culture does. Allow the state of katsina to benefit. Katsina needs the IGR ( revenue from these southern students) to further develop your rural state.

          • Onike24

            This does not help.

          • emmanuel

            Good i found you here. My instinct was to lookout for you. Onike, your religion breeds very backward humans and not recommended for contemporary World.
            This sound like the best we can get from you. mwewww!
            Islam is for retards and people whose brains are tied to medieval thinkings and acts.

          • Onike24

            Thank you for your kind words

      • Olalekan Sam

        I will advise any Student Christian body in the School who wishes to apply for recognition and space to fellowship on the School campus to make copies of the application available online for Nigerians to see, after such application must have been submitted

    • thusspokez

      The earlier a referendum is called to determine the fate of this contraption called Nigeria the better.

      In a manner of saying, it would seem that every time your roof leaks, your usual response is to call for the destruction of the entire house.

      • Watch man

        Is there a house to destroy? Has there even been a house from the beginning?

      • Otile

        Yoruba unity beggar, leave the Niger Delta to go their way and develop. Your master Buhari is only interested in developing the Core North with the resources from the Niger Delta. The cheating has gone on too long. Go ahead and block me if you can.

    • Olalekan Sam

      I will advise any Student Christian body in the School who wishes to apply for recognition and space to fellowship on the School campus to make copies of the application available online for Nigerians to see, after such application must have been submitted.

  • kevenreal

    You will never see yorobas (muslim) on this thread…..evil people have disappeared.

  • Ashibogu

    North Nigeriastan! No wonder Boko Haram came to be the Monster we are confronting today.

  • Dän-gote cémènt fâctōry


  • Otile

    Abubakar tundemash, come and clarify this Islamic injunction for us.

    • haba mallam

      Baboon from the creek

  • Don Stevo

    We are not surprise…….
    Ride on sir
    You are on d same mission with your master (Buhari)

  • Political ninja

    I see “students” not “muslim students”

    The islamization agenda is right on track.

  • olayiwola

    I want to give a vital information. 1. There are Katsina indigenes, fulani and hausa who are 3rd to 4th generation Christians. So the target if there is any is not the south!!!! 2. The explanation that it is only targeted at Muslims violates their Constitutional rights to association!!!

  • Otile

    Abdul(julius) where are you hiding? Come and add your own 2-cent islamic guidelines. Don’t say you are no longer a Yoruba moslem.

    • haba mallam

      BABOON FROM THE CREEK, jobless bastard you go find something to do and feed yourself, instead of daily attacks and spreading ethnic hatred. We will find you one day and make sure you’re prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

      • Otile

        Depart from me Satanists, I have nothing in common with you all. I did not cause your Imam Buhari to be brain dead. You have no right to ask me a single question in your sharia court. I’m not your fellow Mohammedan. Dan iska ka ji ko?

      • Olalekan Sam

        “We will find you one day and make sure you’re prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.”

        With this tone of yours, how would you convince a humble soul you aint violent?

      • emmanuel

        You are a very big mumu. Otile is an Igbo man and has never hidden his identity.
        Meanwhile, you sound so stu*id for saying he is spreading hate, as opposed to the letter above which is an instrument of war!
        Only mumus will not call you one.
        This is how your people carried on in Rwanda, Burundi and CAR until the people took their pound of flesh. Do you think these your malfeasance will go on forever?

  • Factsay

    Freedom of association is a constitutional right. You cant dictate to all moslems to belong to one group.

    • A Aminu

      I see this issue as an issue of incompetence on the part of the writer of the memo. These are kind of Ph.D. Holders we produce in our universities, who will take pen and paper only to cause breakdown of law and order without knowing the consequences of their actions. Even his explanation is rubbished by your two sentence contribution, which I quite agree with.

  • Timothy

    Its a matter of openness and sincerity. Before Christians start shouting fowl let them put this man’s explanation to test and lets see how he defends it. Nigeria is too big for one man to Islamise or Christianise us. We have Christians in the North and every breathe of this country, so its not only in the South we have them. Also people are using Religion as a way to disintegrate this country. We all have our faults. The Christians are not perfect neither are they the best but there are some very good ones among them, likewise Muslim, there are those who will kill at the slightest provocations, unlike a Christian, but that does not mean all Muslims are like that. So far the Islam faith is being ridiculed all over the world and people, rather than join Islam are walking away from it, simply because of the unwarranted violence and killing of innocent ones. The continuous hate has made people see Islam as a religion of hate. And they would be a target at most countries for the actions of a few misguided ones.

    Nigerians should resist these move, those peddling these stories as Islamisation should be ignored or told to hold there peace and let peace reign. That is how we can get these people to shut up.

    • Olalekan Sam

      But, what do you expect a Christian to do; when he hears that a religion is of peace but its adherents are practising hate, violence and intolerance?

      • Timothy

        I feel your anger, and normally a Christian who hears this letter or memo is quick to judge or conclude it targeted towards them. But what if its not? Christians would make the mistake of making themselves targets when they are not. If they form a group, they become formidable and a force to recon with. Which mean Christians all over the country can recongnise them and if anything should happen to them, there would be consequences.

        • Olalekan Sam

          I think the writing is well read and understood, without any ambiguity. To me, I see no supposed but a real threat, intimidation and an attempt to subjugate the right of the Christian community on that campus.

          Must we wait until something happens to them in the eventuality of they forming an association; when the people in power are not only making statements that are diminishing their security and safety but also writing memos to that effect?

          People of all status; political, academical, social, etc, must learn, adopt and practice the human act of tolerance, irrespective of the real or perceived differences.

          Thank you and God bless.

          • Timothy

            Well said, in my opinion we must not be hasty to judge a man with our emotions. As men we should leave above emotions and look into the reality of things. If the man had said he does not want any religious gathering of Christians I believe Christians have the right to challenge him. However he has said that its not targetted to Christians but Muslims who on record are the ones who have an existing association which he pointed out he recognises and any other is not recognised. NO Chirstian bidy has come forward to say we applied were denied nor has a Christian body said we ha have 2 or more associations. Lets be fair in our judgement. Its best to look befoer we leap.

        • Mr B

          you say that nobody can islamise Nigeria. what can you say concerning the killing of Christians all over Nigeria by the Fulani Herdsmen? not one of them is been arrested and tried and yet the President keeps mute concerning the situation. then what the Christians can do is cry like babies. wake up something is happening in this country but people like you don’t have a clue

          • Timothy

            Because of the evil metted on Christians, that is the reason this country can not be Islamised. Firstly NO ONE CAN FORCE YOU TO JOIN A RELIGION YOU DONT LIKE. Islam all over the world is seen as a hateful and violent religion that has no regard for human life. While Christians are continually being seen as a religion that accommodates all religion and persons. So If someone came to you now and say join Islam you will put the person in coma.

            Secondly the idea that only those in the south of this country are Christians is not true. There are Christians in the North and even in Sokoto. There are many Christians in the NASS who I believe would not sit down and allow such things to happen. If they could not do it in military era, how can they achieve it in democratic era? How would the people vote it into law? secretly or forcefully? So even Dogara the Speaker of the house who is a Christian would vote for an Islamic state of Nigeria?

            Then Thirdly, the word Islamisation seem to be overblown in real sense it mean that a country has accepted to call itself an Islamic state since 90-100% of of its citizen practise Islam. There are states in the North where Christians are in majority, while there are places where Islam is majority, down South the Christians are in majority. There are those who leave Islam and become born again in Christ. There are those who marry a muslim but their children are Christians. So if you were to put Nigeria as an all Islam state it wont work.

            However the killing of Christians is not about Islamisation of Nigeria but to cause a greater internal havoc so that the country can disintegrate into different parts. Its being sabotaging the peace that exists so that there’s enough conflict that would break us apart. Not to Islamise Nigeria. If they hurt Christians so much and pastors then encourage once peaceful Christians to retaliate, their aim would be achieved.

    • emmanuel

      You are deluding yourself and playing to the gallery. All muslims are terrorist, but not all terrorist are muslims. That is what the Qur an ha stated. You sure know this when you read your qur an daily.
      What statement do you want to put to test? THE LETTER POSTED ABOVE
      Buhari will not call them to order, but would rather Osinbajo go beg Niger Delta people to allow Oil flow. Thereafter you tell them not to express themselves.
      Sometimes, wars are needed to solve some intractable oppressive tendencies. Whoever does not want wars should respect other peoples rights.

      • Timothy

        I have seen Christians go to church daily and still do rituals and kill innocent children for rituals just to get rich. I have seen Muslims take a pregnant woman apart and yet called it Jihad. Who is worse? The one that does it for money or the one that does it because he was told to do so and his faith allows it? One will do it because he needs to remain rich while the other does it on provocation.

        Let me tell you something my brother, Islam is dying. Christians should take this opportunity and show the world its better to be in Christ and over peace than take to violence. This man has only targeted Muslim of different groups and accepted only one. Christians have not come forward to say this is there group. This is the time to test this. In my days we had NIFEST and other Chirstians groups even Charismatic Renewal, where are they now? Leave politics, politicians does not care what happen to the poor masses, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  • A Aminu

    Now you see the kind of ‘doctors’ Ph.D. Holders our universities bring out. How can an administrator worth his office and Ph.D. Degree write such an inciting memo. It is regrettable such a so called doctor to write this memo. Can’t he see the implication. If I were the chairman of the governing council, this half baked administrator would go.

    • Oskirin

      u b olodo ni? u no read d explanation? hw u take pass ur comprehension passage for waec n jamb in d first place? olodo rabata…

  • emmanuel

    is this a private University? Non-muslims are allowing these people take Nigeria too far into their disrespect for fundamental human rights in this nation.
    When nonentities head institutions, this is what plays out.