Nigerian govt replies BringBackOurGirls on Sambisa tour

FILE PHOTO: The last time the BBOG group attempted to protest in the presidential villa, they were stopped half way.

The Federal Government has rejected the conditions given by the Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG, group for joining a day search sorties for missing Chibok girls to Sambisa Forest.

In a letter addressed to the convener of the group, Obiageli Ezekwesili, which was made available to the media on Sunday, the government said it was unable to postpone the trip as scheduled.

The letter dated January 14 was signed by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed.

“Thank you for your letter, dated Jan. 13, which is in response to ours of Jan. 11, requesting that we change the date of the proposed guided tour of the North-East to accommodate a Pre-Tour Meeting between your organisation and some top officials of the Federal Government.

“We have also noted the conditions you gave for embarking on the trip which include the said Pre-Tour Meeting and the retraction of some remarks allegedly made by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. – Gen. Tukur Buratai, which the #BBOG finds to be slanderous.

“We regret, however, to inform you that we are unable to postpone the trip as scheduled.”

The government insisted the team would proceed on the trip on Monday as scheduled because of the narrow window available to have a good weather on the day.

It said that payment for the satellite downlink streaming of the mission had been made for the day and shifting the date will require another round of booking to secure such a slot.

The government added that apart from the BBOG members, local and international journalists had been invited for the trip, while some preparations had been made by the Nigerian military.

It noted that the remarks purportedly made by the Chief of Army Staff and the request for a meeting with its certain top officials were irrelevant to its request for the BBOG to join in the search mission.

The government stressed that it extended the invitation to the BBOG in recognition of the group’s commitment to the safe release of the Chibok girls in captivity and interest in the welfare of those who had been released.

“We hope that the BBOG will drop its conditions and join the trip which shows the commitment of the Federal Government to securing freedom for the Chibok girls and its transparency in handling the issues of the girls.

The government had in a letter of January 11, invited members of BBOG to a short trip in a military operational flight into Sambisa forest in search of the missing Chibok girls.

In the letter, the government asked the BBOG to nominate three of its members to join on the guided trip out of which two would join the sorties due to limited seats on the search plane.

The government had stated that the trip would avail the BBOG the opportunity to witness and better understand the efforts being made to secure the freedom of the girls and other victims of Book Haram terrorists.

The BBOG had in its reply to the invitation letter requested the government to meet certain conditions before the tour and also demanded for a change in the scheduled date.

Specifically, the group requested a Pre-Tour Meeting with some officials of government and a retraction of some remarks allegedly made by the Chief of Army Staff, which it alleged are defamatory.



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  • thusspokez

    When a government do not appoint people on merit but by nepotism, it always ends up with a bunch of nincompoops, some of whom would come up with moronic ideas, but would nevertheless think that it is a ground-breaking idea like this invite of the Nigerian government. Why don’t the Nigerian government just give #BBOG members guns to go and fight boko haram and recover the missing girls?

    And for members of the #BBOG to even consider the government ridicoulus invite, makes one wonder if the stupidity virus has infected everyone in Nigeria.

    • Rommel

      Perhaps only you are infected by the said virus,only you

      • Otile

        When are you going to carry out a spectacular suicide bombing? That will be a good idea for you too.

        • Rommel

          Only when your Mom agrees to accompany me

  • Dawood

    Ezekwesili and BBOG should stop harassing the government. They should be dogging Jonathan and his 40 thieves around, demanding that they return the stolen monies so that the search would be well-funded. Obviously Ezekwesili, a typical politician, is using the sorrow of these families to put her name in the press. If Ezekwesili thinks that our gallant and patriotic soldiers under Buhari are not doing enough to find these girls, give her a gun and say, Oya, you lead! Nonsense.

    • thusspokez

      Ezekwesili and BBOG should stop harassing the government.

      So in your backward Nigeria, what the rest of mankind calls campaign or protest, you call harassment?

      • Dawood

        Campaign for what? I’d take this group more seriously if they showed an ounce of gratitude to the Buhari for the great job they’ve done so far, and then be as loud on the Jonathan administration for creating the problem in the first place. Their position on this is like watching a victim of arson harass the fire brigade for saving the house but not the birthday picture!

        • thusspokez

          Campaign for what? I’d take this group more seriously if they showed an ounce of gratitude to the Buhari for the great job

          Gratitude for what? Obviously, you don’t understand what living in a democratic country means. The government SERVES you — meaning THE GOVERNMENT IS YOUR SERVANT! So it is nonsensical to talk about the master [i.e., people] showing gratitude to the servant paid to carry out jobs for which he is employed.

          • Powerlessconscious

            PDP education. With evil mind.

          • thusspokez

            Dumb poster.

    • adeade

      You seemingly dont get it. BBOG knows that the government wants to use such a plan for publicity and propaganda. The simple truth is that the trust isnt there…

      • Dawood

        The government doesn’t owe these publicity -seeking politicians anything. They may not have rescued all the Chibok girls, but they RESCUED, rather than steal the funds, and, most importantly, they rescued about 200 million Nigerians from the terror of Boko Haram and the thievery and treasonous acts of the Jonathan administration. Least BBOG can do is THANK THEM FOR SOMETHING, AND DEMAND THAT JONATHAN AND HIS 40 THIEVES RETURN STOLEN MONIES.

      • Powerlessconscious

        The government does not own them anything after rescue about 21 of the girls. At first, this government did cause the current problem of the girls abduction. They came on to solve a lot of problems. If bbog does not appreciate the effort of this current govt to solve lot of problems created by the wicked&murderers. Then they should go back and appreciate the wicked &murderers who stole their future and allow their children to be abducted because of election and power.

        • okenwa

          They did, please go and read the confession of the so called girl. They said they were taken to a house in GRA in born and there after to a top politician house in bama and they were used to get power back to the politicians.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Hahaha. Biafraud knows how to compose a lie. Well, you are the product of your decisions.

        • thusspokez

          The government does not own them anything after rescue about 21 of the girls.

          I blame your ignorance of the purpose of elected government. I am sure, you think that it is a private company, but even private companies owe their customers some responsibilities. GOVERNMENT IS THERE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE , stµpid!

    • sab

      Now it has vecone harassment on the government abi? Pitty! Same BBOG that Lai said was an arm of APC to twist the hand of the past govt has now become a nuissance on the same APC givt. Serves Oby right. After slandering the BBOG as terrorists, two days after, you invited them for sambisa tour and expect them to say thank you and jump into the pkane. So sad!

    • ‘Obiageli Ezekwesili’ is trying to make herself relevant again.

  • Otile

    I did not think the Buhari government was serious about inviting women civilians to the war front to witness exchange of fire with the enemy. This is absurd. During the shootout it is likely that some of the visitors themselves will be bleeding with bullet wounds, then Buratai will tell them that it is the will of God. Buhari needs to replace this man quickly, he has touched the depth of imbecility.

    • Observer

      Your take is absurdly useless… you need to check your self man

      • Otile

        Who in his right mind will invite civil women to the war zone riding in a military convoy to prove a point? For suggesting that Buratai should be checked out in a mental hospital. Buratai foolishly announced the date and time of the trip and the location from the airport to the evil forest. If the women accepted the offer the Islamic terrorists would lay ambush and make worms meat out of them while the survivors would be greeted by suicide bombers. Apply commonse, Omo.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Shut up. Buhari took your wife. Alright write on forum like a frustrated person. Why not control your BP?

          • okenwa

            You are the one with BP.

    • Mufu Ola

      Your bags are full of nonsense.And u pick them out daily, one by one!

  • El Patron

    Normally It wouldn’t make sense to invite civilians to the theatre of action. BUT these BBOG folks have been accusing the army of not doing enough to find the girls and in some cases even telling the army what to do. This is a perfect opportunity for them to go to the command and control room and appreciate the efforts of the army and give their suggestions. Besides local and international journalists are going to be there so they wont be the only civilians. Every law enforcement officer in the world will tell u that in every kidnap case, after 48hours it becomes extremely difficult to rescue them.

    • thusspokez

      Normally It wouldn’t make sense to invite civilians to the theatre of action.

      Nonsense! If as you have admitted that it normally wouldn’t make sense to…, how can the invite make sense in any other situation including in an abnormal one?

      BUT these BBOG folks have been accusing the army of not doing enough to find the girls and in some cases even telling the army what to do.

      PDP members, USA, UK, Canada, UN, etc., are some of the groups, organisations and countries that have made similar allegations as #BBOG. So why has the Nigerian government not also invited all these critics to Sambisa forest to look for the missing girl?

      Obviously, in Nigeria you don’t have protest or campaign culture, it is militancy and violence to get what you want whereas in other parts of the world, protests and campaigns are an essential part in the exercise of human rights. It is no wonder that a lot of you can’t understand nor handle what peaceful campaigns like #BBOG represents.

      I have even read critics of Ezekwesili, besides all the name-calling, questioning what an Igbo woman is doing campaigning on behalf of northern girls. I am beyond astonished by the thinking process of some Nigerians.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Liar. All the countries you mention praised the president and Nigeria army for the success recorded against bokoharam. But the most popular is that, only biafraud and their PDP supporters DENIED that the girls were never kidnapped. They said , it is a scam by north. Now, the biafraud and PDP had turned around that the girls were kidnapped while Mr fortunato dumbo gej was celebrating corruption and merrying.

        • thusspokez

          only biafraud and their PDP supporters DENIED that the girls were never kidnapped.

          Even if it is only the biafraud and the PDP — assuming you have understood my argument above — why didn’t the government extend the invitation to these two groups too instead of just the #BBOG? But never mind, I don’t think you are capable of understanding the argument.

      • El Patron

        My friend don’t comment on something if you are ignorant. Didn’t you read that foreign journalists will also be there? What is wrong with carrying BBOG members to sambisa forest? Are their lives any more sacred than the journalists who have volunteered to go? Or dont you see CNN reporters in the heat of action in Iraq and Syria? Nobody is forcing them to go, it is only an offer and they are at liberty to accept or not (I suspect they will turn it down because they are scared). I personally like Ezekwesili, I like the BBOG movement. It serves as some kind of watchdog for the government as per the chibok girls. I think it’s a very noble cause. However they are crossing boundaries. How can they presume to tell the army how to go about rescuing the girls or that the army isn’t doing enough. Do you expect the army and the govt to be divulging classified information on TV? When Obama negotiates release of Americans in North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan etc does the white house tell the American people during the negotiations or people only find out when the deal goes through? The fact remains that the government and the army could and should have rescued the girls within the first few days of their capture but they failed. Now only negotiations can work

  • Mentus

    Dawood, it is obvious money is a big issue for you. I do pray you have enough.
    One is tempted to wish such fate befalls you for you to value those who make sure the sufferings of these girl and their families are not swept under the carpet which Nigerian governments are apt to do.

    • Powerlessconscious

      But the biafraud and PDP supporters said the girls were never kidnapped. They said there was no abduction. Then why do you biafraud always quick to curse people that does not reasons like you. Only biafraud have this habbit on most forum.

      • okenwa

        Did you read the confessions of the so called chibok scam?

      • mayGodpunishopressors

        Did you read the interview of one of the 21 that was released, conducted by pastor bulus?. The young lady told the pastor that they are kept in somebody’s compound for two months before they were moved to gwoza and lodged in top politician’s house for eight months. Gov.Shetimma and Ndume were the mastermind of chibok girls abduction and they will pay for it before leave the planet earth.

  • ‘Obiageli Ezekwesili’ the problem not the solution, ignore the man looking junk yard dog failure has become her.

    • Mufu Ola

      Stop abusing her looks. She had never claimed to be Miss Nigeria.Did she? Just address issue & leave irrelevances.

  • emmanuel

    I will celebrate when the janjaweeds set Oby up at Sambisa when bombs are planted on their routes and detonated when the vehicle she ride in passes by. She would become history.
    Fly when nor hear word dey follow dead bodi enter grave.
    Everyone used to carry out the BBOG scam have been compensated and redeployed, she is there disturbing the peace of the BBOG sponsors.
    Unfortunately, she could be buried in the forest without bringing her corpse home.

  • emmanuel

    Anything short of Oby riding in the same vehicle with Liar Mohammed and Burukutu, is a suicide ride!