West African leaders set 4-day deadline to resolve Gambia crisis

Photo credit: BBC.com

Leaders meeting at a Franco-African summit in the Malian capital Bamako on Saturday set January 19 as deadline to solve the Gambian political crisis, Radio France Internationale quoted Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe as saying.

January 19 is the date when president-elect Adama Barrow has vowed to take power, despite outgoing President Yahya Jammeh not accepting his defeat in the December 1 election.

Mr. Barrow attended the summit bringing together French President Francois Hollande and more than 30 African leaders, while Mr. Jammeh was absent.

“The choice of Gambian voters in favour of Adama Barrow must be respected,” Mr. Hollande said.

Mr. Barrow arrived in Bamako with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, who had met both him and Mr. Jammeh in the Gambian capital Banjul on Friday.

A statement from Mr. Barrow’s office said Mr. Jammeh’s meeting with Mr. Buhari and other mediators from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was “unproductive”.

Mr. Barrow’s spokesman, Halifa Sallah, said ECOWAS would nevertheless continue its mediation efforts.

Gambia has been in a political deadlock since Mr. Barrow, a real estate mogul who was little known before he announced his candidacy, defeated Mr. Jammeh in the election.

Mr. Jammeh, who has ruled the small West African nation for 22 years with an iron fist, has filed a petition to challenge the election result at the Supreme Court.

The talks with ECOWAS came several hours after Gambia’s ruling party filed a motion with the Supreme Court to prevent Mr. Barrow from being sworn into office on January 19.

The African Union said Friday said it will cease to recognise Mr. Jammeh as president after that date.

ECOWAS earlier pledged to send troops to ensure a peaceful transition of power in Gambia if Mr. Jammeh persists in his refusal to step down. (dpa/NAN)


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  • Akpan Solomon James


    • Repost by Popular Demand

      Jammeh rejects BUHARI’s mediation

      PRESIDENT YAHYA JAMMEH has today rebuffed President Buhari’s mediation and vowed to stay put
      as President of The Gambia until the Supreme Court hears his election petition later in May and
      declares otherwise. President Jammeh’s lawyers had filed an application at the Supreme court
      of The Gambia yesterday, asking that an injunction be issued to stop swearing-in ceremony
      of anyone as the duly elected president on the 19th of this month, as previously scheduled.
      President Yahya Jammeh has thus rejected any suggestion of taking up asylum in Nigeria.

      Reports say
      Nigerians are being laughed off in several diplomatic circles Africa as
      ignorant people usually led by a slew of ignoramuses self-described as
      “statesmen”. The current crisis in The Gambia is being openly ascribed to
      the ignorant leadership of OLUSEGUN OBASANJO of Nigeria who’d set terrible
      precedent of offering asylum under international law (which provisions
      Obasanjo himself does not even understand
      ) to ex-President of Liberia,
      Charles Taylor, only for Olusegun Obasanjo to later set Charles Taylor up for
      arrest and extradition to the International Criminal Court. That was the lowest
      point of disgrace for Nigeria in the history of international affairs.

      • Repost by Popular Demand

        (2)……Jammeh rejects BUHARI’s mediation

        General Olusegun Obasanjo, as President of Nigeria, totally messed up the
        meaning of diplomacy by putting the asylee (Charles Taylor) in a security car
        in Calabar, Cross Rivers state; drove him a distance of 1,286 kilometers by road
        to the borders of Nigeria in the town of Gamboru-Ngala in far north-east state of
        Borno, and told him to escape from there on foot, only for the same Nigerian
        officials to suddenly turn round and arrested Charles Taylor on false charges
        of his “trying to escape”.

        The Nigerian security officials put Charles Taylor under close arrest; virtually
        shackled him and flew him like a prisoner to the International Criminal Court
        via Liberia. That was the moment Nigeria fell into disgrace in international
        circles as a result of Olusegun Obasanjo’s ignorant misrule. For fear of
        another country following Olusegun Obasanjo’s illiterate understanding of
        , President Yahaya Jameh of The Gambia refused any offer of
        asylum, especially from Nigeria, following Olusegun Obasanjo’s crass,
        uninformed, uneducated and village-level understanding of diplomacy.

        • manweysabi

          On point my brother as that was lowest ebb of our once great diplomatic clout.

          • Julius

            When was our great diplomatic clout ? You may even say it was brought back by Obj, after the mess with had with abacha and co.

          • Phicomba222


            General Obasanjo is the most illiterate person in the diplomatic field that Nigeria ever produced.
            He does not read and therefore doesn’t know anything about foreign policy analysis or objectives.

          • Julius

            Just what exactly is with you biafraudians calling people illiterate ? I’m amaze that even the ones that can’t spell their own name calls people illiterate. Na wa oo. That illiterate Obasanjo has and still doing well in his life. Imagine if he isn’t an “illiterate” as you’ve labelled him. Disagree with him if you must but, insulting him is not the way to go.

        • Segun

          Such a great insider’s information. You must be the director of DSS

  • design

    The face of a psychopath. This man is mentally ill as was mobutu and amin and is mugabe.

    • D. Glavdar


      But I am not aware of the domestic values Nigeria will attempt to
      export to The Gambia by military invasion over an election petition pending
      hearing at the Supreme Court of The Gambia. As a matter of fact; there’s none.

      In Nigeria, the Managing Director of Sterling bank, Yemi Adeola,
      continues his own limitless tenure in office despite being caught a fortnight
      ago with 153 million dollars stolen from NNPC. Why then should President Yahya
      Jammeh in faraway Gambia be threatened with armored tanks to quit office, if
      Yemi Adeola, as a proved moneylaundering criminal accomplice, is granted
      impunity for continuous stay in office?

      It makes no sense! Or am I aware that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has been
      asked to quit his own traditional office in Kano on audit evidence of wholesale
      looting of Central Bank of Nigeria in excess of 1.6 trillion Naira. These two
      examples show the contradictions of President Buhari’s foreign policy in
      Gambia. A good foreign policy must come from domestic principles well-kept at
      home, not by endeavoring to enforce standards abroad which are routinely violated
      with impunity inside Nigeria

      • Rommel

        Because the people of the Gambia have made their choice and in a voted declared the freest in the world by Yahya Jammeh only to make a u-turn days later,your Yemi Adeola was not voted into that position by the people who maintain accounts with Sterling bank,your grouse is misplaced

        • CeeCee1818

          Thank you Rommel.

        • Alcindo Satori

          Well spoken Rommel

      • design

        Your points are well articulated but is apples to oranges. Nigeria is a very sad case and that is why I have opined that Nigeria needs a Demomilitary government system that would allow military tribunals to put to trial any one remotely accused of what you have articulated and if found guilty, executed to send a very strong message. Most people especially leaders in Africa have some form of mental illness and without any diagnosis and medication. Democracy is an advanced concept and the Blackman is evolutionary not yet there. There MUST be a youth movement that will will be fostered and nurtured by people outside the country. The slogan “Let’s take our country back” must mean something. I for one, I am in!

      • Julius

        Were those you mentioned voted to the office of the president of Nigeria ? Why are you confusing whats going on in Gambia with our domestic issues ? The people of Gambia voted and they made their choice. It should and must be respected. That’s Democracy that we all want in Africa. Isn’t it ?

  • Rommel

    An example must be made of Yahya Jammeh

    • Julius

      It will be made but, me think he will step down, at least I hope. The alternative is death.

      • CeeCee1818

        You are more optimistic than I am.

        • Julius

          We have to be, otherwise we will be back to where we always are..unnecessary war and all the suffering that comes with it. But, I understand your pessimism . Its with precedents !

    • CeeCee1818

      Tie him to a tree while the inauguration takes place.

  • JOHN

    Yahya Jammeh has proven to be a man of very low mentality. Can you imagine a man lost in a free and fair election and says he will remain in the post illegally. Even if he filed a suit at the court, the suit cannot constitute a stay to limit the right of The Gambians to elect freely their President. Jammeh is a terrorist and all his interest now is to cause trouble so that innocent persons will be killed. The developed countries, ECOWAS, AU and UN should insist that should he cause trouble in the Gambia, himself should be killed and all properties that can be traced to him should be seized and forfeited to the Gambia people. He must not be allowed to stay a day after the 19th of this month. What nonsense.

  • Otile

    Why therefore did Yoruba judges and bad men foul the peaceful transition of power in the Gambia? Jammeh dully and promptly conceded defeat but they later sold him the ideal of postponing transition till May when the Yoruba judges and lawyers will finish manipulating things to reverse the electoral choice of the people. This is exactly how they manipulated things and imposed Imam Buhari on us. Today our economy has crashed, Naira is near worthless, unemployment is unprecedented, hunger is raging in Northern Nigeria, Fulanis are beheading people at will. In short, nobody can point to any value Buhari has added since the Yoruba people imposed him on us.

  • Franek Woźniak

    Prezydent Jammeh nie wyczuł nastrojów społecznych dopuszczając do demokratycznych wyborów. Rozumiem go, że nie może się pogodzić z przegraną. W starych demokracjach wymiana elit po wyborach to codzienność. W Gambii takiej demokracji nie ma. Jammeh mając za sobą wiele instytucji nie przekaże władzy i może dojść do rozruchów, co potwierdzi, że tam, gdzie można zarabiać pieniądze na turystyce – jest niespokojnie. Mimo wszystko Adamowi Barrow życzę powodzenia.
    – Life is brutal and full of zasadzkas, mr Barrow.