Corruption is Nigeria’s worst problem – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Abuja said corruption ranks the ‘‘very worst” of all the major problems confronting Nigeria.

Receiving recipients of the 2016 Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) at the State House, President Buhari said the ruling political party, All Progressives Congress, had identified three major challenges facing the nation as insecurity, poor economy, and corruption, noting that corruption was the most debilitating of all the ills.

‘‘Nobody disputed the fact that they were the major problems of Nigeria, and we campaigned on those three planks. As a government, we believe you cannot administer a country you have not secured, so we focused on security.

‘‘The economy is also down, therefore, we are not sparing any effort to revive and diversify it, so that our people, particularly the youths, can get jobs. The third problem, and the worst of them all, is corruption,’’ the President declared.

President Buhari told the awardees that the country was in a terrible shape when the administration came into power in 2015, with oil prices falling to as low as 37 dollars per barrel, from peak periods of over 100 dollars in previous years.

‘‘There was no money in the treasury,’’ he added. ‘‘We were producing less than one million barrels of oil per day, from the 2.2 million barrels we used to do. The country was in a terrible shape, but luckily, the people understand, and are cooperating with us.’’

Commending the 2016 merit award winners, Prof. Omowunmi Sadik for distinguishing herself in the Sciences, and Prof. Tanure Ojaide, in the Humanities, President Buhari described their contributions to the academia and national development as ‘‘quite fundamental’’.

In separate remarks, the award recipients, who had their investiture last year, December 1, 2016, commended the government on the anti-corruption war, noting, however, that more enlightenment campaign needed to be done on how corruption slows down development.

The dons also canvassed more funding for research, and appreciated the Federal Government for the National Order of Merit, ‘‘as nothing can be compared to being honoured by your own country.”

The Chairman of the Nigerian National Merit Award, Prof. Moses Etim, who led the team, said 73 awards had been given out since 1979, when the desire to identify and reward creative excellence among Nigerians was instituted into the NNOM.


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  • Rommel

    Dumbo would have prefered to award elements like Tony Anini,Peter Odili,Nyesom Wike and even Sambo Dasuki

    • Epsilon_Delta

      Nazi supporter… food for taught! AFRICA was meant to be a farmland, if they had succeeded, you won’t be talking trash here!

      • Rommel

        In the end,Germans are still the most powerful nation in Europe which means that some of their were very efficient and needs to be adopted,soon,we will be launching National socialist Nigerian workers Party.

        • Otile

          Which one you dey, Islamist, racist, or both?

          • Eko ti baje!


          • Otile

            That remains to be seen. He is Imam’s boy, nothing can happen to him even if he beheads a man in the market square on a high noon.

        • Epsilon_Delta

          Black monkey and socialist party? Rommel and co considered you subhuman!! Change your handle and remove that photo!

          • Rommel

            There were many Africans who lived in the third reich without molestation,most of the tales about how heros like Jesse Owens were treated were mere propaganda from colonialists to turn Africans against Deutschland.There were ethnic biases no doubt but it cut across all European nations,do you wish to talk about the Belgian experience in the Congo? what about the British engagement in Kenya,Rhodesia and south Africa? why pick and choose? Cameroon and Togo were all German colonies that changed hands after Germany lost 1st world war,did they suffer genocide like unleashed by the Englanders in Kenya? you appear to have been brainwashed by the victors story.

      • thusspokez

        It is because of ignoramuses and føøls like this poster that some people think that all Africans are stµpid. Indeed, every time I see it, I feel very offended as any African should.

        Given that this is an African website, I don’t know why PremiumTimesNG has not asked the poster to drop the name and photo or be banned. Even on western online newspapers, readers would be offended and complain about the name and photo and the website moderator compelled to demand that he drops the name or face ban.

        • Rommel

          Hahahahahahahahahaha Lol Vermin!!!!!!

  • Omoba1

    I disagree with you Sir – Bad leadership, poor decision making, resource waste and ethnoreligion sentiments are Nigeria’s worst problems and not corruption.

    There is corruption is every society in the world including the world’s best economies, however, the ability for these societies to plan and implement good decisions has only made their economies better

    • abubakar yussif

      Let’s be realistic cuz we all the aforementioned problems are all branches to the tree called corruption

  • Sanssouci

    This type of pedestrian simplification of complex economic issues is what gives me doubts that Buhari can alleviate naija’s problems, I believe that corruption is a problem but not our biggest problem. If corruption was the biggest problem how come the squeaky clean no nonsense Col. Hammeed Ali of Customs couldn’t even match corrupt Dikko’s revenue generation? Dikko was arrested by EFCC, confessed to personally owning 50 Million US$ worth of property in Dubai and refunded 1 Billion Naira!! And yet, within that customs cesspool of corruption he performed far better than Ali! If corruption is the biggest problem I thought Ali should have at least quadrupled our revenue. Incompetence and lack of vision is worse than corruption. Baba get thinkers to chart our way out this mess, this same song you’ve been singing for 20 months now is getting old.

    • thusspokez

      I believe that corruption is a problem but not our biggest problem.

      Now imagine for one moment that with a wand, corruption is banished from Nigeria. Do you think that the problem of ignorance, lack of critical thinking, mismanagement and incompetence, will all be reversed overnight? If not so, then there you have the proof that corruption is not the #1 problem nor is its cure a silver bullet.

    • Lifetime

      Your point of view always been superb on many issues.You are spot on the vices you enumerated as being worst than corruption. Another thing I want to add is the fact that many of PMB’ s, ministers and the custom guy cannot perform because of the many economic decisions PMB took before they came on board. There was a time he was complaining that the forex.policy of the present administration was affecting revenue generation for the custom.

  • thusspokez

    President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Abuja said corruption ranks the ‘‘very worst” of all the major problems confronting Nigeria

    Not true! But true in the following order:
    1. Ignorance
    2. Absence of critical thinking
    3. mumu-ism
    4. Corruption

    1. How not even one state governor has a clue how to run his state successfully and improve welfare of its people.
    2. How the federal government runs the country as if it were a village. Indeed the Buhari brand of management is call “Village management” due to his application of traditional village ways and process to management (of a country of 170+ million people).

    • Rommel

      If the honorable Muhammadu Buhari is anything near what you have said,what then would you say about Dumbo? at this moment in our national life,Buhari has turned to be saving grace from the doom Otu of Otuoke plunged the country into

      • thusspokez

        Piss off føøl! How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t live in Nigeria and have never voted in any Nigerian election nor even have a Nigerian politician as friend, and yet dickheads like you keep assuming for whatever reason — I can’t dissect you brain to find out –, that I have respect for the stµpid people you elect as leaders let alone support? You can only be a follower of those you consider as you superiors, I can’t see any Nigerian fitting that role.

        Further, you can call your former president any name you like, but do you seriously think that people like him worry about what dregs like you on the Internet is saying about him?

        • Powerlessconscious

          Then get off from Nigeria matter. Or are you a satanic agent?

        • Rommel

          At least his disciples are worried which includes you as we can clearly deduce from your response,besides,your languages indicates clearly that you will not even be useful to your host country since you are not useful to Nigeria other than to launder looted public funds for your benefactors,it is possible you are even on amnesty program.

          • thusspokez

            we can clearly deduce from your response

            You don’t even understand the English language properly, let alone deduce anything written in it.

        • abubakar yussif

          So u if think u are not Nigerian then the hell are u talking about. We need minds that are Nigerian to proffer solutions to our current state and not those who are bent on criticism by hook or crook with their myopic form of reasoning

          • thusspokez

            We need minds that are Nigerian to proffer solutions to our current state

            Yeah and we could all see the ground breaking solutions proffered by those in Nigeria!

      • Foreign News Reel

        “Without competitive tendering and with full, unconditional exemption from all national taxes,
        the OPL 245 block was bought illegally in contravention of domestic laws. In total, $801.5
        million was allegedly transferred to Etete’s Malabu accounts; and $466 million out of the
        amount was used for remunerating government officials, including Jonathan and
        Alison-Madueke. A suspected “agent” of Jonathan, named Abubakar Aliyu,
        is alleged to have withdrawn a further $54 million and beneficiaries of the
        money went on a shopping spree buying property, aeroplanes, armoured cars.”

        ………..Italy Prosecutors’ reported charges
        (on Dan Etete’s OPL 245 Oil deal)

        (December, 2016)

      • Epsilon_Delta

        Saving grace? For Nazi war criminals? He has destroyed what’s left of Nigeria! Only Nazis, dwelling in fools paradise, will consider a demented and inept dictator as their messiah.
        Inflation is has surpassed 200%, No electricity, corruption has risen sharply, please study the 2017 budget that your messiah submitted; A toddler will toss it out the window!

        • Rommel

          And how well did the Dumbo/Iweala budgets transform Nigeria positively? genuine Nigerians today see a brighter future for the country and as for you people in the Delta,as long as elements like Tompolo,Onanefe Ibori,Anini (the law) are your role models,not even God himself would be able to deliver you people and that explains your hatred for Buhari so I am not surprised,FYI,I make no apologies for my admiration of the achievements in the third reich,I am inspired by such feats

  • Ebihe Ohiri


    In Rivers state, the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up under a High Court Judge has
    concluded its sittings and has found Rotimi Amaechi liable to return 53 billion Naira stolen,
    back to the Rivers state treasury. A White Paper has since been issued after a plenary
    cabinet review of all the findings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry. Rivers state has
    consequently formally directed the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice,
    Mr. Chinwe Aguma, SAN, to promptly file charging papers in court against Rotimi Amaechi
    and also for his corrupt sale of the Rivers state gas turbine and theft of proceeds of sale.

    • Anti-Corruption Watch

      “Akin Ambode, the new governor of Lagos state, has revoked the
      self-allocation of over 25 plots [in Lekki] by his predecessor, Raji Fashola,
      in his final days in office A female newscaster with a Lagos-based TV station
      was one of the beneficiaries, The Cable learnt.

      The land was officially parceled into 25 plots and shared by Raji Fashola
      who went on to sign the certificates of occupancy on May 26, three days
      to his exit from office. Most of the plots, were allocated by Raji Fashola to
      his own relatives, friends, aides and associates — including Yewande
      Animashaun; his cousin who also served as his special adviser on public,
      health and, Wale Ahmed; who served as his commissioner for special duties.”

    • Otile

      Yeah, but he has Imam as his godfather. Nothing can happen to him even if he is caught red handed with his pants down raping a little girl in a church on a Sunday morning.

  • leonardsonyekwere

    Until we restructure Nigeria into fewer federating units and practice true fiscal federalism, the current corrupted structure will only bread corruption. Endemic corruption in Nigeria is only a symptom(such as fever), not the disease and to surmount the problem, there has to be a proper diagnosis because when we keep treating the symptom, the sickness will never heal.

  • Lanre

    See the man talking. Are you yourself not corrupt?! Everybody around you from Katsina, Kano, Kaura Namoda or Kaduna (El-Rufai’s Kaduna). No! The union of Nigeria forced by the British is the greatest problem we have!

  • manweysabi

    Baba Buhari, should stop complaining for now and show us his blueprints to solve all these problems. These are issues well know to the deaf, blind and dumb amongst us needles, to mention the quantum of enlightened minds too. So, repeating it at every single given opportunity to allay the fear of the downtrodden people is now akin to a broken record. AT LEAST, NOT WHEN THINGS ARE STILL THE SAME WAY THEY ARE IN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY!

    • Truth is bitter

      The Blueprint is for us to shun corruption so that speedy development will take effect.

      • manweysabi

        Yes we have to shun corruption and other anti developmental vices but, we know through history that humans are generally disobedient and susceptible to corruption. THAT IS WHY LAWS ARE ENACTED TO KEEP HUMANS IN CHECK AND TO BE ENFORCED WITHOUT NO FAVOUR OR SENTIMENT BY THE POWER THAT BE !

      • Otile

        Do you believe that nepotism is not corruption?

        • Truth is bitter

          Yes, I believe, Nepotism is not corruption. But, it can lead to corruption if it’s not well managed.

          • Abiodun Olayinka

            Sorry I disagree with you on that. Nepotism is a part of corruption because you are giving positions and perks to family members and relations and denying other people that are either equally or better qualified. You know quite well that no matter how well you manage it, you can’t be 100% sure there won’t be a conflict or conflicts of interest.

          • Truth is bitter

            My brother, we are saying the same thing. Nepotism is not corruption, but part of corruption if not well managed. Nepotism is also a part of help, for instance, if you have opportunity to employ ten graduates and your brother or friend is a graduate, won’t you help him? Nobody is expert by learning only, but, by training.

        • dele20

          Nepotism by WHOM?

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  • Decimator

    No, No, No, Mr. Intergrity,

    The greatest problem of the Nigerian Enclave today is “Mohammadu Buhari”, for he is the Epitome, the Emblem, an accumulated sum of all the
    three minor problems of “Corruption”, “Insecurity” and “bad Economy”, that you are enumerating, including “lack of Merit” which you intentionally forgot to identify. Sorry

  • lasko

    Mr. Buhari, you said that a thousand times during election campaign, you promised to kill kwarapshian so that kwarapshian will not kill Nigeria, and you were given the mandate to do the job, and you have not done anything about the problem, and still complaining.

  • SEER

    Buhari has nothing to offer.

    • dele20

      PMB is really working tirelessly and doing great

  • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

    I believe president Buhari should by now know the true defintion of the word “corruption”, having romanced with the word for well over 30 years. How I wish Buhari knows the true meaning of the word, that is corruption is not just stealing, the “incorruptible” president would have known himself to be grossly corrupt.

    The word corruption may be simply defined as “dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain” which include:
    1) Tribalism
    2) Nepotism
    3) Disregard for judicial decisions
    4) Human Right abuse
    5) Dictatorship
    6) selective/vindictive arrest, detention and humiliation of the opposition and critics

  • dele20

    Kudos to PMB, this administration is really working great

  • dele20

    This administration has championed Insecurity
    This administration has championed corruption
    This administration is championing economic recession that was caused by the past administration

    KUDOS to this present administration

  • The President is right.Corruption and mismanagement are the twin evil destroying Nigeria