Nigerians are suffering, reshuffle your cabinet now, Pastor Bakare tells Buhari

Pastor Tunde Bakare [Photo: Punch Newspaper]

Nineteen months into his administration, President Muhammadu Buhari’s ‘change’ slogan has become a sad reality for Nigerians, a preacher has said.

Tunde Bakare, founder of Latter Rain Assembly and former ally of the president, said on Sunday during his annual state of the nation speech in Lagos that “it is unfortunate” that the ‘change’ mantra “that was once the rallying cry for progressive development has now become associated with retrogression and suffering.”

Mr. Bakare, a politician and former vice presidential candidate to Mr. Buhari in his failed 2011 bid, said the hard times Nigerians are grappling with are the consequences of the policies of the Buhari administration.

Mr. Bakare said the policies, especially on exchange and interest rates, should be discarded forthwith and more pragmatic ones be implemented instead.

“To begin with, the confusing and discriminatory multiple dollar to naira exchange rates – favourable to some and not so favourable to others, and without doubt confusing for potential investors – must be discarded while a more reliable and predictable exchange rate, mutually beneficial to our people and economy and attractive to foreign investors, should be put in place,” Mr. Bakare said.

“Similarly, prohibitive and punitive interest rates must be lowered in order to liberate the creative ingenuity of our people as well as encourage those who can access mortgages at affordable rates to become homeowners, especially if our Pension Scheme is up-to-date and robust.

“The multiplier effect of the removal of these bottlenecks in our economy will cushion the effect of the current recession on our people,” the preacher said.

Mr. Bakare also decried alarming levels of inflation in the country, which he said had seen the prices of everything —from staple food supplies to electronic appliances and automobiles — skyrocketed.

He said this year will be crucial in the life of the current government, warning the president to immediately reshuffle his cabinet because “we have no more time to waste.”

“Mr. President must galvanise his team to get the job done; square pegs in round holes must be removed or put in appropriate places; the wicked who surround the righteous must be led away from the presence of the king. Those who cannot stand the heat must get out of the kitchen.

“It is time to demonstrate leadership, wise judgment and astute public policy that guarantees stable and prosperous nationhood upon a foundation of peace; it is time to build a well-ordered nation with strong institutions dispensing justice; it is time to arise with patriotic zeal to build a great nation such that, years from now, generations yet unborn will look back at their history, not with disdain, but with gratitude to God that our generation preceded theirs.

“May 2017 be the year we look into the future with the eyes of faith and take steps to accomplish all that we know is possible,” Mr. Bakare said.

But he gave the president a pass mark on counterterrorism and internal security.

“On insecurity, Nigerian Security Tracker 10, a portal of the United States Council on Foreign Relations, which maps violence in Nigeria, reported a decline in deaths per month from violence perpetuated by a combination of state and non-state actors, including Boko Haram, from 767 deaths in May 2015 when this government came into power, to 250 deaths in December 2016, nineteen months into the administration.

“The group’s capacity had also diminished significantly from the control of 13 local governments just before the 2015 elections to a resort to suicide attacks by the turn of 2016.

“Under this administration, 21 of the abducted Chibok girls were also released to their parents in October 2016, and, last Friday, Rakiya Abubakar, the latest rescued Chibok schoolgirl, was reunited with her parents in Abuja,” Mr. Bakare said.


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  • Höly Wähala

    @Pastor Bakare…
    Stop watering stones! Buhari is playing Russian Roulette with the lives of Nigerians and only makes U-turns after his policies have failed. He knows nothing but meddles into everything without recourse to common sense advises, Buhari makes, “deliberate mistakes” (Emir Sanusi) and should have re-shuffled his Cabinet the moment Nigeria’s economy slipped into the coma called recession. This Cabinet cannot attract investors because of lack of technical know-how and visionless Ministers with wrong portfolios. Babatunde Fowler’s only idea of creating wealth for the Govt is to senselessly increase and broaden our tax burdens on Nigerians in times of hyper-inflation, he should be replaced kia-kia with a truly proven technocrat. Finally, maybe, monetary policy should be removed from the CBN and included in the job description of the Minister of Finance such that there’s is synergy in fiscal and monetary policy regimes without all these confusions. Bottom line, President Buhari must act quick to stem Nigerians dying like flies due to deliberate mistakes… Haba!

    • GeeString


      First of all, let’s say the first truth. Buhari’s Ministerial cabinet is the worst in the history of Nigeria.
      Where is the man or woman of un-impeachable reputation for honesty in that ramshackle cabinet?
      Is it Kayode Fayemi who can’t think properly from premise to conclusion Nigerians call CHANGE?

      Kayode Fayemi is just a rogue academician who wrote the APC manifesto of absolute nonsense.
      Kayode Fayemi said Buhari will give 1.5 trillion Naira out in cash to 25 million poor people as dole.
      But Nigeria’s federal budget is 4.5 trillion Naira a year; and that means one-third will be doled out.

      Does that sound like a thought-process? Does that even sound like a university graduate’s thinking?
      With half-idiots like that in Buhari’s federal ministerial cabinet, Boko Haram can hardly be defeated.
      Or can any good thinking stop Nigeria’s rapid fall into utter economic destruction, as we see today.

      • princegab

        Your despair understood, but your reasons are wrong. Pmb’s hijackers will not let the technocrats perform, they held Lai’s tongue, made Adesina disappear from the radars and Garba chews his words.
        Pmb is to blame, he is the problem.

  • princegab

    I for one has no pass marks for this administration yet because, the failure of anti graft war reverses all the good inputs so far made. Pmb must unchain self from hijackers and go back to the embrace of the progressives who brought him to power.

    • Questo

      Four [4] QUESTIONS forPresident Buhari

      • Why have you run away from telling the public how Raji Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi
      qualified as Ministers under the anti-corruption standard you announced yourself?

      • Is Raji Fashola not known to you since September 3rd as an accused criminal
      under investigation by the ICPC for stealing?

      • Is Rotimi Amaechi not known to since September 3rd as an accused criminal under
      investigation by the ICPC for stealing?

      • Have you sought and received informed legal advice that you are violating the
      United Nations Convention Against Corruption by your corrupt appointments of
      Raji Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi; and, if not, why not, and if yes, where is the
      redress Nigerians are entitled from the legal advice you received?

      • Dadus



        • Furaku


          This Buhari is a problem to himself, a problem to the Hausa/Fulani, a problem to the North.
          This long neck Buhari is so empty that he has no solution to any national problem in Nigeria.
          Buhari is the problem, even though everyone agrees that his Ministers are daft and ignorant.

          • princegab

            Pmb is the problem sir. Pmb must go back to the progressives now.

      • MUSIK2017


        Excuse me please, I am not trying to advertise or anything like that. I just want to share the lyrics
        of my new album that will soon be released into the market next month or latest by October 2015.

        Please sing after me as follows:

        Raji Ajibole…ole….Fasholajibole….ole,….ajibole….ole…(twice).

        Thank you.

        • O’ Duke

          …….My people……it’s not looking good O……Buhari is losing goodwill very fast……
          ….more than he’s gaining it…..and now…after 17 months…..he has negatives ……
          ………..numbering enough to write a book……….from his blunders overseas… this….
          …huge suspicion… that he’s another Fulani Islamist hegemonist and northern tribalist……
          ……….but, that’s a smelly body odor to carry around…….if it also includes…… as it does…..
          …….jumping the window of parliament to forge appropriation bills…….. and merely winking….
          …at the bloody genocide of 300+ Shiites and, winking at the murders committed daily……..
          ………………….by the rifle-bearing mad and maddening Fulani herdsmen……………

        • Bode Junior



      • princegab

        You are attacking the wrong people boy, go do your homework.

  • Otile

    Pastor Bakare sounds like a renowned economist. I did not know the man is an erudite scholar. He makes sense all the way. Thank God.

    • Mufu Ola

      The same Bakare you’ve abused several times for supporting Buhari is now sounding like renowned economist & is talking sense. When will u your likes have elementary principle?

      • Otile

        Has the pastor not changed his tone, is he still sheepishly supporting Buhari’s incompetency? He is not like some you who will foolishly follow Buhari’s corpse to the grave.

        • Mufu Ola

          Just like u following Jonathan like a dazed, drunken sailor even as he has moved on & enjoying his loot without inviting you.

  • Decimator

    Mr. Bakare also decried alarming levels of inflation in the country, which he said had seen the prices of everything —from staple food supplies to electronic appliances and automobiles — skyrocketed. PT

    Was this not the Man that not too long ago tagged the suffering of the Masses under the Mohammadu Buhari government “NO PAIN NO GAIN” describing the pains of the populace as a measure of his foreseen gain in the Buhari government?

    Also the other day Ejikeme Mbaka suddenly lamented the suffering of the masses under the Buhari administration he has been praising all along.

    Indeed all that goes up will one day surely come down.

  • persona

    When evil men were joining politics, the righteous looked on. Is it now possible to begin recruitment of the saints into office or what is Pastor trying to say? The politicians and the machines are in multitude than what we desire as a nation. The battle will be long and hard and not just mere rhetoric. The few good men left are scared of nearing public office because scandal is the way to spoil a good name. Prof Grange will tell you, its not worth serving and even the soldiers who die are still abused and their killers celebrated or supported overtly or openly by enemies of the state.
    My advise to Buhari, get Nigerians to feed themselves. They like rice and stew, Tomato and Rice should be awash then begin with occupy to own by ensuring that every tax payer can simply make a down payment towards ownership of his home. Every first home owner must take possession and title cant be transferred unless death.
    Bakare is addressing bankers who in the years of plenty kept sucking us dry, they don’t do banking, they are predators.

  • B. Messi

    Pastor Bakare has joined Wä the WAILERS club.

    • Otile

      Since Imam Buhari made himself the Minister of Petroleum things have not been well for Nigeria. What say ye?

      • B. Messi


        I hear kerosene(which the masses rely heavily on) is 350/L in the country.
        Thou must realise passing WASC/WAEC is necessary to understand the rudiments of FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION!

        • Otile

          God bless you, my brother.

  • Nkem2

    My People,

    Follow me, please!

    Petrol per litre is how much today in Nigeria under BUHARI, after Buhari increased the fuel price
    early this year? It is 145 Naira per litre.For 5kv generator, how many litres do you need per day
    to generate your own electricity, for just six (6) hours? You’ll need 10 litres. That is how much?
    It is 1,450 Naira per day.

    Now, since the zero megawatts misfit Minister for Power Raji Fashola has no knowledge of how to supply
    electricity to Nigerians, how much will you need per month, to get six hours of private electricity a day
    for yourself and your children, not to die in heat? You’ll need ₦44,500 a month.

    What is the minimum amount you need today to cook a pot of soup for your four children, as a family?
    The minimum is six thousand Naira – with minimum ingredients. So multiply that by 15 days, if you will
    manage the pot of soup for two days. What will you get? You will need 90,000 Naira a month to feed
    a family of four. Remember that kerosene is 400 Naira per litre today and there’s no water supplied.
    Today too, hen one chicken egg is now 45 Naira and one litre groundnut oil is 750 Naira.

    That means Naira devaluation by President Buhari plus the petrol tax by President Buhari have now
    made life impossible in Nigeria. Just to eat and have six hours electricity for a family now cost 133, 500 Naira
    per month, without doing any other thing, not even going out to cinema or church, or, even going to school.
    How many Nigerians earn ₦133,000 per month? Answer me, please!

    • B. Messi

      Bros, are you sure your arithmetic is correct?
      Sorry, no vex, but I ask because the ‘dole’ buhari promised wahala, TundeMESS/tunsj/julius, Kay soyemi, rommel, amazing2012 & Co is N5000/month!

  • Ken

    Buhari is clueless, the cabinet is rusty. They cannot offer anything. Nigerians would bear their grave mistake. There is nothing this govt can do now. It is a punishment for the country’s lack of vision. Next time may be we would learn.

    • Otile

      Yet Buhari has his ass-licking hailers, people like: kay soyemi, rommel, burbank, tundemash, maria, mofu, and dele awogbeoloshi. As long as these hirelings sing his praises, Imam has no intention to change.

      • A.A.Ace


        Please help us tell our President Muhamadu Buhari that w have not seen any electricity in the year 2017.

        If Buhari can sack Raji Fashola and put somebody sensible there, we will be able to say happy new year!

      • B. Messi

        When last did you read any comment from those scoundrels using their known names??
        They’ve been hiding under very funny aliases in utter SHAME!

        • Mufu Ola

          Is your name Messi?

      • Michael

        Dele is not a supporter but an intellectual contributor who recognises the buffoonery of the present governor of the central bank. Most of the difficulties we have are due to an incompetent president who knows nothing about economics and a central bank governor who ought to know economics but is an abject failure. The rest of the cabinet may or may not be good. We will never know because PMB rules with a tight fist and is too stubborn and illiterate to seek advice.

        • Otile

          On the contrary Awogbeoloshi sounds like a voodoo economist, besides, he is a known tribal bigot.

          • Mufu Ola

            So your can call somebody “tribal bigot”? Miracle indeed!!

          • Otile

            Is your master Awogbeoloshi not a tribal bigot? Where have you been if you have not yet read his trashy tirades?

          • Michael

            The fact that you see fit to change his last name to insult Awolowo shows you’re just as bigoted if not completely retarded.

        • Lifetime

          It pains when when you see people call for cabinet reshuffle and most especially calling for the head of Kemi Adeosun as if she was the cause of our present economic recession. PMB and CBN governor are to blame for our present economic woes.

  • Isi Agwo

    Pastor Bakare misquoted. This is what he said: “Nigerians are suffering, RESIGN NOW, Pastor Bakare tells Buhari

  • Ade

    Passtor Bakare, Kindly withdraw your support from this blood thirsty and incompetent man Buhari

  • Kickboxer

    IS THIS NOT THE SAME TUNDE BAKARE WHO SUPPORTED BRAINLESS BUHARI’S ELECTIONS? Since these semi-literate old Yaribas do not know how to take responsibility for their actions, can we ask Yariba youths to apologize on behalf of people like TUNDE BAKARE to Nigerians for making them to vote an illiterate Buhari as president

  • loveNigeria

    Pastor Bakare, this is unacceptable….JUST open mouth because you “called” yourself man of God. Do you understand simple logic?. Start behind your house when you plant Garden tomatoes its takes time to start from the seed, watery & nursery, the first leave and until maturity, then bears fruit which is the tomatoes you now harvest. Every body just want attention, rather than using there logic to analyse things. PMB and Governors, and other arms of govt are working day and night. Incase you are out of touch, the benefit of self sustaining is already yielding….Abakaliki rice is being consumed by Ebonyi and Enugu states, and other states, also Kebbi state, the lake rice.
    I still know of Inoson Motor manufacturing in Nnewi, they are now training Nigerians (Niger Delta) and already supporting our Military with hardware, and motors assembles for Nigerian consumption. Lots of projects still ongoing and some even completed by the Ministries like Power, house and works, then Transportation, lots of Rail roads across the nations. Let put hands together and support PMB, Baba is trying and God would rewards and bless his work.

    Pastor I recommend you take economics on part time in Unilag, and stop using your caliber to say RUBBISH. oh! I see donations has reduced because stealing has reduce, because that is what they do, steal our money and get Pastor’s attention with big donations, then pray for them indirectly to steal more money.
    The good way if not the best is what PMB teams are doing, home products and grow home businesses. Somebody like pastor should encourage followers to us made in Nigeria. I can confirm to you that if you ever bring food produce into say Canada that is being produced locally, the border services would seize and put in the garbage in your front. That’s is the way to help the economy grow and everybody must shelf ethnic or religion and let support the program.

    God bless Nigeria

  • Say the truth

    He had joined the wailing wailers. When is he going to step down as overseer of latter rain assembly? The hypocrite has seen that Buhari is mentally incapable and he has no cabinet that will deliver on the lofty promises made to the gullible Nigerian. Mark this. To take attention away from this comment the attack dog which is the EFCC will be unleashed to start another dramatization of corruption. Only God knows would be victim this time.

  • Mufu Ola

    How will cabinet change stop the ‘suffering’ of Nigerians? The fundamental problem is lack of forex.Simple.All these talks of change this change that cabinet is meaningless.The new cabinet will conjure foreign exchange from d moon.Abi??

    • Lifetime

      I just don’t get the Idea my brother.Cabinet reshuffle would not perform any magic.

  • Comfortkay

    Pastor Bakare is a pastor or politician? even in his sermon televised it is more political than spiritual. When will these pastor face really their calling?

  • Watch man

    So it is now you are waking up from your slumber and “amnesia” just to realize that Nigerians are suffering? Ever since you became a genuine politician I lost the little respect I had for you. When you visited PMB few months ago you came out to tell Nigerians to be patient with govt. How come you are now impatient? Or is the suffering now reflecting on your tithes and offerings? So shameful!

  • Demeji

    What is pastors business with politics?Dubious wolves in human clothes.Deceiving brainwashed people in their ministries.With the number of churches in Nigeria,see the level of corruption and social disorders among the Nigerian Christianity.Jesus Christ when he started his ministry,he didn’t mixed politics and secular preaching into his ministry.Jesus Christ preached Holiness,Righteousness, Humility and good standard of living.Jesus Christ didn’t dine and wine with the political class of his time,all accept donations from people who have questionable background,criminals,society misfits like some of our church leaders all fond of doing now.Pastor Tunde Bakare and co including T.B Joshua and brothers etc As you are disgracefully spoil the n name of Christianity.I pray that God Almighty will Judge you all and expose your wickedness in Jesus Name Amen.Instead of our church leaders to be instruments of God and change,they are now been used by politicians.