Rivers people will not abandon dismissed policemen – Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike Photo: Pulse.ng

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has said that the government and people of the state will stand with the six policemen dismissed by the Police High Command last week.

He called their dismissal “political” and said the officers committed no offence to have been punished.

Mr. Wike said the Rivers government will pursue the matter through laid down legal processes to its conclusion.

The police on Friday said the six officers – one inspector and five sergeants – were dismissed from service for firing indiscriminately into the air, and thereby causing panic among the crowd, during the recent re-run election in the state.

The incident, according to the police, took place when the policemen were in Mr. Wike’s convoy.

They were also accused of escorting Mr. Wike to polling units during the elections, in contravention of the directive from the inspector general of police, which had barred policemen from moving around polling units with politicians and political office holders.

Mr. Wike spoke on Saturday in Ahoada East Local Government Area of the state, during the defection of a former APC chieftain and former Ahoada East Local Government Chairman, Cassidy Ikegbidi.

“They gave me policemen for my protection, but before I knew it, they have dismissed them. They think they are punishing them, but Rivers State will stand with them forever,” the governor said.

“By the time we finish, they will realise that they have favoured the so-called dismissed policemen. In Rivers State, we don’t abandon people. No amount of intimidation will make me abandon these innocent policemen.”

He said the policemen committed no offence.

“Simply because they followed their boss, they said they should be dismissed,” he said. “They want to discourage policemen from protecting me. For me, I am not worried. I am a village man and a grassroots politician. Before you kill me, you would have killed so many people.”

The governor said his party, Peoples Democratic Party, is popular in the state because it is delivering.

“Nobody will intimidate me to change my mind. If you like bug my phone. As far as I will never plan coup, I will never be afraid. A man with the people will never beg those who are bent on intimidating us.

“The blood pressure of APC leaders is extremely high. I will continue to make their blood pressure grow higher. From now on, I have changed my name from high tension to Mr Project. ”

He pledged to execute three key projects in Ahoada East Local Government Area and also rehabilitate Western Ahoada County High School.

He commended the former Ahoada East Local Government Chairman for defecting to PDP.


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  • Arabakpura

    Wike, you are the man – Fayose! Rivers state government should remember the allegations against Amaechi hosting Wole Soyinka! However, I think Wike is indebted to the policemen to the tune of 50 million Naira each! It should cost Rivers state tax payers 300 million Naira only; that’s chicken feed!

    • Hector

      I see! Up Rivers, so Wike is telling us before hand that the people of Rivers shall be the ones footing their retirement benefits. They may even have carrier in militancy after public service

  • westman

    Pls don’t abandon them. Fix them somewhere. They have families after all and they are victims of political victimization.
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  • Isaac Azor

    Woke you’re exposing yourself the more!

    • wale

      In what way does he expose himself

      • Arabakpura

        In many ways as an illiterate!

      • Ali mubi

        By intending to use the lean resources of River’s people to pay the dismissed policemen for doing his bidding.

      • Peaceometer

        Can’t you figure Wike yourself?

    • Arabakpura

      But he said he is a village man which in other words means that he is a bushman!

  • TC

    Sounds to me like an illitrate uncivilized thug, yep….. nothing said here about the people you Govern but me, me, me….. shameless.

  • thusspokez

    Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has said that the government and people of the state will stand with the six policemen dismissed by the Police High Command last week.

    If they are sacked by their employer for breaking the employer’s law and also Nigeria’s, law why is this governors still promising them support — and even dragging the Rivers people into his silliness?

    • Lakeside

      What silliness? The dismissal of the 6 policemen is very political. If you did read Mr. Wike’s view on their dismissal, and you could make this comment, it means you are very bias.

      • thusspokez

        it means you are very bias.

        The reason some of you quickly resort to ad hominen is because you are too dumb to present a counter argument. It is always “you are this”, you are that” and NEVER, this is my counter argument.

        So, I am biased , but you are not, despite describing the sacking of the six rouge police officers as “very political”.

        If they think that they were sacked unfairly, they should go to court as some army officers who were unfairly retired did.

        • Lakeside

          I will take the moral high ground and ignore your tantrum. Take care buddy..


      and what happened to the security details who were protecting Ameachi. that short on air indescreminatly on the day of that rereun there are indespencible because there were with APC chiftain. how i wish the world will end today so that men will be judge by God and not by APC, government of this world.

  • Peaceometer

    You are not their boss when in uniform, people need to be govern by integrity, prudence and accountability…you can start financing, their families, they will serve jail term, that’s sure.
    Let me ask you, if their indiscriminate shootings kill people, who is responsible? They are gone.


      by police act. when a police man short in the air without kiling anybody, but just to scared people away and protect his boss from missive crowd and possibly stamped which may lead to the death of his boss, what dose the police law prescribed as a laid down punishment for that police officer if there is one? are you going to tell the world that those who protected Ameachi on that election day did not fire a short on Air? why are there not sack or punish?

      • Peaceometer

        Was there a report of fracas before they started shooting?.. and must he go to polling bout with 6 police men?

        • DONALDSON

          wonders shall never end. you are saying that a governor has no right to work with six police men to a poling unit that has a crowd’ of 34, 000.00 people? do you know that rivers state is the most dreadful place for any individual to visit during election time and you expect a governor to work alone without any security.

          • Peaceometer

            Who made rivers state dreaded? So common man can die if he chose to cast vote?

  • Fernando Luis

    and by tomorrow, APC will expect Rivers people to stand by them. for goodness sake, this illiterate man from daura alias buhari is killing democracy and in the same time advocating for peace from Niger Deltans. i just that 2019 can come so fast for this fulani brain cattle called PMB with this incompetent government to pack-off. enough of all these tyrant nonsense. some dead cowards here are also happy for this intimidating action against Wike.

    • GrantUK

      Buhari needs to be thrown out com 2019. Buhari’s qualification is only how to shoot gun. He should go back to the barracks where he belongs

    • Triberious

      Get lost! You you can’t hide your ignorance even if you tried; a state Governor confesses to being a murder on numerous recordings but you are so drunk by hatred for Buhari that you’ve sold your soul to the devil. Don’t worry life is shorter than you think. Before you, evil existed and we all know what will become of evil when our time is up. Carry your cross


        you are saying a different thing here. how dose a crime comited by a governor got something to do with dismissing 5 police sergeant, and 1, inspector for shooting in the air just to cared the crowd who were endangering the governors life, from paid APC suporters who came to cause havoc to the governor and his wife.

        • Alpha

          If shooting in the air is an offense, then all the policemen should be dismissed right away. And, pray, how is it an offense for them to guard the Gov? See the speed of their dismissal, while members of the same police that are held for shooting and killing innocent Nigerians are “awaiting” trial years later!

        • Elbash

          Read to know their offense before commenting on what u dont know.

  • Rommel

    How did River state get into such mess?

    • GrantUK

      Who are you to talk for Rivers oh ye parasite of Rivets money. Go Rivers state and development and shut your dirty mouth up.


      which mess are you, talking about?

  • Alpha

    If shooting in the air is an offense, then all policemen should be dismissed right away. And, pray, how is it an offense for them to guard the Gov? See the speed of their dismissal, while members of the same police that are held for shooting and killing innocent Nigerians are “awaiting” trial years later!

  • Nigerian Patriot

    Well thanks to the latest indicted thief in town.. Her Thiefness Dame Mama Peace Jona.. and by extension our Ex-Presido the “ineffectual buffoon” himself.. we now have thugs running amok in State Government houses parading themselves as “Elected Executive Governors”.. Obviously, morally-bankrupt guys like Nyesom Wike who have zero electoral legitimacy don’t even have the slightest clue about what their jobs entail. Rather than conducting himself in a manner befitting of the exalted office he occupies and responsibly delivering the dividends of democracy to the suffering and hapless Rivers state citizens, the man chooses to continually display garage-tout, thuggish and illiterate tendencies much like his buffoon pal in Ekiti. It burns my heart that at a critical time in Nigeria today, when the FG and other responsible State govts are working day and night to pull the country from the brink, these “Executive” charlatans in Rivers and Ekiti remain irredeemably beyond moral salvation.