Group writes Attorney General, lists allegations against Buhari administration officials

Lt. General Abdulrahman Dambazau

A group, the Civil Society Network Against Corruption, CSNAC, has submitted to the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, an outline of the allegations of corruption against some top officials of President Muhammadu Buhari.

CSNAC, in a statement on Sunday, said its action was to help the office of Mr. Malami commence investigation of the officials, as directed last year by President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Buhari had on December 16, 2016 through a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, ordered the AGF to commence investigations into the allegations.

In its statement, signed by the group’s executive director, Olanrewaju Suraju, CSNAC listed the allegations against Mr. Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, and Minister of Trade and Investment, Okechukwu Enelamah, among others.

“Since President Muhammadu Buhari had already given a directive for your office to investigate all top government officials accused of corruption, as a mark of our contribution to this process, in addition to allegations against the Acting EFCC Chairman and Secretary to Government of the Federation, listed below are some of the reported allegations of corruption and some of our reported petitions against officials of this government bordering on corruption, for your appropriate investigation and necessary action,” the statement said.

According to CSNAC, the reported petitions include the following:

“RE: ABBA KYARI AND ABUSE OF OFFICE – This was a petition written and submitted to President Buhari on allegations of abuse of office for personal gains.

“He was alleged to have abused his membership of NNPC Board to influence the award of contract to a highly-indebted company, Valiant Offshore Contractors Limited, against the recommendation of AMCON and at the expense of the country. He was also accused of interfering in EFCC investigation of a fraud involving Sahara Energy…”

Another demanded the prosecution of Tukur Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff, before the Code of Conduct Tribunal for false assets declaration.

“This was a petition submitted to the Code of Conduct Bureau, demanding investigation and prosecution of the Chief of Army Staff, General Buratai on allegations of false declaration of assets and ownership of properties in Dubai, against the code for public office holders. It was dated 17th July, 2016.”

The group also demanded investigation into the following petitions:


“A petition dated 4th October, 2016 and submitted to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission calling for an investigation into the alleged involvement of Minister of Trade and investment, Okechukwu Enelamah and some banks in the illegal repatriation of $13.92b out of Nigeria illegally by the telecommunication company MTN. Find attached a copy of the petition.

“COVER UP OF CORRUPT PRACTICES OF MR. MIKE OKIRO, CHAIRMAN OF POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION BY ICPC – A joint petition authored by CSNAC and Network on Police Reform (NOPRIN) was dated 2nd September, 2016 and submitted to the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption accusing the ICPC of failure to prosecute and sanction Mr. Mike Okiro for his investigated and confirmed criminal diversion of #133 million public fund. Mr. Okiro was also also investigated and found culpable of fraudulently obtaining #4.6million for a phantom trip in 2013.”


“In a July 22, 2016 report by Saharareporters, the current Minister of Interior, AbdulRahman DAMBAZAU was accused of ownership of properties in the United States America and Federal Capital Territory with a worth beyond his possible savings as a retired military officer.

“The news medium provided documentary evidence of the properties and reports of its investigation into the allegation. You will recall that the name of Mr. Dambazau was allegedly removed from those indicted in the arms procurement corruption scandal.”

Mr. Olanrewaju called for an “impartial, honourable, independent and credible” investigation into the allegations against the officials.”


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  • No-Comment

    Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, “the new governor of Lagos state, has revoked self-allocation of over 25 plots of land
    in Lekki by his predecessor – Babatunde Fashola – in his final days in office. Most of the plots, were allocated
    to Raji Fashola’s relatives, friends, aides and associates — including Yewande Animashaun; his cousin,
    who also served as his special adviser on public health, and Wale Ahmed; who served as his
    commissioner for special duties.

    A female newscaster with a Lagos-based TV station was one of the beneficiaries,
    TheCable learnt. The LEKKI land was officially parceled into 25 plots and shared by
    Raji Fashola who went on to sign the certificates of occupancy on May 26, three days
    to his exit from office.”

  • Senator D

    Waste of time…Buhari will not do anything.

    • Baba B

      Was the letter addressed to Buhari?

      • Senator D

        Are you the one to act on it?

      • Gary

        No, it wasn’t but we all know that nothing happens in this government without clearance from Buhari. He picked a cabinet of Zombies who don’t breathe, much less act on anything, without his say so.

  • dami

    Aside from our inability to create prosperity we also have serious blacknman syndrome – bring your man down at all costs…it would be nice if they did not quote Sahara reporters and included results of land registry searches etc…

  • Höly Wähala

    This is why Ibrahim Magu must go, his EFCC and ICPC are dancing to the tune of Buhari’s nepotism-laced fake war against corruption… CSNAC themselves should use the Freedom of Info Act to demand the full publication of President Buhari’s assets declaration forms, and that of his VP. Since if the head is rotten, no sense watering the body… it’s dead.

  • Gary

    Funny how Nigeria!s CSO continue to focus on allegations of corruption while excusing the proven cases of MASS MURDER by agents of this same government.
    Nobody has till date demanded for the resignation, much less prosecution, of officials involved by action or omission in the Zaria Massacre, killings of peaceful protesters in the SE and the ongoing genocide in southern Kaduna.
    Nigerians are dying like roadkill yet all our civil rights people talk about is corruption. Is human life less sacred than corrupt enrichment?

  • Gary

    And they are not even two years yet in office after being elected on a platform to fight corruption.

    Then add the recession and economic hardships across the land and tell us why any sane person can even think of Buhari running for a second term in 2019. When he will be 78 years old.
    And Atiku is still hoping for his own turn to be President, when he will be 74. In a country where nearly 70% of the population is under 35. Other countries of the world are turning to younger and better educated people for leadership but all Nigerians have are barely-educated old men taking turns at running for President.

    What a hopeless country.

    • CeeCee1818

      What a hopeless continent.

      • Gary

        Just so dispiriting that a nation blessed with some of the best educated minds in the Black world constantly settles for mediocre leaders or corrupt nitwits. All in the name of power rotation.

        For every Uhuru Kenyatta, we have a Muhammadu Buhari, Jacob Zuma and Bob Mugabe.

        • Mufu Ola

          Looks like you’re just fishing around for “wuruwuru” to the answer to justify your mindset.

      • Omooba A

        And that is your contribution to the topic at hand? It is easy to blame anyone, be it in power or not, for the woes in the country but to totally condemn a continent is pure ignorance. Are you saying that nothing good is happening in the continent? Nigeria is not Africa and her lack of development or whatever we expect it to be is no reason to condemn the continent? You must be better educated than the world economists that rated the continent as currently having the highest growth in the world. We should always write to constructively criticize our country and hope for a change for better. When we call our continent hopeless, what do expect outsiders to call it?

    • thusspokez

      Funny how Nigeria’s CSO continue to focus on allegations of corruption while excusing the proven cases of MASS MURDER by agents of this same government.

      Well, you might have missed their criticisms and complaints about mass murders and other issues. SERAP, Amnesty International (Nigeria) and other organisations have been doing so.

      • Gary

        Sorry, other than the report by Amnesty International, I am unaware of any similar calls for the indictment or resignation of those responsible for the mass murder of citizens under Buhari.

        • thusspokez

          Search the Internet, and you will find the criticisms and complaints by the Nigerian organisations.

        • Mufu Ola

          Mass murder under Buhari alone? What of the ones that have been happening from past generations.Were you born last year?

          • sab

            If you are talking about mass murders of 100 years ago and not under this administration alone, why did PMB chose not to probe previous govts, military and civilian, except the immediate past GEJ govt? Just stop this diversionary sentiments and for once admit the simple truth, no matter how bitter.

          • Gary

            The e-rats are back and trying to recover from the embarrassment of being exposed as media mercenaries by their own boss. Pay them no mind. We shall see if the NASS will dare approve public funds to sponsor propaganda by the Information Ministry.

          • Mufu Ola

            Who’s talking of 100 yrs?.Were u too born last year? What of the mass bodies found in a river about 4-5 yrs ago in Anambra State or is it Enugu?What of the ‘war’ that was between some neighbors in Anambra during around 2000 or so? There wasn’t mass killings then.Abi? And many others across d country. Until u people learn to broaden my mind & horizon you will continue to miss it.

    • thusspokez

      In a country where nearly 70% of the population is under 35. Other countries of the world are turning to younger and better educated people for leadership but all Nigerians have are barely-educated old men taking turns at running for President.

      There is no evidence that younger leaders are better than older ones. Buhari’s problem has very little to do with his age but his worldview and ideology.

      • Gary

        Yes, they are. We all experience cognitive decline as we age and it’s accelerated at middle
        age. That is an incontrovertible biological FACT.
        There was a reason why Nelson Mandela chose to be a one-term President and handed over to the younger and better educated Thani Mbeki. And why Mbeki did all he could to block Jacob Zuma from succeeding him. We all see the mess Zuma has made of black majority rule in South Africa and negatively impacted the fortunes of the ANC.

        A similar situation now exists in Nigeria where we have old men who cannot do a Google search on their own, vying to lead the country in the Digital Age. They see the Presidency more as an entitlement to add to their CV than having a vision to contribute to the progress of the nation.

        Please name one African country currently well run by an old man. I’ll wait…until December 2017.

        • thusspokez

          Yes, they are. We all experience cognitive decline as we age and it’s accelerated at middle

          Presidents, and CEOs of corporations play leadership role — they are not manual labourers.

          Check how many of the top 10 richest people in the world are below 60. Warren Buffett is even 86 years old and still running his business empire.

          A similar situation now exists in Nigeria where we have old men who cannot do a Google search on their own, vying to lead the country in the Digital Age.

          A lot of Nigerians only discovered the Internet about a decade ago.and still don’t know how to use it properly nor enjoy the real Internet experience — It was not long ago in Nigeria that having more than one email address was seem as a very big accomplishment. Yet you think that not being Internet savvy should disqualify someone from holding high office?

          Please name one African country currently well run by an old man. I’ll wait…until December 2017.

          Name one state in Nigeria that is run well by a young person.

          • Gary

            No surprise that you have replied with a red herring. We were talking about leadership in Africa and NOT Oyinbos and CEOs who live in temperate climes and enjoy a better quality of life overall.
            The likes of Warren Buffet would have been long dead if they had to cope with malaria and live without potable water and electricity, good roads and quality healthcare. Or spend two hours in traffic to and from everyday in Lagos traffic.

            Nothing wrong with simply yielding to better information. Stop behaving like Buhari.

    • Mufu Ola

      Most today’s politicians are the so called “new breed”& what has changed? Most of the corruption & bad governance are spearheaded by these young politicians.

  • thusspokez

    The Buhari’s administration is, so far, a failure, and has nothing substantive to its credit except the fight against corruption — which is its single main issue. But even on this issue, Nigerians are beginning to doubt his sincerity. Indeed the fight is weakening.

    Buhari’s retort to anyone who accuses his dodgy ministers of corruption, is: “Bring me the evidence”. But when he is presented with the evidence, he handles it in the wrong way. For example, instead of instructing the EFCC or Police or Code of Conduct Bureau to investigate the matter, he chose his (dodgy) Attorney-General/Minister of Justice — who is not an investigative officer — to do the job of those investigative organisations.

    This only re-enforces many a Nigerian’s doubt that Buhari is sincere and able to fight corruption without favouritism. He is indeed fast losing credibility even with regard to his flag-ship policy.

  • Muhammad

    Seeing inside from outside is a more tasking engagement than seeing outside from inside especially if clarity and purpose of governance are the objectives .