Kaduna killings: CAN declares day of mourning, blames Buhari’s ‘prolonged silence’

Supo Ayokunle, CAN President

The Christian association of Nigeria, CAN, has called on Christians to observe a national day of mourning for victims of the crisis in southern Kaduna State, and other parts of Nigeria.

The day of mourning, which is to be observed on January 8, 2017, will serve as a fervent day of prayer and empathy for those affected by the killings.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, the Secretary General of CAN, Musa Asake, blamed the “prolonged silence” of the Presidency, as well as 2the manner of approach on the issue, by the leadership of Kaduna State” for the escalation of the crisis.

“In view of the present predicament, the president of CAN has directed that Sunday, January 8, be declared a national day of mourning by all Christians, including those in the diaspora. We are to pray fervently for our southern Kaduna brothers and sisters who are victims of these wanton killings and also for the peace of our dear country, Nigeria,” Mr. Asake said.

“While we commend President Muhammadu Buhari for waging war against the Boko Haram fundamentalists since his assumption of office, his silence in the ongoing genocide in the last few weeks speaks volumes over the perceived official endorsement of the dastardly and ungodly acts. We know that southern Kaduna has been under 24 hour curfew daily as directed by the governor, yet the enemies of the people are still prowling going from house to house, killing defenceless people, without government protection. The security operatives in the area appear to be turning blind eyes to the killings.”

He condemned the explanations given by a presidential aide, Femi Adesina, on why the president has not commented on the killings.

Mr. Adesina had said that the president cannot comment on everything as the country is a federation. He said Governor Nasir El-Rufai had demonstrated capacity in handling the crisis.

“The recent defence of the president’s silence that the president has received briefing from the governor of Kaduna State over the matter is unacceptable because the presidency knows that the people of the affected area had already protested against the governor’s unacceptable biased handling of the continued killings. Common sense tells anyone that at that instance, the president has to more directly wade in because lives are involved. The continuous killings have shown that the governor of Kaduna state lacks the will power to arrest the situation and bring it under effective control,” the association said.

CAN reiterated its previous allegations that lopsided appointments in the security sector has had an adverse effect on the war against terror and called for a review of the appointments to build trust among Nigerians.

He called on Christians in Nigeria and beyond to speak against what he described as the ethno-religious cleansing to awaken the sense of responsibility in the leadership of those within the security sector.


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  • Ajike Ole

    When the Igbos were talking about lopsidedness people insulted them. Kokorokoooo Nigeria.

  • otunne steve gofrey

    Lopsided appointment by Buhari and APC were deliberate and for the purposes of what Nigeria Christian communities are facing under his government, at at least his silence attested to this assumption.
    Appointment into national security outfits were skewed to favor Muslims for the purpose of systematic jihad execution as they are happening now, to ensure thorough genocide using the military or arming Islamist and guiding them through, that was what happened in Southern Kaduna where the state governor deceived Christian communities with curfew to enable the cleansing without opposition.
    we know and Buhari knows these could not have been possible with balanced leadership of national security and intelligence outfits.
    Nigerian Christians are waking up too late, they shouted change!change!! and still believing that APC change would not end in their graves.
    Nigeria Christians would continue to bleed or killed till there is equal representatives on leaderships of security organs by all sections of the country.

    • marcos avelino

      Sick people when Jonathan did same or worst none said a shit . He was addressing the nation for crusade from churches every sunday none said a shit more over Read yr Bible it promoted genocide and sexual slavery —-

      —Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves. Numbers 31:17

      dont hide behind love yr neibors talk this is plain GENOCIDE shameless fools

      • Netanyahu

        Baboon! What more nonsense do you have to say? Keep killing innocent people just to please your blood-thirsty allah. Goat.

      • Dgreatest

        This guy is of no use other than to breathe out carbon dioxide to balance the ecosystem.
        You got nothing to offer

  • The Optimist

    Buhari quickly condemns killings outside our shores but goes dumb when his ‘fellow Nigerians’ are being killed in hundreds. There are powerful fires behind the smoke over southern Kaduna, Benue, Nasarawa, and Taraba! But God, in His due time, will extinguish those fires.

    • jon

      Is Danjuma not from Taraba? He killed Ironsi and now his people are being massacred, his is keeping mute? Moreover, Southern Kaduna should pick up arms and fight back.

      Southern Kaduna should listen to this tune by the Legendary Jimmy Cliff. “Stand up and fight back, you’ve got nothing to lose. Stand up and fight back for ever since generations they’ve been saying it could change but it never seem to change – so stand up and fight back, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

    • Dgreatest

      Buhari seems to be unconcerned. Truly he is exhibiting the true character of a muslim. He will never again be president of Nigeria

  • Gary

    So we wait to hear what Kumuyi, Adeboye, Bakare, Oyedepo, Okotie and other mainstream Pastors will say to their congregation and the world of January 8.
    If they will speak truth to power or continue to ignore the persecution of fellow Christians in the North while focusing on raising tithes and offerings to their churches.

    Nigerian Christians must no longer live in denial of the existential threat posed by the fact that Buhari and Boko Haram share the same goals but only different methods when it comes to the quest for the Islamization of Nigeria.

    The same people who badgered the weak and feckless Jonathan to replace his kinsman, Gen. Azazi as NSA with Sokoto blue blood Sambo Dasuki (see how well that worked out) stood by in silence as Buhari replaced and retired Christians and packed the country’s security positions with his kinsmen and fellow Moslems. Including retiring 20 of his seniors and peers to pave way for Mr. Idris as IGP. And nobody complained about the brazen acts of ethno-sectarian bias and prejudice.

    The Christian communities in the North and rural farmers in the South are now paying the price for the conspiracy of silence with their very lives.

    • Gbola

      This isn’t a war targeting Christians alone.
      Last week, people were killed in Taraba state. And no report had it that the victims were asked of their religion before they were lynched.

      And with Boko Haram, they killed just aboutanyone they can find. They don’t target any particular religious group.
      As a matter of fact, most of their victims have been muslims.

      With the El-Zarkazy matter,
      Again, it was Muslims that were killed.

      Throughout the time Boko Haram was killing Northerners and Muslims mostly, these group of clerics (CAN) didn’t really say much — AS IF Muslims or Northerners aren’t human.
      People like Ayo Orishajefor ferried money in his private jet under the pretext that the money was going to be used to buy Arms to fight Boko Haram.
      And we all know that was a lie.
      And this was CAN ex-leader.

      CAN should learn to speak the truth AT ALL TIMES regardless of the religion pf the people involved.
      CAN should learn to condemn all Attrocities regardless of religion and Ethnicity.

      NO report has been issued that stated that the Fulani Herdsmen were ONLY TARGETING Christians.

      And as such we should be abit more guarded in our utterances.

  • Nedu

    Nigerian Christians are too religious. We don’t even understand the difference between Martyrdom and Calculated senseless killings + genocide. Until the Christians learn the act of defending themselves, these killings will NEVER stop.

    We are all making noise now, government should do something, this….and that. Which government should do something? The one that values your live or another one to come?. We are all jokers. Soldiers sent to restore peace in southern Kaduna assisted in burning the houses of the same people they were sent to defend- did you get that??. The same marauders will be seen dancing on a hill top after each invasion, singing and dancing. The present Kaduna state government is an accomplice chikina. The solution is simple, if you live in an area prone to Fulani marauders…arm yourself BY ALL MEANS PERIOD!!!!.

    • marcos avelino

      Yes get matyred as yr bible says all IBOS should be slaughtered read this

      Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones ( of IBOS ) , and kill every woman who has known man intimately ( of IBOS ) . But all the girls ( of IBOS ) who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves. to enjoy Numbers 31:17

      dont hide behind love yr neibors talk this is plain GENOCIDE shameless fools

  • Shetty

    The frustrated politicians are encouraging the northern Christian to take up arms and defend themselves but from who , when you hardly see who are the attackers the ever invincible Fulani mauraders or murderers as you called them are equally killing fellow Hausa and Fulani in Zamfara and many other places in the north in Adamawa , in Taraba , in Benue in Plateau , in Nasarawa but the savage southern kaduna people that have been killing minority Hausa Muslim settlers among their community at the slightest opportunity want to still draw blood on the same innocent souls or they would go and barricade highways and be sampling any Muslim traveling through their terrain and rob then murder them, this time we have a serious government and would allowed it . CAN can go to hell , this communal fighting between Fulani heardsmen and the locals tribes who’s been stealing their cattles had been there right from Jonathan time as president and Yakowa as governor and they could not stop it .

    • Gbola

      Thank you.
      They (CAN) want to deceitfullly turn this into a religio-ethnic-cleansing when in fact it isn’t.

      Hausas were killed in Taraba state last week as well.
      And Buhari didn’t say much.

      I’ll rather a case where CAN is fighting for Humanity (All Human beings — both Christians and Muslims) and not turn this matter into one that’s targeting Christians alone.

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    • Henrik Anthony

      Are you sure you love Nigeria,Are you sure you love human lives,Is people live about this Administration or the past so you compare how long the killings have began.We claim one Nigeria but in practice we are hypocrite! ” CAN can go to Hell” Wa! So to call on the Government to stop the killing of the ONE NIGERIA PEOPLE we all sing about is
      wrong and the People can go to hell.Wa! with this kind of Comment from you and most of your kind,then Nigeria is very far from being ONE NIGERIA.

      • Shetty

        With this kind of biased comments from CAN then Nigeria is also far from being one . Read my moment fully people are being killed by the same Fulani else where too but CAN is trying to politicized and turn it into a religious war .

      • Shetty

        I am sorry my post is not for right thinking people like you but for some ethinically and religious jingoistic persons in this forum . Thanks


    CAN are crazy religious bigots!!!
    These skirmishes preceded APC administration in the state, and CAN could not call on Obasanjo, Makarfi, Namadi, Yakowa, Yero and PDP (when they were calling the shots in the state) to stop it – because may be at the time the native had an upper hand in the protracted banditry and crime in the area! Shame on them for advancing a one-sided argument instead of standing and fighting for humanity (both Christians. Muslims, Natives, Hausa/Fulani, PDP and APC in the area).

  • Nigeriamovingforward

    Criminal Association of Nigeria, these CAN criminals are bunch of useless fools always making ungarded and religious misinformation statements. They are no different from BH except that they have not graduated to the level of making bombs.

  • Henrik Anthony

    It is very very very pitiful that the Christians in Nigeria don’t really Know what we are up against,Christians in Lagos,Delta State,Imo and all over the South ,East and West thinks ,Oh! it does not concern me, we sing and jump in our churches, shouting and declaring THIS and That. Christians,wake up from your slumber,these are time for real Prayers,not the God give me all the world blessings kind of prayers,No!,these are time for prayers,prayers against the push to annihilate Christianity from the North and not just there,but all over Nigeria. I weep when i see some Christians comments because we still think it is about politics and oh this CAN Corrupt people,No! it is about your Faith,about your JESUS CHRIST!. It is time to engage in Real Prayers,It is Time To role from the Bed,from your comfort zone and Cry for help.Does it not wonder Christians that Christian life Doesn’t seem to count!

  • Excisionist

    PT is removing anti terrorism comments here and publishing only jihadist comments here. This shows how wide the conspiracy has become. They have use stolen SS and SE oil money to but Premium Time and now, it published trash as comments. SHAME !!