Atiku: “We’ve been dealt a cruel hand… we are suffering”

Former Vice President and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Atiku Abubakar has declared 2017 as a year of new hope for Nigeria and Nigerians.

In a statement released to mark the New Year celebrations, Atiku described the outgoing 2016 as a year in which our nation faced a multitude of challenges, but which ended on a high note, giving us hope and confidence in what we as a nation can achieve when we stand to work together.

“Our military has recorded an important victory over Boko Haram and we should be grateful for the sacrifice our men and women in uniform are prepared to make to keep us safe. To honour them, we should also remember that it is our collective responsibility to make peace, and not just in the North East.

“I believe we can and will work around our differences, because we know that our strength lies in our diversity. And when we make our New Year’s resolutions, I hope my countrymen and countrywomen will join me in aspiring to be tolerant and to listen with an open mind and heart to those who do not share our views. We should respect each other’s views and traditions, and we should remember that our humanity shows in how we treat the most vulnerable.”

The former vice president also addressed the economic challenges Nigeria is facing.

“On the economic front, the federal government has given assurances of a speedy recovery. I am confident that we will see investments in key sectors, and that steps will be taken to restore business confidence. We’ve been dealt a cruel hand, but things are looking up, and I’m confident we will emerge stronger: we’re learning to be more efficient and effective, and we’re learning to evaluate what we really need and what we can afford. We’re suffering, but we’ll become more innovative and competitive.”

Atiku said hope was important to all we aim to achieve in 2017, as that hope and perseverance will guide us through the darkness that announces the break of dawn.

“Hope must be our starting point,” he said. “We must never stop aspiring for a better future and a better life – for us and for future generations. And we must persevere, changing the small things we can influence without losing sight of the bigger picture.”

He thanked God for seeing Nigeria through a tough year, noting that the rest of Nigeria’s journey could only be made possible with God’s help.

“All our hope, our confidence, continues to rest in God,” he said.


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  • blackdove

    Atiku wants to sound like a statesman but never for once congratulated President Buhari for the victory over Boko haram. I understand he is scared of the Halliburton investigation and also of losing the oil block license he was fraudulently allocated.

    • Netanyahu

      Probably you never heard of the missing $2.8 billion when this same Buhari was minister for petroleum in the late 70’s. The late professor Ayodele Awojobi campaigned and fought for the recovery of this huge sum by any standard until he died. That money was never recovered. So, who will investigate what? If you ask me, Atiku is a much better Nigerians than this mean-spirited skeletal frame.

      • Pat

        Here we come again! Atiku is better? If Atiku is better, every past leaders, Gowon, Obasanjo, Babangida, Uba Ahmed, Jonathan, even Abacha from grave, etc would also be better.

        • joe

          The problem with Nigeria lies more with the people and their mindsets than it lies with the government. Because the people in government are (s)elected from this mass of twisted mindsets.

  • wode

    Nothing on this man’s head than how to be a President of Nigeria. That has most probably eluded him.

    • jon

      I think he will do well as President. Nigeria should give him a chance.

      • FineBoy

        To steal us dry?

        • jon

          He allegedly stole and made money. So, there will be no need to steal more. However, I like his views on how Nigeria should be governed.

          • joe

            He “allegedly stole money” that is why we should give him a chance? Because “there will be no need to steal more”?? A very interesting mindset there 🙂 I thought when somebody is known as or suspected to be a thief, valuables (like a national treasury) should not be entrusted with him. I guess because a lot of Nigerians are involved one way or another in stealing themselves, this grievous crime does not have the same gravity as it does in saner climes.

      • wode

        I strongly doubt that. All his interest is in the personal riches. The track record is one of the best projection and prediction of possible human activities.

  • Muhammad

    He is old and intelligent enough to know that he has missed a point .
    The point is that the qualification for leadership is growingly including past history of commitments against contradictory promissory postulations .

    • Yaro

      @Muhammad – “The point is that the qualification for leadership is growingly including past history of commitments against contradictory promissory postulations.” What does that mean? Could you please break it down to maybe ” simple and concise English or write in Hausa. .

      • realBigValue

        Or may be you should go and improve your comprehension skills!

        He said Nigerians are now wise enough to look back at your commitment to fulfilling your promises in the past than rely on the new ones you make for the future, for you to qualify as their preferred candidate.

        Meaning, Atiku had a chance before, and Nigerians would first assess what he did in the past rather than what he’s promising to do in the future, for him to qualify.

        “contradictory promissory postulations” -Meaning Atiku’s never ending promises of how best he’ll manage Nigeria in the future, which are based on contradictory suppositions/assumptions/theories, especially considering that he was there before.

        • jon

          @realBigValue: “He said Nigerians are now wise enough to look back at your commitment to fulfilling your promises in the past than rely on the new ones you make for the future, for you to qualify as their preferred candidate.”

          That is simple and concise enough for me. Thank you.

          You see, you Nigerians like to speak big grammar. This is why I never liked literature in College and never liked Julius Ceasar or Mackbet. I am a science student and do not like big grammar.

          I currently reside in God’s blessed nation. When I pick up print media or online articles written by people in this God’s blessed nation, I do not have to pick up a dictionary. However, one is going to need a dictionary when reading Nigerian articles both online and print media. Does it make sense? With all their education, one cannot find a good text book in either arts, science or anything written by Nigerians that are currently used in primary schools, colleges or universities.

          Nigeria professors cannot even publish articles in peer review journals. Come here to speak big grammar like that Edo man.

          • Getreal82

            Well said! That’s because Nigerians system of education have nothing to do with practical. People in Nigeria go to school only to learn big grammar with the intention of using it to intimidate, and to seat on others’ head to extort them. That’s why, No matter what they read at school, they all want to be politicians.

          • realBigValue

            “People in Nigeria go to school only to learn big grammar with the intention of using it to intimidate, and to seat on others’ head to extort them.”

            Very true!

          • obinnna77

            ‘Sit’ , not ‘seat’.

          • Getreal82

            I appreciate!

          • realBigValue

            You’re welcome!
            Not a fan of big grammar too.
            We communicate to understand each other. No matter how big the grammar, If you’re not understood, then it is useless.

        • John Abayomi

          I am not a big fan of Atiku, he is not a saint by all standards but a snap shot of what he did to qualify him to challenge PMB by my thinking are as follows;

          1. He challenged the corrupt and muderous government of Abacha to which PMB served and declared a sincere government, till date Nigeria is still reparating billions of $$ stolen ny Abacha and Mohamed Abacha not only walks freely in Nigeria, he was almost handed governorship ticket under CPC a party formed by your anti-corruption Cesar, I call this hypocrisy of the highest order.

          2. He spare headed the privatisation/investment drive of the OBJ administration, though not perfect as Nigerians were ripped off with excessive GSM price initially, today the country enjoyed GSM service amongst other benefits of the privatisation drive of OBJ administration, today all the benefits of that effort has been lost thanks to fortunato and this current administration closed door policy.

          3. He defended democracy again but challenging and defeating OBJ third term agenda

          4. He has consistently resort to the Court law and hasn’t been directly or indirectly linked to or nominated as spokesman/negotiator for any extremist/terrorist organisation

          5. He respects the diversity and secular nature of Nigeria, he also respects federal character as entrenched in our consistution, he has proven this through is political associations and standing over the years

          I can go on and on, now let me make clear here that I am not a big fan of Atiku and I believe a country of over 180million people spread across the globe is capable of producing the best the world has got to offer, however to speak or see his service negatively or reduce the sacrifices this man called Atiku has made to Nigeria democracy is uncharitable to say the least. Yes he is human, made mistakes, not a saint but that doesn’t erase some of his positive side.

          We are children of history and the activities of all will be recorded accordingly, including the current leader we have today, I also want to declare here that if it comes to between Atiku and the current leadership we have in Nigeria today, Atiku has my vote, what matters at the end of the day and what Nigeria requires at this critical time is a government that is open, flexible, honest, competent, and respectful, this the current administration lacks.

          • Sir Louis

            Very well said.

          • realBigValue

            Couldn’t even read thru no. 1.

            I’m not attacking Atiku. Only trying to explain what @Muhammad said, to @Yaro.

            No need for this lengthy lecture.

  • FineBoy

    If you like quote all the books, visit all the houses of prayers plus shrine, you will never be President in Nigeria.
    You want to Commercialize the Nation because of your personal ambitions.

    We are in pains today because if your greed with your cohorts

    How did you raise funds to own major stake in Intel’s? What has Intels done for Rivers People.

    Tell us what you have done for your home state. Adamawa is backward.

    All you want is power power and pretend to care.

    Like Jesus said to the Rich young ruler, go sell all u have, give to the poor and commerce Nigeria

    • AryLoyds

      Atiku for 2019 🙂 He has my vote 🙂

      • jon

        Me too.

        • Al

          My vote and hope for buhari 2019

          • Shetty

            Sai Mai gaskiya ! no to corrupt leadership again .

      • Netanyahu

        Of course I will vote for Atiku in 2019. God forbid that I cast my vote for this skeleton again.

        • Powerlessconscious

          God forbid thieves again.

          • Sir Louis

            If you are not a thief, present yourself for the Presidency in 2019.

          • Powerlessconscious

            I am not a politician. I don’t need to present my self for any election. I am a patriotic Nigeria. You rather tell ipob and massob to present a candidate for 2019. God bless pmb/osinbanjo.

      • Sir Louis

        Gbam! I and millions of discerning Nigerians are with you.

      • kinsly

        Why not vote Ibori as the VP?

      • FineBoy

        Pray u r alive first

    • Tayo

      i concure with you a billion percent. you have said it all. the man wants to use sense on nigerians.

    • Sir Louis

      FineBoy, You may need some lectures about the man, Atiku and what he has done for his State, Adamawa and many Nigerians. He is better than those that accuse him.

      • FineBoy

        I and possibly many need that lecture.
        But better is a relative term and doesn’t mean it’s good.

        Inordinate ambition is also not a virtue

  • Olu from South Africa

    This guy is paranoid. They say : you are not wanted in town and still singing Dan Maraya’s songs. The evil that men do….Nemesis …

  • Malik

    Who is the ‘We’ he speaks of?
    Is he hungry or suffering?

  • Man_Enough

    Atiku is standing on a treacherous platform of betrayal and negative team spirit. All his utterances are fake and only service his self aggrandizement. Talk is cheap.

  • marc umeh

    Nigerians need new faces in leadership. If they insist on the old politicians , they will keep getting the same result.

    • NonPartisanElder

      Just changing faces or replacing “old” politicians with “young” politicians is not and can never be the magic wand. What we need are sound ideas and policies; and men and women who can be relied upon to implement these policies faithfully and efficiently, be they old or young, south-south or north-north, christian or muslim.

      • Powerlessconscious

        What do you mean by policies? Give example. Or put yourself in the position of government and give a PRACTICAL EXAMPLE of what your policies will be for current nigeria situation from 2015 after transition.

      • marc umeh

        While new faces may not guarantee better leadership, it will at least minimize the influence of contaminated politicians already marinated in corruption.

  • Kudo

    Wow, political prostitute. He is with APC now

  • NonPartisanElder

    Decoding Alh. Abubakar Atiku’s press statement reads an assessment of PMB’s administration in the year 2016. He judged PMB’s performance on the economic front as pedestrian, inefficient and ineffective. He opined that PMB’s government lacked the knowledge of what they needed to do and that he hoped things might improve in 2017 as the government climbs up the learning curve. Let Alh. Atiku be specific on the economic policies that he believed would pull Nigeria through successfully.

    • Ikharia Ahonsi Ojo

      Alhaji Atiku Is never a betrayer he mean well for Nigeria.What he said about this present government is 100percent correct.President Buhari Is not a saint . Take a look at what Ayodele said when Buhari was the minister of petrol,His comments about Abacha on corruption and the Amosu confession about what occurred during Ondo election how Buhari provide money to bribe electorate

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    atiku,who be “we”?

    wetin concern you and suffering?

    all the political maneuvering by you would lead to worse hunger should your like ever get into power …….

  • sirOscie

    Very well said Turakin Nigeria.
    A fruitful 2017 to us all!