Passengers travelling to Greece, Hong Kong arrested in Nigeria for possessing cocaine


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, on Tuesday said it arrested two suspects with cocaine at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

A statement by the agency’s spokesperson, Mitchell Ofoyeju, said one of the suspects was arrested on his way to Hong Kong after ingesting cocaine.

“Another suspect, who lives in Athens, Greece, was also apprehended in connection with unlawful possession of wraps of substances that tested positive to cocaine.

“The arrests were made at the MMIA, Lagos, during screening of passengers on an Ethiopian Airline flight to Hong Kong and Egypt Airline flight to Athens.

“Preliminary investigation suggests that the suspects had targeted the Christmas holiday to smuggle cocaine out of the country but drug law enforcement officials at the Lagos airport were able to uncover their plan.

“The total weight of cocaine seized from the suspects is 1.150kgs.

“One of them excreted 45 wraps of cocaine he ingested, weighing 935 grammes while the other excreted five wraps of cocaine weighing 215 grammes.

“Both suspects tested positive for narcotic ingestion and while under observation; they expelled wraps of cocaine which they had wanted to smuggle out of the country.

“The suspects are currently under investigation.

“The high expectations of both suspects making quick money this festive season from drug trafficking had been dashed by vigilant anti-narcotic officers,” the statement stated.

The statement also reported the Chairman of the agency, Muhammad Abdallah, as saying that those wishing to get rich through drug trafficking would end up in prison.

“This is a warning to drug traffickers that the agency is determined to detect all hidden drugs and prosecute offenders.

“There are control measures in place to detect narcotics at all exit and entry points.

“We shall continue to improve on our strategies in line with our mission of providing a safe and healthy society for all,” Mr. Abdallah said.



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  • PolyGon2013

    Provide their names and state of origin!!!

    • coco

      They’re Nigerians simple.
      Try to rise above any form of bigotry.

      • PolyGon2013

        No bigotry. We would like to know so that we can create program to help the location of where drug dealing is prevalent.

        • Paul Young

          We both know they are Igbo

          • PolyGon2013

            Iwo wii (you said it). And I pretty much understand.

          • Nze Nze

            lol Yoruba and Hausa people are over here looking for state of origin lol mr paul how do u know they are igbo it could have been anybody infact they might not even be Nigerian to begin with, Igbo people are not the only ones doing drug trafficking the last time i checked Hausa people where caught doing drugs in mecca and last time i checked Yoruba people where the ones doing yahoo yahoo so please stop generalizing people

  • Nancy

    Why block comment section preventing Nigerians from responding to that useless Sultan who is saying that a bill must be rejected because it is unacceptable to Muslims. Are Muslims the only people in Nigeria? What is my business if a bill is not acceptable to any religion…especially a religion that believes in killing here and there? Were it a bill that prescribes cutting off of Heads and limbs, he would have supported. Rubbish!

    • Decimator

      I was also frustrated not to answer him. Well PT seems to know how sensitive his utterances were and saved him the back clash. All in all let’s leave it that way.

      Just like the Muslim president of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, telling America to embrace Muslims but forgot to tell his Saudi Kingdom to embrace Christians and Christianity. They just think they can have it both ways.

    • Abubakar Bello

      If your religion cannot even share inheritance and allow for Justice you need another religion. So you have been waiting for a 2016 Act of the National Assembly for Justice.

      Muslims in Nigeria will No more Succumb to English Common Law based on the Christian Bible. Very Soon you will introduce gay Marriages and Say because it happens in America, and it is English we have to be Modern and include it in the Constitution.

      English Slaves.

      • Decimator

        Exactly why the Sheep should be separated from the Goats, build your Islamic Fulani Nation as you wish for your foreseen prosperity and let other Nations in the Nigerian Enclave Excel. Very simple.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        You know, it seems like you are the very person who will vote for Sharia on a nationwide basis when the day comes. You continue to say you are a nationalist Nigerian, but just remember that a vote for nationwide Saudi style Sharia will be the final catalyst for the destruction of Nigeria. You should read the PDF report titled “Failed State 2030: Nigeria- A Case Study” and read the report inside titled ‘Paths to Failure’ and you will see that you and quite a few others are following the path to the ultimate collapse of Nigeria, particularly in a multi-religious and multi-cultural state. I would not try to interject religion into legal systems of multi-religious states. There is nothing Christian about the things you listed under Common Law as the Bible is very clear about these things anyway. You appear to be trying to sell Sharia through the backdoor with your statements and appear nationalistic but only a true enemy of Nigeria will do such a thing.

  • Otile

    The druggists must be crooked Fulanis hence their names remain top secret.

  • Say the truth

    I really don’t understand this desperation. With all the news of executions in foreign countries on account of drug smuggling some people are still bent on committing suicide. That is why it is wrong for Nigeria government to beg for any moron who decided to smuggle drug into other countries. They deserve whatever they get.