God will give Buhari solution to Nigeria’s problem in 2017 – Pastor Kumuyi


The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, William Kumuyi, on Sunday said that in 2017, God would grant President Muhammad Buhari the solution to the numerous challenges facing the country.

Mr. Kumuyi gave the assurance while speaking with journalists when he played host to the Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, who led some members of the Assembly on courtesy visit to the church’s December Convention.

The cleric said, “We talk of the hours of recession, difficulty, distress and all that, but God is granting us His promises. We are not going to carry over our problems.

“We pray and believe that the Lord will answer.

“As you will see, as we get to the New Year, there is no carryover of our problems. God will give solutions to the problems of our lives, families, communities, the state and our nation.”

The pastor said that with prayer and faith in God, the country would get out of all its challenges, including the economic recession.

The church founder said God created “us and wants everything to be sufficient for everybody.”

Meanwhile, addressing the congregation of thousands of worshippers, Mr. Obasa urged all Christians to show love to their neighbours, adding that the state was committed to fight unemployment among the youth.

He said that the newly created Employment Trust Fund would help reduce joblessness by providing soft loan with little interest for enterprising people of Lagos State.

“We must go beyond religious demarcation and show ourselves that we are brothers and sisters. Let us love one another. We should extend hands of fellowship to our neighbours,” the speaker said.

Mr. Obasa, who urged churches to pray for the state and nation, said that the state was passionate to give good governance and improve the economy of the state for the benefit of all.

He expressed delight over the warmth reception accorded his team by the leadership of the church.

NAN reports that the Speaker, the Deputy Majority Leader of the House, Muyiwa Jimoh, and the Chairman, House Committee on Environment, Dayo Saka-Fafunmi were among the team.

Funmilayo Tejuosho, the Chairman, House Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Petitions and Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission also attended.

NAN reports that the four-day, nation-wide convention, which started on December 23 and expected to end on December 26, is tagged, “Power for the Present Hour”.

It is taking place at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC) KM 42, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.



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  • Xxxstealth

    Premium Times should please help us. Everybody respects Premium Times, therefore, government too
    will listen. We have no electricity on Christmas Day under Buhari government, in fact for one week now,
    we have no light. I want Premium Times to loud it for the international community to hear how BUHARI
    is under-developing Nigeria. Buhari government is the problem with Nigeria because the ignorance of
    the Buhari government is a big disease. No country has done Christmas in total darkness before.

    • Rufus

      the man of God has spoken…. you want PT to counter it because your transformer is faulty?…. i have had like without blinking for the last 2 months. I key into the man of God’s prophecy. Some of you only want to hear good prophecies from those you love and bad ones for those you hate. I don’t know you, but i prophecy good tidings for you in 2017

      • D.O. Koku

        @disqus_632y5oiZFQ:disqus: How about this one? Within 60 days of resuming office,
        with civil servants owed 6 months’ salaries in at least 22 states, President Muhamadu Buhari
        went straight to the Central Bank and carried away one billion Naira – all within 60 days of
        resuming office! Buhari then stuffed the whole one billion Naira into the pockets of his crony, Brigadier
        Buba Marwa, with a whisper and with Buhari’s forefinger firmly on his lips, signalling that secrets be kept
        secret. That first decision in office burnt up the borrowed robes of ‘integrity’ Nigeria’s unthinking journalists
        dressed Muhamadu Buhari in.

        • Millenium Oxen

          D. Koku:

          Cool down. The whole truth will soon come out. The Senate will shortly start a probe on
          the bazaar President Buhari did with Nigeria’s treasury between June 1st and July 30th
          2015. That was the 60-day period when he doled out one billion Naira to Brigadier Marwa
          secretly, but see, Brigadier Marwa was not the only receiver of the Buhari bounty.

          The Senate has said
          it has discovered five other people that President Buhari put billions of Naira in their
          mouths between June 1st and July 30th 2015. Is that the meaning of honesty or integrity?
          Nonsense! Man of Integrity my foot. Just wait for the Senate to start the probe of President
          Buhari and you will see the full picture of massive corruption.

          • Rufus

            Please run for president….. you might win the first time.

        • Paul Young

          Am glad u are aware that when buhari assumed office civil servants were owed more than 4 months salaries in more than 22 states. If that isn’t the seed of recession right there then I don’t know what is my friend. If I were you I would focus my best energy on why salaries were not paid from Jan-May 2015 before buhari took over in more than 3/4 of the states instead of going on a wild goose chase about 1bn naira

      • Mr. Okin





      • Kehinde Gbegbon

        My brother,
        you got it right. Ignorance is the bane of this Buhari government. President
        Buhari has no knowledge to run the affairs of Nigeria sensibly or even to stop
        the continuous fall of the country under his fumbling hands. He looks to me
        like a ceremonial president. He has done more marriage ceremonies for his
        children than made any good decision. Poverty is killing Nigerians fast under
        President Buhari who may not be so much wicked as ignorant. Worse of all he did
        not appoint a single man of knowledge to assist him – but criminals, mediocre,
        dunces and dullards, those are the people that appeal to President Buhari as
        Ministers, advisers and aides.

        • Rufus

          then run for president….. or shut up!!!

        • marko

          People like LIAR MUHAMMAD bad APC advicers.

      • Otile

        Good good prophecies are not enough. Buhari’s nepotism is leading Nigeria to hell. Pray ye there that Buhari leaves one way or another let a detribalized man step in.

        • Rufus

          it is not for you to judge between right and evil in the face of a prophecy. Buhari contested elections 4 times….. how many men of God have persevered in the same situation? not even Chris Okotie…. so how can the country change. Since you are a good perfect man, please pick up the challenge and run for president…. you might be that future president Nigeria needs…

      • Faith That Conquers

        As a matter of fact Pastor Kumuyi never mentioned Buhari in his speech, so you been deceived by Premium Times who may have been induced to launder Buhari’ image with every sayings of important personalities.

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  • evidence

    Pharisee Kumuyi, we are still waiting for you to say something about your member that was killed in cold blood in Kano.

    • Rufus

      what do you want him to say?… what will Jesus have done in the same situation?…. please answer

      • evidence

        Please leave Jesus out of your mischief. 
        Is it Jesus that told Kumuyi to betray the Christian faith by trying the launder the image of Buhari? 
        Kumuyi’s member was massacred and her killers set free and he’s telling you to support Buhari that ‎tacitly supports genocide against Christians and you’re here asking silly questions. 

        • Rufus

          Are you questioning Kumuyis calling or were you there when he was called? Don’t be destroyed by your folly…. Who are we to believe you or Kumuyi?

          • evidence

            Were you there when Kumuyi was called? 
            Kumuyi should tell us why he is silent on the brutal murder of his female member in kano.‎

          • Rufus

            christianity is not about comfort. its more about challenges for believers. like the apostles and the martyrs of faith, we shall face danger for our belief. rather than pick a fight with the wrong guy, ask for God’s grace to pull through. peter, paul, stephen all died painfully….. we are not different. Kumuyi has prophecied wisdom for Buhari, Adeboye has prophesied the same for Fayose, we should ask God to direct us in the right way, don’t spend energy trying to find out if God really directed a prophecy….

          • evidence

            So Christianity ‎is watching silently while you terrorists massacre women and children? 
            You must be out of your damn mind‎.
            Both Adeboye and Kumuyi have kept quiet as Christians are wiped out. They are no men of God. ‎

          • Rufus

            I may be out of my mind… but it’s not by power or might. It’s by the spirit says the Lord. In his hands is the heart of a king. Christianity may be a corporate thing, but at the end heaven is a personal thing. You cannot choose to agree with God when things are good and disagree when things are bad. I know you have labelled me as a terrorist simply because my views defer with yours… this is the sort of Christianity that is NOT in the bible. The good book said, if someone asks you to go one mile….go with him 10miles… I pray that you get peace of mind…

          • evidence

            I’m sure it serves the blood thirsty purpose of you terrorists for Christians to do nothing while you and your evil ‎brothers massacre them.
            Blood letting scions of lucifer.‎

          • Rufus

            Angel Michael Evidence… you can start the war with you sword. All the best in your opposite-jihad.

          • evidence

            Yes, I will.
            Nigeria is ripe for revolution. ‎

          • Salisu

            Rufus, pls stop wasting your time responding to children of perdition. Goodluck Jonathan is their lord.

          • Rufus

            i taya… he’s frustrated.

          • evidence

            Suicide bomber candidate, you’re looking for the children of perdition? Look in the mirror, terrorist.‎

          • Faith That Conquers

            Why don’t you read the article with understanding before lying against Kumuyi instead of accusing Premium times. As a matter of fact Pastor Kumuyi never mentioned Buhari in his speech, so you’ve been deceived by Premium Times who may have been induced to launder Buhari’ image with every sayings of important personalities.

        • Faith That Conquers

          Why don’t you read the article with understanding before accusing Kumuyi instead of Premium times. As a matter of fact Pastor Kumuyi never mentioned Buhari in his speech, so you’ve been deceived by Premium Times who may have been induced to launder Buhari’ image with every sayings of important personalities.

    • Malik Isah

      you called Kumuyi a ‘Pharisee’, you have definitely bitten too much !

  • PLAN A

    Sir(PST Kumuyi), Buhari’s solutions to the problems of 2016/17 in Nigeria are still in the 70s and 80s! God Almighty has already provided us the human and natural resources to come out of a depression,let alone a recession! Are you sure our leaders really want us to come out of it? There is a proverb that says,it is easier to wake a man who is sleeping, than a man pretending to be asleep.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    Which God is kumuyi talking about? The God if monkeys and baboons, the God if jihadists, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Or our local gods.
    God cannot be mocked, pastor kumuyi. You have descended so low that you are beginning to mock in the name of political correctness.
    Whatever a man does that will he reap. Buhari has sown discord, disregard for the Constitution, disregard for basic economic principles.
    He has has sponsor the shedding if the blood of monkeys and baboons and you can’t expect anything else than what he sowed, a hundred times over.
    Unfortunately, the downtrodden continue to suffer while Buhari is budgeting billions to evacuate shit from aso Rock in 2017.
    Pastor kumuyi, why not just shut if you do not a comforting message for your followers.

    • Faith That Conquers

      After reading the article I didn’t see where Kumuyi mentioned Buhari. Why don’t you read the article with understanding before accusing Kumuyi instead of Premium times. As a matter of fact Pastor Kumuyi never mentioned Buhari in his speech, so you’ve been deceived by Premium Times who may have been induced to launder Buhari’ image with every sayings of important personalities.

  • PolyGon2013

    We know that God is with us, and President Buhari shall succeed in Jesus name. We know those tribes that hate Nigeria, but we are not worried because it shall be well with Nigeria, Amen.

    • 007James Bond



      • Isaac Azor

        Thank God you’ve all Bible verses! If you understood what you read, you should also know that all leadership, Good or Bad, comes from God and for a purpose. And so you are to pray for it to succeed. How do you see it?

      • PolyGon2013

        There are quite some supposedly bad leaders who came to throne, presidency, etc, but turned out to be good in the end because God can change someone. Do you remember Paul the Apostle? That is enough for you to know that God in His Infinite Mercy can turn someone’s around. President Buhari means well for Nigeria, in spite of his flaws. If there is anywhere that he is lacking, place pray for him to turn Nigeria into a better country. Mr. Spy Master, please go whatever it takes to protect our dear President: President Buhari.

    • Malik Isah

      amen, God will shame bad people too!

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Pastor Kumuyi, Nigeria is not a theocracy. Encouraging people to just wait for God to come down from Heaven and change things is mark of laziness and negligence. Even though we should all trust in God, there is the sidekick that we must equally do the right.

    So if Nigerians and their leaders don’t work hard and jettison those acts that have sent Nigeria to the doldrums, then expecting God to come and change things is just an exercise that would not work.

  • marko

    The head line is wrong, pastor w.k.never say so.