There’s only one U.S. President at a time, Obama cautions Trump

U.S. President, Donald Trump and former president, Barack Obama [Photo Credit: Business Insider]
U.S. President, Donald Trump and former president, Barack Obama [Photo Credit: Business Insider]

Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama has told incoming President Donald Trump to accept the fact that there is only one U.S. President at a time.

Mr. Obama also told the president-elect that he remains the U.S. President till Jan. 20, 2017, when he would complete his two-term presidency of the U.S. and handover to Mr. Trump.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Mr. Obama’s remarks followed what the White House termed as Trump’s undue interference in U.S. policies since his election.

The president-elect had on Thursday directed the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, to veto the Security Council’s Resolution on Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

However, the Obama administration disregarded Mr. Trump’s directive and had gone ahead to abstain from voting on the resolution when it finally came up on Friday, drawing criticisms from the president-elect and his team.

The White House, in a response by Mr. Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, Ben Rhodes, obtained by NAN, said the UN Security Council’s Resolution was a policy issue that Trump should not meddle in.

“On the President-elect, the first thing I’d just say is that there’s one President at a time.

“President Obama is the President of the United States until January 20th, and we are taking this action (abstention), of course, as U.S. policy,” he said.

Mr. Rhodes explained that there was no communication between the White House and the President-elect or his staff between when Obama made his decision and when the vote took place.

“So I’m not aware that President Obama and the President-elect spoke about this, but again, I’m not — President Obama definitely made no reference to that, so I can’t confirm that this hasn’t come up at all, but I’m not aware of any particular conversation they had about this.

“We did hear from the President-elect’s team. Again, our position has been there’s one President at a time.

“We’re going to make our decision on this and, frankly, believe that it’s important that there’s a principle here that the world understands who is speaking on behalf of the United States until January 20th and who is speaking on behalf of the United States after January 20th.

“And look, the new team will have every opportunity after January 20th to pursue their own policies, to take different approaches.

“I’m certain that they will on any number of issues.

“We’re just reflecting the simple principle that I think has guided the President-elect transitions historically.

“Which is that there is one President at a time and we’re going to execute our duties until the new team is in place and the new President is inaugurated,” the Obama aide said.

NAN recalls that following the pressure that Trump reportedly put on Egypt, the sponsor of the resolution, Egypt withdrew it on Thursday and the vote was consequently delayed till Friday.

However, the resolution was put forward on Friday by Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela and the 15-member Council adopted the resolution by a vote of 14 in favour and one abstention – the U.S., which abstained from voting rather than veto the resolution.



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  • Ikechukwu_67

    …So you must create unnecessary stress for the incoming administration then? Obama should realise that people have rejected his policies. People are not interested in his so-called legacy. His personality has lost big time. He should stop creating stress for the new guy.

    • absam777

      How about unnecessary stress and racist obstacle that was placed on the way of Obama right from his inception? This includes unnecessary obstacles placed on his path. The man, Obama succeeded against all hope. The president -elect should deal with it . Period.

      • Ikechukwu_67

        Racist obstacle yet he won twice? He won 2 elections remember? GussHH!! When would you guys drop racist tags when things don’t go your ways?

        • jon moorehead

          That’s because not everybody is racist. On the other hand. Mitch McConnell and his raving band of benighted fucktards, and 99 percent of the Faux news crowd and 100 percent of their followers. You being a prime example, are irrefutably racist.

        • absam777

          We are talking about racism by Republicans who controls both houses, not the election. They never saw anything good in his policy, even on bipartisan issues, yet he put the economy right, unemployment down, no body bags of dead soldiers etc, He did all these because of “The Audacity of Hope”. It is always good to be current with issues before one hits the keyboard writing crap.

      • emmanuel

        Trump also got sucj obstacles too. If racist tendecies were exhibited against Obama, he would have been assasinated.
        Killing of black by USA Police (renegades in the force) became common place when Obama began to carry himself higher than America. It was a technical vote of no confidence on him

    • Ag

      How did the people reject his policies? Because his party lost an election in which he was not on the ballot?! Goodness!!!

      • Ikechukwu_67

        He said his legacy was on the ballot. He said so remember??

        • serubawon70

          That was vote seeking talk. Obama legacy remains better for America than what Trump has to offer

          • Ikechukwu_67

            Now that he failed, it was vote seeking talk? Please!!

    • Ali mubi

      Don’t worry.The new guy will create stress for you and the whole world,be rest assured.A decision carried out by fifteen credible nations in the world and viewed by only Trump and Netanyahu as being wrong must be more useful to humanity including Israel’s larger society than many people will think.

      • Ikechukwu_67

        Does the “whole world” include Russia that annexed Cremea? The same Russia is talking and even voting about occupied territories. How about China that has already claimed the south china sea and the international waters thereof. I get it, UK has falklands and Israel should be eternally condemned? Mind you Russia and Assad are murdering thousands in Syria and the security council is silent. I can assure you that if Israel were involved in that Genocide going on in Syria the “whole world” would have exploded.

        What is it that makes Israel a different i9ssue to you guys?

  • Kunle Adejumobi

    There can only be one president par time not just in the US but in every constitutional democracy. Until Jan. 20th when he takes the oath as president, Donald Trump remains at best an interloper on matters of policy. The responsible thing for him to do is to tarry until then. #Principle.

    • Tunsj

      Thanks for lecturing these trolls Constitutional Democracy. What Racist Trump got to do is keep his Mouth Shut until January 20th.

  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    For not changing the policy path of US and the west which has kept Africa underdeveloped for ages…OBAMA CAN GO TO HELL.

  • MI

    Nonsense…. with your days in the WH numbered, you have limits to what you can do.

    Obama, is continually exhibiting traits of sit-tight presidents and becoming a disappointment to the office POTUS. His narratives and behavior since after the election is very low and disappointing.

    • emmanuel

      Obamas major policy focus was Islam. Africa was the least of his problem. Americans practically bundled him to visit Africa in his eight years. He only realised lately that eight years was not forever.

      • Mufu Ola

        Intolerance is in your blood.

  • share Idea

    When GEJ expressed the same reservations about Buhari’s transition team, people thought he was not ready to hand-over. Now that a president with two term mandate is expressing the same reservation, can people now apologise to GEJ for calling him name when he expressed genuine concern

    • ed

      What kind of nonsense are you people talking about. Where’s reservations about transition in the story.
      The principle of one president at a time was the topic. That’s totally different matter to reservation to transfer power on the 20/01/2017. That had absolutely nothing to do with the correct position of President Obama in this instance. Power must change hand as a result of the election period
      President elect Trump should wait and relax.
      The power is coming to him. Let’s begin the liberation from the Islamic sharia caliphate.

      • emmanuel

        Trump is a forward looking leader (Trump Group and his election team), so he saw Obama trying to rail-road his Country into a permanent damage by his sentiments based decision. All Trump did was to try avert it from back-door.
        We id di not go his way, but that is a typical witty businessmen in the Toga of USA President. The business of a businessman in USA Presidency is to do unusual business to achieve result.
        That was Trump’s first – wait for more!

      • share Idea

        Are you not repeating what I just stated. During transition time Buhari and APC were making several unguarded comments and were trying to direct civil servants on what to do when they have not been sworn in. Then l, GEJ’S administration made public comment that Buhari and his transition team should know that there was only one presidency, then so many people and APC started talking that GEJ did not want to hand over….Do I need to explain everything for you to understand

    • Mufu Ola

      Jonathan is in d dustbin already.Go meet there if u desire.U people have queer mentality. What reservation was he having about Buhari transition team? Was that the reason they couldn’t properly give account to incoming admin? Keep on dreaming about Jona!

  • emmanuel

    Obama would have resisted handing over to Trump if he were an African President. Unfortunately, he is not and the CIA would neutralise him if he makes any attempt at that.

    • serubawon70

      neutralise him?

      • emmanuel

        Thats the USA for you. Nobody get them into unresovable mess. There will not be a Joseph Kabila to cause them untold hardship if DRC were USA ora Jammeh.

  • Kallah Bature

    Wishing Premium Times a successful and fruitful 2017.Thanks for keeping us informed and God bless.

    • Tunsj

      Well said, Kallah.

  • Mufu Ola

    Even if the UN resolution sails through, Israel is a lawless country & with nudging from US have consistently violated resolutions over the years. Trump has been behaving & talking irresponsibly since his election,from Taiwan issue to Israel to Russia issues. But he will soon jack up his dirty ass however when assumes office as realities stares him in d face.